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Avles Beluskes Returns - Partially

He is back!

At least with his initial blog "Avles Beluskes Exposed"
and one of his other blogs "Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute"

Hiss other blogs remain blocked, including:

"The Vatican Crusade in the Balkans" ,
"The Amber Path",
"Apparently enemies"
"Novo Ordo Seclorum"
"Sex With the Vatican"

Above image - Avles Beluskes [Edoardo Roncelli] in Primož Trubar.

1) Avles Beluskes is the archetype of the eternal struggle against Rome.

2) Brother Primož Trubar was materially backed by the archduke of Wuerttemberg Christoph, being Wuerttember a Protestant [Lutheran] state. This is the reason for which the Jesuit order and his master 26th general superior Wladimir Ledochowsky set up the Satan's chess game of 1941-1945 occupation of Slovenia in order that they had to be the Germans the ones to cause the greatest loss and sufferance to Slovene, in order to cancel with the blood the old religious ties between the birth of the Slovenian nation and Protestant Germany.

3) "Roncelli" was the forced Italianization of Slovenian surname "Renčelj", forced Italianization implemented by a Jesuit/Vatican masterminded Benito Mussolini/Savoy bloodline Fascist Italy's royal decree.
I would add - concerning what I underlined -- that World War I, the first phase of Wlodimir Ledochowski's 2nd 30 Years War, was also to drive a wedge between "Protestant" USA/America and the birthplace of the heart of anti-Romanist Protestantism.
That was something quite apparant to me in the autumn of 1978, when I began reading English language news media accounts of Germany in the years leading up to WW1 and WW2, during my free second period at New Rochelle High School, which I attended from then to June 1980 (grades 11 and 12).
A disgusting anti German bias against the Kaiser Reich (1971-1918), but this oh the 3rd Reich is so wonderful and Hitler is such a gentleman nonsense subsequently.
From my ethnically mixed - Britian, Germany, Poland, Catholic, Jewish and some ancestral Protestant - perspective this was especially perplexing.
It ONLY made sense when looked at via the concept of the Continuing Counter Reformation.

New Rochelle High School 1978

Friday, June 29, 2012

My guilty.

Above two images - avles beluskes aka Edoardo Roncelli. In any case I prefer avles or Avles [I prefer little 'a' instead the Maritime Admiralty capital 'A' which is also similar to a pyramid or Masonic triangle]. Between freedom fighter, partisans etc. there was tradition to choose a nickname. And who is the archetype of those partisans? Avles Beluskes is the name of a Raseni ruler (Raseni were nicknamed by the Romans as "Etruscan"), at a Raseni grave in Vetulonia, of the 7th or 6th century b.C. - Avles Beluskes as symbol of the eternal struggle against Rome [see the image of the grave above mine. Inscription (translated with the help of various Slovenian dialects and other Slavic languages: Avles Beluskes here rests in peace/he governed till he expired/may in the sky the tribulation of his conscience vanish].

Its my guilty

What I call a "relation" is not to understand in the usual common way. People who survived concentration camps nearly called "champagne" a simple glass of bright water. Similarly for me, and with the appropriate proportions, to have the possibility of thirty seconds exchange of kind words with a kind exponent of the other half of the world, is just a "glass of champagne" or, for me: a relation. I don't use the expression “love” because too much suffered in the name of this word in my life. I prefer the Slovenian “te imam zelo zelo zelo rad” /”I'm very very very fond of you” [no, the triple “z”/”v” is not an occult message].

I never saw that person privately for a coffe or a glass of wine, together in a pub or gostilna/restaurant. I don't have her phone number or mail address. Simply that person was kind with me when all the universe was pressing on my heart. I could put on the other plate of this satanic balance on which my life is hanged only the thin feather of her smile and of her voice. And just only the infinite lightness of that feather could alleviate at least for an instance the monstrous weight squeezing my heart and my soul.

It happens that sometimes depression and thought of death are so strong that you are not the full master of your actions. You write to Douglas Willinger an mention to him about all the universe on your heart and it is unavoidable that you involve also that beautiful feather and a sense of disillusion even in front of that. Of course Douglas Willinger could absolutely not imagine the below truth and he publishes pieces of those mails written by me when life appeared to me black like a Jesuit's cloak.

Its my guilty if now that feather, that smile and that voice could have been forever fled away from me by the blow of my desperate idiocy. Painful, but this is only my guilty and of no one else.

But I fear that this is not the only guilty I'm carrying. This evening [I wrote this post on local evening 28th June] for the first time I read that pieces of mails I sent to Douglas Willinger and appearing in his blog, in a post I just watched before but without reading it. Suddenly I understood the sense of a news of the Slovenian tv news I watched an half an hour before. The Willinger's post “Avles Beluskes Blogs Blocked - Buried ”, was published on 26th June, and contains the sequent piece of a mail I sent him as answer on the question about the reason of the disappearing of my blogs:

“Jun 8, 2012

Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes?

…I 'm alone. I justcame home from the bar where I usually go , there there is a student of university which was the only female with whom I had sometimes a little talk. The bar is (irony!) in front of the cultural center named to Srecko Kosovel , the...… ”

…...and his post on me was followed only two days after, namely Thursday 28th June, by police investigation on the Student center of Koper, the capital of Primorje, for facts of corruption allegedly committed by the heads of the University Students organization:


Investigation of economic crime in the ŠOUP [Študentski organizaciji Univerze na Primorskem - Student organization of the University of Primorje - avles]

Investigators carried out house searches

28th June 2012 at 09:29,

the last intervention: 28 June 2012 at 20:20


Criminal investigation of suspected economic crime in the Student Organization of the University. Director of Student's organization Sebastian Kokl is pleased about the investigation.
Above image - Sebastjan Kokl

"Koper criminal due to suspicion of several offenses of economic crime related to the operation of the legal person, carried out a house search at one location in Koper," the message from the Directorate Koper.

For several years, it is an informal talk that in the Student organization the money is flowing into private pockets, director Sebastian Kokl should also be suspected of abuse of authority, as communicated the correspondent for RTVS Eugenija Carl.

In front of Student's organization seat, Kokl said to have been visited today by investigators regarding the determination of "whether there are grounds for suspecting that it had done anything wrong." The bulk of the documentation, said Kokl, has been voluntarily sent to the criminal investigators long ago.....”.
[the article follow at below page - (*)]


What can I say? It could be also ordinary businness of the SD center left party, where corruption doesn't know borders between left and right, between MP's members and the Student organization. But all that smells also to be the usual revenge by those clerical Roman Catholic inner circles of Slovenia against a Primorje always considered an “heretic” rebel.

Maybe coordinated by the Janez Jansa ULTRAMONTANE government, seeking revenge with a certain ideological part of Slovenia, honest or corrupted doesn't too much matter here, but retained an OBSTACLE for the ULTRAMONTANE COUPE D'ETAT, as implementation of the Jesuit revenge (Jesuits were expelled from Ljubljana from the end of war till the end of the fifties)?

Therefore the alleged remote instigators/mastermind of such investigation could be the same religious forces who eighty years before welcomed the Slovenian brothers of Primorje escaping the Fascist Italy, with the offensive slogan “Nigger of the coast” (“Primorci – zamorci”)?

Could it be that the words of archbishop Margotti [“my priesthood is half Protestant and riotous”] are still echoing in Primorje?

And that the words of that Slovene Socialist leader of Trieste exiled in Ljubljana in the early twenties, are today still and more true, that “clerical are clerical, liberals are clerical, socialists are clerical, all are clerical in inner Slovenia”?

I could say all that and more, but the most important thing is that I feel as all that could be also my guilty, my only guilty and of no one else.

Above image - an ice star of paper


(*) [continue from above, article at the address:]

Students reproached him negospodarnost

The Supervisory Board of the organization in November reaffirmed Kokl as the Director, after student members loosed him from the charge, accusing him of uneconomic behavior. Student organization ŠOUP received from student work in the year almost one million euros but for student activities there was paid just only € 160,000 [sixteen as remainder of XVI of Benedict XVI? - avles]. The remainder, 80 percent of the funds was doing to wages, material costs and rents.

In the re-appointment have emerged allegations that the competition was fitted for Kokl. Competition does not require either university degree candidates, as well as the notice is published only on the website of the Student organization ŠOUP, and this just before the holidays, 28 October.

It is because of all the rumors that Kokl says it is pleased with the visit of criminologists. In his view, this is the only way to be able to refute all the allegations. He announced that the police handed over the "all my documentation of my financial management and all the benefits that I received."
Problems on the portal

Kokl is also a director of governing eponymous portal, in 2010, the Ministry of Culture required the return of the money they got for plurality of media, because it does not meet regulatory requirements. Co-owner of the is the MP's Luka Juri, while Kokl is the chairman of the Koper Committee's SD.

But denied that criminal investigators are interested in business, which he founded. "If there were anything wrong, I will, of course, answer," he said, adding that he hopes that in the opposite case this story will be closed.


Posted by avles at 5:18 AM 2 comments: Labels: avles beluskes, Douglas Willinger, Kokl, Raseni, ŠOUP

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Avles Beluskes Blogs Blocked - Buried


May 2012
'Avles Beluske'

No independent confirmation whether he really did this, or was kidnapped, or ?
I only know him via the internet and don't have any mutual contacts as far as I know
Perhaps this is due to the time of this year in particular?

In recent weeks the blogs of 'Avles Beluskes' have been blocked.  Here's why, according to the email:

from Douglas Willinger

Jun 7, 2012
What happened with Avles Beluskes?
…You no longer appear on my Facebook, and your blogs are now for invited guests only? What's happening?
Douglas Willinger
South Mall Blogger…

from alice [Avles Beluskes email]
Jun 8, 2012
Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes?
... I definitively buried my blogs as my life has well heavier problems than Vatican NWO, they are accessible for no one and so they will remain. best regards Il 08/06/2012 04:34,
from alice [Avles Beluskes email]

Jun 8, 2012
Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes?
…Are you playing the fool with me? Don't you see the problems? There also problems without solution except death: --------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday, May 27, 2012 "THIRTY SECONDS" [to repair a broken bottle] > Above image...…

from alice [Avles Beluskes email]

Jun 8, 2012
Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes?
…I 'm alone. I justcame home from the bar where I usually go , there there is a student of university which was the only female with whom I had sometimes a little talk. The bar is (irony!) in front of the cultural center named to Srecko Kosovel , the...…
from alice [Avles Beluskes email] Jun 8, 2012
Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes? … Il 08/06/2012 04:34,
from alice [Avles Beluskes email] Jun 9, 2012 Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes? …It is evident that you interest to discard me as I present a disturb even to you. Il 08/06/2012 04:34,
I only saw the first reply; I did not see those others starting with the one saying 'Are you playing the fool with me?'  I only discovered these added and increasingly seemingly irrational messages with a yahoo mail search today.  I can only speculate as to why.

Seems to me if 'Avles' was being overloaded by his blogging, then why not simply make fewer posts, even taking a break from writing, but leave the existing stuff already up. Why hide them?  With this silliness of 'this blog is for invited readers only'.  I interpret that as he is now afraid of something within them.

Even stranger, he starts a new blog "Avles Beluskes Novice", only to entirely take it down after about 5 postings within about two weeks.  Also, he deletes or blocks his account at Facebook.  What's going on behind this?
The Avles Beluskes blogs are/were quite illuminating.
Avles Beluskes Exposed
The Vatican Crusade in the Balkans
The Amber Path
Apparently enemies...
Novo Ordo Seclorum
Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute
The blocking of the Avles Beluskes blogs is discomforting, as they have been excellent platforms for advancing our understanding of the religious reality.  They included stuff I knew little or nothing about, such as military jet accidents as deliberate occult rituals.  Also, lots of masonic virgo stuff regarding different cities, in addition to spotlighting that of the apparantly most important one of the Federal Triangle in Washington D.C. and the center of the universe of the area and where the statute of Benjamin Franklin faces, with "Apparently Enemies" and "Novo Ordo Seclorum"  building upon my "Save the Capital City- Ben Franklin's Mysterious Sunfire".

Avles and I first 'met' upon the boards of the old 'The Un-Hived Mind' five summers ago, when I had started a thread about the 26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order Wlodimir Ledochowski and his 2nd 30 years' War -- WW1 and WW2 -- shortly after starting this blog 'Continuing Counter Reformation' in June 2007.

Wlodimir Ledochowski - 26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order

A central point that I have driven towards, that of this twisted satanic core of a twisted blood thirsty pro religious war Roman Catholic Church (behind for example the coup of August 19-20, 1914) driven by a extremely pro-Mary faction quite prominent within places as Roman Catholic Poland- IOW the concept of the Roman Catholic Church under the spell of a Mary Mother Earth figure twisted as a "Mother of War".

Louise Warfield and Count Vladimir Ledochowski
Sort of ironic that the bride's surname is "WAR FIELD".

It even gets better!

The girl's name Louise \lo(ui)-se\ is pronounced loo-EEZ. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "renowned fighter".

Apparantly, the woman that Maximillian Kolbe refers to must have a name variant of "Mary-Lou"

This of course refers to the militant marianism of the 26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order ,Wlodimir Ledochowski and his 2nd 30 years' War.

Deranged Polish Vision of Holy War

Mary Mystique of War

Anti-Modernism and Militant Marianism

Wlodimir Ledochowski Plausible Childhood Revenge Vow to Destroy Prussia -
remember the French and Alsace-Lorraine

Maximillian Kolbe 'God is Cleansing Poland'

Maximillian Kolbe 'Our War'

Wlodimir Ledochowski Kulturkampf Revenge

The timing of this sort of reaction from 'Avles' upon a time line comes shortly after I start my new 'umbrella' blog - that is a blog encompasing my entire galaxy of blogs, as well as me personally:

And just some of my recent posts there:

Dig within and beyond for some further illumination upon the broader picture.

Do that, and apply Avles' propensity to examine things from various angles numerialmatically, and I say do it with an eye towards the gaps between deathdates and birthdates, and meanings of names.

After all, his now blocked writings included Apparently enemies and Novo Ordo Seclorum, all about that particular intersection within Washington, D.C. at Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street where the Benjamin Franklin statute faces.  That's the spot which the David Ovason book 'The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital- The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C.' likens as the center of the universe in a city between Virginia and Maryland dedicated to the figure of Earth Mother figure of Mary.

Likewise there are my illuminating posts regarding Coca, Vin Mariani and its creator Angelo Francois Mariani- a name that I personally consider ironic and esoteric for reasons already gathered by ECHELON as of April 3/4, 2012.

Is it time now for Avles to be hiding his blogs?

After all it is 2012.

added July 1, 2012
'Wake Up Call' wrote: "It's all in [the] open..."

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Lilith- Adam's SISTER that wanted to be his Wife

I say Lilith was the first SISTER that got confused as the first wife, and that the confusion has breed trouble- imagine how that though would affect Eve-Mary

 Adam, Lilith, and Eve
 from Notre Dame Cathedral

The Bible first states that God created man and woman on the sixth day and the rabbis felt that this meant that God created the sexes simultaneously. After all it specifically says that on the sixth day, God created all the beasts and man and woman.

“…Male and female he created them. And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it…”

Yet, The Bible goes on to say that man was alone in his tending of the Earth and its creatures, so God made him a companion.

“…But for the man there was not found a helper fit for him. So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh; and the rib which the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. Then the man said, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman…”

This would imply that God made man on the sixth day and then some time later created woman. The rabbis found themselves confronting a severe and puzzling contradiction in the Holy texts and thus concluded that Eve, who was made from Adam’s rib, was not the first woman. The rabbis poured over various pagan legends and apocrypha from the nearby ancient cultures and were startled to uncover the accounts of Lilith. In Sumer and Babylon there were myths of Lilitu, or more commonly Lilith, who was declared to be Adam’s first wife and the true first woman.

According to apocryphal lore, Lilith was strong willed and fiercely independent and when the time came for Adam and Lilith to consummate their marriage in the sexual act, Lilith rebelled. Adam insisted that since he was a man and she a woman, that he should mount her from the top. Lilith refused, claiming that God had made them both as equals, and that to lay upon her back on the bare Earth was an insult since all lesser beings are of the Earth while God and his angels were of Heaven and divine. ...

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Ripples in the Vatican?

via Barry Chamish:

It's a church! No, it's a state! Stop! You're both right!

Why We are Still in the Middle Ages: The Vatican Inquisition Strikes Back

By Kevin D. Annett

Paolo Gabriele is languishing in a secret church prison tonight in Vatican City after being arrested by church police for having some of the Pope's private papers in his possession.

The Pope's former butler and a father of three children is threatened with thirty years in a papal jail for having uncovered some of Joseph Ratzinger's dirty secrets.

Paolo might as well not be an Italian citizen, since his civil rights vanished once he crossed the Vatican. The law of the church supersedes that of any nation, it seems, since clearly the Pope can arrest and jail anyone he doesn't like.

It's quite abominable. How many corporations get to arrest and put on trial in their own private courts one of their employees who's found with internal company documents?

How often does the CEO of such a company get to shelter and exonerate child rapists in his firm, hide the crime from the police, and silence those who know about it all?

Does the company itself get to launder money, finance wars, conduct genocide and crimes against humanity, and depose governments, and never answer for these crimes?

The Vatican Incorporated is the one company in the world that can do all this. And what's more, they even get massive financial subsidies from taxpayers in over a hundred countries to do so!

That said, it's a sign of the degree of institutional rot and panic erupting in Rome these days that members of the papal inner circle are breaking ranks and squealing on their boss. Paolo's arrest follows hot on the heels of the forced resignation of the chief of the Vatican Bank, Gotti Tedeschi, who allegedly had blown the whistle on shady transactions by the bank.

It's small wonder the papacy is crushing a lone employee like Paolo so rapidly. Some of the documents held by the butler suggest that the Pope personally accepted bribes to award Vatican contracts to friends and supporters of his, and that he engineered a cover up of the whole thing, including by expelling Vatican City governor Archbishop Carlo Vigano last year when he asked the Pope to come clean.

One can't help but be reminded of the last days of Richard Nixon. But the former president cum gangster, at least, was legally accountable to the United States Congress. The Pope is answerable only to himself. He is, under his own laws, both "Master and God": church and state all rolled into one, all powerful ruler of humanity.

Roman Emperor Aurelian invented that title known as "Dominus et Deus" in the year 273 when he created a new religious cult of sun worship that evolved into state Christianity under a later Emperor, Constantine. For the first time, and ever since then, one ruler was designated as having absolute authority over everyone, and could therefore never be challenged.

Adolf Hitler was a pale imitation.

When Aurelian's god-emperor evolved into the papacy, Europe inherited a monster called Christendom that would cause more death and atrocity than any force in human history. Sadly, over the centuries governments have accommodated themselves to this monster since historically they arose in partnership with it, and derived their authority from papal sanction.

What Martin Luther called "the two swords" - church and state working in tandem - is still the governing principle that allows so-called "canon law" to supersede civil laws in most nations, with the result that men like Paolo Gabriele can simply disappear with the nod of a pope.

We really are still in the middle ages, in many ways: and we techno-serfs still blindly clamor for justice from institutions run from the top-down by men who consider themselves gods.

Joseph Ratzinger is an expert at making people disappear, having run the papal Inquisition - renamed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - for many years. But the very absoluteness of his power as Grand Inquisitor made Ratzinger many enemies, and the latter are gathering nowadays to help expose their adversary.

The details of Ratzinger accepting bribes, for instance, actually came from Vatican Secretary of State archives to which Paolo Gabriele could not have had access. Only senior Cardinals could have released such damning evidence.

This kind of power struggle in the papacy is nothing new, but since it is happening amidst efforts to criminally indict the Pope for concealing child rapists and obstructing justice, many of the Curia are worried that the institution will suffer permanent damage: a fact quite unacceptable to the money boys who stand behind the papal throne.

To quote a senior Italian state senator who spoke to me in Rome in the spring of 2010,

"The Vatican, the mafia, and the government, they're really all the same men, and they have one major concern: to hold on to their revenues. They are terrified that the ORI (Vatican Bank) will suffer from these scandals and will lose its credit standing with the banking cartels. They will never let that happen, even if the heads of popes have to roll in the dust."

So it's an interesting question: who is more powerful, ultimately - the "Master and God" himself, or his creditors? The image, or the finances?

For men like Paolo Gabriele, or any victim of priestly rape, the answer is perhaps moot. For whoever is in charge in Rome is like any self-governing dictator: one who cannot be reasoned or negotiated with, but simply overthrown.

I believe the world is finally waking up to that fact. The issue now is, how will we unite across faiths and borders to finally unseat the God Emperor and his vile kingdom?

Our network has given the Vatican until September 15 to undertake ten steps to relinquish its power and do justice to its victims. After that day, the church will have lost its right to operate in our communities. And the occupations that will strike Roman Catholic churches and facilities after that date will include the targeting of secret papal prisons where men of conscience like Paolo Gabriele are being held.

We will free Paolo, if he is not free by then.

When Jesus of Nazareth first spoke publicly, he announced that God had sent him to release the captives, give sight to the blind, and let all the oppressed go free. The papacy of his day killed him for it, and the Vatican cemented that murder in its subversion of his message.