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Wlodimir Ledochowski- Mystique of Mary of War

From pp 194-196 the book 'Under The Heel of Mary'
chapter 'Poland and the Conversion of Russia':
At once Mary appeared before him holding two crowns, one white, the other red. She told him the white crown was for purity, the red fpr martyrdom 1

Saint of Auschwitz: The Story of Maksymilian Kolbe
Under the 'caesaro-papism' of Nicholas II, the Russian Empire's six million Catholics were forbidden to proselyize and their clergy cut off from Rome Lenin's decree of January 1918 separating church and state (and the school from religiob) seemed, in its provision of 'freedom of conscience', like a chink in the armour of Orthodox Russia. In the year of the revolution the pope granted autonomous staus to the Sacred Congregation for the Eastern Church and founded the Pontifical Institute for Oriental Studies under Jesuit direction.

In April 1918 he ordered the prefect of the Vatican Library to Wardaw as the first visitor apostolic for a hundred years. In the newly independent Poland, Mgr Ratti, who as nuncio had taken the suggestive title of Archbishop of Lepanto, became involved in a complex scheme to isolate the Bolsheviks through a federation of Catholic nations in central and eastern Europe: Bavaria, Austria, Slovakia, Bohemia, Hungary and Croatia The mastermind of this abortive plan was the Jesuit General Vladimir Ledochowski (1915-42), an aristocratic Austrian Pole, who also counted on the support of nuncio Pacelli (the future Pius XII) in Berlin Franciscans, it was rumored, "were waiting at the frontiers of Austrian Poland' to fulfill the Russian Christian's expectations of a Messiah'. Bolshevism would 'pass like an evil dream'.

The mystique that 'Mary' would have lent to the 'Ledochowski Plan' is particularly clear in the case of Poland, where the seventeenth century vows of King Jan Casmir were still regarded as valid in order to repulse the Swedish and Muscovite invaders, Jan Casmir entrusted the 'Polish Commonwealth' to the Virgina and proclaimed her 'Queen of the Polish Crown' As the royal vows were made in Lwow (now part of the Soviet Unions) and embraced the duchies of Lithuania, Ruthenia, Prussia and so on, they form the religious cornerstone of Polish irredentism.

Impressed by Polish Marianism and 'attachment to the Church and the Supreme Pontiff', Ratti witnessed in August 1920 the 'Miracle of the Vistula' - the battle on the feast of the Assumption at which Marshal Pilsudski routed the Russians against all odds, a victory attributed to the intervention of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Once providence had put several million Russian Orthodox and Greek Uniat Christians into Polish territory, a savage crusade was launched to 'Polanize' these 'schismatics' Churches were burnt and desecrated by Polish troops and thousands of priests were arrested.

The nuns of the Sacred Heart, whose Polish operation had been closed down in 1874, were welcomed back during this period [Pope] Benedict XV, failing to denounce the 'Catholic terror' , made an important move in the Mariological sphere by conferring on the hymnographer and Orthodox saint Ephraem the Syrian the title and honors of 'Doctor of the Universal Church' (October 1920).

Della Chiesa's famed generosity was given full reign during the Volga famine of 1921. An official relief mission providing food and clothing for a million children was maintained for two years under Fr Edmund J Walsh, S.J. Regent of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University (Washington), Walsh took the opportunity of entering into secret negotiations with the Soviets, liaising with the White House as well as the Vatican.

Rome's proposals were hindered by Church-backed aggression from Poland (also a recipient of Vatican aid) which led to the execution in Russia of one Catholic prelate as a counter revolutionary agent

Negotiations were finally dropped when the Soviets decided to rehabilitate the Orthodox faith through the ephemeral 'Living Church', whose hierarchy declared the regime 'the only rule in the world that achieves on earth by governmental means the ideals of the Kingdom of Heaven' The Vatican then resorted to an undercover priesthood led by Pacelli in 1926. Three years later the 'Russicum' college was founded at Rome under d'Herbigny to train ordinands for the conversion of Russia.

A major division to spring from this Ostpolitik was the Militia Immaculate, which thrived during the military dictatorship of Pilsudski (1926-35). This mixed (religious and lay) apostolate is significant as much for the continuing theological influence of the founder, St Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941) as for its [ostensibly] anti-Masonic inspiration and 'dynamic Catholic Marian Action'.

The Knights of the Immaculate were conceived on the fast day of Marguerite Marie Alacoque in 1917 while Kolbe - favored at the age of ten with an apparition of the Virgina -- was attending the Gregorian University. The immediate objective of the Franciscan student was to combat the lodges in the eternal city by means of prayer and the distribution of Miraculous Medals; even today, the stated aim is the 'conversion of every person living in sin, heresy, schism and especially Freemasonry, and the growth in holiness of all persons, under the sponsorship of the BVM Immaculate'. Propagation of Catherine Laboure's charm remains mandatory and anti-Masonic 'ejaculations' are encouraged.

Members are ranked, like the enemy, in three 'degrees': MI-1 for ordinary mebers; MI-2 for activists (in recruitment, propaganda and Marian evangelization); MI-3 - a truly heroic degree, mainly for religious', who live 'in limitless consecration and mystical union with Mary'.

Continuing Roman Catholic Confirmations


avles said...

This is why they broadcasted the tv news service (late at night) about "Franciscans helping poooor people in Berlin", at the middle/end of November!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the input Douglas!

(this comment is linked with the other of the post: Monday, November 30, 2009
Wlodimir Ledochowski Great Roman General 3 )

Le'ts read again these sentence:

"...who also counted on the support of nuncio Pacelli (the future Pius XII) in Berlin Franciscans,..."

In BERLIN FRANCISCANS. So guy Kolbe was a little hallucinated by the 'virgin' Mary? Its not a coincidence at all!

Of course the 'saint' of Auschwitz ought to be Franciscan! Like those Franciscans who were butchering alive Orthodoxies for the Vatican crusade of the Balkans! (and today praised by the new Fascist, collaborationist, anti-Slovenian archbishop of Ljubljana, the Roman governor Anton Stres).

Like those FRANCISCANS who with their 'charitable' assistance to the poor of Berlin are threwing the last spit of Rome on PROTESTANT Berlin (don't fear, there's the Venetian consolation ready for them, see the second post of my Amber Path blog).

So the same PACELLI of LEDOCHOWSKY and 'saint' KOLBE, in 1947...........
“….The patron of the Carabineers Army is the Virgo Fidelis.
“Virgo Fidelis” is the title of honour and praising with which the Madonna is invoked during the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary: on the 8th December 1949 pope Pious XII proclaimed officially Mary “Virgo Fidelis Patron of Carabineers” establishing the celebration of the holyday on the 21st November, day of the presentation of Mary at the Temple and of the recurrence of Culqualber battle….”.
Taken from my:

Why Pacelli did honour Carabineers in a "post" way?

Because Carabineers were the BACKERS of the rising of Fascist squads. This is not only historical culture, but normal oral traditional anti-fascist knoweledge of my family, parents, relatives, etc. who survived it.

Fascism means MUSSOLINI, and MUSSOLINI means the spiritual instigator for the Roman Catholic Austrian ECUMENICAL dictator of Germany, Herr "18" (A-dolph H-itler).

The TRUE 'christening'of Fascism was the 'christening' of the FASCISM OF THE BORDERS in Amber Path south (Primorije/Ad.Kuestenland).
Fascism of the Borders was the natural result of seventy years of 'liberal', 'anticlerical' Irredentism.

That sort of 'christening' was the STAKE OF THE NARODNI DOM of Trieste and Pula/Pola, as response for clashes among Croatians and Italians in Dalmatia (Croatians used like trigger, the price then paid by Slovenians... I don't say it for hate against Croatians who had absolutely no guilty, but for hate towards Jesuit engineering).

That STAKE occured on the 106th birthday of Carabineers army which, of course, supported the Fasist squad in the performing that STAKE.

That STAKE occured on the 52nd annivesary of the "Amber Path South 911", a false flag attack attributed to Slovenians, with which an Italian was stabbed to death. After 13th July 1868 the terror and persecution began in the city of Trieste.....

Trieste, Berlin, Kronstadt,.... As you can see Amber Path is for them a religious battlefield. They hate the populations of Amber Path.

avles said...

"......This mixed (religious and lay) apostolate is significant as much for the continuing theological influence of the founder, St Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941) as for its [ostensibly] anti-Masonic inspiration and 'dynamic Catholic Marian Action'........."

Catholic MARIAN Action.

Please Douglas, see my Album on Line:

"Trieste with the POPE"

The above quote and my previous comment to your post fit perfectly and explain the reason for the giant, Sumerian/Atzech/Babilonian-styled MARIAN temple (official name: "Tempio Mariano") you see on the coast of Amber Path South/Primorie/Ad.Kuestneland when approaching the city of Trieste via sea:

See the pic 5
(Comment: "Back of you there's the front side of the 'Jesuit church'. In front of you, 200/250 metres far distance, there's the townhall of Trieste with the characteristic central tower. Behind the townhall and right of it you had the old Jewish ghetto. But before to see the front face of the townhall, look at the right side of the tower, on the Karst higland border, what is this little strange building?
Elimina didascalia")

And the sequent pic 6 (probaly Jakob SJ didn't found the congregation, but the server didn't allow to me correction!! As it happened with the other Album online!!!):
Comment: "It is the National Temple dedicated to the Queen Mary Mother. Image: The founder of the Marian Congregation (and that Sumerian styled building is named "Tempio Mariano"), was the....Jesuit Jakob Rem SJ, born in.... Austria, the same year of the death of Martin Luther.
Elimina didascalia
Mi piaceNon mi piace"

This is the giant altar in honour to their Satanic deities which allowed such a bloodshed of Amber Path, from the near bordering Balkans to the Baltic coast of Prussia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.

avles said...

Oh yeah, pic 5 + pic 6 = 11, the "Judgement".

Be my and your blogs the final Judgements for these Romish-Masonic abominable snakes!

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Is it this structure?

avles said...

Yes, this is it!

From West to East you have also three altars dedicated to the deads of the past XX century wars (= sacrificial victims, "Opfern").

In province of Gorizia (I consider the final most western province of Amber Path) the Monument Dedicated to All the Dead of all Wars in locality MEDEA (blood that pushed forward Vatican agenda) and the Monumental cemetery of Italian soldiers died in WWI (extirpation of Protestant Kaiser & Hapsburgs)in REDIPUGLIA.

In the most south province of Amber Path (Trieste, of course a provisory image) you have the Foiba di Basovizza, a former mine where it is claimed some thousands of civilian Italians went threw by Tito's partisans in May 1945. Till now NO ITALIAN JUDICIAL AUTHORITY INVESTIGATED THAT ALLEGED MASS MURDER GRAVE.

And to finish, as to join these three symbolic/material sacrificial altar of the Vatican empire, as to seal the link with the entities controlling them, the "the little cheese" (right term: "processed cheese").

I think it is evident the presence of such satanic cult temple based on the human blood. A sort of "satanic fethish", a psychological/ritual fetish putted at the South entry of Amber Path.

avles said...
Friday, November 6, 2009
Skywatch Friday post

And the WHITE castle on the coast is the MIRAMARE/MIRAMAR castel from where Maximillian sailed on 14 APRIL 1864 to kill Mexican Revolution & Lincoln (punctually murdered exactly the year after, 14 APRIL 1865).

The MARIAN TEMPLE is in the right external imaginary field of the pic, about BACK or NEAR the "Lincoln Murder White Castle" (a personal literary licence).

avles said...

Never forget the Jesuit-Nazi-SS Madonna of International Youth Centre of Jesuits in Villa Ara, former residence of Roman Catholic Slovenian SS commander of Adriatische Kuestenland Special Operational Zone (in direct llink with Hitler, not only with his FRIEND Himmler as the SS commander usually were).

The Jesuit Youth centre is linked with the near former Hapsburg military hospital (today universitary INTERNATIONAL campus), with the Judicial court of region Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the near Statal Jail, with, with.....)
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
...and they even dare to call her:

avles said...

An interesting phenomena. I tried to add a new blog on my list, with the URL of the label of yhour AMBER PATH, but it doens't work. The masque remains 'paralyzed'.

I tried with another URL, and all worked OK. You can see the new blog in my Amber Path blog, "BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO " blog.

Cyber Inquisition?

avles said...

Soon or later I should translate this page: