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Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's "Final Solution" cited by EICHMANN 1961

See lables "Wlodimir Ledochowski" and "Kulterkampf Revenge"

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Plausible Childhood Revenge Vow to Destroy Prussia

According to Michael Todd Lehman

Adolf Eichmann's confession of the Final Solution Papal Decree against European Jews and Orthodox Serbs

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Subject: Re: Announcing "Continuing Counter Reformation"/Adolf Eichmann's confession of the "Final Solution Papal Decree against European Jews and Orthodox Serbs" Former United Nations General Kurt Waldheim was an SS Operative in Yugoslavia under Wermacht division, friend of Governor Schwarzenegger, both Austrian!!

Dear Eric,

Let IT be KNOWN! That @ Adolf Eichmann's trial in Israel in 1961, Eichmann clearly stated that both he and Reinhard Heydrich were answerable to the PopeS (White Pope-Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli and the Black Popes-Jesuit General Wvladimir Ledochowski S.J. a Polish Jesuit) for the "Final Solution decree of the Vatican Third Reich of Europe using Four Roman Catholic Dictators Hitler,Pavelic,Mussolini and Franco!

On December 7th 1941 (Pearl Harbor)the Nazi Catholic Stormtrooper SS began GAS VAN OPERATIONS in Lodz and Chelmno regions of Poland, Jews were herded into Catholic Church in Chelmno until the next morning the hundreds of GAS VANS arrived escorting the Jews from the Roman Church directly into the GAS VANS once the measured drive to the remote forests the Jews were dead via carbon monoxide!! (source: "Shoah" documentary, Claude Lanzmann)

cordially, Michael Todd Lehman

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