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Ted Kennedy Misguided Letter to Pope Benedict

Loyalty to the institution that murdered his brother
Kennedy's Emotional Plea to Pope

Saturday, August 29th 2009, 11:29 PM

In his final months, Sen. Edward Kennedy penned a letter to Pope Benedict embracing his faith, searching for redemption - and admitting his human frailties with unusual directness.

It was part epitaph for a life of distinction, but also a confession that scandal and excess punctuated his life. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick read this excerpt at Kennedy's graveside last night:

Most Holy Father, I asked President Obama to personally hand deliver this letter to you. As a man of deep faith himself, he understands how important my Roman Catholic faith is to me, and I am so deeply grateful to him.

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I pray that you have all of God's blessings as you lead our church, and inspire our world during these challenging times.

I am writing with deep humility to ask that you pray for me as my own health declines. I was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago, and although I continue treatment, the disease is taking its toll on me. I'm 77 years old and preparing for the next passage of life.

I have been blessed to be part of a wonderful family. And both of my parents, particularly my mother, kept our Catholic faith at the center of our lives.

That gift of faith has sustained and nurtured and provides solace to me in the darkest hours.

I know that I have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my faith I have tried to right my path.

I want you to know, your Holiness, that in my nearly 50 years of elective office, I have done my best to champion the rights of the poor and open doors of economic opportunity. I have worked to welcome the immigrant, to fight discrimination, and expand access to health care and education. I've opposed the death penalty and fought to end war. Those are the issues that have motivated me and have been the focus of my work as a United States senator.

I also want you to know that even though I am ill, I'm committed to do everything I can to achieve access to health care for everyone in my country. This has been the political cause of my life. I believe in a conscience protection for Catholics in the health field, and I will continue to advocate for it as my colleagues in the Senate and I work to develop an overall national health policy that guarantees health care for everyone.

I have always tried to be a faithful Catholic your holiness and though I have fallen short through human failings, I've never failed to believe and respect the fundamental teachings of my faith. I continue to pray for God's blessings on you and on your church, and would be most thankful for your prayers for me.

An account from the Vatican of the pope's response, according to McCarrick:

"The Holy Father has the letter which you entrusted to President Barack Obama, who kindly presented it to him during their recent meeting. He was saddened to know of your illness, and asked me to assure you of his concern and his spiritual closeness. He is particularly grateful for your promise of prayers for him and for the needs of our universal church.

"His Holiness prays that in the days ahead you may be sustained in faith and hope, and granted the precious grace of joyful surrender to the will of God, our merciful Father. He invokes upon you the consolation and peace promised by the Risen Savior to all who share in His sufferings and trust in His promise of eternal life.

"Commending you and the members of your family to the loving intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Father cordially imparts his Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of wisdom, comfort and strength in the Lord."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ted Kennedy Funeral Further Damages Romish Credibility


(From the left, (literally) Cardinal Mahony, Senator Ted Kennedy, Cardinal McCarrick, and Senator Harry Reid,

lobbying for the civil rights of illegal immigrants)

From Human Events:

Kennedy's Funeral Further Damages the Church's Credibility
There is much truth to the adage that many of our wounds are self inflicted. This has been especially true for the Catholic Church in the United States and the Archdiocese of Boston in particular. Recall that the clergy sex abuse scandal first came to light there because of their egregious nature and the laxity of the then Archbishop Bernard Cardinal Law in handling them. According to statistics the Church is still reeling from the aftershocks.

On Wednesday the Church further diminished her credibility when it was announced that a Mass of Christian Burial would be celebrated for Senator Edward M. Kennedy at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica. It was also announced that President Barack Obama would be the eulogist.

Senator Kennedy, along with President Obama have been the most pro-abortion and pro-embryonic stem cell research politicians in the nation. As a matter of fact, Senator Kennedy refused to vote for Supreme Court nominees Robert Bork and Samuel Alito for fear their appointment might lead to overturning Roe v. Wade. These positions are inimical to Catholic Church teaching and throughout the years, the American hierarchy has railed against Catholic politicians such as Kennedy who hold such views. Some bishops have even advised them not to receive Holy Communion -- an action just short of excommunication.

In recent days the spin-doctors have done their best to portray Senator Kennedy as a devout Catholic. Stories of his visits to church in order to pray for his ailing daughter Kara, a cancer survivor, and reports of his personal religiosity have been widely circulated. The media has also noted numerous visits by priests to the Kennedys’ home during his illness for the administration of the sacraments, presumably including confession and even the celebration of a private Mass in Kennedys’ living room. There is no report, however, of repudiation of his voting record or sorrow for his obstinate refusal to adhere to Catholic morality on two of the most important life issues. An important part of the Sacrament of Penance, along with sorrow for sin, is to try to repair the damages that our sins have caused. Certainly, enough time had elapsed between the diagnosis of the Senator’s terminal illness and his death for him to make amends and to alleviate some of the scandal. Yet, there is no indication that this has happened.

A Mass of Christian Burial is a privilege -- not a right. It is for those who have lived a Christian life. Senator Kennedy’s scandalous disregard of his Church’s teaching and the destruction of human life that may be attributed to his voting record make his funeral celebration quite dubious. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to evil… and that it takes on a particular gravity by reason of the authority of those who cause it”(n. 2284-85). For such a person the Code of Canon Law says, “Church funeral rites are to be denied to the following (unless they gave some sign of repentance before death): manifest sinners to whom a Church funeral could not be granted without public scandal to the faithful” (c. 1184.3). How many Catholics have been led astray by Senator Kennedy and other prominent pro-choice Catholics? And, finally, how many other Catholic politicians will be emboldened to emulate his behavior because the honor the Church is extending to him?

Some will argue that the Church, by its very nature, always gives the benefit of the doubt to the sinner. Yet, even such an act of charity calls for a pastoral solution so as not to mislead others and cause greater harm. In this case, a subdued funeral service should be offered for the repose of Senator Kennedy’s soul. It should be made clear that, as it is the purpose of every Catholic funeral, the Mass is being celebrated to beg God’s mercy for the deceased. But, then even this solution would be meaningless when the nation’s most pro-choice president ever is permitted to eulogize his ideological soul mate in the Church’s sanctuary. Imagine the accolades that will be lavished on the Senator Kennedy’s character and career!

The Church’s credibility has once again been undermined by the hierarchy of the Church in Boston. This scandal is even bigger than the one enabled by Cardinal Law because of its bad message and long ranging implications.

Rev. Orsi is a Research Fellow in Law and Religion at Ave Maria School of Law.

Ted Kennedy Dies with Priest at Side

Was youngest brother of slain US President John F. Kennedy

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Pink Floyd's Back and to the Left

Chigi Chapel, Rome Italy

Back and to the Left


I very much like the music of Pink Floyd, but having mused upon the two pieces of cover art for their 1973 album "The Dark Side of the Moon" with its illuminted pyramid symbolism, noting that one of their members was Nick Mason (their drummer) & that he, Roger Waters & Richard Wright had been architectural students, it started a process of consideration of associations. From contemplating the Masonic symbolism of the illuminated triangle & its use deriving from Roman Catholic esoteric iconography - as utilised by the Jesuits, through to the consideration of the fact that the Apollo Moon Mission was a Scottish Rite Masonic ritualistic operation from start to finish.

But let's let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

- TS

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*The Dark Side of the Moon - cover
* The Dark Side of the Moon - 30th anniversary SACD cover
* Apollo Mission Control Screenshot - Illuminated Pyramid Side
* Eye of Providence/All Seeing Eye - reverse of the Great Seal of the United States - US $1 bill
* Original MI5 logo - All Seeing Eye
* Supreme Council Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Sothern Jurisdiction USA
* Scottish Rite medallion 1 - celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Moon landing - OUR flag is on the moon - shows Buzz Aldrin holding the Scottish Rite flag
* Scottish Rite medallion 2 - celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Moon landing
* Main Library of the Supreme Council 33° of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, S.J. (Southern Jurisdiction or Society of Jesus/Jesuits?), U.S.A., the Mother Supreme Council of the World, Washington D.C. - dedicated to General Albert Pike
* All Seeing Eye - Masonic Coin Commemorative
* All Seeing Eye - Negative
* All Seeing Eye - MASON
* Jesuit Illuminated IHS Above Illuminated Triangle 2
* Jesuit Illuminated IHS Above Illuminated Triangle - Gesu
* Pink Floyd's Nick Mason - 1970's
* Pink Floyd's Nick Mason - Race Driver
* Pink Floyd's Nick Mason - Sigma 6 - With Roger Waters - Two of PF's Three 1960's Architectural Students
* Illuminated Eye in Illuminated Triangle - GAOTU - Hastings Old Town - AD 1843
* GAOTU - Great Architect of the Universe
* Great Architect of the Universe over the doorway to 30 Rock Manhattan
* Crowley - Illuminated Triangle & Pentagram
* Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) Logo
* Sovereign Sanctury 33-95° Ancient & Primitive Rite - Grand Lodge of Osiris AKA Disciples of Memphis - Memphis & Mizraim - Winged Kneph
* St Joseph's Hospital - PHOENIX Arizona
* Stained Glass Windows of the District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago - Singapore
* Illuminated Triangle with Masonic G
* Louvre Pyramid - IM Pei
* Canary Wharf Tower Pyramid/Obelisk - London
* Masonic Alter Roundabout Israel 1 - Nighttime
* Masonic Alter Rounabout Israel 2 - Daytime - Eilat
* 1808 Masonic medal obverse - Lodge of United Hearts founded 1766 05 07 - Pentagram - G - Square & Compass - Paris
* 1808 Masonic medal reverse - Lodge of United Hearts founded 1766 05 07
* Masonic Illuminated Eye in Triangle - G - Handshake - Square & Compass
* Inverted Pentagram & Sideways Square & Compass - Washington DC
* MASON - ARLTO - anagrams - Arlington CIA - Charleston AASR
* Alan Moore - Writer - High Level OTO - Pyramid Head & Arms Kundalini Light Sphere