Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What A Circus II

on the sudden August 2011 taking down of the original 'UnHived Mind'


Personally I believe the polemic on the EJP and Craig Oxley racism a diversion. I have the suspect that in a sort of manner the quitting of the old The Unhived Mind forum was in covert agreement with their administrator.

Racism could have been the excuse. But not in order to stop the exposition of the Jesuit order. I have other hypothesis. For example EJP and Craig Oxley could have done the job of detecting the enemies of the Jesuits and of the Nazi-Islam spread in all the social networks. In order to identify them in sight of 2012 world coupe d'etat (or about year less or more).

This probably was the reason for the incredible information appeared there. You cannot catch the mouse if you don't offer him a 100% super-quality cheese. Information bunkum would have dragged away the silent enemies of the Jesuits. But pieces of true information could have dragged and then exposed many silent enemies of the Jesuits. One of them is writing the lines you are reading exactly now.

Zagami & C. could well have been in secret agreement too. I remember that forum strongly anti-Jewish (Holocaust denial section, etc.) and strongly pro-Islam. The alibi of the division between Sunny and Shia Islam is the old trick used for example by Jesuits when they present the "double church", one "infiltrated" by Zionists, Masons etc., which will take all the responsibility and the accuses of the crimes perpetrated by the second church, the "good one".

When the world coupe d'etat was to enter in action and all the useful information was gathered, then the old The Unhived Mind was considered useless and then closed. “Mission accomplished”. A farce was put in motion. With an excuse of course, to make it more believable. Oh yeah, this is only my hypothesis.... Think what do you want.

And now pro 3rd pillar of Rome- Russia!


avles said...

But pls, think why so a great defense of Ayatollah's Iran not only from Craig Oxley and EJP... Accusing the Jesuits to use USA for the destruction of Iran... I don't yet see any destruction coming from the horizon, I see only USA foreign policy and alliances completely destroyed. The fact is that Iran is the Southern Province of the Eastern Roman Empire and must remain part of it. When both empires (Western - EU and Eastern - Kremlin) will merge (2054? I remember your post about the 1054 Supernova-Superschism), the resulting Roman Catholic empire (or the Eurasian province of the world RC empire) not only will range from Ireland to the strait of Bering, but also from the North Pole to the Indian Ocean (Iran). Now you understand why Roman Catholic Francis I order member Bashar Al Assad must massacre the middle class of the Sunnis, the only hope of Sunni to emancipate themselves, to become 'modern' in the sense of those 'modern' Catholics of Poland assassinated by the Jesuit order via their Hitler and Stalin - the Jihadists biting enemies' hearts and Al Qaeda are only the alibi to do a crusade in order to keep Sunnis in a primitive level and the Shia/Iranian province of the empire as ruling elite (pls tell me if I'm wrong):


Compleat Patriot said...

I agree, I was there. I knew something wasn't right. At times I often thought Oxley was either replaced or was up to something. It never occurred to me he was identifying people to be picked up later on when this Romanist cleansing of non Constantine Christians comes about. And then EJPs incomplete history English British East Indies American U.S. corporation constitutional legalese basically from 1213-1763-1783-1791-1812 {Treaty of Ghent} failing to educate his followers on the differences between Fee Simple land use rights for slave citizens versus Allodial Title Land ownership rights only for Kings bothered myself. Both EJP and Oxley are very suspicious men indeed.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Perhaps TUHM's current banner touting Putin is a give away that is is a project of the FSB?