Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Impending Papal Satanic Sacrifice?

As I wrote in my blog post "More Popes Than Ever Before" about the unprecedented number of living and emeritus Popes - for both "White" aka the regular "Pope", and "Black" aka the Superior General of he Jesuit Order - something strange is occurring.

Since 2008 with the resignation of the Jesuit General Kolvenbach and his replacement-super-cession by Nichols, there have been 3.

Since 2013 with the resignation of Benedict and his replacement-super-cession by Francis S.J. there have been 4.

In late 2016, once Superior General Adolfo Nichols resigns and is replaced-superseded by a person who has yet to be publicly names.   So, unless one or more of these men dies, in addition to the one emeritus "White" Pope, there shall be 2 emeritus "Black" Popes, supplementing the current ones, for a total of 5. 

Yet the Papal tradition for more than 1,500 years, and that of the Jesuit Order for nearly 500 years, is for such figures to serve until their death.

Could this be for some sort of satanic ritual, perhaps one requiring a number of 5 Popes?

And we have this:
Once more the 78-year-old Francis seems to be racing against the clock, and many in Rome are speculating that his decision to declare such a momentous event so soon in his papacy, barely two years after his election, is to be sure he gets one in before time runs out, as if he is holding a sort of last hurrah or a farewell ceremony. And there are sad, almost sinister undertones.

“This pope seems to be in a hurry to get as much done as he can, as if he’s got a deadline,” Marco Politi, a Vatican expert, said at a small roundtable discussion on Francis and the length of his papacy last week. “He keeps talking about how his time is short, but it’s not because he’s sick. He has told his friends that he feels it will be an ‘event’ that wipes him out, not a natural end.”

In an interview with the Mexican network Televisa this month on the occasion of his second anniversary as pope, the pontiff repeated the idea that his days are numbered. He said he had a feeling that his reign at the helm of the Roman Catholic Church wouldn’t last too long, echoing previous comments in which he said he had a “vague sensation” that his time was short. “I have the feeling that my pontificate will be brief—four or five years,” he said. “I don’t know, even two or three.”
And could this Francis S.J. premonition be that it shall be he who is the sacrifice?

In his blog Jesus-Partisans-Balkans, Hristo Stilliyanov writes that what might happen is a satanic sacrifice.
A quote from "Martyrs for Satan"
" It is HIGHLY probable that the Vatican is preparing a sacrifice of one or more of their own popes, in 2017. Firstly, this is necessary for their goal of reunification with the Orthodox church. Sharing tribulation and martyrdom at the hands of barbaric islamists and "nazis" will easily bridge the gap between their cultural and historical identities. Brothers or rather Sisters in blood, the Orthodox and Catholic churches will find a new shared destiny. "

The idea of reunifying the Roman Catholic Church with the Orthodox Church fits with the broader satanic idea of the unification of the various established religions into a "One World Religion".

Such an idea appears to be good to those that assume that the world religions are basically "good", having all supposedly emanate initially from God the Creator.

Yet such an idea is false, as such religions actually emanate from the deceiving entity that gets off by pretending to be God- Satan/Lucifer the fallen angel.

After all, if Lucifer-Satan were to present himself as he truly was, many people would be repelled as they would not follow Lucifer-Satan knowingly.  Hence, all of the religions that present themselves as being created by God, or by some deity, perhaps some 'ascended' figure.

In more limited circumstances, Lucifer-Satan may be more open with his identity, presenting himself as Lucifer, but with some other level of deception.  Such that Lucifer is NOT Satan.  That yes, Lucifer had a falling out with God, but wants to get back in God's good graces by somehow helping God.  Or that Lucifer was simply created by God, perhaps as a means to test people, but not as an actual rebel against God but rather a servant.  Or even, that Lucifer-Satan is an imaginary figure, of alternatively a rebel who was really the embodiment of goodness against a supposedly evil creator God.  Such are all ideas that can be gathered from various openly declared Churches of Satan, and via various trendy re-packagings of various Satanic-Pagan religions such as Wicca.  Such may not even be open about their centricity to Lucifer-Satan by instead declaring some devotion to various creations of  God as some sort of "Earth" religion, or even  some form of the Divine Couple (Adam and Eve).  Some of this stuff can sound innocuous, while being actually perversions.  Such as that of a "Horned" God which may sound cute but is actually Lucifer-Satan taking over Adam.  Or that of a Mother Earth or rather a Virgin Mary, who is a virgin perpetually.

Above all, Lucifer Satan was and is in rebellion against God, and is a master of deceit.   Hence as he works at his rebellion, he works largely via deception.

The Bible's Book of Genesis makes reference to the Luciferian-Satanic rebellion against God occurring prior to the story of the Garden of Eden/Adam and Eve.

It also makes reference to the effort to create a gateway.  One ostensibly to Heaven.  And of God stopping that plan, scattering its backers around the world, and further act to make it more difficult to collaborate, by dividing them by having them no longer speak in only one language.

Therefore, though these people were thwarted in that early one world religion endeavor, the result was the situation of a series of religions appearing from around the world, and emanating not from God but rather from the rebellion against God.   There are numerous examples of this in architecture throughout the world, including that with remarkable similarities despite the geographic spread, and in eras long before the advent of modern transportation and communication technologies.  To wit, the various pyramid type structures found in Cambodia and Central America that were devoted to various sacrificial rituals.

That would likewise jibe with the statement in Acts 17:23-27, that God does NOT dwell in Temples made by Men.
The God who made the world and everything in its is the Lord of heaven and does not live in temples built by human hands.  And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything.  Rather, he himself gives everyone life and breath and everything else.  Acts 17: 24-25

Note the strong emphasis of such religions upon Temples or rather the Church building.

Note the idea of a few off-shoot Christian sects as the Amish who reject the idea of having a Church buildings and instead hold their sermons in the houses of their various members.

Note the alternative ideas of some Christian sects as some Congregationalists in New England that had Church buildings, but without steeples.  See the article from the following links, from the blog "Yah's Elect Network: Bringing People Out Of The Dark And Into The Way Of The Yahushua"  which is a very good read about Church steeples being pagan, and where I found the following:
Deuteronomy 16:22  "Neither shall you set thee up a pillar; which Yahweh your Elohim hates." Yahweh is adamant that His people be separate and not partake of the pagan practices of the heathens, including erecting towers and pillars pointing to the sun in sexual rites of fertility.

And note the opposite, starting with the largest religious body, the Roman Catholic Church.

Note the opulence of their Church buildings.

In particular note the opulence and to wit the strange architecture within such structures, starting namely with the St. Peters structure in Rome.  Note such things as the strange twisted columns.

And of course note the numerous rituals. 

None are prescribed in the Bible.   Jesus did speak of breaking bread at a gathering for a meal.  But He did not speak about having some Priest place a piece of bread nor some form of a wafer directly into people's mouths.

Some are mentioned in the Bible, but as things to avoid, such as the burning of incense as a religious ritual.

Note that many of the Roman Catholic Church rituals were adopted from such pagan religions, not established by God but rather via Satan.

Namely such pagan religion known as "Mystery Babylon".

People often state that the Roman Catholic Church or religion dates to about 330 AD, when in fact that was the time that the Roman Emperor adopted the veneer of Christianity atop an already established Roman State Religion.  One already in place long before the life of our savior Jesus Christ.  After all, the meaning of the word "Catholic" is "universal".  Which sounds innocuous.  But that is without considering the situation of the world religions coming not from God but rather from Satan, in a world under the rule not of God but rather of the "God of this Earth" Satan.  And thus in such a context, means a universalism that includes Satan, particularly in that position of power. 

People need to place far more study upon the Roman State Religion that existed long prior to 33AD.  To wit- that which is known as "Mystery Babylon".  For when they do they shall see that many rituals commonly assumed since as "Christian" are actually from something older.  And they should study these rituals and their histories in greater detail to better learn their true purpose, IMHO as forms of Satanic Black Magic Witchcraft.

Once they see that, they may better understand that much of what is presented as Christianity really is not.

But rather it is a Satanic imitation.

One that brings much misery into and throughout the world.

And one which acts to further deceive by fooling many into disparaging God and Christianity, and to thus look for truth within the paganism that they unwittingly fail to perceive its true nature as satanic and deceptive.  And hence they fall into the trap of such things as the various religious rituals that can appear harmless or even beneficial but which actually serve some mysterious esoteric purpose that is actually NOT good.   Why that may be may not be obvious to most people.  What is so wrong about various chants, or incense burning, or gathering into circles holding hands while chanting hymns or rather hums?   Might these be some sort of things based upon harmonics to perhaps invoke entities that are demonic?

God does not need any of these things.

And it is Lucifer-Satan, the God of this Earth who relays upon such as various forms of Black Magic.

Perhaps that is why there is so much evil as well as an adhered to love of ignorance in this world.  One where people tend to focus upon things that really do not matter, while having the proverbial "attention span of a ssquirrel" for more substantive things, rendering them less social and way more prone to manipulation by those with mass control.

Rome was big into that during the days of its open Empire, with the watching of sporting events within coliseums used to distract the masses.

This basic phenomenon has been in place long before the introduction of electronic technologies as the radio.

And forms of such supernatural witchcraft phenomenon as voodoo have long established histories. 

With such a long history of religions with mysterious rituals, a Roman CATHOLIC Church drawing upon such traditions against a backdrop of using its powers in a great many ways to maintain its power socially and in particular politically, and especially at a time with numerous indications of being its end days, this unprecedented phenomenon of more popes than ever before, IMHO, has something to do with some form of Satanic Witchcraft.