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Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Death Timing

Wlodimir Ledochowski died on December 13, 1942, immediately after the tide of the war changed.
Died. The Very Rev. Wlodimir Ledochowski, 76, for 27 years the "Black Pope" (Superior General of the Society of Jesus) ; in his cell at Jesuit headquarters in Rome. One of the four longest-ruling world leaders of the Jesuits in the order's 400-year history, he was its greatest modern rebuilder, raised the number of provinces from 27 to 50, increased the 17,000 members by 10,000.

Time Magazine 1942

Battle lines at Stalingrad: November 19, December 12, December 24, 1942

I have seen internet speculation that he was poisoned.

If he was poisoned, that timing may suggest the culprit[s] being pro-3rd Reich Jesuits who wanted Germany to win, upon finding that Wlodimir Ledochowski had raised up the 3rd Reich to lose.

Was this perhaps something that Wlodimir Ledochowski admitted to his assassin[s] directly shortly before his death?

1942 obituary in The New York Times

Wlodimir Ledochowski's 1914 Job Opening Circumstances


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did you note? After I used again in my new message the image of the Stalingrad battle, it disappeared from my and your blogs....

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Saturday, December 26, 2009
Voice of Berlus-Osiris from the Underworld praising the 67th anniversary

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Local Amber Path South hour about 14:20

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Please Doug, can you enlight me about such strange facts? I tried to find other pics about Stalingrad's battle, and I found one of them. Go to the sequent blog:
BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD: The most brutal fighting; it turned the tide against Nazi Germany

you not a pic of Stalingrad with a very interesting script: "Nach Stalingrad! 13 Km".

Wow! Ledochowsky present also among the German troops?

so I tried to save the pic but it is impossible. I can't save it like an image (JPG, etc.), only like a web page. For the other pics there are no problems. For example I saved the pic above "This was the welcome the advancing German army got as they advanced into Russia" as a normal JPG pic. But it doens't work for the one realted to the topic "Ledochowsky-Staligrad-n.13"

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Because as I am writing the comment they read it in real time!!!

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So it is not strange that on 24th January there's the issue of the messageò on the communication day:

The month before, on 24th dec. Benedict XVI was toppled:

.... by a woman allusively dressed in RED, like the RED Army of S.J. J-osip S-talin.
RED like that flag carried by LOYOLA in the near JESUIT CHURCH of Piazza del Gesù.

24th january follows the 23 january:
The Germans inside the pocket retreated from the suburbs of Stalingrad to the city itself. The loss of the two airfields, at Pitomnik on 16 January 1943 and Gumrak on either 25 January[4]:p96-97 or the night of 21/22 January,[40] meant an end to air supplies and to the evacuation of the wounded.[41] The third and last serviceable runway was at the Stalingradskaja flight school, which reportedly had the last landings and takeoffs on the night of 22–23 January.[22] After daybreak on 23 January, there were no more reported landings except for continuous air drops of ammunition and food until the end.

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Very intriguing this stuff... but feel little embarrassment in to enter in American history... but consider this... if we admit that SJ Ledochowsky died as result of poisoning by Jesuit fraction which wanted the victory of Hitler's Germany, all may be linked with the suppression of SJ Coughlin's preaches in USA... I have this hypothesis: SJ Coughlin was a bait in to make believe that Hitler's Germany would be victorious and it would have triggered a Fascist regime in USA of which SJ Coughlin had to be the future 'leader' as SJ Korosec in monarchic-fascist Yugoslavia, and SJ Tiso in Slovakia.... I believe SJ Coughlin was a false hope purposely created in order to deceive and to hide the programmed German catastrophe... Well,.. SIX MONTHS before Stalingrad SJ Ledochowsky starts to suppress SJ Coughlin as "no more useful"... but (hypothesis) the opposite fraction of Jesuits (and of course other groups)who believed in the victory of Hitler starts to smell something and decide to act poisoning SJ Ledochowsky... of course mine is only an hypothesis, to the author of this excellent blog the last word about...