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A Reason for Revenge?

Iraq Baath Party (Saddam Hussein) Expelled the Jesuits, Seized Properties, Reversed after 2003 U.S. invasion

The Jesuits were not successful, but it seems that their alumni have succeeded in helping to carry these efforts of Christian [sic] unity to fruition. These are the alumni of the two Jesuit schools in Baghdad that were closed 27 years ago. The Jesuits were expelled from Iraq in 1969 and their two schools were taken over by the Baath Party that had taken control of the Iraqi Government.

He escaped prison in 1967 and quickly became a leading member of the party. In 1968, Saddam participated in a bloodless coup led by Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr that overthrew Abdul Rahman Arif. Al-Bakr was named president and Saddam was named his deputy, and deputy chairman of the Baathist Revolutionary Command Council. According to biographers, Saddam never forgot the tensions within the first Ba'athist government, which formed the basis for his measures to promote Ba'ath party unity as well as his resolve to maintain power and programs to ensure social stability.

Although Saddam was al-Bakr's deputy, he was a strong behind-the-scenes party politician. Al-Bakr was the older and more prestigious of the two, but by 1969 Saddam Hussein clearly had become the moving force behind the party.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, as vice chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council, formally the al-Bakr's second-in-command, Saddam built a reputation as a progressive, effective politician.[15] At this time, Saddam moved up the ranks in the new government by aiding attempts to strengthen and unify the Ba'ath party and taking a leading role in addressing the country's major domestic problems and expanding the party's following.

After the Baathists took power in 1968, Saddam focused on attaining stability in a nation riddled with profound tensions. Long before Saddam, Iraq had been split along social, ethnic, religious, and economic fault lines: Sunni versus Shi'ite, Arab versus Kurd, tribal chief versus urban merchant, nomad versus peasant. (Humphreys, 78) Stable rule in a country rife with factionalism required both massive repression and the improvement of living standards. (Humphreys, 78)

» 12/17/2003 16:34
Schools, churches, mosques confiscated by Saddam Hussein return to legitimate owners

Baghdad (AsiaNews) – The Provisional Governing Council decided that schools, churches, mosques and madrassas (Islamic schools) confiscated by Saddam Hussein return to their legitimate owners, while enjoying the freedom to manage their own educational resources. This decision was made last Nov. 5, but was only now made public. AsiaNews received the news via Baghdad's Church officials.

In its Nov. 5 meeting, the Council approved Decision 87 decreeing that "the cancelling of all decisions, laws and rules leading to the confiscation, closure, incorporation and annulling of the power to run colleges, mosques, institutes, and schools".

Concretely, the decision means the complete restitution of and freedom to manage colleges and schools --together with all privileges. The decision was signed by Provisional Council President, Jalal Talabani.

For Christians, Catholics, Shiites and Sunnites this means liberation: the practical result of this decision is the go-ahead for freedom in education.

This decision, above all, will be incorporated into the Constitution and will also guarentee the freedom to teach and run schools autonomously. Educational programs will be set forth at a later time.

Under Saddam Hussein's regime everything was nationalized; now freedom in education is guaranteed. Iraq, together with Jordan, are the only countries with an Islamic majority to have freedom in education.

Saddam Hussein's government abolished free schools on May 22 1974. The confiscation of properties occurred on March 10 1975. At that time there were 80 schools and colleges in existence, 34 of which were Christian. Currently, following the Provisional Government's decision 15 schools and colleges will be returned to Catholics, including one university which once belonging to the Jesuits. (BC)

From Political Friendster

Explore Ellen Bork (Project for a New American Century) and Viet Dinh (PATRIOT Act)

In particular, check out "rex84" under the PATRIOT Act.

Tupper Saussy: U.S. Roman to the Core

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Tony Blair and Cardinal Egan

According to David Icke

Middle East 'peace' envoy Blair launches attack on Iran

Blair still serving his masters at the Church of Babylon


Jesuit front man Cardinal Edward Egan praised Mr. Pawn's speech and his effort to 'fight extremism'.

Lying to start a war that has killed the best part of a million people and imposing sanctions that killed at least half a million Iraqi children does not constitute 'extremism' then?

Go on chaps, have a good laugh, hilarious isn't it?

'Tony Blair today compared the threat of Muslim extremism to the rise of fascism and warned that Britain must not waver in its fight against terrorists. The former prime minister also criticised 'some of our own circles' for arguing that the West had provoked Islamist groups to commit terror acts.

In his first major speech since leaving office, he also condemned the 'demonic skill' deployed by Muslim extremists and singled out Iran for backing and financing terror to destabilise other countries. At the prestigious New York charity event, Mr Blair received three standing ovations during the evening, was joined by New York governor Eliot Spitzer, mayor Michael Bloomberg and News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch.'

Read more ...

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Alex Jones according to Eric Jon Phelps of Vatican Assassins

Alex Jones according to Thomas Richards of Spritually Smart

Alex Jones: Lincoln, Morse and all the others liars?!

[Jones] ... claims that hidden history regarding the Vatican and Jesuit Order's involvement in things like Abraham Lincoln's assassination and the Nazi Party are "made up."

Past documents including a court case where a Catholic priest was framed by the Jesuits, involving Lincoln as a young attorney defending the good priest, prove the Vatican and Jesuit Order's conspiratorial actions along with European monarchs who wanted to end freedom and liberty in America.

Further, documents prove the Vatican protected and hid-out John Surratt, one member of the Jesuit-backed hit team who killed Lincoln, the lone gunman theory being factually dispelled just like it has in the JFK assassination.

Further, books by patriots during the Civil War days, including one by Samuel Morse, the inventor of the Morse Code, and warnings by Lincoln himself, prove the Vatican and Jesuit Order were involved up to their necks in a conspiracy to overthrow the young American Republic just like they are today with what has come to be known as the Vatican-led New World Order.

"So the question becomes," said another Vatican researcher. "Who are you going to believe: President Abraham Lincoln or Alex Jones? I think the answer is obvious."

That all of these writers, publishers and re-publishers were simply liars is what I gather from Alex Jone's recent attacks against Vatican critics.

Page of Links to Vatican related books

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Alex Jones Goes Off the Deep End

Sadly. Alex Jones makes no attempt at any specific refutation, instead relying upon intellectually lazy and deceitful -- jesuitical -- mass generalizations.
Alex Jones Calls Vatican Critics and "Catholics Run It All Crowd" Mentally Ill and Liars

He also criticizes people who present history lessons critical to the
Vatican, saying "it's all made up or it's twisted..."

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Oct. 10, 2007

Alex Jones has finally gone off the deep end, ranting and raving about the so-called "lying truth tellers" accusing him of being a Vatican shill controlled by their henchmen in the Jesuit Order.

In the past several months, Jones has been the brunt of severe criticism by thousands of internet readers across the globe who question why he "can't read history and protects the Vatican."

"I don't think he is used to getting this type of treatment but when the facts are presented to him regarding the history of the evil Jesuit Order and the Vatican, he reverts to name calling and will never deal with the true facts regarding the Vatican, the Jesuit Order and the Knights of Malta's involvement in the New World Order" said one Vatican researcher, who claims Jones' job is to keep the heat off Vatican intrigue.

Jones recently said on what has become his fear-mongering radio show full of half truths that anyone who reads history and criticizes the Vatican are "mental cases and liars."

Further, he claims that hidden history regarding the Vatican and Jesuit Order's involvement in things like Abraham Lincoln's assassination and the Nazi Party are "made up." (more)
And from Thomas Richards of Spiritually Smart:
Alex Jones accuses people who are Exposing the Vatican as being the ROOT behind the NWO of not reporting on other facets of the conspiracy. Here is a forum which is run by a man named Craig Oxley. In it you will see the depth of reporting of this man who investigates all areas of the criminals behind the NWO. And you will see that he understands that the Vatican/Jesuit Order/Knights of Malta (SMOM) and her other branches are behind the criminal conspiracy.
Has Alex Jones even heard about -- let alone dare contemplate the historical role of -- Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski?

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski
born October 7, 1866
Jesuit Order Superior General February 11, 1915 - December 13, 1942

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Karol Wojtyla: Zyklon B Salesman?!!

Karol Wojtyla -- the future John Paul II -- reportedly had a role in Wlodimir Ledochowski's "cleansing" of Poland:
Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums > News, Media & World Events > Conspiracies & Secret Societies

Apparently he DID work for a chemical manufacturer in Poland during the time of the Holocaust...didn't he know where the chemicals were going and what they were used for? I guess if you are Catholic then this might be a hard read or even unbelievable but a biography on him on CNN did mention he worked for this manufacturer who dealt with IG Farben. Below are three different articles, one is about Operation Gladio for some background into the Church at that time. Sources are listed for further research. Please do your own homework...this is what I have found and it looks like theres plenty more sources out there maybe some more credible maybe less...anyway let me know what you find...good luck!

Pope John Paul II: Zyklon B Salesman

In his book 'Behold a Pale Horse,' former US Naval Intelligence Officer William Cooper relates a story associated with the IG Farben Chemical Company.

In the early 1940s, that company employed a Polish chemist and salesman who sold cyanide gas, Zyklon B and Malathion to the Nazis for extermination of groups of people in Auschwitz.

After the war the salesman joined the Catholic church and was ordained a priest.

In 1958 he became Poland's youngest bishop and after Pope John Paul I's mysterious death, the ex-cyanide gas salesman Karol Wojtyla was elected to the papacy as Pope John Paul II in October 1978.

In March 2000, he publicly apologized not for his war effort, but for the wickedness of the Christian religion. The plea for forgiveness also sought to pardon the use of 'violence in the service of truth' an often used fragile and troubling reference to the Inquisition...
A 19-year-old Karol Wojtyla, later Pope John Paul II (centre), is seen holding a rifle while performing 'present arms' in this July 1939 photo. Two months before the outbreak of World War II, he attended a military training camp in Western Ukraine, then eastern Poland.
The above photo and more at:

A Seminarian

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski
born October 7, 1866
Jesuit Order Superior General February 11, 1915 - December 13, 1942

Wlodimir Ledochoswki SJ Kulturkampf Revenge

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Vatican Puppets: I Made Wars to Make Sure

# i'm the pope
and i can play with every human
i sell dope between my prayers and direct everyone
like a puppet on a string
# ages ago i had an idea
what about being the chief
i could write books and read everything
the rest of them had to believe
i made wars wars to make sure
i get rich they stay poor
# i kept in secret whatever i could
never told them whats up
i invented some laws and some rules
just to keep their mouth shut
i made wars wars to make sure
i get rich they stay poor

The Jesuits' Oath of Assassination

I do further promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly and openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Masons, as I am directed to do, to extirpate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex nor condition, and that will hang, burn, waste, boil, flay, strangle, and bury alive these infamous heretics; rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women, and crush their infants' heads against the walls in order to annihilate their execrable race.

That when the same cannot be done openly I will secretly use the poisonous cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard, or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honour, rank, dignity or authority of the persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agents of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Father of the Society of Jesus

Think about Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln: U.S. President 1861-1865

Pieter Jean Beckx: Jesuit Superior General 1853-1887

And think about John Fitzgerald Kennedy. What entity is big enough to pull off the behavior of the lamestream media and a "Warren Commission" ignoring basic issues as the "back and to the left" of the Zupruder film, the direct conflict between the testimony of the medical personal at the Dallas hospital that it was a head entry wound at the left front with that back in Virginia by those that would "loose" the brain that would evidence the head wound?

John F. Kennedy: U.S. President 1961-1963

Jean Baptise Janssens: Jesuit Superior General 1946-1964

How the hell can we deny the clear violation of the 1st amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibition upon an establishment of religion?

And how can we allow this travesty of a Jesuit Georgetown University led government?

Talk about being soft on religious terrorism!

Abraham Lincoln: so many [assassination] plots...the great majority [by] Roman Catholic murderers evidently trained by Jesuits

Abraham Lincoln stated,

So many plots have already been made against my life, that it is a real miracle that they have all failed, when we consider that the great majority of them were in the hands of the skillful Roman Catholic murderers, evidently trained by Jesuits. But can we expect that God will make a perpetual miracle to save my life? I believe not. The Jesuits are so expert in those deeds of blood that Henry IV said it was impossible to escape them, and he became their victim, though he did all that could be done to protect himself. My escape from their hands, since the letter of the Pope to Jeff Davis has sharpened the million of daggers to pierce my breast, would be more than a miracle.

But just as the Lord heard no murmur from the lips of Moses when He told him that he had to die, before crossing the Jordan, for the sins of his people; so I hope and pray that He will hear no murmur from me when I fall for my nation’s sake.

The only two favors I ask of the Lord are, first that I may die for the sacred cause in which I am engaged, and that I am the standard bearer of the rights and liberties of my country.

The second favor I ask of God is, that my dear son, Robert, when I am gone, will be one of those who lift up that flag of liberty which will cover my tomb, and will carry it with honor and fidelity, to the end of his life, as his father did, surrounded by the millions who will be called with him to fight and die for the defense and honor of our country. — Charles Chiniquy, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, Chick Publications, pp. 302, 303.

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Abraham Lincoln Said He Was Targeted for Assassination by the Jesuits
Abraham Lincoln, as far back as 1855 and 1856, was already a marked man that Rome sought to destroy. Four years later, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States. As he made his way from Illinois to Washington, D. C., he had to pass through the city of Baltimore. He later said to Charles Chiniquy,
"I am so glad to meet you again. . . . You see that your friends, the Jesuits, have not yet killed me. But they would have surely done it when I passed through their most devoted city, Baltimore, had I not passed by incognito a few hours before they expected me. We have proof that the company which had been selected and organized to murder me was led by a rabid Roman Catholic called Byrne; it was almost entirely composed of Roman Catholics; more than that, there were two disguised priests among them, to lead and encourage them…. I saw Mr. Morse, the learned inventor of electric telegraphy: he told me that when he was in Rome, not long ago, he found out the proofs of the most formidable conspiracy against this country and all its institutions. It is evident that it is to the intrigues and emissaries of the pope that we owe in great part the horrible civil war, which is threatening to cover the country with blood and ruins."
I am sorry that Professor Morse had to leave Rome before he could know more about the secret plans of the Jesuits against the liberties and the very existence of this country. — Ibid. p. 292.

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Tupper Saussy on the Jesuit Plot to Assassinate Lincoln

Tupper Saussy from Rulers of Evil, pp 253-254
Thirty years after the assassination, a member of the Hunter Commission, Brigadier General Thomas M.Harris, published a small book revealing that Lincoln’s assassination had actually been a Jesuit murder plot to extirpate a Protestant ruler. Harris stated:

“It is fact well established that the headquarters of the conspiracy was the house of a Roman Catholic family, of which Mrs. Mary E. Surratt was the head, and that all of its inmates, including a number of boarders, were devoted members of the Roman Catholic Church. This house was the meeting place, the council chamber, of Booth and his co-conspirators, including Mrs. Mary E. Surratt, and her son, John H. Surratt, who, next to Booth, were the most active members of the conspiracy.”

Commissioner Harris went on to relate that Mary Surratt’s son John had been a Confederate spy for three years, “passing back and forth between Washington and Richmond, and from Richmond to Canada and back, as a bearer of dispatches.”

John’s mentor during this period was a Jesuit, Father B.F. Wiget, president of Gonzaga College [who testified for her defense] and a priest noted for his sympathies for the Confederacy. John introduced Father Wiget to his mother and the priest became Mary Surratt’s confessor and spiritual director. As well, Father Wiget gave spiritual direction to the famous John Wilkes Booth who, though a drunkard, a libertine, and utterly indifferent to matters of religion,” was spiritually attracted to him. “The wily Jesuit, sympathizing with Booth in his political views, and in the hope of destroying our government, and establishing the Confederacy … was able to convert to Catholicism.” Hard evidence of that conversion was found on the assassin’s corpse: “On examination of Booths person after his death , it as found that he was wearing a Catholic medal under his vest, and over his heart.”

John Wilkes Booth

At the conspiracy trial, Father Wiget testified to Mary Elizabeth’s Surrat’s “good Christian character”. Even assuming her complicity in the assassination, Eget a Jesuit could truthfully say Surrat was a good Christian simply be reserving mentally (a) that bu :”Christian” he meant “RC”, (b) that under the terms of the Directorium Inquisitorium (see Chapter 8), “Every individual may kill a heretic,” and (c) that Lincoln was twice a heretic: for his Protestantism and for having successfully defended an excommunicated priest.

Why Does the U.S. Government Cover Up Counter Reformation Crimes?

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Tupper Saussy on the Vatican's Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Tupper Saussy from Rulers of Evil, pp 251-252

“The great fatal mistake of the American government in the prosecution of the assassins of Abraham Lincoln”, wrote Rev. Charles Chiniquy, the excommunicated priest whom Lincoln had successfully defended in his early law career (see note 2, Chapter 22).

The religious element – the fact that all seven of the conspirators were devouted Roman Catholics – was carefully avoided because of who controlled the trial. As Commander in Chief of he armed forces, it was Johnson himself who quite constitutionally reigned supreme over the Hunter Commission.

But Johnson was also a Freemason, which meant that he followed the wise [?] directives of the Unknown Superior.

Pieter Jean Beckx, Jesuit Superior General:1853-1887

Thus, the real power behind the Hunter Commission was Superior General Pieter Jean Beckx, a relatively young Belgian who was the great favorite of Pio Nono, Pope Pius IX, the only head of state in the world to recognize the southern Confederacy as a sovereign nation.

Pope Pius IX (May 13, 1792February 7, 1878), born Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, reigned as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church from his election in June 16, 1846, until his death more than 31 years later in 1878.

Obedient to the will of Genera Beckx, President Johnson issued an executive order closing the courtroom to the working press. At the end of each day, officials would ration to selected reporters from the Associated Press news carefully evaluated to keep “the religious element” out of the public consciousness.

Charles Chiniquy tirelessly investigated the assassination. After the conspirators were executed, he went incognito to Washington and found that

"Not a single one of the government men would discuss with me except after I had given my word of honor that I would never mention their names. I say with a profound distress, that the influence of Rome was almost supreme in Washington. I could not fid a single statesmen who would dare to face that nefarious influence and fight it down."

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Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's 1915 Election According to The New York Times

New Jesuit Head is a Russian Pole
Father Wlodimir Ledochowski is Elected General of the Society of Jesus
Defeat for the Latins

February 12, 1915


He was born on October 7, 1866, a son of Count Anthony Ledochowski, a cavalry officer in the Austrian Army. The family came from Russian Poland. Father Ledochowski’s uncle was Cardinal Ledochowski, Prefect of the Propaganda of the Holy See.

As a boy the new head of the Jesuits was a page in the Court of the late Empress Elizabeth of Austria. He studied in Vienna, and at the end of the gymnasium course he won the Imperial Prize, the highest honor. He next studied law for one year, and then entered the seminary at Tarnow, Galicia, later studying the Grmanicum in Rome.

Father Ledochowski entered the noyitiate of the Society of Jesus in Galicia in 1889, and was ordained as a priest in June, 1894. He then became a member of the staff of writers in the Uliea Grodzka. In 1898 he was appointed Superior of the Grodzka and became a well known as a writer and preacher. He is the author of a book of sermons and of articles on sociology.

Father Ledochowski was later appointed Vice Provincial of the Society of Jesus for Poland. In 1902 he was appointed Provincial of the Society of Jesus for Poland. At the election of Father Wernze as General of the Society of Jesus he said to have received thirteen votes on the first and second ballots. He was elected assistant to Father Wernz over the Provinces of the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Galicia, Belgium, and Austria.

The Generals of the Society of Jesus are elected for life by the General Congregation of the Order. The General of the Society is often called the “Black Pope.”

Father Wernz died a few hours after the death of Pope Pius. Anxiety over the war is said to have hastened his end. Following the death of Father Wernz, Father Fines, the Assistant Jesuit General for France, was selected to head the order, which he did until yesterday’s election.

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's 1915 Election According to The Washington Post

Jesuits’ Head Not Partisan on War

March 15, 1915

Some misapprehension seems to prevail on this side of the Atlantic with regard to the new general of the order of the Jesuits, Count Vladimir Ledochowski, who is said to be intensely pro-German, and to have been elected largely through the influence of the Kaiser.

Now Count Ledochowski was born as an Austrian subject, but is first and foremost a Pole, and is very far from being persona grata with Emperor William or the Berlin government. Indeed, on his selection eight years ago as assistant to the late general for the provinces that included Germany, the choice was bitterly assailed by the enter German press, especially by that of Prussia, while he himself came in for no end of abuse on the part of those newspapers accredited with official inspiration from the Berlin government.

It was not the Germans who played the leading role in securing his election to the chieftaincy of the order, but the American representatives thereof. The electors were made up of sixteen Italians and fifteen Americans from the United States: there were thirteen French, ten Spaniards, four Poles, four English, and Irish Jesuits, three each from Holland, Austria, Portugal, Brazil and Belgium, and only three from Germany.

America’s Voice Potent

From this it will be seen that the United States had five times as many participants in the elections as Germany, and that working in conjunction with the four Poles, the four English and Irish Jesuits, the three Belgians and thirteen French, they would have been able to carry the day, even if the sixteen Italians had been against them, which was not the case.

One of the first acts of the new general has been to select a member to take his place as assistant for Germany, that is to say, to have charge and supervision of all Jesuit interests, not only in the German empire, but in Austria, Poland, Hungary, Belgium and Holland as well. Instead of choosing a German for the office, he nominated a Dutchman, namely Father Oppenrals, until now provincial of the Order of the Netherlands. The other four assistants of the late general have been confirmed in their offices.

The only trouble about the new general, who is 49 years of age, is his somewhat frail health. He is, like too many if his Polish countrymen, a marvelous linguist: a nephew of the late Cardinal Ledochowski; and his sister, Countess Ledochowski, is well known throughout the Catholic world as the founder and president of the work known as that of St. Peter Claver, which is doing so much for the African missions.

The New York Times on the Vladimir Ledochowski - Louise Warfield Divorce

Will Renounce Her Title
Countess Ledochowski Applies to Resume Citizenship and Own Name

Special to The New York Times

BALTIMORE, February 11- Countess Louise Ledochowski, daughter of the late Governor Edwin Warfield will renounce her title in order to resume her status as a citizen of the United States.

The Countess’s application was one of forty for naturalization before Judge Morris A. Soper today in the United States District Court. She failed to appear, and it was said she was not in the city. Unless a special hearing is granted, her application will not come up for consideration again until March 10.

Born in Baltimore, February 27, 1889, she lost her American citizenship and became a citizen of Poland when she married Count Ledochowski May 8, 1913. She obtained a divorce November 25, 1922 with the custody of her three children.

Last October she applied for naturalization, but had to wait 90 days before her application could be heard. When her application is granted, she will resume the name of Warfield, and her children will resume the name of Warfield, and her children also will take that name. This was asked for in her application.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The New York Times on the Vladimir Ledochowski Family Maryland Political Connection

MISS 'WARFIELD IS NOW COUNTESS; Daughter of Former Maryland Governor Weds Count Vladimir Ledochowski
Special to The New York Times.
May 9, 1913, Friday
Page 11, 1165 words

BALTIMORE- May 8, 1913 Miss Louise Warfield, daughter of ex-Gov. Edwin Warfield, was married at noon today to Count Vladimir Ledochowski of Poland at her parants’ town house on Linden Avenue. Owing to the recent death of the bride’s grandfather the ceremony was very simple. Only a few intimate friends in addition to the Warfield family were present. None of the Count’s relatives witnessed the ceremony.

While the bride has been brought up as a Presbyterian and has expressed her intention not to change her faith, the Count is a Catholic, and the ceremony was performed by the Rev. William A. Fletcher, rector of the cathedral. Cardinal Gibbons witnessed the ceremony, and in bestowing his blessing, said to the Count and the Countess:

“Other contracts may be broken, but not that of marriage, which can be dissolved only by death. There can be no dissolution of this tie, even if you could or would desire it.”

Then, directly addressing the Count, the Cardinal spoke of his friendship and high regard for the Count’s uncle, the late Cardinal Ledochowski, and expressed the hope that the young man would emulate the civic and personal virtues of his family. Cardinal Gibbons then gave his blessing to the Count and the Countess.

The wedding of Miss Warfield was the third of international interest to occur in this city this Spring....

The Washington Post on the Vladimir Ledochowski Family Maryland Political Connection

Sidelights on the Smart Set

Interesting Events and Gossip, Both at Home and Abroad Chronicled in The Post’s Exchanges

The Washington Post; November 30, 1912

The engagement is announced from Peking of Miss Louise Warfield, daughter of Mr. Edwin Warfield, former governor of Maryland, and Count C. Ledochowski, of Austria. Miss Warfield who is making a tour of the world with her brother, Mr. Edwin Warfield Jr., met Count Ledochowski in Japan.

Miss Warfield is a great beauty. Count Ledochowski comes of an old and prominent family of the Polish aristocracy. He is an only son, and is stated to be the owner of large estates in Austria. He registers from Austria. It was at the Austrian embassy in Tokyo that they met.

News of the engagement has aroused the greatest interest in Baltimore. No hint of the international romance had reached there until Thursday night.

Mr. Warfield was surprised when asked about the matter. At first he declined to say anything. Later he made this statement: “My daughter and son have been traveling in the Far East, and I understand that she met such a person as Count Ledochowski being properly introduced. It seems to me that the proper person to announce such an engagement would be the father of the young woman. I am not prepared to announce such an engagement at this time

Miss Warfield was introduced at a brilliant ball given at government house in Annapolis in 1907, and has taken an active part in society since then. In the winter she has spent much time in the South, particularly at Miami.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Washington Post on Cardinal Mieczyslaw Ledochowski

Miss Warfield’s Reputed Fiance

The Washington Post, January 15, 1913

Count Vladimir Ledochowski, whose engagement to Miss Louise Warfield has lately been reported, and who is said to be now on the way to this country, bears a name that is very familiar on this side of the Atlantic . For his uncle, the late Cardinal Ledochowski, was for many years perfect of the propaganda, to which in those days the Roman Catholic Church in the United States and Canada was subject.

The cardinal was extremely friendly to Americans, perhaps just because of the fact that he was of Polish origin, being at the head of one of the oldest houses of the Polish nobility. He used to be known as the “red pope”, in order to distinguish himself from the white Pope, who was the pontiff, and from the black pope, who was the general in chief of the order of the Jesuits.

He was the only cardinal in the history of a church that is nearly 2,000 years old who was created a member of the sacred college while in a prison, and who received the red biretta in a penitently cell.

The prison in which he was incarcerated when he became cardinal was that of Ostrow, in Prussian Poland, and he had been arrested and cast into jail by orders of the late Prince Bismarck, owing to his refusal as archbishop and as primate of the Province of Posen to submit to the so-called Falk church laws.

Two Full Years in Prision

He spent two full years in prison before being liberated and sentence to exile, and he then proceeded to Rome where he lived as the honored guest, first of Pius IX and then of Leo XIII, exercising a potent influence at the Vatican. So much so, indeed, that before Bismarck would consent to a cessation of the so-called Culterkampf, he insisted that Cardinal Count Ledochowski should leave Rome and cease to be a member of the Pope’s immediate entourage.

After Bismarck ’s fall the cardinal became not merely reconciled to the Prussian government, but a particular friend of the present Emperor William to such a degree that he came to be looked upon at Rome as the principle representative of the kaiser’s interests in the sacred college. He held the chieftainship of the propaganda until forced by blindness to resign from office.

Count Vladimir Ledochowski is a man in the neighborhood of 50, is a chamberlain of Emperor Francis Joseph, a lieutenant colonel of lancers, and until a year ago formed part of the household of the widowed duchess Maria Josefa, sister of the King of Saxony and mother of that young archduke, Charles Francis, who is at the present moment the second heir to the throne of Austria.

Count Vladimir’s younger brother, Count Joseph Ledochowski, about eleven years ago was forced to resign his commission of captain in the Sixteenth hussar regiment of the Austrian army, and likewise his titular office of chamberlain to the emperor, under circumstances that created a great deal of sensation at the time....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The New York Times On the Papacy and Cardinal Mieczyslaw Ledochowski

Excerpt from

“Should Old Pope Leo Die: the political tendencies of his successor. The Cardinal who would probably win the prize – his Polish supporter – affairs in France and Germany – Spurgeon’s return – Lord Lorne’s appointment"

January 23, 1892

The Papacy since 1870 has been in a position where practically everything turns upon the personality of the Pontiff and his choice of advisers. There can be no more mediocre Popes under whose nominal guidance matters can go on in commonplace routine. Every successor of Peter now must make a big mark in the history of the Church for good or bad. If he is not very strong, he will be found lamentably weak. There is no longer any middle course.

Leo has been one of the strong kind. His fourteen years of reign have been devoted to building a new sort of Papacy beside rather than upon the ruins of the old structure. Considering the great difficulties and obstacles in the way of his task, proceeding even more from within than without, the result is exceptionally successful. Perhaps the outcome of his labors is best described by saying that he has shown those who thought the Papacy need no longer be taken into account in the world’s affairs because Rome has been wrestled from it that they were profoundly mistaken. The Vatican to-day wields far greater influence in Europe than it has done before since the French Revolution.

But it is a peculiarly personal influence. The next Pope will inherit only the opportunities of securing it for himself, and failing to improve these will be vastly easier than success.

It seems to be taken for granted that Cardinal Raphael Monaco la Valetta [b. February 23, 1827- d. July 14, 1896] will secure the succession. He is the doyen of the Sacred College and Secretary of the Inquisition- an amiable, unambitious priest of sixty-five, who has the very slenderest notions of or interest in the general European situation. He is extremely simple in his tastes, is not in the least stirred by all the great outside social and political problems with which Leo has striven to grapple as a sacerdotal Tory. By temperament he always belonged to the conservative wing of the college. He will assume the tiara, if elected, as its representative and opposed to the small liberal group headed by Cardinal Parocchi. If he stood by himself there would be no risk in predicting that this would be a reign under which the Papacy would lose more prestige than Leo gained for it.

It is very well understood, however, that Monaco is entirely under the control of Ledochowski, that proud, imperious, and able Pole who made Bismarck such worlds of trouble in the old Kulterkampf day and who has been able to impose his will very often upon even the present Pope. This powerful man was in a German prison when Pius IX created him a Cardinal in 1875. Next year he was released and banished, and he has since lived in Rome, devoting his great wealth and talents to building up a militant Ultramontagne party about him. His wrath at the treatment he received at the hands of Bismarck has colored all his political views. He has hated both Germany and Italy and has looked unceasingly forward to the time when French bayonets should restore the temporal power of the Vatican in the old Roman States.

If we assume that this spirited and resolute prelate will shortly be ruling the Church through its nominal head, it becomes a most anxious question how he will accept the existing political conditions of Europe which have so radically changed since 1875. The new rulers of the Germans have been at pains to show their desire to abolish the last traces of the Kulterkampf. When the pending Prussian Education bill is passed, the German Catholics will be actually stronger than they were before the May laws. During the last half year these dispatches have frequently reflected the new interest which William and his immediate entourage are displaying in the Polish question. Of course a good deal of this has arisen naturally from the contemplation of the necessity of sooner or later fighting Russia: but even more it represents the effort to allure Ledochowski into friendship with Germany by an appeal to his national sentiment. How far this has succeeded will be, as has been said, a most anxious question.

In any event under this new regime there would be an abrupt cessation of pastorals on Socialistic and labor problems and of poems about St. Thomas Aquinas. We should instead see the Vatican boldly embark upon the troubled waters of European diplomacy, seeking alliances and taking desperate risks upon the fortune in the next war.

A prophetic understatement.

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski According to Tupper Saussy