Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We Can Relax Now....

Continuing Counter Reformation readership down in the months following the ascent of Pope Francis S.J. 

What was 3,330 - 4,100 monthly for about 5 years, in visits tumbled to some 1,400 monthly.

It's like, here we have a new Pope that makes these strategic showcasing of humility -- e.g. kissing feet and eschewing some luxury, not using a Papal apartment while getting a few priests to sell their luxury automobiles -- means that we have some sort of new 'reformist' Vatican.  Never-mind the silence on anything significant economically, particularly Francis S.J.'s tipping his hand with his support of the drug war-pharmacratic inquisition.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

What A Circus!

Fake Protestant Jesuitical Racist Subversion

The Unhived Mind CENSORS pro Geneva Bible researcher

The Unhived Mind CENSORED by pro ban an entire library to stop a few books types

'Spiritually Smart' Thomas Richards Playing Obtuse 
About Vatican Control of Washington D.C. Planning

About Thomas Richards Anti Marijuana Disfo

A Story that none of these Fake Protestants dare show any interest

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And Some Telling Indicators of Internet Dynamics