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Wlodimir Ledochowski's Afterglow 7 Clinton's Waco Massacre

There seemed, indeed, during those years of Ledochowski, Pius XI, and Pius XII, no real limit to what both Jesuitism and overall Roman Catholicism could achieve. Even – especially, we should say – in the afterglow of Ledochowski’s long reign and into the Generalate of his successor, Belgian Jean-Baptise Janssens, the magic power of the momentum seemed to continue.
William Jefferson Clinton would waste even less time displaying that-- as Commander in Chief -- he was a cold blooded murderer of some 88 people, for the sake of enforcing ancient Vatican dictates against heretics, via his cowardly approach to the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas.

Its leader David Koresh, was ostensibly targeted for arrest on never substantiated methamphetamine manufacturing charges (that would statutorily allow such a use of military in domestic law enforcement), though was writing a paper about the Bible’s Book of Revelations Book of Seven Seals.

I find it incomprehensible that there has been so little attention placed on just what Koresh was writing, particularly amongst anti-Vatican Bible scholars, as it is plausible that some writings could displease established religious authorities, that Rome has a long history of suppressing the written words of ‘heresies’, and the connections throughout the government and the MSM to pull that of.

Such over-the-top ‘law enforcement’ -- to arrest a man who routinely jogged providing numerous opportunities for an easier arrest -- starting a 2+ month long siege culminating with armored tanks crashing their turrets into the Branch Davidian building, and the shooting of flammable gas into this building which the FBI had turned off its electricity and knew was being lit via lanterns, starting a fire killing 88 Branch Davidians, including many children, marks a military action of a religious inquisition.

Waco ended any doubt that such Naziesque behavior by the government could indeed happen here and more disturbingly with the acquiescence if not support of the general public.

The reporting by such MSM entities as The Washington Post -- infamous for lying about some of the most monumental things within the Beltway -- could serve as textbook examples of spin to deny sympathy to Koresh and by extension his followers, and continually distract from the $64,000 question of just what was Koresh writing about the Book of Seals, and particularly just what within would have been so objectionable?

Vatican Tool: Donald Graham,
Executive Publisher, The Washington Post

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Afterglow 6 continuing criminal mercantilism under Clinton

Wojtyla & Kolvenbach’s Bill Clinton- Jesuit Tool for ‘Drug War’ Criminal Mercantilism

There seemed, indeed, during those years of Ledochowski, Pius XI, and Pius XII, no real limit to what both Jesuitism and overall Roman Catholicism could achieve. Even – especially, we should say – in the afterglow of Ledochowski’s long reign and into the Generalate of his successor, Belgian Jean-Baptise Janssens, the magic power of the momentum seemed to continue.
The slavish devotion of this next U.S. President, the first of the Democrat Party in 12 years, since Jimmy Carter, would clearly indicate that like the Republican Party, the Democratic Party to was and is a complete tool of the Vatican.

This was evident with the Jesuit’s grooming relationship via their political powerhouse Georgetown University, with their next major political tool, William Jefferson Clinton, with his cowardly approach to the ‘drug war’.

Clinton wasted little time demonstrating his loyalty to Rome’s pharmacratic inquisition-criminal mercantilism with his administration’s slavish devotion to the status quo to simply bury the facts, such as the Clinton Administration’s suppression of the 1993 US Congress Office of Technology Assessment endorsement for legalizing Coca, and the 1994-95 UN World Health Organization reports regarding Coca and cocaine.

Clinton was slavishly continuing Rome’s pharmaceutical-cigarette protectionist policies dating back to whatever transpired between the Vatican and Angelo Mariani when they were giving him the papal medals as a benefactor of humanity.

He was found of using the example of his brother as why ‘drugs’ particularly cocaine must remain illegal- altogether disregarding that it is probation that ensure that drugs popularization in concentrated abuse promoting modes. IOW- Bill Clinton was a complete lackey for the very drug policies that suppressed Coca while promoting highly concentrated cocaine, who deserved to be forced to publicly snort NoDoz and apologize for his shameful participation in these endeavors of criminal mercantilism.

He did finally get around to admitting that marijuana should be ‘decriminalized’ in an Esquire magazine interview at the end of his 2nd 4 year term- an 8 year period where arrests for marijuana prohibition violation had escalated sharply.

LINK- Explaining people like FDR

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Afterglow 5 Wojtyla & Kolvenbach

Telling Nancy Reagan Not to Think:
Continuing Drug War’ Criminal Mercantilism
There seemed, indeed, during those years of Ledochowski, Pius XI, and Pius XII, no real limit to what both Jesuitism and overall Roman Catholicism could achieve. Even – especially, we should say – in the afterglow of Ledochowski’s long reign and into the Generalate of his successor, Belgian Jean-Baptise Janssens, the magic power of the momentum seemed to continue.
The Vatican reign of Wojtyla and Kolvenbach turned up the wick with its pharamacratic inquisition – by the numbers of people arrested-punished, and of the social costs of the market protection – of the ‘war on drugs’ popularized by very self-defeating hysteria protecting and encouraging more dangerous modes of consumption, both by banning the safer substances of Cannabis and Coca protecting alcohol and tobacco, and by so banning Coca with statutory definitions equating raw leaves with alkaloids refined and concentrated.

During the early 1980s, ‘1st Lady’ Nancy Reagan, wife of then U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan, was known primarily – via the reporting by the MSM – for her tastes in chinaware.,,20238400_20537782,00.html#20537782

However shortly after an audience with Pope John Paul II in 1985, she begins her public crusade to ‘just say no’ to whatever is defined as contraband rather then any actual facts.

The following year, the MSM used the tragedy of the death of a student at the University of Maryland who had just been accepted to play for the Boston Celtics, of a fatal overdose of cocaine, to issue a mass call for new draconian legislation with severe social costs.

Central to this was a great deal of hysteria regarding cocaine as intrinsically extra dangerous and ‘addictive’ that failed to explain the history – which I then began researching – about the drug’s dangers emerging with the uses of its concentrated forms 1st widely manufactured during the mid 1880s, yet such was not the case with the drug’s dilute form.

This reality was marked by the history of Vin Mariani, first manufactured during the 1860s and sold and used for half a century, that was banned via an effort erupting just months after the 2nd time the Vatican summoned Vin Mariani creator Angelo Francois Mariani to be rewarded a gold Papal medal award as a benefactor of humanity

Indeed, after decades of use, with Coca wine, specifically Vin Mariani seen as: Excellent for alcoholism, nicotinism and opiate withdrawal… French surgeon general The spectra of drug abuse enabled by the hysteria deliberately neglecting the quite varied pharmacokokinetics of concentrated rather then dilute modes of drug use – directly versus indirectly is a Jesuitical concoction popularized through the rash yellow ‘journalism’ of such as the rabidly Vatican-loyal publishing empire of William Randolph Hearst, working with AMA-APhA connected, USDA Bureau of Chemistry Chief Harvey Washington Wiley, noted in 1908 as a ‘Knight’ amongst those showing ‘great prowess’, starting shortly after Angelo Mariani’s 2nd audience at the Vatican.

It is not only Jesuitical in encouraging cocaine abuse but in protecting and popularizing the most dangerous from a long term health perspective – Virginia Bright Leaf Tobacco cigarettes.

Quote: USDA Farmers Bulletin “Habit Forming Agents” the ‘menace’ of the free sale of Coca products particularly when and where sold in the U.S. south-east as a “Tobacco Habit Cure”.

Quote: Dr. Ronald K. Siegel off all the stimulants coca ranks the safest least likely to cause problems

In each major category of intoxicant used by our species, there appear to be one or two drug plants that researchers have noted, are more controllable, hence safer, than all the other plants or synthetics in that category. Coca leaf stands out among all the stimulants, licit and illicit, as the easiest to control and the one least likely to produce toxicity or dependency.
And they would know that in 1914:

... there are tens of thousands of people in the United States who die every year from the excessive use of cigarettes; and yet I find Senators still pulling away at the cigarette as though it were a perfectly harmless thing. I believe the Senator will agree with me that there are many thousands of people who die from what is called tobacco cancer, a cancerous growth affecting the throat from overuse of cigars; and we find perhaps 60 percent of the Senators pulling away at the cigar as unconcerned as though no one were dying as a result of these cigars...

U.S. Congress, Senator Porter James McCumber (R) North Dakota, August 15, 1914
Nonetheless our governments have proven their loyalty to this apostasy from common sense with the descent into and continuation of this criminal mercantilism primarily for the sake of Virginia Bright Leaf Tobacco that came in the early 1900s.

Given the involved substances relative safeties, the consequences of suppressing Coca to protect Virginia Bright Leaf are severe, consisting of a significant portion of the 100s of millions of cigarette shorted lives, and the attendant medical problems so induced (and intensified via additives including burning accelerants increasing consumption – hey I turned away and my cigarette kept burning all the way down! – and house fires’ destruction and deaths).

The acquiescence of insurance companies to this is that of an industry intimately connected to the very things it would openly oppose for its own interests if not for being influenced or outright controlled by those thing’s controllers.

So is the worldwide conformity to this very same substance control agenda – Cannabis, Coca leaf, Opium strictly “bad”, alcohol, and Virginia Bright leaf cigarettes (with all sorts of additives UNLABELED as if a substance not being illegal ensured that it was just soooo safe), with this pharmacratic inquisition extending to the Mao regime’s policy of concentration camps for opium/opiate addicts, and a state run monopoly on Virginia Bright Leaf cigarettes.

So marking the ‘drug war’ as a continuing criminal mercantilism Virginia Bright Leaf cigarette racketeering scheme was the Reagan/Bush Administration’s efforts on behalf of that industry, notably not only allowing such cigarettes to be sold with additives unlabeled, but in making independent public disclosure of such a ‘felony”!

The Vatican was continuing the polices set during the early 1900s, with selective ‘anti-drug’ crusades erupting through the Hearst publishing empire and those of other media entities controlled by those with loyalties to Rome, such as membership in fraternal-social-religious orders with a definite ‘all roads lead to Rome’ network of college fraternities connected and controlled to Masonic orders connected and controlled by the Vatican, particularly that displaying the letters “IHS”: aka the Vatican’s military-strategic wing- the Jesuit Order. The drug related doctrine initially spread widely by Hearst had become that enshrined at the top of the world political body, as reflected by entities as the United Nations, with its 1961 Single ‘Narcotics’ Control Convention mandating the elimination of Coca in its native Peru and Bolivia by 1988. That was the year that Bolivia would instead openly rebel by re-legalizing a broad spectrum of commercially produced Coca leaf products, including Coca Wine, and that the Washington, D.C. Drug Policy Foundation – an organization founded in response to the drug war-cocaine centered hysteria of 1986 – was tied to the powerhouse food, drug, pharmaceutical, cigarette industry Covington and Burling, with the assignment of an attorney later described as prominent in the fields of food, food supplement, pharmaceutical and insurance industry.

The entire ‘drug war’, banning the safer substances (with the consequences of perverting coca and opium into concentrated cocaine and heroin) for the sake of protecting pharmaceuticals and cigarettes, has cost greater of numbers of shortened lives then Wlodimir Ledochowski’s wars. If it is any consolation, whereas Ledochowski had a lingering death that at times would be prematurely reported, with notations of gastro intestinal problems, the Superior General at the time of the establishment of the criminal mercantilism for pharmaceuticals and Virginia Dope cigarettes, Luis Martin, had a far worse death:

Even at the beginning of his term Martín's physical health had been poor and it grew steadily worse with the years. In 1905, a tumor forced the amputation of his right arm. Pope Pius X granted him permission to celebrate mass despite his disability, a privilege for which he was most grateful. The cancer, however, soon invaded his lungs and he died in Rome, on 18 April 1906.

Luis Martin; born 1842
25th Jesuit Superior General 1892-1906

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Afterglow 4 Peter Kolvenbach

29th Jesuit Superior General
Kolvenbach’s Continuing Counter Reformation from the Mid East
There seemed, indeed, during those years of Ledochowski, Pius XI, and Pius XII, no real limit to what both Jesuitism and overall Roman Catholicism could achieve. Even – especially, we should say – in the afterglow of Ledochowski’s long reign and into the Generalate of his successor, Belgian Jean-Baptise Janssens, the magic power of the momentum seemed to continue.
Peter Kolvenbach; born November 30, 1928

Succeeding the ‘leftist’ Arrupe nearly 2 years after his stroke, and 5 years into the Papacy of Karol Woytyla as JP2 was Peter Hans Kolvenbach, born November 30, 1928, who became the Jesuit Order Superior General September 13, 1983

That was the time that the eastern Mediterranean began getting hotter with high profile terrorist assaults, notably the simultaneous suicide truck bombings of the French and the US. Marine Corps barracks in Beruit that killed 241 U.S. servicemen and 58 French paratroopers and 6 Lebanese civilians on October 23, 1983- a mere 40 days after Kovenbach became Black Pope.

It was from this area where Kolvenbach was most active during the preceding years, serving as Professor of General Linguistics at the University of St Joseph in Beirut, Lebanon until 1981 when he became rector of the Pontificial Oriental Institute (for the study of eastern Mediterranean area Christianity), while serving as the Provincial Superior of the Jesuit vice province of the Middle East.

Kolvenbach continued as the Jesuit Order Superior General until his resignation at the Jesuit General Congregation, in January 2008 which elected his successor, Adolfo Nichols, whose area of expertise is the Far East.

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Afterglow 3 Pedro Arrupe

27th Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe
and 3rd Polish Pope of the 20th Century:
Karol Wojtyla Back and to the Right
There seemed, indeed, during those years of Ledochowski, Pius XI, and Pius XII, no real limit to what both Jesuitism and overall Roman Catholicism could achieve. Even – especially, we should say – in the afterglow of Ledochowski’s long reign and into the Generalate of his successor, Belgian Jean-Baptise Janssens, the magic power of the momentum seemed to continue.
Pedro Arrupe; born November 14, 1907
28th Jesuit Superior General 1965-1983

Karol Jozef Wojtyla; born May 8, 1920
'Pope John Paul 2': October 16, 1978 - April 2, 2005

The Jesuit Order’s post WW2 spin – of not being ‘right’ wing against ‘godless communism’ but rather ‘left’ wing for ‘social justice’ --.through Janssens’ 18 year Generalate, continued after his brain hemorrhage induced October 5, 1964 death via the also 18 year Generalate of his successor Pedro Arrupe, born November 7, 1907, from 1965 until his debilitating August 7, 1981 stroke less then 3 months after the unsuccessful assassination attempt on John Paul 2, who had become Pope after the mere 33 day Papacy of his predecessor John Paul 1:

Arrupe was:

- was a missionary in Japan during WW2 (connection with Kolbe?);

- was appointed Jesuit Superior and Master of Novices in Japan, 1942

- was living in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was exploded in August 1945.

Arrupe’s Generalate occurs with the rise of the organized ‘left’ anti-war movement about the war in Vietnam during the later 1960s and well into the 1970s when it was becoming more and more popular to consider oneself “left”, with Arupe himself was involved with Jesuit activities in Central America ostensibly on behalf of the poor.

John Paul 2’s papacy, extending some 26 1/2 years from October 16, 1978 to his April 2, 2005 death, starts at about the same time when economic and later terrorist troubles went against incumbent figures as ‘left’ U.S. President Jimmy Carter as being weak, leading to the rise of ‘right’ Ronald Reagan in the U.S. and Margaret Thatcher in the U.K, along with the rise of activities opposing the Soviet propped communist regime in Poland.

On May 13, 1981, less then 3 months before Arrupe’s devastating stroke, Wojtyla would survive an assassination attempt, which according to was ordered by Arrupe.

Wojtyla – JPII went on to see the fall of the USSR controlled communist regimes and the publication of this sort of cover on Time Magazine, continue as Pope until 2005:

Rome’s 3rd 20th century Polish Pope, continuing along a succession of successively more Polish figures, was JP 2, born Karol Jozef Wojtyla on May 18, 1920 who died on April 2, 2005.

Woytyla was the 3rd 20th Century Polish Pope. The others were:

Wlodimir Ledochowski, who was apparently ½ Polish via his father Anton Ledochowski (1835-1885) , and ½ Swiss-Austrian (apparently ethnic German) via his mother Josephine Zizers who was born in eastern Switzerland.

Pius X, who was ¼ Polish, who would die just hours after the death of the Jesuit Order Super General Franz Wernz, a German, on August 19-20, 1914

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Afterglow 2 Jean-Baptise Janssens

27th Jesuit Superior General ‘Black Pope’ Back and to the Left:
‘social justice’- tricky new slogan for traditional Jesuit mission against heretics pointing the finger at the JFK assassination

Janssens: 27th Superior General 1945-1964 September 15, 1945 - October 5, 1964
There seemed, indeed, during those years of Ledochowski, Pius XI, and Pius XII, no real limit to what both Jesuitism and overall Roman Catholicism could achieve. Even – especially, we should say – in the afterglow of Ledochowski’s long reign and into the Generalate of his successor, Belgian Jean-Baptise Janssens, the magic power of the momentum seemed to continue.
The Apogee & Success of Wlodimir Ledochowski's ‘divine-deranged Polish holy crusade’ marked by his death with reported gastro-intestinal problems just as the war turned at Stalingrad, the Jesuit’s were not going to abandon their historic mission of the counter reformation, but rather cloak it in a new spin, the movements would not be ‘right’ wing against ‘godless communism’ but rather ‘left’ wing for ‘social justice’.

Ledochowski’s extension of Ignatius Loyola’s maximum of the “ends justifying the means” via their dictatorships, more covert with those of the “left”, and more overt with those of the “right” -- exemplified with the example of de Boynes’ support for a Nazi collaborationist government of his own France – dictated a policy shift for the Jesuit Order to further guard and guide the popular perceptive of them, with various Jesuiticisms, with Jean Baptise Janssens writing in his Instruction on the Social Apostolate (1949), described by his Wikipedia biography as:
“a milestone” [regarding] “the so-called ‘social justice question”, Father General Janssens challenged the Jesuit educational institutions. In bold language for those days, the general speaks of completely uprooting the caste among Jesuits and their students. They should not appear “to be allied with the rich and the capitalists”. Those especially who labor in the educational ministry should manifest “an interest and concern for the proletaries that is equal to, or even greater than, that shown to the rich.
Whereas Jesuits were better known for supporting cruel “right” rather then “left” wing dictatorships, now they should no longer appear to be.
“Jesuitical” – a crafty schemer; cunning dissembler; casuist: hostile and offensive them, as used by anti-Jesuits. One using words of intrigue and equivocation.
Janssens above quote presents a good textbook example of several Jesuitical use of words. By including the word “appear” Janssens does not mean the Jesuit Order would not be such an ally- only that it would not appear to be.

By using the words “rich” and “capitalist”, Janssens stresses attributes or definitions that are not all that helpful on determining good and bad, as if its better to push the emotion button of envy rather then ponder how they got and use their wealth, or that barter is necessarily so better as to have use abandon a means of exchange- money, which trades at a far higher value then its intrinsic physical-material reality of a printed bill or a bank’s electronic acknowledgement, while distracting from how such money is backed. Such, with its useful like slogans for impressionable college students though distracting from pursuing a more holistic perspective stressing synergies and reactions, marks this sort of Jesuitical equivocation of education/indoctrination.

“Social Justice” – the term used as the title of the magazine published during the 1930s by ‘Father Charles Couglin -- is an excellent example: a Jesuitical phrase that immediately sounds good, even as it hardly guarantees anything positive given its neutral meaning as giving what was due, and just who is saying it. “Social Justice” can mean something good, rewards for those that were the objects of injustice, though conversely it can also mean something bad, punishments for those did an injustice; hence it is a highly useful cloak, with the determination/definition of such being hereto given to the Jesuit Order with its established mission of extending the power of the Roman Catholic/Romish-Masonic Church Empire by conspiring against those not loyal to Rome.

Such examples of such “Social Justice” include the Roman Catholic massacres of Protestants, such as the infamous 1572 St Bartholomew Day’s Massacre in France, the Jewish peoples at various times, and the northern Serbs during WW2 in clerical-fascist Ustashe Croatia: all perceivable under traditional Roman Catholic doctrine as the ‘social justice’ for ‘heretics’ via Wlodimir Ledochowski’s counter reformation wars killing 80+ million people to culminate in the destruction of Prussia. Such clever sloganeering, amidst a situation lacking any shock and break with any sort of open intra-Vatican conflict nor excommunications of the pro dictatorship elements (indeed, Spain’s Vatican supported Franco eulogized Hitler as a great defender of Christianity), but rather a buzz of coordinated unity at working towards covering up the atrocities to which their Church of the City of the 7 Hills was most intimately involved, most notably that under the Ante Pavelic Clerical-Fascist with it goal of a purely Roman Catholic Croatia via killing 1/3 of the Serbs (non Roman Catholic South Slavs), converting 1/3 to Roman Catholicism, while effectively driving out the remaining 1/3, marks a Church thus at its very basic nature was not going to change.

It would still consider itself the Vicar of God and Jesus Christ with the divine right of absolute power.

It rather would have changes on the outside with the task of changing appearances. Rather then being correctly seen for supporting entrenched ‘right’ wing fascists, while more covertly supporting ‘left’ wing fascists, it was now presented as supporting ‘left’ wing political movements, something that it would do, while still of course playing both sides of its Hegelian dialectic at defining the limits of popular consciousness by continuing to support “the other side”, and guiding conflicts to a desired, predetermined conclusion.

The period of the Generalate of Janssens – 1946-1964 - encompassed numerous events, including:
India-Pakistan Partition
Israel established
Mainland China taken by Mao
Korean War Vietnam Defeats French Occupation-
US subsequently gets militarily involved Iran’s Modisgassh Overthrow
Hungary rebels against USSR backed regime
Cuba taken by Castro JFK assassination
The continued government centralization:

Creation of US CIA through such figures as those involved with the assassination of U.S. George Patton.

The continued involvement with politics, through successive U.S. President’s as Mason Harry S. Truman, and Knights of Malta Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Vatican directed Rat Lines of Nazi war criminals included …

Various circles of individuals who demonstrated their loyalty to the Vatican during WW2, were protected by the Vatican after the war, beyond the Rat Lines for war criminals from Europe, including those within the governments of the Allies. The most prominent such example within that of the U.S.A. was its General Eisenhower, would be rewarded politically for such actions as those for extending the war the additional 2 years, and for the cover ups regarding that and other Vatican influences, with his successful promotion to becoming the U.S. President after Harry S. Truman, who had been the Vice President who succeeded Franklin Delano Roosevelt who died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1945.

Within such circles in the Eisenhower Administration were its Secretary of State and its head of the CIA, the Dulles brothers – and respectively – along with their sister Eleanor. Children of --- who was a Presbyterian minister, their lifetimes would be marked by a growing gravitation towards the Roman Catholic Church, exemplified by the decision of the Secretary of State’s son Avery to become an ordained Jesuit priest.

The continued expansion of education (indoctrination), including the popularization of the newest means of disseminating information: TV

Janssens’ 1946-1964 Generalate encompassed the widespread growth of the recently created technology of television; hence establish a new means of widespread dissemination of ideas to be harnessed for the advantage of the Church. As it had it earlier lackeys into newspapers and magazine published as William Randolph Hearst, followed by Time magazine publisher Luce, benefiting from consolidation, would have an obvious interest with the crafting of what became the major networks, shows and personalities.

Romish tools as William Randolph Hearst and the Luce’s remained tight as newspapers and magazines were further consolidated as newer technologies as radio and then TV were developed.

Illustrations: Luce’s with Cardinal Spellman 1963

New television broadcasting corporations establishing their networks of local transmitters (stations) 1951 1st broadcast of See It Now produced by Fred Friendly directed by Don Hewitt 1952 NBC Pat Weaver Today; CBS Walter Cronkite selected to replace Douglas Edwards 1st main political event televised- the Joseph McCarthy hearings televised live for 36 hours to an audience of 20 million Joseph McCarthy was … who charged that the US government was widely infiltrated by communists; initially this was presented favorably, before a turn around vilifying him. [quote] …like a Roman Candle… brought up to fail.

A mix of justifiable patriotism and limited illumination

Illustration: Nixon-Khrushchev kitchen debate,

If true to his Jesuitical ideology, Janssens favored the appearance of revolution to mask the ancient regime, and would have ordered the execution of a defiant leader, as did … to kill Bismarck … Such was on display with Janssens’ most brazen demonstration of this ‘afterglow’ was the hidden in plain sight Romish-Masonic November 22, 1963 assassination of the John F. Kennedy, the 1st openly Roman Catholic U.S. President John F. Kennedy, both in the extent of the cover up and the assassination’s very design.

Quote that it was Janssens who ordered the assassination of JFK

Illustrations: Catholic religious art featuring the sun and the Masonic triangle Dealey Square triangle- a Masonic Murder with the fatal headshot at the capstone’s gap

A planned murder: Video of ss officer being ordered to stand down.

Video of driver slowing down if not stopping after the early shots with his head turned around looking at the President

A fatal shot to the right front temple

With the fatal head shot at the pyramid's truncation
(the gap below the suspended cap stone)

Back and to the Left

Video of press secretary pointing his finger at his right front temple, indicating the fatal shots frontal entry from the area of the grassy knoll-railroad.

Reality that everyone at the Dallas Texas hospital observed JFK’s front fatal head entry wound, while the officials in Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia claiming otherwise loose the assassinated President’s brain.

Picture of GW Bush at the front door of the Texas Depository Building

“Recovery” of the “magic bullet”

Reality that the MSM got it so wrong as to publish implausibility, such as Look magazine’s insufficiently elevated purported ‘snipers’ view’ from the window which it was alleged that a supposedly acting alone Lee Harvey Oswald fired at the President from the right rear. Reality of the significant number of ‘journalists’ who had their careers kick-started by being in Dallas on November 22, 1963 Reality that the Warren Commission was under the pale of Masonic infiltration with members Warren and Ford belonging to Masonic orders Illustrations: Art of Masonic, Masonic-Roman Catholic connections Pre-Jesuit art displaying ‘IHS’ sunburst etc. Lucifer’s Earthly Rule Reality of the closeness of Time U.S. media with Vatican Illustrations: Time magazine 40th anniversary Quote on Janssens ordering the JFK assassination. Reality of the Romish control of the MSM- example of Time magazine Ironically Janssens died of complications from a brain hemorrhage. This blog would be most interested in posting comparative photos of the brains of both Janssens and JFK- perhaps they are buried somewhere in Georgetown University’s Healy Hall? Perhaps God was trying to tell us something?

Illustrations: JFK, Janssens, Dealey Square, IOA logo, $1 bill back and to the left

There were useful distractions.

Illustrations: The Beatles

Notably, Janssen’s October 5, 1964 death came less then 11 months after the assassination of JFK and only about that number of days before Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was effectively forced to resign on October 15, 1964, by a political push including his ultimate successor Leonid Brezhnev.

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Wlodimir Ledochowski's Afterglow Unwittingly Nailed by Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Dances Around the Jesuits – ignoring Georgetown University’s baleful influence – yet hitting a nail on its head by citing 1915: the year of the start of the Jesuit Order’s ‘greatest’ Superior Generals- Wlodimir Ledochowski

26th Jesuit Superior General 'Black Pope' - Feb. 11, 1915 - Dec. 13, 1942

Jesuit Gesu art of Loyola bearing the Jesuit Red Standard, this piece was taken out of view during the early 1900s shortly before the emergence of the various regimes bearing this basic flag

According to the Italian language version of Wlodimir Ledochowski’s bio:

“During the long period of this general, it strove to adapt the company to the needs of modern times”

Illustrations: Ledochowski and his 3 predecessors and successors

Facilitating the Continuing Counter Reformation

Steering the great nations to war, this last of the great Roman Generals had not only mastered diplomacy as described by O’Collins and Saussy, but as well increased governmental and media centralization, the former for carrying out new inquisitions, and the latter for conditioning the public to go along.

As Durant and others wrote, the Jesuit Order was always greatly concerned with how the public perceived things, hence the Jesuits early on adopted education as a main goal, and later involved themselves with infiltrating, manipulating and ultimately controlling newspapers and other things attracting broad public attention- all via increased centralization.

Notable are the rise of all of these red flag regimes just after the Jesuit’s hide away the artwork in their mother Gesu Church featuring Ignatius Loyola with the Jesuit standard of a red flag

Hence just look at the historical timelines within the U.S.:

The centralization of the money supply: 1913 establishment of US Federal Reserve.

The establishment of the US FBI

The establishment of the US National Income Tax

The continued consolidation of newspapers

The invention and popularization of radio (and subsequently TV)

The invention and popularization of motion pictures

Notable are the newspaper spins about Germany: anti 2nd Reich; anti-Kaiser; pro-3rd Reich; pro-Hitler.

1910s and 1930s English language newspapers and magazine attitudes towards Germany, which were negative towards the Kaiser’s (Lutheran-Prussian led) 2nd Reich, but favorable towards that of Hitler (Roman Catholic Austrian). Reading such materials on my own, in the library of the school I then attended – New Rochelle HS – in 11th grade during my free 2nd period, was an eye-opener of the mass media being most unworthy where it mattered.

Notable is the rise in anti-Jewish (anti-‘Semitic’) writings in newspapers following the end of WW1.

Notable are figures as ‘Father’ Coughlin; from Wikipedia:

“He was one of the first political leaders to use radio to reach a mass audience.

Notable are the number of motion pictures of a light type such as musicals.

Such movies, usually just thought of as a means of uplifting the masses from the drudgery of the great economic depression, would likewise serve to distract from the WW2 that was about to erupt.

Yet we had Gone With the Wind- about a great war culminating in some serious destruction targeted for some curved piece of land culminating in a tail?

South-eastern U.S. and the 1861-1865 Confederate States of America

'A' marks the location of Fort Caroline massacre of Protestants by Spanish Papists

Population Loss in Germany
during the 1618-1648 '30 Years War'

Protestant (Lutheran) area in pink targeted by the 1st and 2nd 30 Years War

(a set of events -- the U.S.- Confederate Civil War and the 2nd 30 Years War -- flanking Wlodimir Ledochowski’s life by months.)

And we had the Wizard of Oz- was this a sly hint about a little man behind the scenes pulling the strings?

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Eric Phelps and Douglas Willinger on Criminal Mercantilism Against Cannabis

Sellers of Cannabis ought to have their $$$ and property restored- statutes against MJ are criminal mercantilism
----- Original Message -----
From: Douglas Willinger
To: Eric Phelps
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 3:30 PM

The drug lords higher up are the adulterated-misbranded cigarette industries primarily located within Virginia.

BTW- what drugs were these victims supplying?

If only MJ, they ought to get ALL of their $$ back and the politicians should go to prison.

Douglas A. Willinger
Continuing Counter Reformation
Freedom of Medicine and Diet

Wed, May 12, 2010 3:34:35 PM
Eric Phelps
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To: Douglas Willinger


It was cocaine---for the Bush Crime Family working for the Pope!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Lost 'Palestinian' Jews

Forwarded by Barry Chamish:

The lost Palestinian Jews

According to amateur historian Tsvi Misinai, many Jews and Palestinians share not only DNA, but also customs and even names.

"We are of the same race and blood, and cooperation will bring great prosperity to the land," wrote Emir Faisal to Felix Frankfurter in 1917. Faisal was known for his affinity to the Zionists who had begun streaming to the Holy Land; in 1919, he signed a cooperation agreement with Chaim Weizmann, to whom he wrote that he was "mindful of the racial kinship and ancient bonds existing between the Arabs and the Jewish people."

But Faisal's proclamations of kinship with the Jews were more than lip service to a commonly held belief, says Tsvi Misinai, who knows perhaps more about the origins of the modern Palestinians than anyone. "Faisal's paternal line was Hashemite," he says, "meaning he was directly descended from Muhammad. But the mother of his maternal grandfather, King On, was descended from a family of forced Jewish converts to Islam that immigrated to the east bank of the Jordan, later returning to one of the villages west of the Jordan. Unlike today, when Faisal was growing up, his grandfather's mother's Jewish origin was known, and they made no great effort to hide it. And what was known to Faisal is known to many Palestinians today as well."

This is a story of what may be one of the best-kept secrets in history - one that could, in time, heal the terrible rift that has torn the Land of Israel asunder. After years of research, Misinai says that he can declare with certainty that nearly 90 percent of all Palestinians are descended from the Jews. "And what's more, about half of them know it," he says. Not only that, many Palestinians retain Jewish customs, including mourning rituals, lighting Shabbat or memorial candles and even wearing tefillin.

While the common wisdom among many Israelis is that the group that calls itself "Palestinian" is a motley collection of Arabs from various parts of the Middle East who immigrated to the Land of Israel following the employment opportunities provided by Jews, Misinai says that the vast majority of today's Palestinians are descended from the remnants of Jewish families who managed to avoid being deported over the past 2,000 years, or returned to their lands after they were exiled, as the Jews in the Holy Land suffered blow after blow - from the Roman destruction of the Temple to the Crusades to famine, poverty and war throughout the Middle Ages.

One thing many were unable to avoid, however, was converting to Islam - a forced conversion that never really "took," done more out of fear than conviction. Misinai has made it his mission to spread the word among Palestinians, giving them the opportunity to retrieve their lost heritage. And not just introduce them to their roots; according to Misinai, the reintegration of what he calls the "descendants of Israel" with the Jewish people is the best - perhaps the only - way to solve the seemingly endless Middle East crisis. Despite what some may be thinking,

Misinai is not a nut. In fact, he is a hi-tech entrepreneur, perhaps the first in Israel's history. While the kids from ICQ and Google were still in diapers, in the early 1980s Misinai was building Sapiens into a world-class application developer, focusing on the insurance industry. All those rule-based, object-oriented applications we use every day; it was Misinai who invented the concept, and the product, winning the Rothschild Award for industrial development in the field of software in 1992. Several years afterward, he retired from the hi-tech business to return to his first love - researching the history of the Land of Israel.

"I became interested in this area because of my father, who was a great collector of artifacts about the Land of Israel," he says, a hobby he has continued. But besides objects, Misinai collected stories - legends and folklore from the mouths of mukhtars, village elders throughout the land, attesting to the truth of his assertions. "There are large clans throughout the country, in the Hebron Hills, in Samaria and among the Negev Beduin, who know of their heritage and even have family trees that document their roots. Not only that; many of them have specifically Jewish customs, and their neighbors would call them 'the Jews,' even though they were technically as Muslim as anyone else."

Close to nine out of 10 Palestinians in the Land of Israel - Israel proper, Judea, Samaria and Gaza - have Jewish roots. In fact, he says, the percentage in Gaza is somewhat higher than 90 percent. Misinai is far from the first researcher to have stumbled upon this historical find. The first president of Israel, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, and the first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, wrote several books and articles on the subject.

In fact, Ben-Gurion believed so strongly in the idea that in 1956 he set up a task force headed by Moshe Dayan and Haim Levkov (the Palmah's "point man" among the Arabs of Israel, he worked with Yigal Allon to set up the Trackers' Unit, traditionally the domain of Negev Beduin), that was supposed to develop ways to "Judaize" the Beduin, teaching them something about modern Jewish life and tradition to integrate them with the Israeli people, ethnically if not religiously. The Beduin were willing enough, but the teachers who were supposed to live and work with them dropped out of the program because of the rough living conditions. In the end, Dayan convinced Ben-Gurion that the idea would upset "the Islamic world," and the program was dropped.

That's an important point, Misinai says. "I don't necessarily believe most, or even some, of the Palestinians would want to convert to Judaism, at least right now. Reintegrating them with the Jewish people does not necessarily require them to convert, and I imagine many of the rabbis would be reluctant to go ahead with such a program." Plus, he says, many Israelis of all stripes would be suspicious that the Palestinians were embracing their "Jewish identities" as a way of getting Israeli ID cards - to get National Insurance money, if not to carry out terror attacks.

IN HIS book, Brother Shall Not Lift Sword Against Brother, which discusses what he calls "the Engagement," Misinai foresees a gradual process of education and integration that could take 40 to 50 years, with immigration and natural growth among the Jews keeping the demographic balance in check. "It sounds like a long time, but we often forget that it's been 40 years since the Six Day War and the only 'progress' that we've made has been the Oslo process, which has turned out to be a tragedy for Israel and the Palestinians," Misinai says.

Besides, he says, many of the Palestinians might not have to convert anyway. "Many of the families in question know they are of Jewish origin, and they marry among themselves. Halachically there may be some questions, but I have consulted with rabbis who say they are resolvable. It would certainly be in line with historic Judaism, which in the past - during the Temple periods, for example - had more lax standards for accepting returnees.

For example, Jews who were idol worshipers during the First and Second Temple periods were not forced to convert back in order to be considered part of the people of Israel." Besides, he says, with most of the available spouses living in the land coming from Jewish backgrounds themselves, the opportunity to intermarry with someone of non-Jewish ancestry was low - far lower than the chances for such a marriage to take place in modern-day America or Russia, he says.

"Several Palestinians have gone through formal conversion, but I know of a number who have taken on Jewish practices - and who say they don't need to convert because they know they're already Jews." And the evidence for the Jewish ancestry of the Palestinians is persuasive - very persuasive, when all the information is taken into account. First, there are the names - not just place names, but family names. "Many villages here have names that are not Arabic, and very rarely appear in other Arab lands. Among such names are Kafr Yasif, Kafr Kana, Kafr Yatta, Kafr Manda, Kafr Samia, and many others," says Misinai.

Indeed, Ben-Zvi in his 1932 book The Peoples of Our Land wrote that west of the Jordan River, 277 villages and sites - nearly two-thirds! - had names that were similar to or the same as the Jewish settlements on the same sites during Second Temple times. That in itself, said Ben-Zvi in his book, is proof that the inhabitants of those villages were Jews who had remained after the destruction. "If in fact the Jewish settlements became inhabited by entirely different people, they would not have preserved the Hebrew names (which in fact, did occur in most of those settlements where the population did change, such as in the eastern part of the Jordan).

Such is not the case in western land of Israel where the old Hebrew names are preserved, which proves the continuity of settlement in this place," he wrote. It's not just place names; many Palestinians have Hebrew-derived family names as well, reflecting their origins, says Misinai. Already in the 1860s, "Colonel Condor of the Institute for Israel Research found biblical names among Palestinian fellahin [peasants]. Many of these names have no root in the Arabic lexicon. Large, distinguished families from various parts of the country carry Hebrew names or Jewish family names."

Among the surnames of some of the larger clans are the Abu Khatsiras, who control much of the fishing in Gaza; Elbaz, a family of Jews who immigrated from Morocco; Abulafia, the family with the famous Jaffa bakery which is descended from the 13th-century Spanish kabbalist Rabbi Abraham Abulafia; the Almogs of Jenin; the Dawouda (Davids) of Hebron; and even, believe it or not, 4,000 forced converts to Islam named Cohen living in Jordan.

Not only that: The Palestinian dialect of Arabic contains many terms and words not found in "standard" Arabic - the result of the integration of Hebrew and Aramaic into the Arabic they were forced to learn after the various Arab and Turkish conquests. Israel Belkind, one of the organizers of the Bilu movement, who researched the roots of the Palestinians during the 1890s, wrote that "it was already proven by Major Condor, in his research on the land of Israel, that the 'Arabs' of the Land of Israel had spoken Aramaic in the days of the Crusades, the language spoken by the Jews until the Arab conquest - meaning that these Aramaic-speaking 'Arabs' were actually Jews themselves."

In fact, Misinai says, Aramaic was still the lingua franca among some villagers not too long ago. "In 1974, the settlers who established the modern Ofra were astounded to find that the residents of the village on the ancient biblical site of Ofra - called Tybiba - were Christians who spoke Aramaic."

While many gentiles converted to Christianity in the religion's early days, they would most likely be Greek speakers; any group that spoke Aramaic is far more likely to have Jewish roots. Many Jewish customs have survived among the Palestinians as well, Misinai says. "In Islam, parents are required to have their sons circumcised by the age of 13. While in many Islamic countries the custom is to wait several years, among Palestinians many perform the ritual a week after their son is born - meaning on the eighth day," he says.

Other customs include sitting seven days for deceased loved ones instead of just three (a custom, Misinai says, that has fallen by the wayside since the first intifada), lighting memorial candles for the dead (a custom found nowhere in the Muslim world), lighting Shabbat candles and practicing levirate marriage - the practice of having a brother marry his deceased sibling's wife under certain circumstances. That's a widespread practice among the Beduin, says Misinai, and in fact "much of the legal code of the Beduin is remarkably similar to many laws in the Torah and the Mishna."

In addition, several Palestinian families own ancient hanukkiot, which they used in mid-winter - around Hanukka. YEHUDA BOORLA described in his book Be'ein Kochav (about his service as an officer in the Turkish army during World War I) interesting information about an Arab attendant from the Land of Israel who accompanied him. One section of the book describes a "moment of discovery" on the part of the attendant. Upon hearing the author speak about the Islamic custom of cutting off the breasts of Jewish women, the Arab attendant realized that his mother, who suffered from the same deformity, was in reality Jewish. Until today, elderly Palestinians in Jordan who moved there from west of the river tell of this tradition, says Misinai. "They say that this was done in cases where Muslim men married Jewish women, so that the Jewish women would not be able to breast-feed and their children would not take in the milk of their Jewish mothers. Thus the children would not be thought to be Jewish."

One of the most curious of the Jewish customs that were once widespread among the Palestinians was the putting on of tefillin - usually done by someone who was ill, especially by those suffering from headaches. The rare tefillin were wrapped in cloth (to preserve them, says Misinai). When a sick person needed "treatment," they would place the tefillin box (which houses the scroll) on the middle of the ill person's forehead and wrap the connected fabric straps around his head. With the use of a key, an assistant would tighten the strap, thereby creating pressure around the head. The heightened pressure increased the headache pain - so when the tefillin was removed, it seemed as if the victim's original pain had decreased, if not disappeared completely. "Other than among a few people, the true meaning of the tefillin was lost," says Misinai.

Food, too, is high on the agenda of these lost Jews. Many Beduin refrain from eating camel and other nonkosher animals, and around Pessah time, many Palestinians find themselves with a yen for matza. "In the region around Bethlehem, there is a high demand for matza during Pessah. When trucks delivering matza pass through, the customers crowd the trucks, taking the boxes right off the trucks even before unloading and bringing them into the store."

The same story repeats itself in Nazareth and Shfaram, where residents make special trips to Upper Nazareth to buy matza. "Possibly they do this because they like matza, but given the other testimonies about these people, it's more logical to say that, at least in origin, the demand for matza during the start of the spring has more to do with religious custom than a recurring heightened seasonal desire for dry crackers," says Misinai.

And while all the anecdotal evidence cited could be the result of historical confusion or some other factor, the one thing that cannot be falsified is the genetic record - which overwhelmingly proves the closeness of traditional Jews and Palestinians, says Misinai. "In 2001, Human Immunology magazine published a genetic study conducted by Prof. Antonio Arnez-Vilna, a Spanish researcher from the University of Complutense in Madrid, who discovered that the immune systems of the Jews and the Palestinians are extremely close to one another in a way that almost absolutely demonstrates a similar genetic identity. Following the publication of the article, the magazine instructed readers to destroy it due to the fact that the author had inserted political opinions into the article," Misinai says, adding that no allegations of falsified data were ever made.

OTHER STUDIES, including a 2002 test by Tel Aviv University researchers, determined that only two groups in the world - Ashkenazi Jews and Palestinians - were genetically susceptible to an inherited deafness syndrome. All the studies he cites in his book, says Misinai, show that "the Palestinians are genetically much closer to Ashkenazi Jews than they are to the Arabs." The findings, by the way, also should dispel once and for all the canard that Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the Central Asian Khazars, and not from the population of the Land of Israel.

If "secret Judaism" is as widespread among Palestinians as Misinai says, why are so many so opposed to Jewish settlement here? Because the issue has been "hijacked" by groups - the leadership of the Arab world, and Palestinians who have forgotten their Jewish roots. For this reason, most of the youth are not told about their origins until later on - when they have learned the art of obfuscation, balancing multiple identities to ensure their survival.

It should be noted not all Palestinians hate Israel, Misinai points out; in 1982, for example, the leaders of Bidya in Samaria offered to enlist in the IDF in the First Lebanon War to fight the PLO. "The Jewish origin of many of Bidya's clans is a well-known fact, even today," says Misinai. But still, there's no denying that many Palestinians would like to see the Jews just disappear. And there are several reasons for that, says Misinai, the "loss of memory" among many Palestinians who now see the Jews as a "competitive other," and fear of radicals and terrorists among those who would otherwise feel affinity for Jews - as they undertake terrorist acts to throw off suspicion that they are "collaborators."

In his book, Misinai painstakingly describes the origins of the Palestinians, who he says are made up chiefly of two groups: Jews who lived in the mountain regions of Judea and Samaria, who were able to maintain their Jewish identities for hundreds of years before being forced to make a choice between exile and conversion to Islam; and members of the ancient nations of Edom and Moab, who were converted to Judaism en masse at least twice.

The two groups, whom Misinai calls respectively the "descendants of Israel" and the "brethren of Israel," are the chief components of what we today call the Palestinians, with the addition of a smattering of Arabs (barely a few percent), Samaritans (who maintain their own distinct religious identity), descendants of the soldiers who served in the occupying Roman army after the destruction of the Second Temple and even some survivors of the ancient Canaanite and Philistine nations - "idol worshipers who can be found in Gaza and in the village of Jisr a-Zarka, near Haifa," says Misinai.

The collective memory of the mountain people was better than that of the "brethren of Israel," who eventually settled in the lowlands and coast from where most of the Jewish refugees originated; most of these people forgot their Jewish roots, and they comprise the bulk of refugees who fled Israel in 1948. And, Misinai says, they're the ones who are most active in terror activities. It's this group that participated most actively in the intifada, with their objective to return to the lands they abandoned in 1948 (which they themselves occupied only about 100 years before, as they settled near areas were Jews had built towns and cities to get work).

In essence, though, the brethren have now returned to their ancestral homeland east of the Jordan. Which leaves the "descendants" the major component of the Palestinian population on the west side of the Jordan. And it's these people, Misinai believes, that Israel can - and must - work with to resolve the Palestinian issue. Not by creating a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, but by offering the "mountain people" the opportunity to reconnect with their roots - with the Jewish people and with the modern State of Israel.

"It sounds impractical, but Zionism always was impractical. And yet it succeeded," says Misinai. But the Palestinian problem has thrown Zionism out of kilter. Nobody, despite reluctance to go through another partition, is interested in being an "occupier." But Israel's reintegration - Engagement, as Misinai puts it - of the Palestinians with the Jewish people would allow Zionism to renew its roots, and complete the task of 0building the modern Israeli nation.

"There are lots of reasons why this would work," says Misinai. "The fact that most Palestinians consider themselves Muslim is not an issue, because most of the Palestinians are not particularly religious Muslims. Until recent decades, there were few mosques relative to population outside Jerusalem. It was King Hussein, and later the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs, that prompted much of the mosque building in recent years. Bidya, for example, only had one mosque for 25,000 residents until recently."

In his writings, Ben-Zvi cited an interesting phenomenon that he observed. "When the Palestinian peasant swears in the name of the prophet Muhammad, the oath is not taken seriously. But if he goes to the grave of a holy person of the village or of the surrounding area and swears there, we may completely rely on his oath." THE PALESTINIANS' veneration of the Jewish prophets, their preservation of the grave sites of the Jewish patriarchs, and their embrace even of Jewish rituals (Ben-Zvi cites witnesses who recounted Palestinians and Beduin coming to dance at the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai in Meron on Lag Ba'omer) indicates that the "Musta'abari [secret Jews] spirit" is still alive and that if offered the possibility of being not so religious Muslims or not so religious Jews, the majority would opt for the latter.

This is where the state has a major role to play, Misinai says. "Most Palestinians are loyal above all to their families, then to their clans, then to those in position of power and only at the end to their religion and people. A strong State of Israel, confident in its direction and its just cause, can successfully execute the Engagement plan."

One reason Palestinians have kept their Jewish roots secret for so long - despite the desire of many to come out of the Islamic closet - is because of their fear of the bully elements in the Palestinian and Arab leadership, the same groups that perpetuate the misery of Israeli Jews and descendants of Israel. "Many of the descendants' families are forced to prove their loyalty to the 'cause' on pain of death," says Misinai. "For example, many families name one of their children Jihad to 'prove' their credentials as loyal fighters against the Jews."

If the state were to offer them an alternative, however, Misinai says many would find the courage to break out of their old patterns and embrace their true heritage. It's not at all about conversion, he says, more about developing a cultural affinity and a single national group. But, he says, it's likely that a large number would want to convert anyway. Even if many Palestinians prefer not to join the Jewish people, the fact that many would be willing would set the tone.

For similar reasons Israeli Jews, since the days of Ben-Zvi and Ben-Gurion, have shunted aside the clear evidence of the Jewish background of the Palestinians. "After the Holocaust, the issue was set aside, as the Yishuv had more pressing matters, besides the obvious issues of language and lifestyle that separated Jews and Palestinians, not to mention the suffering inflicted by the various uprisings and pogroms conducted against the Yishuv. And the arrival of Jews from Eastern countries who had just been booted out of their homes by Muslims, whom they didn't trust, only exacerbated the divisions."

But now, 60 years later, with the seemingly intractable issue of two nations laying the same ancestral claim to the same piece of land, it is time to revisit the past to build the future. In the end, Misinai says, the reintegration of the Palestinians with the Jewish people is the best - and only - solution. "We've been down the path of partition, defensive war and what the world calls occupation. Nothing has worked. The world is getting very tired of our bickering, and is pushing to implement a solution - any solution. So far, the only solutions are the ones that have failed, but here is some new, fresh thinking, that many Jews and Palestinians would accept. And if we accept it, so will the nations of the world."

Misinai's Engagement would unite the "two kingdoms of Israel" described by the prophet Ezekiel. "The Jews who went into exile held onto their culture, beliefs and religion, while those that remained behind held as long as they could to the Land of Israel. Both loves - love of Torah and love of land - come from the same wellsprings. It's time to repair the historic damage done by our enemies, the Romans, and reunite our people."