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Douglas Willinger ON Marijuana:

Douglas Willinger ON 'Marijuana':

Is OK, accept Jesus' judgment on this over your Papist-dominated government as reality is quite a bit more complicated and consider quantum mechanics how changing some variable[s] can DEFINITELY have A MAJOR effect change.  * It IS environmental- be time-period related.  MJ is OK except at certain key periods.

*I believe the MJ was adulterated, most probably with concentrated Salvia extract- a combination I do NOT recommend.  Or perhaps something synthetic, with or without concentrated Salvia extract.   Satan likes to pretend to be God, telling people lies. which is why so may follow established religions such as Roman Catholicism.

A discussion of MJ adulterated with concentrated Salvia extract

No Unwanted Pregancies WithOUT Abortion

Those who have supported unrestricted abortion towards the late end are guilty of GROSS and DESPICABLE disregard towards human life and SUFFERING- Please note that such Abortions are generally via CUTTING THE UNBORN CHILD WHICH HAS A SOUL and a NERVOUS SYSTEM and must DEFINITELY feel pain- after all how often do you even hear of the issue of ANESTHESIA for the unborn CHILD being slaughtered?

Those who have looked towards early chemical chemical abortion, and 'solutions' as the morning after pill are WELL-MEANING with the above matters and the concern of "placing it all underground may make matters worse"; but are guilty of not sufficiently understanding 'sexual-spiritual dynamics'.

Just signal your intent upon ejaculation.

And with thought to the issue of rape, as well as the meeting of the minds of both participants, the woman must ALSO signal her intent at that time.

No unwanted pregnancies and No abortion.   Yet pro life and pro choice, as that latter term has been politically hijacked to mean only abortion, and less and less else.

--- addendum August 2014

Prior to this being demonstrated, ban the later term abortions while keeping an early window via chemical means, as in our imperfect world, things as a personhood statute going back to conception will only make things worse driving it all underground and perversely having the potential effect of making abortions more later term then early term.  ALSO, for later term abortions as required for such instances as saving the life of the Mother and for incurably serious medical situations, REQUIRE anesthesia for the unborn- END the barbaric practice of chop-job no-anesthesia abortions.

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Paul Emil von Lettow 


I am fascinated by colorful historical characters, especially military or naval figures.  Very few of these people could be considered truly heroic.  One of the rare exceptions is Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck, commander of a small German army – largely composed of black troops – that fought the British Empire in East Africa during World War I.

A master of guerrilla warfare, General von Lettow-Vorbeck lived by a warrior’s code of chivalry embodying honor, respect for one’s enemies, and humanitarian treatment of his men as well as civilians.  During a world war in which the U.S. Army actively discriminated against black soldiers, von Lettow-Vorbeck treated his African Askaris no differently from white Germans under his command.  His fluency in the Swahili language earned the respect and admiration of his African soldiers; he appointed black officers and “said – and believed – [that] ‘we are all Africans here’.”  In one historian’s estimation, “It is probable that no white commander of the era had so keen an appreciation of the African’s worth not only as a fighting man but as a man.”


General von Lettow-Vorbeck was never defeated in battle, and only surrendered after learning about the Armistice in November 1918.  The British repatriated the white German soldiers but confined the Askaris in squalid camps.  General von Lettow-Vorbeck refused to leave until he had won promises of decent treatment and early release for his black troops. 


Returning to Germany as a national hero, von Lettow-Vorbeck became active in politics and tried to establish a conservative opposition to the Nazis.  He was able to bring some of his black officers with him to serve in the German Freikorps.  When Hitler offered him the ambassadorship to the Court of St. James’s in 1935, he “told Hitler to go fuck himself.”  Although repeatedly harassed by the Nazis, he survived their regime due to his popularity as a genuine hero of the old school.

The old general never forgot his Askaris, and he returned to East Africa in 1953 where he was tearfully welcomed by his surviving soldiers.  Upon returning to Europe, he campaigned to provide for their welfare.  When von Lettow-Vorbeck died at the age of 93 in 1964, the West German government and the Bundeswehr flew in two former Askaris as state guests so that they could attend the funeral of “their” general.  A few months later, the old warrior’s fondest wish became reality when the West German Bundestag voted to deliver back pay to the 350 surviving Askaris in Africa.

A fitting way to say “f*ck you” to Hitler and Germany’s racist past.

Where Are The Prussians? 

 Andrew Bergman

Growing up in the latter half of the 20th Century, depending on where you happened to be in the world, it was often neither popular nor PC if you were saddled with a niggling identity that included the historically taboo epithet “Prussian”.
Recent online debates on the subject have added it to the agenda in the minds of many, across the full spectrum of the political landscape. In 2012, anyone prepared to offer a cut-and-dried answer to that question is either a fool or historically illiterate.

From a purely de jure historical perspective, Prussia was effectively abolished in 1932 and ceased to exist in 1947. Therefore, while many born after the latter date may claim to be “Prussian” by clear ancestry, descending from the original Prussian tribes has long ceased to be a prerequisite.

The first time I heard the term “Prussian” was from my father who, as a liberal Jew fled from his birthplace of Königsberg to the Netherlands in 1933 and thence to South Africa in 1936. He then served in Her Majesty’s South African Forces in WWII in North Africa, Italy and Palestine. He was at pains (for obvious reasons) to de-emphasise his “German-ness” and officially removed the second “n” from Bergmann. “Bergman” is comfortably Dutch or Swedish.
He didn’t talk much of his experiences during the war, but one conversation – probably related over the chessboard at which he usually whipped my ass – is burned onto my brain.

While his English was near-native in its correctness, Dad always retained a German accent. He never went into any detail, but related how, while moving between Prisoners of War after Montgomery’s occupation of Tobruk, he encountered Afrika Korps men who had been at school or college with him. Predictably, during the war and thereafter, comrades and friends had asked him how he felt about “a German fighting against the Germans”. He had a standard answer that might sound glib, but while apologists might dismiss the semantics of it, it was uttered with profound conviction and had a deep impact on my own feeling of identity: “I was never a German fighting the Germans. I was only ever Prussian fighting the nazis”. And then if anyone pointed out: “A Prussian Jew,” he would be quick to retort: “I prefer to consider myself a Jewish Prussian.”

Especially after the war, while the fact that the nazis (probably just like the Afrika Korps, occasionally represented by men who were at school or college with him) had herded his mother and father (who carried the rank of Colonel and held the Iron Cross 1st Class) and countless uncles, aunts and cousins into the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Majdanek, Trebinka, Sobibor etc. as “Jews” understandably prompted him to reject any vestige of a “German” identity, down to the point of never teaching or speaking the language to me. Somehow, though, he seemed to  have felt no less “Prussian”. As a child of the 1960s, the distinction was to lie in ambush until after I’d fought my own war in Africa.

It was about two hours, fifteen minutes and 24 seconds into my compulsory military service in South Africa that I realised the benefit of having a Prussian father with several generations of hussars in the family tree. I used to joke as a teenager: “My father’s not my father, he’s my Sergeant Major.” Suffice to say that he’d taught me to temper my rebellious nature, taught me to say Yes Sir! convincingly so I took to military life a fish to water.

Towards the end of his life, by which time I was a cadet reporter on the local daily with far less reason to temper any rebelliousness, we happened to be watching the TV news together when an item appeared showing some or other neo-nazi manifestation in Germany. Groups of leather-clad yobs shouted fascist slogans, while carefully avoiding actual nazi chants (which would get them arrested immediately in Germany today) and not displaying any swastikas or SS runes for the same reason. “See,” Dad said, pointing to a particularly beer-bloated skinhead who was waving the Imperial War Ensign while bellowing inarticulately, “they can’t display their Hakenkreuz so they’ve hijacked our flag, and here they are, dragging it through the mud. It’s going to be up to your generation to take it back and restore its honour”.

During WWI, the similarity between the British White Ensign and the German War Ensign caused so many "friendly fire" incidents in the poor light of the English Channel and the North Sea that Royal Navy ships took to flying the Red (Merchant) Ensign. 

Dad’s story is one of countless similar ones that live on in the aural history of individuals, but alas, mainstream history is written (at best tinged and at worst biased) by the victors, undeniably for the masses. Those who have studied history will appreciate that “Prussia” has, for worryingly illogical reasons, become (erroneously) associated with an undereducated fascist minority and thence the whipping boy blamed for WWI and much of the nationalistic militarism that resulted in WWII. The example of the likes of Claus Von Stauffenberg (a Schwabian with Prussian roots) is the exception that proves the rule.

Then, some history is selectively and retrospectively un-written. It’s seldom prominently mentioned (usually tucked away in paragraph 51 of page 6 of chapter 17) in (English-language) accounts of the Battle of Waterloo: The fact that Wellington’s victory was by no means secure until the arrival of the eccentric (code for: mad as a bucket of frogs) and brilliant (the two so often cohabit) General Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher with fresh PRUSSIAN troops! Curiously, the Hanoverians and Hessians etc. who fought suffer no such violence at the hands of post-1914 historical editors.

But the question remains: Who are the Prussians today? For unless you are deluded, you can’t wipe-away the identity of an entire nation with the stroke of a (un)diplomatic pen.

Feeling “Prussian” is complex, especially considering the water - and considerable quantities of blood - that have flowed under the proverbial bridge in our name.

And as always, the facts are far more subtle.

Prussia’s enlightened “founding Father”, Emperor Frederick the Great – arguably the first monarch in history to achieve a state of inward military preparedness without outward bellicosity – who composed the Hohensalzburger Marsch to commemorate his (militarily unpredicted) victory over the Austrians – must have done double-back-flips in his grave when he saw what was perpetrated from ’33 to ’45 for “Germanic supremacy”, often “in his name” by the cohorts of a (very dangerous) little Austrian corporal.

In reality, Emperor Frederick was a consummate composer, an able musician (specifically on the flute) and a committed Freemason who, repeatedly in his many writings which should be read in the vernacular of the zeitgeist, extolled the benefits of multiculturalism and raised questions that Western Europe and the World are still wrestling with today. In basic terms, he asserted that a monarch (leader) should not show clear allegiance to one or other political or religious group, lest it alienate the others. And the strength of an Empire is in its diversity.

So in 2012, who is a Prussian? You’ll get different answers from anyone you ask. It has interesting commonalities (and comparable infinity in its answers) with the questions: who is an Englishman/Frenchman (perish the thought we open the can of dragon larvae that’s labelled: “who is a Jew?)[*-DW]

So, is a Prussian someone who can trace his/her ancestry back to the pre-Germanic Prussian tribes? Undeniably and quintessentially yes!

Is a Prussian a descendant of the Germans, Poles, Balts etc. who either settled or were “resettled” there over the centuries and came to call it home? Yes!

Is a Prussian someone with Russian ancestry who was born in Kaliningrad yet strives for modern western-looking democratic ideals? Yes!

Is a Prussian someone whose philosophy of multicultural harmony and mutual cultural respect mirrors that of Emperor Frederick the Great? Certainly!

When considering the above, the only conclusion I can come to is that in 2012, whoever considers themselves to be a Prussian must be embraced as a Prussian.  [*-DW- definitely applicable here]

When they return from the diaspora of the 20th Century (don’t expect them to come back in droves, at least not initially), most will still “look Prussian”, but it would be naïve to ignore that East Prussians cast far and wide will certainly have resulted in some who might have an Asian, African or other ethnic “look”, while still nurturing a sincere and zealous East Prussian loyalty and/or identity.

History has made ethnicity irrelevant – you can no more judge the quality of a human being from the colour of their skin than you can from the colour of their eyes, or the books they hold sacred. Nor can I hold any man guilty of the crimes his father might have committed against mine. We can't look backwards 'cause like it or not, none of us is going that way. So In my book:

1)      Whoever would go to the barricades for democratic freedom of self-determination for what Moscow calls the “Oblast of Kaliningrad” is a Prussian.

2)      Whoever would step forward to govern (or just to contribute) once the occupation of Moscow is lifted (or if necessarily overthrown), that is a Prussian!

3)    In the spirit of Frederik the Great, we will keep our gloves clean to extend the hand of friendship to all who will take it, but we will keep our swords sharp to defend ourselves against those who will not.

Count me in on all of the above.

Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt ihr meine Farben?

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Dorner Should Have Advised - Follow the Russian Practice

Dash Cams Are Logical Protection -

 Dash-cam footage is the only real way to substantiate your claims in the court of law. Forget witnesses. Hit and runs are very common and insurance companies notoriously specialize in denying claims. Two-way insurance coverage is very expensive and almost completely unavailable for vehicles over ten years old–the drivers can only get basic liability. Get into a minor or major accident and expect the other party to lie to the police or better yet, flee after rear-ending you. Since your insurance won't pay unless the offender is found and sued, you'll see dash-cam videos of post hit and run pursuits for plate numbers. ...
While those lucky enough to traverse the Russian roads with an American or other Western passport are hassled less, the Russian Highway Patrol is notorious throughout their land for brutality, corruption, extortion and making an income on bribes. Dash-cams won't protect you from being extorted for cash, because your ass shouldn't have been speeding. It will however keep you safer from drunks in uniform, false accusations and unreasonable bribe hikes.

That's how cops should be treated

Attention! Dash cam is on!
Memo for the traffic patrol officer

1. Introduce yourself (name, surname, rang, position)
2. Name the reason of pulling over
3. Сlarify the rights and responsibilities
4. Be polite and restrained
Please, don't swear aloud, kids are in the car.

Dorner on Race- MSM FAILS

Dorner on Race- MSM FAILS

Expect severe distortion of the Dorner Manifesto by the MSM. You cannot simply read headlines and expect to know anything. You have to do more research than that to understand any issue. You also cannot read only the news articles of one or a few sources, especially the established or mainstream media. These routinely editorialize within so-called news accounts. They selectively choose and distort material.

A case in point is an article popping up in Google news that is here. It is written by Sharon Bernstein and it's under an NBC affiliate (4NBC Southern California). I have also already seen and read a CNN article that interspersed misleading editorial statements with quotes from the Dorner Manifesto. Bernstein's article is totally irresponsible journalism. Ms. Bernstein msinterpets Dorner as choosing victims on the basis of race and sex bias. This is completely false!! In each case where race and sex are mentioned, he focuses on their behavior and what he charges them with doing. More on that below. Her headline reads "Manifesto: Alleged Cop Revenge Shooter Named Targets, Blamed Asians, Hispanics and Lesbians."

[Yet] Dorner DOES NOT BLAME Asians, Hispanics and Lesbians per se. In each case, he blames them for specific reasons. These reasons are lousy reasons for murder, to be sure. But it is clear that he is not targeting various members of the LAPD for their race or sexual preference alone, but for their BEHAVIOR as he sees it.

I will first provide three quotes that show that he has nothing at all against the LGBT community:
"Ellen Degeneres, continue your excellent contribution to entertaining America and bringing the human factor to entertainment. You changed the perception of your gay community and how we as Americans view the LGBT community. I congratulate you on your success and opening my eyes as a young adult, and my generation to the fact that you are know different from us other than who you choose to love."
"It's time to allow gay service member's spouses to utilize the same benefits that all heterosexual dependents are eligible for. Medical, Dental, Tricare, Deers, SGLI, BX, Commissary, Milstar, MWR, etc. Flag officers, lets be honest. You can't really give a valid argument to as why gays shouldn't be eligible as every month a new state enacts laws that allow same sex marriage." "LGBT community and supporters, the same way you have the right to voice your opinion on acceptance of gay marriage, Chick Fil-A has a right to voice their beliefs as well. That's what makes America so great. Freedom of expression. Don't be assholes and boycott/degrade their business and customers who patronize the locations. They make some damn good chicken! Vandalizing (graffiti) their locations does not help any cause." 

What does he say about lesbian officers in general, as a class? Nothing. He singles out certain ones that he thinks are treating males unfairly who are under their supervision:
"Those lesbian officers in supervising positions who go to work, day in day out, with the sole intent of attempting to prove your misandrist authority (not feminism) to degrade male officers. You are a high value target." 

Dorner says that he is making certain LAPD police, characterized by race, as his targets, each because of a different reason. It is the reasons that are important to him, not the race per se.

In each case, race comes in because it is linked to a particular injustice that he perceives and dislikes. Take the case of Hispanics:
"Those Hispanic officers who victimize their own ethnicity because they are new immigrants to this country and are unaware of their civil rights. You call them wetbacks to their face and demean them in front of fellow officers of different ethnicities so that you will receive some sort of acceptance from your colleagues. I'm not impressed. Most likely, your parents or grandparents were immigrants at one time, but you have forgotten that. You are a high value target." 

Dorner sees an injustice in Hispanic police who mistreat other Hispanics in order to get ahead in the LAPD. Ms. Bernstein failed to mention that Dorner, who is black, also targets certain Black officers and certain Caucasian officers, again, not for their race per se but because of a perceived injustice. In the case of Black supervisors, he is concerned with those who demean white officers under their authority:

"Those Black officers in supervisory ranks and pay grades who stay in south bureau (even though you live in the valley or OC) for the sole intent of getting retribution toward subordinate caucasians officers for the pain and hostile work environment their elders inflicted on you as probationers (P-1's) and novice P-2’s. You are a high value target. You perpetuated the cycle of racism in the department as well. You breed a new generation of bigoted caucasian officer when you belittle them and treat them unfairly." 

In the case of white officers, he is concerned with those who are intent on victimizing minorities:
"Those Caucasian officers who join South Bureau divisions (77th,SW,SE, an Harbor) with the sole intent to victimize minorities who are uneducated, and unaware of criminal law, civil law, and civil rights. You prefer the South bureau because a use of force/deadly force is likely and the individual you use UOF on will likely not report it. You are a high value target." 
Dorner does indeed categorize his targets by race, as Ms. Bernstein's article partially reports. This is not central to his thought or action. Mistreatment of subordinates is central to his thinking, and this includes his personal case and his personal frustrations with getting the LAPD to change. Dorner's case should not be transformed by irresponsible reporting into the acts of a person motivated by racial hatreds. Neither should he be dismissed as one who is "mentally ill".

He has made himself judge, jury and executioner. That's for sure. In this respect, he echoes President Obama with his targeted killings. He even uses the same term, target. Both have their reasons for their killing. Both are wrong.

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"Wounded In The House Of My Friends"

the phrase used here

This week, we are looking at the message entitled, “Wounded in the house of my friend.”

Zechariah 13:6 says, “And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.”

A careful look at the scripture in the foregoing gives us certain information:

1. Someone was wounded.
2. This person knew the origin of the wound.
3. The wound came from an unexpected quarter.
4. He knew that his wounds came from his friends.

Daniel 2:22 says, “He revealeth the deep and secret things; he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.”

There are certain things that are deep and secret, which can only be revealed by God. I Kings 14:1-3 says, “At that time Abijah the son of Jeroboam fell sick. And Jeroboam said to his wife, Arise, I pray thee, and disguise thyself, that thou be not known to be the wife of Jeroboam; and get thee to Shiloh: behold, there is Abijah the prophet, which told me that I should be king over this people. And take with thee ten loaves, and cracknels, and a cruse of honey, and go to him; he shall tell thee what shall become of the child.”

The child of Jeroboam was sick and was not responding to treatment. Jeroboam did not know what to do. So, he decided to go and find out from the prophet what was wrong. He wanted to know the source of the sickness. But because he had offended the God of Israel and could not face the prophet, he asked his wife to go there in disguise. I Kings 14:4 says, “And Jeroboam’s wife did so, and arose, and went to Shiloh, and came to the house of Ahijah. But Ahijah could not see; for his eyes were set by reason of his age.”

They were so far from the God of Israel they did not even know that it was not necessary to disguise because the prophet was already blind.

I Kings 14:5 says, “And the Lord said unto Ahijah, Behold, the wife of Jeroboam cometh to ask a thing of thee for her son; for he is sick; thus and thus shall thou say unto her; for it shall be, when she cometh in, that she shall feign herself to be another woman." “Before the wife of Jeroboam could call, the Holy Spirit had revealed to the prophet that somebody was coming there in disguise.

1 Kings 14:6-13 says, “And it was so, when Ahijah heard the sound of her feet, as she came in at the door, that he said, come in, thou wife of Jeroboam; why feignest thou thyself to be another? For I am sent to thee with heavy tidings. Go, tell Jeroboam, thus saith the Lord God of Israel, fore as much as I exalted thee from among the people, and made thee prince over my people Israel, and rent the kingdom away from the house of David, and gave it thee; and yet thou hast not been as my servant David, who kept my commandments, and who followed me with all his heart, to do that only which was right in mine eyes; But hast done evil above all that were before thee; for thou hast gone and made thee other gods, and molten images, to provoke me to anger, and hast cast me behind thy back: therefore, behold, I will bring evil upon the house of Jeroboam, and will cut off from Jeroboam him that pisseth against the wall, and him that is shut up and left in Israel, and will take away the remnant of the house of Jeroboam, as a man taketh away dung, till it be all gone. Him that

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"DA-14" And Now ... Russian Urals Meteor Hit

'Unrelated' to DA-14?!
What's the mathematical probability of two such events within such a short time period?


(note February 16- 3:30AM)

To me, from the above illustration, this DA-14 approach appears to turn away from Earth to pass alongside, before returning to what appears to be about its initial path, as if it was going to hit Earth, but was miraculously 'bent'. 

Would love to see more info on the trajectory development of DA-14 during last year (2012).

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Vatican Assassins Site is GONE

 the site of 'Eric Jon Phelps'
 [and as of 2-15 it is back up]
 Eric Jon Phelps - Vatican Assassins
 Troy Space - Reality Research Resource
Letter from Troy:
Many thanks for the heads-up on the closure of the VA site Doug!

The January 16 2012 VA post (last date of site "crawled" by - see:*/ states that Facebook & Twitter pages were being wound down (only about three or four years after I denounced the active endorsement of using Facebook (that it seems that all intell infiltrators/surveillance operatives were at one time instructed to encourage the use of. The "dollar short, day late" announcement of pulling away from these is IMHO a misguided too-late attempt at credibility damage-limitation:

I know that you have used FB, but at least you never actively encouraged its use & made up specious reasons to justify it.

As for the website being pulled:

Either the CIA or US Army Intelligence budgets are being slashed or perhaps the Vatican Assassins site had simply served its covert purpose for the time frame intended in acting as a self-discrediting diversion to attract those who correctly concluded that the Roman nexus via the Jesuits lay within the deepest, darkest "unholy of unholies" of the NWO beast system, but who had not yet developed the nouse to avoid the & ideological land-mines & pitfalls of consciousness laid by the official Jesuit-commissioned leading false opposition Eric Phelps. 

Perhaps his championing of those covert Roman/Jesuit assets James VI/I & George Washington was finally being seen through as the sick ruse that it was/is by increasing numbers since my taking him to task on the these false opposition "red flags" after coming across the evidence showing their true agendas, via which process I uncovered even more substantiating incriminating evidences on these dissemblers a couple of years back?

It may sound far fetched, but it has even crossed my mind that Phelps may have been recalled to Rome to help in the training of a new final Pope to help play out of the Malachi "prophecy" bunkum. Stranger things have happened! :D

If it reappears in some other form then maybe there has simply been a falling out between Eric & his VA "webmaster" Jay Lutz. I guess we'll have to wait & see.

Please keep me posted on any further developments. I've been laying low on the postings front due to working six days a week to sort out my finances in case the proverbial hits the fan later this year. Still take an avid interest in all of the BS "developments" that continue to stifle the spirit & consciousness of every sentient being that is adversely affected by these psychopaths/sociopaths & their despicable minions.

Peace -


On 13 Feb 2013, at 04:56, Douglas Willinger wrote:


Just wanted to inform you that the EJP site is gone.

I have not checked on it in a while, so I don't know when it was taken down, let alone why.

Best Regards

Douglas Willinger
Continuing Counter Reformation

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St Peter's Struck By Lightning!

Yesterday- the day Pope B 16 announces his resignation -
on the 98th anniversary of Wlodimir Ledochowski becoming the Jesuit Superior general

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And Now, "Vatishock"

Did all that really happen, or was it just the most bizarre dream ever? Indeed, it's showtime – and in an eerie confluence of events, the day of the first papal resignation since the turn of the 14th century saw lightning hit the dome of St Peter's. According to some accounts, it may have even happened twice... as if the scene wasn't already dramatic enough. Even if everybody's clamoring for speculation on potential successors, right now, it would seem that any pondering of papabili is more an exercise in comedy than anything else – only when the bulk of the cardinal-electors are something other than blown out of the water at the reality they now face in a couple weeks will that be a different story.

Beyond the time-honored maxim that "He who enters the Conclave as 'Pope' exits a cardinal," it would seem that the nature and timing of yesterday's announcement has changed the game to such a degree as to turn the usual buzzmill on its head. Among other examples, asked yesterday whether it was only now that, despite having worn the scarlet for some time, its responsibility actually "becomes real," a shaken-sounding red-hat created by B16 – and, ergo, soon to enter his first Conclave – replied "No question about it."

Over his nearly eight-year reign, Benedict has chosen more than a majority of the College which'll elect his successor, among them eight of the 11 Americans now eligible to cast a vote.

On another front, the timing of the election remains perhaps the key unresolved question (of which there are currently many), one complicated both by the uniqueness of a resignation and the liturgical calendar. 

While the Conclave rules currently in force – John Paul II's 1996 Universi Dominici Gregis – stipulate the fifteen to twenty day window from the moment a vacancy is triggered for all the cardinals to arrive in Rome, that period would normally be necessary to encompass two things we won't be having this time: the preparations for and carrying out of a papal funeral, then the Novemdiales, the nine days of mourning and prayer for a deceased pontiff's soul.

 What's more, though, to keep the usual period would place the timetable of the election, and the subsequent inauguration of the new Pope, right up against Holy Week – a time when a majority of the College have their most intense and important moments of the year at home as they head dioceses around the world. 

Considering that Palm Sunday is March 24th, if the UDG norms held with the election beginning on the 15th and, for sake of argument, lasting two or three days, the customary Mass to "inaugurate" the new Petrine ministry wouldn't take place for several more days. Given the preference to have that rite – the modern successor of the coronations of old – on a Sunday, under the preceding timetable, that day would be the 24th, and a confluence of the installation rites with Palm Sunday is simply unconscionable... and not just because the crowd exclaiming "Crucify him!" during the reading of the Passion doesn't signal the best omen at the opening of a new pontificate 

Monday, February 11, 2013

B 16 Announces His Resignation

on the 98th anniversary of Wlodimir Ledochowski becoming the Jesuit Superior general

The 85 year-old – who has quietly indicated over the years that he would take the drastic step should he feel it necessary – broke the news during a previously-scheduled consistory to approve some causes for canonization (above); originally given in Latin, the following English translation of the statement was released by the Holy See:

Dear Brothers, 
I have convoked you to this Consistory, not only for the three canonizations, but also to communicate to you a decision of great importance for the life of the Church. After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry. I am well aware that this ministry, due to its essential spiritual nature, must be carried out not only with words and deeds, but no less with prayer and suffering. However, in today’s world, subject to so many rapid changes and shaken by questions of deep relevance for the life of faith, in order to govern the bark of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me. For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter, entrusted to me by the Cardinals on 19 April 2005, in such a way, that as from 28 February 2013, at 20:00 hours, the See of Rome, the See of Saint Peter, will be vacant and a Conclave to elect the new Supreme Pontiff will have to be convoked by those whose competence it is. 
Dear Brothers, I thank you most sincerely for all the love and work with which you have supported me in my ministry and I ask pardon for all my defects. And now, let us entrust the Holy Church to the care of Our Supreme Pastor, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and implore his holy Mother Mary, so that she may assist the Cardinal Fathers with her maternal solicitude, in electing a new Supreme Pontiff. With regard to myself, I wish to also devotedly serve the Holy Church of God in the future through a life dedicated to prayer.  
From the Vatican, 10 February 2013  
Beyond the statement, no timetable or other parameters are currently known on the holding of a Conclave – we're in very uncharted territory here, folks, so please be patient. The lone item of canon law to even mention a pontiff's resignation is Canon 332, paragraph 2, which states that "If it happens that the Roman Pontiff resigns his office, it is required for validity that the resignation is made freely and properly manifested but not that it is accepted by anyone."

Along the same lines, there is no established protocol whatsoever for the titles, status or prerogatives of a retired Pope.

On Friday, Benedict raised some eyebrows by having a rare private audience with the Dean of the College of Cardinals, the 85 year-old Italian Angelo Sodano, the figure who would be responsible for the convoking of a papal election. The departing pontiff ostensibly communicated his plan to the Cardinal-Dean at that point. 

That said, as both Sodano and his Vice-Dean, Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, are past the eligibility age to vote, under the norms currently in place, the duty of presiding over the Conclave would seem to fall to the senior cardinal-bishop younger than 80: the retired prefect of the Congregation for Bishops Giovanni Battista Re, who turned 79 in late January.

Under the operative norms governing Conclaves in the wake of a Pope's death, the voting college is to start the election between 15 and 20 days from the moment of vacancy. In this case, however, the traditional novemdiales – the nine days of official mourning before the election – would not apply.

Now comprised of 118 voting members younger than 80, the College as a whole – retirees included – governs the church during a papal interregnum.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Non-Christian Christopher Dorner

posted 2-12-13

I grew up in neighborhoods where blacks make up less than %1.  My first recollection of racism was in the first grade at Norwalk christian elementary school in Norwalk, CA.

A fellow student, XXX, if I can recall, called me a nigger on the playground.  My response was swift and non-lethal, fast and hard with a punch an kick.  He cried and reported it to a teacher. The teacher reported it to the principal.  The principal swatted XXX for using a derogatory word toward me.  He then for some unknown reason swatted me for striking XXX in response to him calling me a nigger. He stated as good Christians we are to turn the other cheek as Jesus did.  Problem is, I'm not a fucking Christian and that old book, made of fiction and limited non-fiction, called the bible, never once stated Jesus was called a nigger.

How dare you swat me for standing up for my rights for demanding that I be treated as a equal human being, That day l made a live decision that I will not tolerate racial derogatory terms spoken to me. Unfortunately l was swatted multiple times for the same exact reason up until junior high. Terminating me for telling the truth of a caucasian officer kicking a mentally ill man is disgusting. Don't ever call me a fucking bully. I want all journalist to utilize every source you have that specializes in collections for your reports. with the discovery and evidence available you will see the truth.  Unfortunately, I will not be alive to see my name cleared. - excerpt- Christopher Dorner manifesto

This is a shame.

I unequivocally oppose violent and/or disproportionate retaliation against innocents, such as anyone's family, nor against 'any old' police rather then those police individuals he knew were corrupt-criminal.  I think he was on the wrong path in life by retaliating to WORDS with VIOLENCE.  However, despite the media spin of Papists as Bill O'Reilly of FOX, Christopher Dorner apparently  was not a killer of any old people- merely tying them up to take their boat/automobile etc. I don't see him as bully but rather an over-reactor.

I do not doubt the BS that Christopher Dorner went through. The mainstream media only further hurts its credibility like pretending that the LAPD has no problems worth addressing or taking seriously.  Likewise, they do this by simply referring to Christopher Dorner's manifesto in stock negative terms demonstrating their laziness as 'journalists'.  The LAPD, and doubtlessly other police departments DO need investigation.  By ignoring that, the mainstream media plays a great role in creating a situation of frustration leading to this misguided vigilantism.

I KNOW first hand, from spending time in Los Angeles in late 1995, of that city's #1 gang problem- the LAPD.  I was in an auto pulled over by a SWAT team of at least a dozen police personal for driving through a neighborhood, under the false pretext of running a non-existent stop sign, and not stopping for a command of "hey" from a man on a peddle bike who was a purjurious police officer.  These criminal police ordered us out and handcuffed all of us 'for our protection'; they of course do this immediately prior to asking us to empty our pockets - police training conspiracy to subvert the 4th amendment.  Then, despite not feeling any possible weapons on a pat down, criminally invade our pockets, finding 1/4 oz of apparent MJ, and issue a ticket.  Through the encounter they attempt to rile us, even asking me if I am resisting- to which I reply "no".  I avoid being arrested by not falling for the trap of admitting a belief that it's MJ - and so what? - prohibition is unconstitutional and has no legitimate basis as law or policy. Also, they know from experience that MJ is not associated with violence, whereas the abuse of alcoholic is- so such police and courts LIE when they claim to enforce MJ prohibition as somehow "protecting the public".  I avoided a 'Rodney King' incident by saying as little as possible, but I can see how this largely criminal gang provokes such incidents.  

I find it incredible that people who claim to support individual freedom or fiscal conservatism say so little about this vast waste of money for this war against human rights for the sake of this evil, Papacy-created criminal mercantilism of the 'war on drugs' asides from caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and RX.

Truthseeker Timothy 24 on the Mystery of the Masonic Mosaic

The mystery of the Masonic Mosaic pavement is ever real. The pavement is made up of a black and white checkered floor. This image has existed in temples during the days of ancient Egypt. 

The image is more than a decorative setting. Researchers have found that the image has esoteric meaning. Freemasonry now incorporates this black and white checkered board floor image. It is found in the ritualistic floor of all Masonic lodges. It relates to initiations and represents human life checkered with good and evil. Some of the floor has the Blazing Star of Sirius on it. 

The black and white image represents the symbols of evil and good in human life. Occult researchers have found the checkered mosaic pavement can be traced to ancient Egypt and the Dionysiac rites. This is found in the House of the Mysteries. In the Entered Apprentice Degree, the mosaic pavement describes the ground floor of King Solomon's Temple. In the book of 1 Kings 6:15, the ground floor of King Solomon's Temple is made of pine or fir. 

Colors may vary in the checkered patterns of Masonic lodges. Lozenges might be used instead of squares. The same mosaic pattern can be found inside of the Notre Dame de Paris, which is a cathedral built in the era of the Knights Templars (which are some of the ideological ancestors of the Freemasons according to numerous scholars). The checkered floor outlines the concept of dualism or dualistic like the Ying and Yang symbol (as found in the number 2 card of the Tarot called La Papesse). Duality is a key portion of hermeticism. 

To the Lodge, the dualism is shown in the black and white squares. Dualism to the occultists means that in the terrestrial or physical world, there is the dualism quality in life. There is positive and negative, good and evil, light and shade, etc. Peace to the occultists is the synthesis of these dual concepts into one, so enlightenment can flourish in the world. The material world and the spiritual realm to the esoteric is opposite of each other. The checkered floor is of the Earth, while the ceiling of the Lodge is used to represent the heavens and the spiritual realm. The mosaic pavement is where there is the ceremonial altar. The square pavement is where the High priest in Masonry walks upon in the Third Degree Ritual. Many cultures, movies like the Imaginarium film has this checkered pattern. So, when you look at the truth, the truth is stranger than fiction. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Racist Neurotics Rule & Subvert Israel

Israel works against safety valve for Arabian assimilation into Israel- racist definitions of ALL such Arabians, and the children of mixed marriages as security threats, even before they were born- thus working to perpetuate the problem

Only idiots, fools and active traitors work to define MORE people as potential enemies- especially for those not yet born.

Alas, the Ivarjeld blog supports this racist nonsense, which provides an excellent reason to withdraw foreign aid from Israel, along with its surrounding countries.

Racist-Subversive Israeli 'Judge' Asher Grunis 
needs to be barred forever from even stepping foot in Israel- so long as he carries that attitude.

My Idea of Legitimate "Zionism"