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Pope Backs Holocaust Denier Bishop

Dismay as Pope welcomes back Holocaust bishop Richard Williamson

Pope Benedict XVI’s rehabilitation of a British bishop who denies that millions of Jews died in Nazi gas chambers has alarmed Catholics who fear it risks dealing a fatal blow to the inter-faith dialogue promoted by his predecessor.

Over the weekend the Pope issued a decree welcoming back into the Roman Catholic Church Richard Williamson, 68, and three other breakaway bishops excommunicated by John Paul II in 1988. The bishops had been ordained without Vatican permission by the renegade French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who rejected the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

The Vatican decree referred to the need to overcome the “scandal of divisiveness” and seek reconciliation and “full communion” with Lefebvre’s order, the ultra-conservative Society or Fraternity of St Pius X. It lifted the excommunication not only of Bishop Williamson, rector of the Seminary of Our Lady Co-Redemptrix in La Reja, Argentina, but also of Bernard Fellay, the leader of the order, Alfonso de Gallareta, and Tissier de Mallerais.

Renzo Gattegna, head of the Union of Jewish Communities in Italy, said the rehabilitation of Bishop Williamson was “terrible not only for Jewish people but for the whole of humanity”. He said that Italian Jews would refuse to take part in joint prayers with Christians on Tuesday marking Holocaust Day, known in Italy as “The Day of Memory”.

Some Vatican officials are also saying privately that although the Pope’s stated aim was to unite the Church by bringing the rebels back into the fold, his move would have the opposite effect. “The Church will pay a price for this” one Vatican prelate said. “The Pope is undermining the legacy of John Paul II.”

Benedict’s actions are also reviving his old nickname when he was Cardinal Ratzinger — that of the “Panzerkardinal”, known for his hardline conservatism as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

“This is not so much an act of grace as a surrender,” the veteran Vatican watcher Marco Politi said. Benedict wanted a new era of reconciliation, “but the new era has begun with a lie. The Pope has made a openly declared and unshakeable anti-Semite a legitimate Bishop”.

Lefebvre, who died in 1991, had set up “a fanatical and reactionary counter-Church which openly contested, repudiated and defamed all the crucial points of Vatican II, from respect for the Jews to modernisation of the liturgy”. There are an estimated 500 Lefebvris bishops and 600,000 followers worldwide.

Gianni Gennari, a theologian and contributor to the Italian Catholic daily Avvenire, said it was “shameful that the lifting of the excommunications was not accompanied by any repentance whatever on the part of the Lefebvrists”.

Bishop Williamson, who has said that the Vatican is controlled by Satan and that the Jews are bent on world domination, reiterated in a broadcast last week on Swedish television that the historical evidence was “hugely against six million having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler. I believe there were no gas chambers”.

He added: “I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps, but none of them by gas chambers.”

Prosecutors in Regensburg in Germany, where the interview took place — and where the Pope once studied and taught — have opened an inquiry. Holocaust denial is an offence under German law.

Father Federico Lombardi, the papal spokesman, insisted the lifting of the excommunications had “absolutely nothing to do” with Williamson’s views on the Holocaust. “One is not connected to the other,” he said. Vatican Radio said Williamson’s statements had been condemned by other members of the St Pius X fraternity.

This month Elia Enrico Richetti, the chief rabbi of Venice, said Jews had been deeply offended by the reintroduction by the Pope in March of a Good Friday Latin prayer for the conversion of the Jews as part of the revived Tridentine Mass. “We are moving toward the cancellation of 50 years of Church history” the rabbi said.

Other Catholic-Jewish tensions include plans by the Pope to beatify Pius XII, the wartime pontiff accused by critics of failing to speak out in defence of Jews. The Vatican insists that Pius helped the Jews while avoiding public statements that would have made matters worse, and has demanded the removal of a plaque attacking him at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem.

The Pope has twice visited synagogues, in the US and his native Germany, and sought to make amends with the Islamic world after a speech at Regensburg two years ago in which he appeared to suggest that Islam was inherently violent and irrational. However, he recently declared that inter-religious dialogue “in the strict sense of the word” between Christians, Jews and Muslims was “not possible”.

Accompanying this Holocaust denial is that of other aspects of what would correctly be term the Holocaust of Wlodimir Ledochowski's, such as the clerical-fascist Utashe Croatia, and the eastern European 'cleansing' of liberal catholics and eastern orthodox upon a war with a planned culmination with the rape and destruction of Protestant Eastern Germany - Prussia, perhaps from a childhood revenge vow.

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Pope Benedict Move Ignites Holocaust row

From The UnHived Mind, posted by Avles:


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What a strange coincidence, Lombardi as the Italian region with the city of Milan and its Islamic demonstration in front of the cathedral, ....

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.....and Federico, like the Frederick Barbarossa defeated by the papal league at Legnano, in Lombardia....

In the Middle Ages, Legnano was scene of defeat of Emperor
Frederick I by the
Lombard League in 1176. See Battle of Legnano.....

And of course the Lombard section of the false anti-Muslims and occult true Nazi Islamic secessionist North League party ....(Jan 14 2009, 07:29 PM)

.... is named: Lombard League/Lega Lombarda:

user posted image

Anyway, the news of today:

Page last updated at 18:19 GMT, Saturday, 24 January 2009

Pope move ignites Holocaust row

The Pope has lifted the excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church of four bishops appointed by a breakaway archbishop more than 20 years ago.

One of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's appointees, Briton Richard Williamson, outraged Jews by saying the Nazi gas chambers did not exist.

Two of the other three appointees are French while the fourth is Argentinean.

Israel's envoy to the Vatican said the papal decision would "cast a shadow on relations with Jews".

"We have no intention of interfering in the internal workings of the Catholic Church, however, the eagerness to bring a Holocaust denier back into the Church will cast a shadow on relations between Jews and the Catholic Church," Mordechai Lewy told Reuters news agency.

Lefebvre, who died in 1991, rebelled against liberal reforms in the Church, such as the end of the Latin Mass.

He opposed replacing the traditional Mass with services in national languages.

The Vatican said the excommunications had been lifted after the bishops affirmed their willingness to accept Church teachings and papal authority.

'No gas chambers'

Relations between the Vatican and representatives of the Jewish faith have been strained throughout much of the Church's recent history, especially because of Pope Pius's passive stance towards the Holocaust in World War II, the BBC's Greg Morsbach reports.

The latest move by Pope Benedict is likely to add to those strains.

Bishop Richard Williamson recently told Swedish TV: "I believe there were no gas chambers. I think that two to three hundred thousand Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps but none of them by gas chambers."

The Vatican has distanced itself from those remarks.

But its spokesman, Rev Federico Lombardi, still stood by the decision to rehabilitate Bishop Williamson and the others.

"This act regards the lifting of the excommunications, period," he told reporters.

"It has nothing to do with the personal opinions of a person, which are open to criticism, but are not pertinent to this decree."

Reverend Federico Lombardi, SJ (born 1942 (age 66–67)) is an Italian Roman Catholic priest and the current director of the Vatican Press Office.

Lombardi was born near Turin, and was trained in mathematics and studied theology in Germany. He became a Jesuit priest in 1972, and then worked for the influential Jesuit-run magazine, La Civiltà Cattolica, and served as superior of the Jesuits' Italian province.[1]
Lombardi's appointment to the Vatican Press Office merged with it the leadership of Vatican Radio and Vatican Television Center as well, as he continues to hold those directorships.[1]


Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-roman-catholic and Anti-islamic isolationist


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Caroline Kennedy Bows to Criminal Apostate Shadow Government

Vatican intimidation?

Caroline Kennedy, only other child of Jacqueline Bouvier Auchincloss Kennedy Onassis, found out about her brother's plans to run for President instead of U.S. Senate. She insisted that other members of the Kennedy family impress upon brother John, Jr. the danger of a Kennedy running for the high post of President. Caroline believed that her father, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated by a high-level cabal as was her uncle Robert F. Kennedy. Further, she understood that uncle Edward Kennedy was one of the few survivors of a June, 1964 assassination attempt by way of a sabotaged plane crash.Like her mother, Caroline did not trust the U.S. Secret Service to protect her brother as a would-be presidential candidate. Jackie had married Onassis to be out of the country with her children protected by the ship tycoon swindler's private army in or near Greece.
JFK Jr - What Happened to America's Golden Boy
by Sherman Skolnick
“I informed Gov. Paterson today that for personal reasons I am withdrawing my name from consideration for the United States Senate.”
Caroline Kennedy statement January 21, 2009
Daughter of assassinated US President JFK bows to the 'back and to the left' forces that killed her father (and brother) by ending bid for N.Y. U.S. Senate seat promoted by Mason NY Gov. Patterson's "ex" Jesuit adviser Charles O'Byrne, after being considered as Obama's Ambassador to the Vatican!

From What Does It Mean*:

January 22, 2009

Death Threat Forces Last Scion Caroline Kennedy From Power By: Sorcha Faal [aka David Booth], and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that President Obama’s attempt to complete the building of his power base to topple the US Federal Reserve Banking responsible for collapsing the economy of the United States, and dragging the rest of the World with it, was dealt a ‘serious setback’ with the last Kennedy scion, and daughter of the last American President to attempt to destroy the Federal Reserve, Caroline Kennedy removing herself from replacing the vacant Senate seat of the departing Hillary Clinton, and as we can read as reported by the New York Post News Service:

“Caroline Kennedy has told Gov. David Paterson that she is withdrawing her name from consideration to replace outgoing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the U.S. Senate, The Post has learned.

Kennedy cited "personal reasons," according to sources.

Her stunning move comes as sources revealed that Paterson had intended to appoint her to the now-vacant seat today.”

These reports, however, state the ‘personal reasons’ behind Caroline Kennedy’s abrupt withdrawal was her having received a ‘direct threat’ by ‘email correspondence’ from ‘known sources’ within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) stating that should she continue her quest to become a US Senator she would become ‘a statistic like her brother’, a direct reference to the assassination of her only sibling, John F. Kennedy Jr., who was, likewise, murdered when threatening to take the US Senate seat he had been told ‘belonged’ to Hillary Clinton, the wife of the then departing President. [or perhaps the office of U.S. President which would so conceivably "belong" to GW Bush, son of the proceeding President HW Bush who was apparently present at the November 22, 1963 JFK assassination- point added]



Further reports state that President Obama, after being re-sworn into office, offered his ‘full protection’ to Caroline Kennedy and her remaining family to which close personal friends are reporting may sway her back to accepting the nomination.

Though not known by virtually any of the average Americans currently suffering under the unrelenting assault upon their economy by the US Federal Reserve Private Banking System, the purpose of this carnage they are causing has not been lost upon many of their top economists, and as we can read as reported by the Wall Street Journal News Service:

“Interest rates on bank deposits are near zero and the Federal Reserve guided them there for a reason: they want to remove incentive to save and jumpstart the spending cycle. While saving is an intuitive individual solution, it's the death knell of an economic ecosystem measured by the sum of its parts and reliant on the velocity of money.

What we're witnessing isn't a garden-variety, one-and-done recession; it's the cumulative comeuppance of a massive credit bubble rooted in faulty monetary policy aimed at avoiding small, corrective recessions.”

Equally unknown to the American people is that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated due to his signing of Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963, which was aimed at destroying the US Federal Reserve System and returning the power to make money to the United States Government from which it was stolen in 1913 after most of the top American industrialists opposing a central banking system were murdered with the deliberate sinking of the Titanic after their refusal to finance Britain’s planned war against Germany in World War I.

To the greatest historical context surrounding this titanic battle currently unfolding in the United States, we previously touched upon in our January 16th, report Assassination By Plane Crash’ Of Top American Bankers Fails In US”, and wherein we explained that this current battle is a part of the war began in the 19th century when the European Rothschild Banking Empire, backing the Northern United States, engaged in open warfare with the Southern United States backed by the Vatican.

The founding fathers of the United States had long warned their citizens against the European Rothschild Banking Empire, of which we can read:

The Founding Fathers were strongly opposed to the formation of a central banking system - the fact that England tried to place the colonies under the monetary control of the Bank of England is seen by many as the 'last straw' of English oppression and that it led directly to the War of Independence.

In 1791, Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury, made a deal to support the transfer of the capital from Philadelphia to the banks of the Potomac in exchange for southern support for his Bank project. As a result, the First Bank of the United States (1791-1811) was chartered by Congress in that same year. The First Bank of the United States was modeled after the Bank of England and differed in many ways from today's central banks. For example, it was partly owned by foreigners, who would share from its profits. It was also not solely responsible for the country's money supply; its share was only 20%, while private banks accounted for the rest. The Bank was bitterly opposed by several founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who saw it as an engine for speculation, financial manipulation, and corruption.”

Unfortunately, however, the masses of the American people over this past century have ignored the warnings of their Founding Fathers and have watched in horror as their Nation, since the Federal Reserves taking power in 1913, has involved them in two World Wars, the Great Depression, numerous other wars, including the Middle Eastern wars they are involved in now, a the present collapse of our World’s entire banking system.

On the ‘positive’ side though, that is depending upon which side one is on, President Obama’s ascent to the Presidency of the United States is showing that for the first time since President Kennedy’s assassination, the Vatican power structure is, once again, on the ascendancy since their defeat in 1865 during the American Civil War, but which, these reports state, almost assuredly means that another brutal American Civil War will soon have to be fought.

But, with Caroline Kennedy’s withdrawal from joining President Obama’s Forces, the new American leader is left only with his Vice President, Joseph Biden, who is the Vatican’s top political figure in the Untied States groomed for power since childhood and having withstood the murder of his wife and child upon his first election to the US Senate.

It goes without our saying that in this brief report, even when coupled with our multiyear effort through these reports to educate the American people to these true things, it is incumbent upon these people to begin a more thorough examination of these things for themselves, and which they should so choose to do will show them, unequivocally, that our words are true and what they have been taught is totally false.

Most astounding of all is that should these American people learn the truth of this massive war currently unfolding around them, and destroying many of their lives, the would realize that in order to help the forces of their new President, and help save their Nation, their support of the President Obama’s sworn enemy, the US Federal Reserve System, should cease at once, and totally.

And, the quickest way to defeat the European backed Rothschild banking empire, known as the US Federal Reserve System is to, simply, stop paying them through their criminal mortgage payments and credit card bills and, instead, start investing all of their money into US Savings Bonds, and which puts their money directly into the hands of their own President and Government instead of those European banking powers seeking to destroy them.

Should the American people decide in mass upon such an action, and as these reports state, their recovery would be ‘so swift as to amaze them all’. But, so deluded have these people become to believing that the US Federal Reserve Systems method of defining them called Credit Scores, that they have failed to realize that these Credit Scores have actually nothing to do with them at all, but are, instead, a reflection of their worth to the very banks that are destroying them.

One can only wonder when these poor deluded people will ever awaken to the scam being perpetrated upon them.

But, one can also hope that they will awaken, and as one, rebuke as a united people the insidious powers seeking to destroy them….just like their ancestors did in founding their once Great Nation.

© January 22, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved.


*Sorcha Faal disclaimer:

Someone is going to a lot of work to write those Sorcha posts, so what side are they on? If it's for the CIA then what faction of it? Is it the Catholic? Personally I think they are worth reading, but with discrimination. However they do have good links. Post the ones with links is prob the best option with a disclaimer. N, a contributor


From an email from Boris in Germany:

"...looking up with a "whois" shows it is registered with ... I looked up the address:

6861 Elm Street, McLean, VA 22101

Google gives us this picture:

6861 Elm Street is about 1.5miles from the CIA.

Information Companies in proximity sure have CIA business or are owned by them."


Also see:


So far there is no verification that Caroline Kennedy received such emails, with the likelihood of any such 'arm-twisting' intimidation not leaving a paper trail, though given her context within the Kennedy family, the basic intimidation scenario is highly plausible.

Alas, with the criminal apostate shadow government in power, the public will likely never know if she was so intimidated because the powers that be feared her using a position in the U.S. Senate to pursue reopening the case of her father's assassination, and conceivably that of her brother.

According to Cath News USA, the man largely behind the idea of placing Caroline Kenndy in the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton is Gov. Patterson's adviser, "ex" Jesuit Charles O'Byrne:

Former priest, Charles O'Byrne, is reported to be brokering the deal for Caroline Kennedy to be appointed to the Senate for the two remaining years of Sen. Hillary Clinton's term.

O'Byrne is unusually close to the Kennedy family and to Paterson. He was Paterson's chief of staff (labeled secretary in New York political parlance) for the past year until it was revealed that he had not filed tax returns for five years. That scandal forced him to quit his job. But he remains an extraordinarily influential Paterson adviser, Newsmax reports.

O'Byrne also has served as a spiritual adviser to the Kennedy family for years, including presiding at several weddings for them.

This behind-the-scenes, two-way connection is the real reason Paterson will appoint Caroline Kennedy to the Senate.

Ironically, Clinton's ascendancy to this seat in 2000 actually helps Kennedy by creating a recent precedent for a liberal female rookie to parachute into New York state, replete with instant entourage and a pre-packaged "listening tour."

You can bet that Team Paterson is watching and waiting – for a mistake or a reason not to pick her. Paterson, who has not been elected statewide on his own, is acutely aware that an angry electorate could blame him for the rotten condition of the New York economy, although economic troubles pervade the global scene. And, even though it seems unimaginable today, it is possible that the New York GOP could field a candidate to take him on in 2008.

So, Paterson probably is thinking that a Kennedy-Paterson ticket in 2010 would be almost unbeatable.

On the other side of the ledger, Paterson is hearing from every other Democratic politician in New York, and they are all aghast at the thought of this dilettante's cutting the line and getting this plum job.

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the son of the former governor and a former first cousin of Caroline's by marriage, is the other most prominent name rumored for this Senate slot.

Several female representatives and upstaters also want the job.

If Paterson picks Kennedy, it might help him get re-elected/elected in 2010, but it will infuriate virtually every elected Democrat in the state.

The U.S. Senate is not the first of Caroline Kennedy's most recent new job search;

Caroline Kennedy - Ambassador to 'Holy' See?

Monday, September 29, 2008 12:49 PM

By: Edward Pentin

Rome’s diplomatic community is abuzz with rumors that Caroline Kennedy could become U.S. ambassador to the Vatican under an Obama administration.

The daughter of John F. Kennedy, the nation’s first and only Catholic president, has been mentioned for some sort of high-level position since she endorsed Sen. Barack Obama in January, when she wrote an op-ed column for The New York Times entitled “A President like My Father.”

As a payback, commentators have speculated for some time that a prominent diplomatic role is a possibility. Before Sen. Joe Biden was chosen in August, Kennedy was proposed as a possible vice presidential candidate (she served instead on Obama’s VP selection committee).

Diplomats in Rome dismiss the rumor as idle speculation. But one said Kennedy would be well suited to the role in view of her background, contacts and that she is a practicing Catholic.

“States have a tradition of appointing high-profile and well-connected candidates to the Holy See,” he told Newsmax on condition of anonymity. “A posting here is more high profile than say Moscow or Tokyo where the ambassadors are not household names.”

She also “has the advantage of coming from a Catholic dynasty,” he said.

Also running in her favor is the fact that she is not divorced or remarried – an automatic bar to diplomats appointed to the Holy See – and she has taken an active role on social justice issues, in particular working to improve New York City schools.

Although Kennedy is no stranger to diplomatic life (her grandfather, Joseph Kennedy, was ambassador to the Court of St. James in London during World War II), she has no diplomatic or government experience. Married to the artist Edwin Schlossberg, she also prefers to stay out of the limelight and, as a mother of three teenage children, may not be willing to make the move overseas.

The Vatican, meanwhile, is cautious about any diplomatic appointees whose views on abortion, euthanasia, or other nonnegotiable issues are at odds with church teaching. As a very private person, Kennedy’s views on these issues are unclear (she did not mention her Catholic faith or Obama’s radical abortion rights policy positions in her op-ed endorsement).

The suspicion is that, even if Kennedy agrees with church teaching, she probably takes the same line as many other Catholic Democrats: that politicians should not impose their faith on the American public, especially regarding abortion.

The church considers such a view as unacceptable and dangerously misleading. Ironically, often the blame for this approach, and for the general drift of the Democratic Party toward an abortionist position, is laid at the feet of John F. Kennedy, who made a point of pledging not to let his faith influence his politics.

President Kennedy was intent on playing down his Catholicism, to the extent that he opposed improving relations with the Vatican. He ruled out any formal links with the Holy See despite a willingness among Vatican officials to establish diplomatic relations – something that did not occur until 1984, under President Reagan.

If Caroline Kennedy were appointed, it could be useful for the Democrats in seeking the Catholic swing vote.

A spokesman for Obama’s campaign was unavailable for comment.

© 2008 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

O'Byrne is a long time adviser to not only Patterson but also to the Kennedys.

According to Wikipedia:
A friend to the Kennedy family, he acted as a spiritual adviser to the family during the 1991 rape trial of Stephen Smith's brother, William Kennedy Smith[3] and officiated at the marriage of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette in 1996.[9][15] In 1999, he presided over their funeral in New York City after they died in a plane crash.[16] The Kennedys have also come to rely on him for matters other than spiritual guidance. He is a trustee of the Jean K. Smith Trust, the Kennedy Smith Foundation and the Smith Family Trust, and in a 2006 financial disclosure lists gifts in excess of $1,000 and trustee commissions from members of the Smith family.[3]

Tupper Saussy on the Vatican's Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Tupper Saussy on the Jesuit Plot to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Said He Was Targeted For Assassination By The Jesuits

Abraham Lincoln: so many [assassination] plots ... the great majority [by] Roman Catholic murderers evidently trained by Jesuits

Why Does The U.S. Government Cover Up Counter Reformation Crime?

Back and to the Left - Roman Catholicism: The New Medievalism/Feudalism

The UnHived Mind - Caroline Kennedy Bows To Criminal Apostate Shadow Government


Does Caroline Kennedy's withdraw from assuming Hillary's Senate seat concern you?

It concerns me greatly. First off, there is at least one thing that comes to mind the moment any Kennedy does anything that doesn't serve their visible political interest. And that is nothing against the Kennedy family. However, with what has happened to her father JFK and her uncle, Bobby, not to mention the rumors of what happened to her brother, I believe that it is probable that her uncle Edward who suffered a seizure at President Obama's inauguration, suffered a CIA forced seizure via food or drink poisioning as a warning to her as to what will happen to her if she gets in the Senate and then causes them any trouble. I believe it to be probable. After all, it was JFK who broke bade a week before he was assassinated with the true story of the Secret Society we know as The Illuminati as being in control of our government and in reality, the entire world. And The Illuminati knows what trouble a Kennedy can be.

It is probable in my mind and it should be at least possible in the minds of those who are not sleeping.

In the end, it makes me really concerned as to what level we are bing lied at right now. What do you think? And please, don't spew answers based on ignorance of the groups mentioned. If you have any informed opinions I'd love to hear them. Thanks.
  • 2 days ago

Additional Details

2 days ago

It takes a dull mind to miss the blatant possibilities and past realities.
The inauguration was January 20; the press statement of Caroline Kennedy dropping her Senate bid was dated January 21.

The seizure could have been coincidental -- his health has been demonstrably poor -- or the result of a poisoning.

It occurred at a luncheon:,0,5034931.story

Reporting from Washington -- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), who is battling brain cancer, was stricken by a seizure at a post-inaugural lunch with President Obama and members of Congress on Tuesday, adding a somber note to a day of celebration in the Capitol.
If poisoning, what would security video show at that luncheon?

--- ADDITION2 (January 25, 2009):

According to various news reports, Senator Kennedy was with colleagues at their table trading war stories:

Another venerable senator with medical problems, Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, 91, of West Virginia, was sitting next to Kennedy when the Massachusetts lawmaker suffered his apparent seizure, a Byrd aide said.

Byrd himself did not suffer an attack but his security detail decided to remove him from the luncheon in his wheelchair, said the aide, Jesse Jacobs.

"We were having a wonderful time telling all our Byrd stories and Kennedy was telling some of the best, but then something happened and it all stopped," former Vice President Walter Mondale told Fox News.

And by The Boston Globe, on January 21, 2009:

After Obama's swearing-in, as Kennedy's press office released a statement declaring him "full of new hope," he joined other officials streaming off the viewing stand into the Capitol's Statuary Hall for a ritual lunch hosted by congressional leaders in honor of the new president. Kennedy was seated with other Senate veterans, including former vice president Walter Mondale, as he ate from a menu of pheasant and seafood stew prepared in honor of Abraham Lincoln's favorite foods.

Leading the table in conversation, Kennedy was in a "happy mood, regaling us with a few jokes," recalled Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii. "And all of a sudden, he slumped his head like he was going into a seizure. . . . His teeth were clenched."

The initial report that I heard on FOX news though reported it somewhat differently:

At the time he was at a table not close to Barack Obama and the head table but. That's something of a distance. And at that table was the Kerrys. As well as the Hawaiian senator -- in -- way so they were not at the table Ted Kennedy was sort of alone at the table for by himself for a few moments when the convulsions or seizures [italics added]. Whatever this health incident was began. And it was some moments before he was actually helped out of the room and and to part of the capital and an ambulance --"

If American can have the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination, it certainly should get to see any security video of Theodore Kennedy's January 20, 2009 seizure.

Rome Opposes Bolivia's Evo Morales's New Constitution

From The Wall Street Journal:

Churches Oppose President in Bolivia Referendum

SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA -- A television ad that has aired around the country opens with a photo of Bolivia's leftist President Evo Morales dressed in the garb of a traditional shaman. An image of Jesus Christ arrives to knock Mr. Morales off the screen, and a document labeled "New Constitution" appears amid flames. "Choose God. Vote No," the ad advises.

The ad, funded by an evangelical church based in this stronghold of the political opposition, points up how religion is playing a growing role in the latest chapter of Bolivia's sometimes bloody fight over a new constitution, which is up for a national referendum on Sunday.

Bolivian Christian Group's Ad Against New Constitution


Watch a Bolivian Christian group's ad that asks voters to "choose God" in voting against a new constitution.

The religious fight marks a deepening of the country's political split under Mr. Morales, an Aymara Indian who leads the ruling party, the Movement to Socialism. The conflict has pitted poor, heavily indigenous western areas where Mr. Morales is revered against whites and mixed-race mestizos in the natural gas-rich tropical lowlands. More than a dozen people have died in clashes related to the constitutional text.

If approved, Bolvia's constitution would allow Mr. Morales, elected in 2005, to seek a second consecutive five-year term, reshape congress, and extend the state's power -- marking a victory for the strongly anti-American leader who recently expelled the U.S. ambassador, nationalized the country's energy supplies, and whose key patron is Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.

In both Venezuela and neighboring Ecuador, leftist leaders have used referendums as ways to consolidate power and mold their countries along populist lines. Incoming secretary of state Hillary Clinton promised "tough and direct" diplomacy in the region "in response to the fear-mongering propagated by Hugo Chávez and Evo Morales."

Others have compared Mr. Morales to South Africa's Nelson Mandela for bringing a Bolivia's long-suffering indigenous majority into power.

At the heart of the latest controversy is the new constitution's stated goal of "refounding" Bolivia as a socially-just state guided by indigenous beliefs -- including elevating the Andean earth deity Pachamama to the same stature as Christianity's God. It would recognize broad new rights for Bolivia's Indians, termed "original indigenous peasant peoples" in the document, and demand "decolonization" of all aspects of society. Bolivia's current constitution allows for freedom of religion but specifies Roman Catholicism as the sole state religion.

Associated Press

At a rally against Bolivia's proposed new constitution in Santa Cruz on Thursday, a woman carries a sign that pits President Evo Morales against Jesus Christ, asking, 'Who Will You Vote For?'

For Christians, whose faith arrived in Bolivia along with Spanish Conquistadors almost 500 years ago, the fight is over fundamental values, which they say the new constitution tramples on, and replaces with ultra-liberal, atheist concepts or worse, those of indigenous religions. They say the constitution appears to open the door to abortion and gay marriage, although it doesn't speak directly to either issue.

The Catholic Church hoped the constitution would define life as beginning at conception, and marriage as being between a man and a woman. The text doesn't offer a clear definition on either point, instead offering broad pronouncements such as one that "guarantees the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights," language that has religious groups worried.

"One of the problems with the constitution is that it's full of ambiguity," says Robert Flock, vicar general of the Santa Cruz archdiocese. That means who is in power is likely to matter more than what the text actually says, church leaders fear.

For leaders of the political opposition, Christianity is a powerful uniting thread. This year, several lowland states voted for autonomy, a development that shook Mr. Morales's government.

"Paganism versus Christianity is the situation we are in," says Rev. Rolando Hurtado, president of the Santa Cruz-based church, Iglesia Cristiana de la Familia, that funded the recent ads.

The Catholic Church disavowed the evangelical ads, but followed with its own detailed critique of the constitution, handed out as bullet points after mass in cities around Bolivia this week. While praising Mr. Morales's focus on the poor, it raised concerns about his effort to concentrate power.

Mr. Morales's party asserts the opposition's true aim is to protect their economic interests. Gabriela Montaño Viaña, the presidential representative in Santa Cruz, calls the religious campaign a new opposition strategy, adding, "It was so disrespectful that it lost credibility."

The constitution "could open the door to a civil law allowing homosexual marriage if there was a public will to do that," she said.

In a country that is officially 97.5% Christian, the stance of church leaders carries significant weight. So much so that on Sunday Mr. Morales -- who has actively promoted indigenous beliefs, including appointing traditional medicine men to his government -- publicly declared himself a Catholic, though saying he believes "quite a bit" in Pachamama.

At the same time, the president has sought political traction by deepening the conflict with the church. During the last few days, Mr. Morales has called on the Vatican to halt the "attacks" and at a rally on Thursday accused church leaders of lying to the Bolivian people.

"They are tremendously nervous about the results," said Rubén Costas, prefect of the department of Santa Cruz, a farming region that is the seat of the opposition and where a large statue of Christ is the usual gathering point for antigovernment rallies. "This is an extremely Christian country, and they can't ignore that."

Public opinion pollster Grupo Mori said support for the constitution had weakened considerably in recent weeks, although the role of the religious campaign was unclear. However, the "yes" vote is still ahead in Bolivia's 10 largest cities by 40% to 37%, and undecided and rural voters are expected to swing polling solidly in favor.

Write to Antonio Regalado at

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who Really Rules!

Just note the varying double standards, from Israel, to Croatia, to Poland, Czechia, Belurus, Ukraine, northern India, and to Prussia

Via email from Troy Space:

Who Rules?

These pictures are meant to make you think!!! In this day and age everyone has a opinion who rules.? Some think it is the Democrats or the Republicans, Globalists, the Masons and then there is the group who thinks the Jews run the world. I don't have a political view. I think if we look back at history we would see who really rules. All I say is let history be history and let the pictures tell you a story. These pictures were taken out of a book. There are over 700 pictures in this book. There are 1836 pages in the book Vatican Assassins by Author Eric Phelps. Understand I have not read the whole book. But have looked at the pictures. My only comment is: Who Rules?

The below are examples out of the book.
Who controls the Puppets?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi greets Pope Benedict XVI, as President Bush and
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
look on. (AP Photo/April 16, 2008)
mith dinner in October of 2008
Al Smith dinner in October of 2008

Who controls the Puppets?
Now ask yourself? Who Rules?

More Links:






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US Supports Ethnic Expulsion By Roman Catholic Croatia

On the day the US Senate votes to confirm Hillary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State, let us remember some of her husband's crimes as Jesuit Georgetown tool for the continuing counter reformation.

Gotovinapolice.jpg (8805 bytes)

US Ally General Ante Gotovina
Indicted At The Hague For Alleged Crimes In Yugoslav Civil War During US Backed

'Operation Storm'
Arrested By Spanish Police 7 December 2005

Will This Man Now Spill The Beans On
US Covert Participation In Yugoslav Civil War
Or Has He Done A Deal In Return For His Silence?

"Instead of being holed up in a remote village, he was caught at a posh restaurant, dining out in the open with a companion. And the alias he used had been widely known for years. Gotovina's easy arrest has prompted a flurry of speculation in Croatia: Did he strike a deal?... Many in Croatia are convinced that Gotovina, who joined the French Foreign Legion at the age of 18 and fought in Africa and Latin America in the '70s and '80s before joining Croatian troops in 1991, was too experienced to allow himself to be caught.... There was also speculation that a Croatian businessman disclosed his whereabouts in return for authorities dropping criminal charges against him. Hrvoje Petrac, who allegedly financed Gotovina's hiding, was arrested in Greece in September."
Gotovina capture: Arrest or surrender?
CNN/Associated Press, 10 December 2005

"I always said that the only people in Croatia who know everything are the Americans."
Markica Rebic, former head of Croatian military intelligence

What Did the CIA Know?
NEWSWEEK, 21 August 2001

"The operation resulted in the killing of more than 500 civilians and the exodus of more than 150,000 ethic Serbs from the Krajina. In view of the US covert support to the Croats it will be interesting to see if the International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague will seriously investigate this matter."
Srebrenica - A Safe Area?
Appendix II - Intelligence and the war in Bosnia 1992 – 1995: The role of the intelligence and security services
Chapter 4, Secret arms supplies and other covert actions
Report Published on Behalf of The Dutch Government, 10 April 2002

"The indictments of the generals - for the massacres of hundreds of Serb civilians between 1993 and 1995 - is also threatening to lift the lid on one of the murkiest episodes of the Balkan wars: the secret arming of the Croats by the United States .... At the same time that US advisers were training Croat soldiers for Operation Storm - the drive to retake Krajina - in how to conduct large-scale operations, both the American Defense Intelligence Service and the CIA were building up their strength at the US embassy in Zagreb. Part of that operation, said sources at the time, was to provide the intelligence for the Croat assaults... In 1995 The Observer reported claims by United Nations officials that American intelligence and forces were deeply involved in Bosnia and Croatia, and that the US breached the UN arms embargo with flights carrying arms to both the Bosnian and Croat forces."
Guns secret set to haunt US
Observer, 8 July 2001

"A Croatian general considered to be one[of] the UN war crimes tribunal's most sought-after suspects has been arrested in a luxury restaurant in the Canary Islands after more than four years on the run.... Mr Gotovina has been at large since the tribunal accused him in 2001 of the wartime atrocities during the 1995 offensive code-named 'Operation Storm'.... The Hague indictment alleges that General Gotovina 'participated in a joint criminal enterprise, the common purpose of which was the forcible and permanent removal of the (Croatian) Serb population ... ' "
Croatian war crimes suspect arrested in Tenerife
Times Online, 8 December 2005

So Will United States Government Personnel Be Indicted Too
For Their Participation In
'Operation Storm'?

"President Mesic of Croatia is promising that his Government will co-operate fully in trials of Croatians accused of atrocities during its independence war.... The country’s relations with Europe have also become stronger in recent years, as evidence of alleged American involvement in the ruthless campaign to drive Serbs from the region has begun to emerge.... 200,000 Serbs [were] driven from the Krajina region during the 1995 Croatian offensive.... Croatia, however, cannot arrest the most wanted Croatian, General Ante Gotovina, because he is hiding in neighbouring Bosnia.... Another major obstacle is American concern that if General Gotovina is arrested he may carry out a threat to disclose the previously unknown extent of US covert involvement in the Krajina offensive...."
Croatia in pledge to help war crime trials
London Times, 14 June 2003

"Americans in military uniform, operating from a cream-colored trailer near the runway, directed the GNAT-750 drone to photograph Serb troop positions and weapons emplacements. The images were transmitted back to base, analyzed and then passed on to the Pentagon. According to top Croat intelligence officials, copies were also sent to the headquarters of the Croatian general in command of 'Operation Storm.'... Now the successful CIA operation is about to become defense exhibit A in a war-crimes case at The Hague tribunal. Last month prosecutors announced the indictment of General Gotovina for atrocities committed during and after Operation Storm, including the murder of 150 Krajina Serbs, the forced displacement of as many as 200,000 others and the torching of thousands of homes.... Now a NEWSWEEK investigation has shown that U.S. intelligence cooperation with Croatia went far deeper than Washington has ever acknowledged. According to Miro Tudjman, son of the late president Franjo Tudjman and head of the Croatian counterpart to the CIA in the mid-1990s, the United States provided encryption gear to each of Croatia's regular Army brigades. He says the CIA also spent at least $10 million on Croatian listening posts to intercept telephone calls in Bosnia and Serbia. 'All our [electronic] intelligence in Croatia went online in real time to the National Security Agency in Washington,' says Tudjman. 'We had a de facto partnership.' American officials familiar with intelligence issues confirm that the CIA operated drones from a base near Zadar on the Adriatic coast, during and after Operation Storm... And the country's former intelligence chiefs have decided to speak out about their ties to the United States as a way of vouching for Gotovina's innocence. 'I always said that the only people in Croatia who know everything are the Americans,' says Markica Rebic, the former head of military intelligence. When Gotovina stands trial, some of those Americans may be asked to testify about their country's role in an ugly conflict."
What Did the CIA Know?
NEWSWEEK, 21 August 2001

"It is common for the ICTY [International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia] to offer reduced sentences (five years in one case) to men convicted of hideous crimes, mass murder [where it serves the interest of the great powers].... The use of anonymous witnesses is now very widespread, as is the frequency of the ‘closed sessions’: a glance at the ICTY transcripts shows pages and pages blanked out because sensitive issues have been discussed in court — sensitive, that is, to the security interests of the Great Powers which control it, the USA in first place. The ICTY’s nadir came last December, when the former supreme commander of Nato, Wesley Clark, testified in the Milosevic trial; the court agreed to let the Pentagon censor its proceedings, and the transcripts were not released until Washington had given the green light. So much for the ICTY’s transparency and independence....."
Let Slobbo speak for himself
The Spectator, 10 July 2004

The Capture Of Gotovina - How And Why

"A Croatian general charged with war crimes has been arrested in Spain, the UN's chief war crimes prosecutor says. Ante Gotovina - the third most-wanted suspect from the Balkan wars - was held in the Canary Islands on Wednesday. Gen Gotovina, 50, is accused over the death of about 150 Serb civilians during a Croatian offensive in 1995. He has been jailed by a Spanish judge and could be extradited to The Hague as early as Friday. His lawyer said his client would probably plead not guilty. He has denied responsibility in the past, his lawyer added. The Croatian government's failure to arrest the general had hampered the country's entry talks with the European Union.... He was flown to Madrid on Thursday and taken to the High Court, where a judge read him the charges against him. Gen Gotovina was indicted for crimes against humanity by the war crimes tribunal in 2001. He is alleged to have failed to prevent the murder of 150 Serbs killed by shooting, stabbing or burning during Operation Storm, the August 1995 push against Serb forces in Croatia's Krajina region. The indictment also accuses him of co-ordinating a campaign of plunder and looting throughout operations in ethnically Serb areas of the region."
Croatian Fugitive General Arrested
BBC Online, 8 December 2005

"One of the most wanted war criminals is being shielded by the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican hierarchy, the United Nations' chief prosecutor for former Yugoslavia said yesterday. Carla del Ponte, the chief prosecutor of the UN international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, said she believed that Gen Ante Gotovina was being sheltered in a Franciscan monastery in his native Croatia... She said: 'I have information he is hiding in a Franciscan monastery and so the Catholic Church is protecting him. I have taken this up with the Vatican and the Vatican refuses totally to co-operate with us.' In July, Mrs del Ponte travelled to Rome to share her intelligence with the Vatican's 'foreign minister', Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo. He refused to help, telling her the Vatican was not a state and thus had 'no international obligations' to help the UN to hunt war criminals. Mrs del Ponte complained: 'They said they have no intelligence and I don't believe that. I think that the Catholic Church has the most advanced intelligence services.'... In February, the Balkan intrigue took a poisonous turn for Britain when the general's allies inside Croat intelligence 'outed' several war crimes investigators in Croatia as serving MI6 and United States intelligence officers.... Archbishop Lajolo had even refused an appeal for the Vatican to act as a secret back-channel of communication to the Croatian Church, she said. 'I asked to have an interlocutor in the Vatican, so I can share the information that I have, but no, no possibility.' Mrs del Ponte survived a Mafia assassination attempt during her career as a Swiss federal prosecutor. She now works in The Hague, protected by armed UN guards.... Mrs del Ponte finally wrote to the Pope directly. Several weeks later, she has received no reply. At the Vatican, Monsignor Maurizio Bravi, the private secretary to Archbishop Lajolo, confirmed that the meeting with Mrs del Ponte had taken place. But he said: 'I cannot give you any information on this.' Back in The Hague, Mrs del Ponte was asked if she felt the Church was motivated by historic links to the Croatian nationalist cause or out of a desire to avoid the secular world. 'I don't want to envisage an answer to your question,' she said. 'But my disappointment is big.'"
Vatican accused of shielding 'war criminal'
Daily Telegraph, 20 September 2005

"... Ms del Ponte wrote to Pope Benedict XVI in July this year in an effort to secure the Vatican's co-operation, her spokeswoman told the BBC News website. The Pope has yet to reply to the prosecutor's request for a meeting, the spokeswoman said."
War crimes chief accuses Vatican
BBC, 20 September 2005

"Del Ponte travelled to Rome in July to share her intelligence with the Vatican State Secretary, Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo. He refused to help, telling her the Vatican was not a state and thus had no international obligations to help the UN to hunt war criminals, she was quoted as saying. The press release issued by Navarro-Valls explains the course of the July meeting between Del Ponte and Lajolo. Responding to her request for information, Msgr. Lajolo explained that the State Secretariat was not a body of the Holy See which could in an institutionalised manner cooperate with courts."
The Vatican Awaiting Precise Information From Del Ponte
Croatian News Agency-HINA, 21 September 2005

"The Vatican has rigorously denied accusations that the Croatian Catholic church is at present protecting under its wing the presumed war criminal General Ante Gotovina. Carla del Ponte, chief prosecutor at the International Tribunal, who has caused so many war criminals’ hearts to flutter, has launched this particular bombshell, much annoying the Vatican. Meanwhile, the Bishop’s Conference in Croatia spent the weekend 24/25 September in urgent debate in Lisbon, discussing how they will counter the prosecutor’s thesis.... Zagreb insists that the elusive general is not in Croatia, though the indefatigable del Ponte says he certainly is, hiding somewhere between Croatia and the Croatian zones of Bosnia-Herzegovina. In late September del Ponte gave an interview to a sensationalist British newspaper in which she affirmed that ‘according to information I have received, Gotovina is hiding in a Franciscan monastery, which means protection by the Vatican. This is why I have directed my inquiries directly at the Vatican, but those responsible there have refused to collaborate.’ Carla went on to say that she has appealed directly to the Pope, Benedict XVI, but it is obvious the Pope does not find her appealing, and thus stalemate is reached."
Carla del Ponte re-surfaces
Tenerife News, 18 November 2005

"A Croatian tycoon, jailed in Greece and fighting extradition to Zagreb which wants his help in the search for indicted war criminal General Ante Gotovina, said on Tuesday he did not know where the fugitive general was. Hrvoje Petrac, 50, who is waiting for the Supreme Court to decide whether he should be extradited, said two officials from the Hague war crimes tribunal had met him in prison and offered to free him if he provided information on the wanted general.... One of Petrac's lawyers, Spiros Alfantakis, said his client's life would be in danger if he were extradited. 'There is a very high risk he will be submitted to torture or degrading or humiliating treatment during the interrogation as well as his incarceration in the prison of Zagreb,' Alfantakis said. 'Unless his extradition is overruled, his life as well as his future in general is in danger,' he said. The hearing on his appeal against an extradition order has been postponed for a week until a Croatian-speaking interpreter could be found..... Petrac was tried in absentia in Croatia and sentenced to six years in prison for masterminding the kidnap of a 12-year-old boy and extorting money from his family. He was arrested by the Greek coast guard in August on an international warrant."
Croatian tycoon says can't help find Gotovina
Reuters, 8 November 2005

"Greece's Supreme Court has ordered the extradition of a Croatian businessman wanted in connection with fugitive war crimes suspect General Ante Gotovina. Hrvoje Petrac, 50, who was arrested in August in Greece, was sentenced by a Zagreb court in absentia earlier this year to six years for kidnapping a boy.... Petrac claims he could be tortured if returned to Croatia. The tycoon was sentenced in absentia for kidnapping the son of a former Croatian deputy defence minister and holding him to ransom."
Greek court rules against Croat
BBC Online, 22 November 2005

"A former Croatian general, wanted by The Hague on war crimes charges, has fled his homeland and could be hiding in Africa or South America, the country’s leader said yesterday. President Mesic said that a hunt for Ante Gotovina, accused of atrocities against Serb civilians in 1995, had led the Croatian authorities to conclude that he was no longer in the country. 'He would be a very naive person to seek refuge in Croatia. We have no reason to protect anyone wanted by the International Criminal Tribunal,' Mr Mesic told The Times on a visit to London."
War crimes general 'fled country'
London Times, 1 December 2005

"Two weeks ago he was sunning himself in Mauritius. Last night Ante Gotovina, the former Croatian general arrested while dining in a luxury hotel in Tenerife, was languishing in jail, waiting for a flight to The Hague.... The net tightened after the arrest in Greece in August this year of a Croat businessman suspected of helping to finance his fugitive lifestyle. However, the trail was cold until police received a tip from Interpol in September that Mr Gotovina was staying in an hotel in the Canaries."
War crimes suspect's four years of high life on run
London Times, 10 December 2005

"Instead of being holed up in a remote village, he was caught at a posh restaurant, dining out in the open with a companion. And the alias he used had been widely known for years. Gotovina's easy arrest has prompted a flurry of speculation in Croatia: Did he strike a deal?... Many in Croatia are convinced that Gotovina, who joined the French Foreign Legion at the age of 18 and fought in Africa and Latin America in the '70s and '80s before joining Croatian troops in 1991, was too experienced to allow himself to be caught.... There was also speculation that a Croatian businessman disclosed his whereabouts in return for authorities dropping criminal charges against him. Hrvoje Petrac, who allegedly financed Gotovina's hiding, was arrested in Greece in September."
Gotovina capture: Arrest or surrender?
CNN/Associated Press, 10 December 2005

Why Gotovina Was Caught Now

"Brussels had made Gotovina's capture a main condition for starting membership talks, which finally started in October. German newspaper commentators believe his arrest should greatly help Zagreb in its ambitions to join the EU."
Gotovina Arrest Aids Croatia's EU Bid
Der Speigel, 9 December 2005

US Covert Participation In 'Operation Storm'

"On 4 August 1995, the Republic of Croatia launched a military offensive known as 'Oluja' or 'Storm' ('Operation Storm'), with the objective of re-taking the Krajina region. Ante GOTOVINA was the overall operational commander of the Croatian forces that were deployed as part of Operation Storm in the southern portion of the Krajina region... During and after Operation Storm, at all times relevant to this Amended Indictment, Ante GOTOVINA, with others including Ivan CERMAK, Mladen MARKAC and President Franjo TUDMAN, participated in a joint criminal enterprise, the common purpose of which was the forcible and permanent removal of the Serb population from the Krajina region, including by the plunder, damage or outright destruction of the property of the Serb population, so as to discourage or prevent members of that population from returning to their homes and resuming habitation. The crimes enumerated in Counts 1 and 3 to 6 of this Amended Indictment were within the common purpose of the joint criminal enterprise."

"The Croatian government met in emergency session yesterday to decide how to respond to sealed indictments issued by the international war crimes tribunal this weekend against two former generals accused of murdering Serb civilians, threatening a new political crisis in a country still struggling to recover from war.

The indictments of the generals - for the massacres of hundreds of Serb civilians between 1993 and 1995 - is also threatening to lift the lid on one of the murkiest episodes of the Balkan wars: the secret arming of the Croats by the United States.

While neither Carla Del Ponte, the chief prosecutor of the Hague tribunal nor Croat Prime Minister Ivica Racan has disclosed the names of those charged, the likely suspects are Ante Gotovina, a commander during the 1995 offensive, and Rahim Ademi, who is of Kosovo Albanian origin. Both men have now retired.

Ademi is likely to be charged with responsibility for the killings of dozens of Serbs during a 1993 offensive in central Croatia against the Serb rebels.

While the crimes allegedly committed by Ademi predate the period of US military assistance, those allegedly committed by Gotovina fall squarely into it. They came during a time of stunning military successes for the Croats on the battlefields of the Serb occupied Krajina and eastern Slavonia, in which US personnel were heavily implicated. The history of US assistance to the nationalist regime of former President Franjo Tudjman dated back to March 1994 when the Croatian Defence Minister, Joko Susak, approached the Pentagon to ask for help with military training.

While the Pentagon turned down the request it directed the Croats to a Virginia-based military consultancy firm, Military Professional Resource Inc (MPRI), staffed by former generals whose main client was the US army. A contract licensed by the Pentagon was signed with the Croatian army.

While MPRI denied that its advisers were involved on the ground during the Croatian offensives, UN officials in the Balkans at the time refused to believe it.

At the same time that US advisers were training Croat soldiers for Operation Storm - the drive to retake Krajina - in how to conduct large-scale operations, both the American Defense Intelligence Service and the CIA were building up their strength at the US embassy in Zagreb. Part of that operation, said sources at the time, was to provide the intelligence for the Croat assaults.

In 1995 The Observer reported claims by United Nations officials that American intelligence and forces were deeply involved in Bosnia and Croatia, and that the US breached the UN arms embargo with flights carrying arms to both the Bosnian and Croat forces......

...... The potential for embarrassment from the UN war crimes process is not limited to Del Ponte's accusations against the Bosnian Serbs, it also threatens to lay bare the conduct of the international community during a decade of Balkan crises.

Guns secret set to haunt US
Observer, 8 July 2001

"The Croatian World Congress sent a letter last week demanding that Carla Del Ponte, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), open a criminal investigation into Mr. Clinton and other top officials of his administration [including George Tenet of the CIA] for 'aiding and abetting indicted Croatian Gen. Ante Gotovina in a 1995 Croatian military operation known as ´Operation Storm.´... Secretly supported by the Clinton administration, Croatian forces launched a massive three-day military offensive - known as 'Operation Storm' - on Aug. 4, 1995, in which Croatia recovered territories occupied by rebel Serbs following Zagreb´s drive for independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.... The Croatian World Congress said the U.S. administration gave the green light for the operation and provided diplomatic and political support for it."
Balkans tribunal turns to Clinton
Washington Times, 8 July 2002

"Croatia said yesterday that it had frozen the assets of General Ante Gotovina, No 3 on the most-wanted list of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. His case threatens to derail the country’s attempt to join the EU. The move apparently came in response to widespread anger over the repeated and deliberate sabotaging by Croatian officials of efforts by Western intelligence services to find General Gotovina. Information has been leaked from the Croatian Government, helping the general to remain at large.... General Gotovina, 49, commanded Operation Storm in August 1995, when Croatian forces, newly armed and trained by American advisers and private military contractors, recaptured almost all of Serb-occupied territory in three days. Tens of thousands of civilians fled their homes, at least 150 were killed and hundreds more disappeared, while Croatian forces plundered and looted at will. The Croatians say that the West’s tough stand smacks of hypocrisy. Operation Storm had the support of the United States and Europe."
Croatia acts against fugitive 'hero'
London Times, 15 March 2005

What Did The CIA's George Tenet
Know About US Covert Operations In Yugoslavia?

Click Here

"Of course I know, they cooperated well, these aircraft were also used. During the Kosovo operation Croatia also cooperated successfully as a partner of NATO and the USA. The US is reluctant to give any of its intelligence reports - that has been our experience so far. As for whether it will give any documents now, it is up to the Hague tribunal and the USA."
Former Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mate Granic
Former Croatian minister confirms CIA's involvement in 1995 military operation
HRT1 TV, Zagreb, in Serbo-Croat 1730 gmt 20 Aug 01 [Translation]

"The complaint filed today [by the Croatian World Congress] alleges that the US officials aided Gen. Gotovina and the Croatian Army ('HV') in Operation Storm by violating a UN arms embargo and allowing Croatia to obtain weapons... US officials established a CIA base inside of Gen. Gotovina's military base which provided the US officials with real-time video footage of events transpiring on the ground during Operation Storm (and thus imputing to them knowledge of events on the ground), but also from which they could provide such intelligence data to General Gotovina to assist him in conducting Operation Storm. If General Gotovina carried out a pre-planned campaign to deport 150,000 to 200,000 Croatian Serb civilians, then the CIA base was not only used to provide knowledge to US officials of such a plan and course of conduct on the part of General Gotovina, but was also used to assist General Gotovina in achieving the goals of his alleged plan. The US officials gave the green light for the Operation and provided diplomatic and political support for it. The US officials at all times had the ability to halt the military operation. Accordingly, the US officials named in the complaint should be indicted for having aided and abetted General Gotovina."

Croatian World Congress, Press Release, 4 July 2002

"The battle in question--Operation Storm--was vetted and approved by US leaders up to Clinton himself, according to a complaint submitted by the Croatian World Congress to Carla del Ponte, the tribunal's chief prosecutor. US forces even provided secret military aid, charged the CWC. Thus 'evenhanded justice' requires that Clinton stand in the dock shoulder to shoulder with Gotovina, said the group's complaint. It's unlikely that UN security troops will be marching a handcuffed ex-President out of his Harlem offices any time soon. The Hague prosecutor's office simply filed the complaint without comment."
Disorder in the Court
Air Force Magazine Online (US), October 2002, Vol 85, No 10

" was impossible for Milosevic to accept the Rambouillet agreement because what it asked him to do was allow Nato to use Serbia as a part of the Nato organisation. Sovereignty would have been lost over it. He couldn’t accept that. I think what Nato did by bombing Serbia actually precipitated the exodus of the Kosovo Albanians into Macedonia and Montenegro. I think the bombing did cause the ethnic cleansing. I’m not sticking up for the Serbs because I think they behaved badly and extremely stupidly by removing the autonomy of Kosovo, given them by Tito, in the first place. But I think what we did made things very much worse and what we are now faced with is a sort of ethnic cleansing in reverse. The Serbs are now being cleared out. I think it’s a great mistake to intervene in a civil war. I don’t think [Milosevic] is any more a war criminal than President Tudjman of Croatia who ethnically cleansed 200,000 Serbs out of Kyrenia [Krajina]. Nobody kicked up a fuss about that. I think we are a little bit selective about our condemnation of ethnic cleansing, in Africa as well as in Europe"
Interview with Lord Carrington, Former British Foreign Secretary
Saga Magazine, September 1999

" A small group at the head of America's foreign policy elite intervened covertly in what it had previously called 'Europe's problem'.... Its easy answer for Bosnia's ills was 'lift and strike' - re-arm the Bosniaks (mostly Bosnian Muslims) and Croats and bomb the Serbs. ... The air drops were only the tip of the iceberg. A team of retired US officers planned the bloody Croatian 'liberation' of the Kraijina and the subsequent invasion of western Bosnia by the Croatian Army in the summer of 1995. ….... "
Allies and lies
BBC Online, 22 June 2001

Caspian Sea Oil Transit Routes
And US Covert Operations In Yugoslavia

"This is about America's energy security. It's also about preventing strategic inroads by those who don't share our values. We're trying to move these newly independent countries toward the west. We would like to see them reliant on western commercial and political interests rather than going another way. We've made a substantial political investment in the Caspian, and it's very important to us that both the pipeline map and the politics come out right."
Bill Richardson 1998, US energy secretary, on US policy on the extraction and transport of Caspian oil
'A discreet deal in the pipeline - Nato mocked those who claimed there was a plan for Caspian oil'
Guardian, 15 February 2001

It's The US Economy Stupid!

“How much should we spend on the armed services? ... My view is we don’t spend on you, we invest in you. The men and women in the armed services are not a drain on our economic strength. Indeed you safeguard it. You’re not a burden on our economy, you are the critical foundation for growth.”
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
addressing US troops at
Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, 5 June 2001
US Defense Department Press Release

"Through much of the 1990s, US support for Islamic militants in former Yugoslavia was backed up by covert US airdrops of arms, especially at Tuzla in northern Bosnia. These took place in the face of Operation Deny Flight, the UN-imposed and Nato-policed no-fly zone over Bosnia. The US House of Representatives also failed to authorise the war under the War Powers Act, making it illegal (shades of Iraq). But the airdrops were only the tip of the iceberg. Retired US officers heading Military Professional Resources Inc, a private paramilitary firm based in Virginia, planned the bloody Croatian 'liberation' of the Serb-held Krajina enclave, which resulted in the ethnic cleansing of 200,000 Serbs.

US goals in the use of the KLA as a proxy force, similar to the funding of the Contras against the leftwing Sandinista government in Nicaragua in the 1980s, were partly to remove Milosevic and break up Yugoslavia as one of the remaining Communist regimes. But related motives were to break Russia's monopoly over oil and gas transport routes and secure pro-western governments in the strategic BlackSea-Caspian Sea oil-rich basin. A crucial oil corridor, called the Trans-Balkan pipeline, designed to become the main route to the west for oil and gas extracted in central Asia, was to run from the Black Sea to the Adriatic via Bulgaria, Macedonia near the border with Kosovo, and Albania. Another was to run across Serbia to Adriatic ports in Croatia and Italy, fed by a pipeline running from a Black Sea port in Romania.

The implications of this are stark. The US played a major role in creating and sustaining the mojahedin to fight the invading Soviet army in the Afghan war of 1979-92. Then from 1992-95 the Pentagon assisted the movement of thousands of Islamic fighters from central Asia to fight alongside Bosnian Muslims and remove the Milosevic barrier, and so extend US influence in a key area of oil geopolitics - a 'pact with the devil', as Richard Holbrooke, America's former chief Balkans peace negotiator put it. It has proved quite another thing to rein them back in again. Before President Bush trumpets his dedication to his war on terror, he should reflect on his country's links with terrorism over the past decade where it has suited US interests."
Michael Meacher, Former Blair Minister
The path to friendship goes via the oil and gas fields
Guardian, 27 March 2004

"The project envisages construction of a new spur from Delnice to Trieste, 100 kilometers long, and conversion of the Omisalj port into the leading spot-market for resale of oil in the Mediterranean [Adriatic]..... One should recall that Milosevic did not end up in the Hague only as a war criminal, but above all because with his policies he stood in the way of a new network of Euro-Asian oil pipelines. His political fate was sealed in Zagreb, where two years ago a large ministerial-business conference of the EU INOGATE program was held. A hundred days later, Milosevic was not in power anymore, and at the time of the signing of a new oil pipeline from Constanta to Trieste he was already on the way to the Hague, supposedly by chance."
Mega Pipeline Becomes Reality
Novi List, Croatia, 23 July 2002

"The routes of potential trans-Balkan oil pipelines were laid down according to the interests of their future [EU and US] users....The territory of Yugoslavia (both former and present federation) is significant, therefore, because of its geographic position. Influential American analysts insist on the claim that Yugoslavia is in the immediate neighborhood of a zone of vital US interests - Black Sea/Caspian Sea region. And wherever there are vital US interests, there are NATO troops to protect them. European interests, claim our interlocutors, are even greater, because it is definitely not in the interest of the European Union countries that the key to their supplies is held by someone else....The project SEEL (South East European Line), initiated by the Italian company ENI is actually the corridor for transportation of Caspian oil from Constanta to Trieste, which passes through Serbia and uses the existing system of the Adriatic oil pipeline, all the way to Omisalj... Because of the political situation in Serbia this project was delayed for some better times... Until the fall of Slobodan Milosevic's regime Croatia insisted that the connection with Constanta bypass Serbia by going through Hungary [a less economic route]. However, after October 5 and the political changes in Yugoslavia, the meeting of this same group held in Brussels on October 26 and 27, 2000, expressed support for the transport of Caspian oil following the route from Black Sea, Romania, Yugoslavia and Croatia, respectively from Romanian port Constanta, through Pitesti, and Pancevo to Delnice in Croatia, from where the new pipeline would go towards Trieste and the old one continue to Omisalj on the island of Krk."
Underground Games in Kosovo
Reporter, Banja Luka, Srpska, B-H, February 27, 2001

Oil and US Geopolitical Objectives in the Balkans -

Click here "America took it upon itself to deliver arms directly to the Bosnian Muslim Army - the ABiH. These covert air drops began at the start of 1995. The most well-documented were the drops at Tuzla in the north of Bosnia, where they were observed by members of the UN Nordic Battalion stationed close to the dropping zone.... these air drops took place in the face of Operation Deny Flight, the UN-imposed and Nato-policed no-fly zone over Bosnia.... The air drops were only the tip of the iceberg. A team of retired US officers planned the bloody Croatian 'liberation' of the Kraijina [which resulted in the ethnic cleansing of 200,000 Sebs] and the subsequent invasion of western Bosnia by the Croatian Army in the summer of 1995.... The scope of these activities included bugging UN Commanders and diplomats.... Senior European negotiators believe that with US backing the war could have ended two years earlier, but US desire to see the Serbs punished meant that they instead encouraged the Bosnian Government to continue fighting. The price in human terms? Over 15,000 dead and nearly 600,000 refugees."
Allies and lies
BBC Correspondent, 22 June 2001
To view video clips of above BBC documentary click links below
Introduction - Sheena McDonald
US bugging of UN offices - Lt General Sir Michael Rose
ULTRA HOT US covert night flight arms drops to Bosnian Muslims - Witness Report - Captain Oivind Moldestadt ULTRA HOT "[Bosnian Muslim leader] Izetbegovic travels to Pakistan to rally Muslim support for Bosnia....Izetbegovic, in Pakistan, appeals for aid from world’s Muslims.... the first three countries Izetbegovic visited after being inaugurated as president were Libya, Iran and Turkey. During a trip to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in July 1991, he conveyed the impression that he was looking to conclude an Islamic alliance... From June 1992 so-called mujahedin or ‘holy warriors’ from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Turkey, Bahrein and Qatar fought on the Muslim side in the war in Bosnia. There were only a few hundred of them fighting in the war but, more importantly, their involvement had the blessing of Izetbegovic... the supply of weapons from particularly Pakistan and Iran to Bosnia was not by sea, but mainly by air..... The so-called Air Operations Coordination Center in Sarajevo was manned by personnel from NATO.... Requests for Close Air Support .....went to the Operational section ... in Tuzla. This section consisted almost entirely of Pakistanis.... the officer in charge of operations (the G-3) of Sector North East, [was] the Pakistani Lieutenant-Colonel Rachid Sadiki... As Sarajevo was very much aware of its dependence on Croatia, Izetbegovic visited Teheran again on 14 September 1993 to deepen the defence relationship.... meanwhile Holbrooke was becoming increasingly frustrated that the [illegal arms] Croatian pipeline [to Bosnia] was not progressing well. .... Holbrooke therefore proposed to deliver arms and ammunition to the ABiH [Bosnian Muslim army] via third party countries. Lake, who had always welcomed such covert operations, nonetheless found the plan 'too risky'. The Secretary of State, Christopher, shared this view. They did support ‘lift and strike’ but not ‘lift, arm and strike’. Holbrooke's proposals did lead to a debate within the administration. Clinton and State Department officials considered supplies via Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan. This was not new: in the 1980s, Saudi Arabia had already supplied arms worth $ 500 million via the CIA to the Mujahedin fighters in Afghanistan..... A number of countries are candidates for having supplied directly to Bosnia. Pakistan delivered equipment, as did the Sultan of Brunei, who paid for anti-tank missiles from Malaysia. In January 1993 already, a Pakistani vessel with ten containers of arms, which were destined for the ABiH, was intercepted in the Adriatic Sea. Pakistan definitely defied the United Nations ban on supply of arms to the Bosnian Muslims and sophisticated anti-tank guided missiles were air lifted by the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, to help Bosnians fight the Serbs, an ex-ISI Chief has officially admitted in a written petition submitted before a court in Lahore. The document was submitted by Lt. General (Retd) Javed Nasir, who was head of the ISI from March 1992 to May 1993, in a case he filed against the owner and editors of the largest newspaper and TV group of Pakistan, in an anti Terrorism Court. It remains unclear how the missiles were transported to Bosnia and who did it.... As early as 1992 Iran had opened a smuggling route to Bosnia with the assistance of Turkey; this was two years before the Clinton administration gave 'permission' for creating the [illegal arms] Croatian pipeline. Bosnian government officials acknowledged that in 1993 a Turkish pipeline also existed, through which the above-mentioned arms from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brunei and Pakistan were smuggled..... NATO officers stated in a British daily newspaper that if the American intelligence services used a cover, 'Turkey would be the obvious choice'. The Turkish air force had C-130s that could reach Tuzla. This was otherwise also true of the Iranian and Pakistani air forces, which were also mentioned as possible third-party countries for supplies via Turkey to Tuzla. The UK Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) was also aware of the American secret arms supplies to the ABiH. According to a British intelligence official, the DIS never made an issue of them, so as not to further damage the sensitive relationship with the US services. An internal DIS analysis concluded that the arms were delivered via 'a different network', and that the entire operation was probably led by the NSC [the US President's National Security Council]. It was stressed that the CIA and DIA were not involved in the Black Flights to Tuzla. Incidentally, the DIS received a direct order from the British government not to investigate this affair. This was not permitted for the simple reason that the matter was too sensitive in the framework of American-British relations.... The Pentagon had likewise identified Cengic as the main link between the supplies from Islamic countries, such as Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.... The conclusion must be that the United States 'turned a blind eye' to the Croatian pipeline, but in the case of the Black Flights to Tuzla Air Base, they deliberately closed their 'eyes' (of the AWAC aircraft) for the direct Turkish flights. US aircraft did not themselves fly to Tuzla, because their discovery would have seriously embarrassed the US government and put transatlantic relations under even greater pressure. Supplies via a third party country were a simpler solution for the United States."
Srebrenica - A Safe Area?
Appendix II - Intelligence and the war in Bosnia 1992 – 1995: The role of the intelligence and security services
Chapter 4, Secret arms supplies and other covert actions

Report Published on Behalf of The Dutch Government, 10 April 2002

Cover Up At The Hague

"The clandestine arms supplies were therefore of greater importance to the Croats and the Bosnian Muslims. The [US] training and the supplying of arms, for example, simplified the Croatian operations in the Krajina in mid 1995. Alongside secret arms supplies, the company MPRI provided training.... By engaging this company, Washington at the same time also reduced the danger of 'direct' involvement. The operation resulted in the killing of more than 500 civilians and the exodus of more than 150.000 ethic Serbs from the Krajina. In view of the US covert support to the Croats it will be interesting to see if the International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague will seriously investigate this matter."
Srebrenica - A Safe Area?
Appendix II - Intelligence and the war in Bosnia 1992 – 1995: The role of the intelligence and security services
Chapter 4, Secret arms supplies and other covert actions
Report Published on Behalf of The Dutch Government, 10 April 2002

"Terrible crimes were committed in the Balkans during the 90s and it is right that those responsible are held accountable in a court of law. But the Hague tribunal, a blatantly political body set up and funded by the very Nato powers that waged an illegal war against Milosevic's Yugoslavia four years ago - and that has refused to consider the prima facie evidence that western leaders were guilty of war crimes in that conflict - is clearly not the vehicle to do so. Far from being a dispenser of impartial justice, as many progressives still believe, the tribunal has demonstrated its bias in favour of the economic and military interests of the planet's most powerful nations. Milosevic is in the dock for getting in the way of those interests...."
The Milosevic trial is a travesty

Guardian, 12 February 2004

"General Wesley Clark, the former Nato commander and presidential hopeful, will testify next month at the war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic under conditions of strict censorship and confidentiality imposed by the United States. Washington is believed to be fearful of potentially damaging revelations about its Balkan realpolitik during the 1990s and in the Bosnian War. General Clark, who is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for President, will be one of the highest-profile witnesses to take the stand. The former Nato commander directed the alliance's 78-day bombing campaign in Kosovo in 1999, after Serbian forces had launched an onslaught against ethnic Albanian separatists. General Clark will testify on December 15 and 16. Public galleries will be closed and the broadcast system that transmits the proceedings on the internet and on closed-circuit television will be shut down. The conditions of General Clark's testimony include a 48-hour delay to enable the US Government to review the transcript and seek the court's consent to censor parts on the ground of national security. Two US representatives will attend the sessions. The three-judge panel hearing Mr Milosevic's case agreed to the conditions, which are unique, because they decided that they were justified by the potential importance of General Clark's testimony, Jim Landale, the tribunal spokesman, said. In his cross-examination of General Clark, Mr Milosevic could reveal sensitive information about the West's diplomatic and military strategy for dealing with the crisis in the Balkans."
General Clark to testify against Milosevic
London Times, 20 November 2003

"On April 8 [1999] the Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany [PDS], an opponent of the war, issued a report describing an alleged CIA covert operation named 'Operation Roots' aimed at sowing ethnic divisions in Yugoslavia to encourage its breakup. The report claimed that this operation has been going on 'since the beginning of Clinton's presidency.' It was supposedly a joint operation with the German secret service, which also sought to destabilize Yugoslavia. The final objective 'is the separation of Kosovo, with the aim of it becoming part of Albania; the separation of Montenegro, as the last means of access to the Mediterranean; and the separation of the Vojvodina, which produces most of the food for Yugoslavia. This would lead to the total collapse of Yugoslavia as a viable independent state.' The report also asserts that the KLA was founded by the CIA with funding was funneled through drug-smuggling operations in Europe."
Fun Facts About Our New Allies
The Progressive Review, Washington, 22 June 1999

"In February, the chief prosecutor herself, Carla del Ponte, admitted that she did not have enough evidence to convict Milosevic on the most serious charges. The supposedly impartial judges have been deeply complicit in this prosecution bungling. The ICTY has long been characterised by an unhealthy community of interests between the judges and the prosecutors; I have myself heard the first president of the ICTY, Judge Antonio Cassese, boast that he encouraged the prosecutor to issue indictments against the Bosnian Serb leaders, a statement which should disqualify him from serving as a judge ever again. In the Milosevic trial, the judges have admitted a tawdry parade of ‘expert witnesses’ who are not, in fact, witnesses to anything. In Britain, the role of experts is rightly under the spotlight after the convictions of some 250 parents found guilty of killing their babies have been thrown into doubt precisely because they relied on this kind of testimony; but in the ICTY you can be a ‘witness’ without ever having set foot in Yugoslavia. Numerous other judicial abuses have been legitimised by the ICTY. The use of hearsay evidence is now so out of control that people are often allowed to testify that they heard someone say something about someone else. It is common for the ICTY to offer reduced sentences (five years in one case) to men convicted of hideous crimes, mass murder for instance, if they agree to testify against Milosevic. The use of anonymous witnesses is now very widespread, as is the frequency of the ‘closed sessions’: a glance at the ICTY transcripts shows pages and pages blanked out because sensitive issues have been discussed in court — sensitive, that is, to the security interests of the Great Powers which control it, the USA in first place. The ICTY’s nadir came last December, when the former supreme commander of Nato, Wesley Clark, testified in the Milosevic trial; the court agreed to let the Pentagon censor its proceedings, and the transcripts were not released until Washington had given the green light. So much for the ICTY’s transparency and independence. Ironically, Slobbo has one objective ally: the British prime minister. The possibility is now real that a conviction of Milosevic can be secured only on the widest possible interpretation of the doctrine of command responsibility: for instance, that he knew about atrocities committed by the Bosnian Serbs and did nothing to stop them. But if Milosevic can be convicted for complicity in crimes committed by people in a foreign country, over whom he had no formal control, how much greater is the complicity of the British government in crimes committed by the US in Iraq, a country with which the UK is in an official coalition? This is not just a cheap political jibe but a serious judicial conundrum: the UK is a signatory to the new International Criminal Court, and so Tony Blair is subject to the jurisdiction of the new Hague-based body whose jurisprudence will be modelled on that of the ICTY. So if Slobbo goes down for ten years in Scheveningen jail because of abuses committed by his policemen, then by rights his cell-mate should, in time, be Tony."
Let Slobbo speak for himself
The Spectator, 10 July 2004

"July 1, 2004 Sir Richard May, the presiding judge [in the Milosevic case], dies. He is succeeded by Lord Bonomy, another British judge."
Case History
London Times, 6 July 2004

"Judges at the Hague tribunal have refused to order British prime minister Tony Blair and former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to testify about NATO’s role in Kosovo as part of war crimes proceedings against Slobodan Milosevic. The refusal, published on December 9, was written in reply to a confidential request for the two to be compelled to give evidence, apparently filed by the ex-Yugoslav president’s court-assigned defence lawyer Steven Kay on August 18. Milosevic, who insists on his right to defend himself and has spurned Kay’s services, has repeatedly said that he wants to see Blair and Schroeder in the witness stand. He has declined, however, to begin formal proceedings himself to have them subpoenaed. The trial chamber, led by Presiding Judge Patrick Robinson, said Kay’s submission failed to satisfy them that Blair and Schroeder’s testimony would be specifically relevant to the case and that the information they might provide could not be obtained in some other way. Kay apparently argued in his original confidential submission that the two men would be well-placed to give valuable testimony about Milosevic’s role as a peacemaker in the Kosovo crisis, during which he is accused of attempting to ethnically cleanse the region of its Albanian population. They would also be in a unique position, he argued, to speak about support provided by the United Kingdom and Germany for what he referred to as 'aggression' against Yugoslavia by NATO and the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA. The latter theme, he said, might include evidence about defence allegations that NATO trained and armed the KLA, and that it coordinated with Albanian rebels on the ground during the air campaign which drove Serb forces out of Kosovo in 1999. Kay added that Blair could also speak about 'inaccurate information given by the UK government to the media' about events in Yugoslavia in the late Nineties. He requested that the British and German governments be ordered to make arrangements for Blair and Schroeder to testify. In the event that they should refuse, he asked that the individuals themselves be issued with subpoenas. The judges ruled, however, that many issues about which the defence wished to question the two men – including alleged UK and NATO support for the KLA – was in fact irrelevant to the question of Milosevic’s guilt or innocence on war crimes charges.... The 190-odd witnesses that Milosevic has indicated he wishes to call between now and the end of his defence case also include Bill Clinton, who was president of the United States during the war in Bosnia."
Milosevic Subpoena Bid Unsuccessful
Institute For War And Peace Reporting, 9 December 2005

"The tribunal panel turned down a submission by two British court-appointed lawyers assisting Milosevic, saying it 'finds that the issuance of a subpoena is not warranted in relation to either Mr. Blair or Mr. Schroeder.' The three judges said the defense had failed to prove it needed the two leaders' testimony as 'a last resort,' which is required... The lawyers' submission claimed that Blair and Schroeder 'possessed information that was necessary for the resolution of specific issues relevant to the Kosovo indictment,' and asked the court to 'compel their attendance' at the trial, a tribunal statement said. The two British attorneys, Steven Kaye and Gillian Higgins, listed nine areas of questioning, ranging from NATO's arming and training of the Kosovo Liberation Army to the leaders' involvement with Milosevic at the peace talks in Paris that ended the war. The British and German governments responded that the questions were too broad to warrant summoning Blair and Schroeder to The Hague. Milosevic was on 'a fishing expedition in the form of taking the testimony of a head of government on any and every aspect of his government's policy regarding the Kosovo conflict,' said the reply from London cited in the judges' ruling.'"
Milosevic request to subpoena Blair, Schroeder rejected by war Crimes tribunal
Pravda, 9 December 2005

"Madeleine Albright, who was U.S. secretary of state during the 1999 U.S.- NATO war against Yugoslavia, was seen in The Hague at the ICTY building on July 5. Albright is known as 'the mother of the ICTY.' Supporters of Milosevic believe her presence is connected with the court's decision to postpone the trial and its attempt to change the rules."
Why Hague Court Wants To Silence Milosevic

Workers World, 15 July 2004

Happy Days Building Empire In The Balkans With The Terrorists
Linking up in Kosovo in 1999

clarkthraci.jpg (18062 bytes) albrightthaci.jpg (20403 bytes)
Left: Hashim Thaci, Head of the KLA - a State Department designated terrorist organisation, closely linked to Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda
Right: US General Wesley Clark, NATO Supreme Commander
Above: Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State, greets KLA Hashim Thaci

"I know a terrorist when I see one and these men are terrorists."
United States special envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard, speaking about the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) 1998
BBC Online, 28 June 1998

"... the KLA is closely involved with Terrorist organizations motivated by the ideology of radical Islam, including assets of Iran and of the notorious Osama bin-Ladin".
The Kosovo Liberation Army: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties?
Republican Policy Committee of the US Senate, 31 March 1999

"British and American special forces teams are working undercover in Kosovo with the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army to identify Serbian targets for Nato bombing raids....The SAS is also advising the rebels at their strongholds in northern Albania, where the KLA has launched a major recruitment and training operation. According to high-ranking KLA officials, the SAS is using two camps near Tirana, the Albanian capital, and another on the Kosovan border to teach KLA officers how to conduct intelligence-gathering operations on Serbian positions....It is the latest evidence of the growing co-operation between Nato and the KLA, a movement once denounced by the West's leaders as 'terrorists'...alliance spokesman James Shea enthusiastically predicted that the KLA would 'rise from the ashes' and play an increasingly important role in the current campaign... The alliance is now quietly drafting the KLA into its war against Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian leader. It is even considering plans to train them and ease the arms embargo on Yugoslavia to supply them with weapons such as mortars and rocket-propelled grenades.... They are negotiating for a long-term training deal with Military and Professional Resources International, a mercenary company run by former American officers who operate with semi-official approval from the Pentagon and played a key role in building up Croatia's armed forces... From their remaining enclaves within Kosovo and reconnaissance missions staged from Albania, the rebels already use satellite and cellular telephones to provide Nato with details on Serbian targets."
SAS teams move in to help KLA 'rise from the ashes'
Sunday Telegraph, 18 April 1999

"The US government’s favourite private security service has trained both sides in the latest ethnic flare-up in the Balkans. Only two years ago the rag-tag Kosovar Albanian rebels were taken in hand by the Virginia-based company of professional soldiers, Military Professional Resources Incorporated. An outfit of former US marines, helicopter pilots and special forces teams, MPRI’s missions for the US government have run from flying Colombian helicopter gunships to supplying weapons to the Croatian army. Among its most recent tasks - training the Macedonian army, now shooting it out with the Albania guerrillas in and around the farming village of Tanusevce, just across the border from 1998 and 1999 MPRI was tasked with training and assisting the ethnic Albanians of the Kosovo Liberation Army in their struggle against the oppressive regime of the then-president, Slobodan Milosevic. MPRI sub-contracted some of the training programme to two British private security companies, ensuring that between 1998 and June 1999 the KLA was being armed, trained and assisted in Italy, Turkey, Kosovo and Germany by the Americans, the German external intelligence service and former and serving members of Britain’s 22 SAS Regiment... Two years later, and a wave of ethnic cleansing of Kosovo’s remaining Serbs at the hands of ethnic Albanians has left nearly 1,000 people murdered in 18 months."
Private US firm training both sides in Balkans
The Scotsman, March 02, 2001

"KLA members were trained by the [British] SAS before it was disbanded after the Kosovan war..."
Albanians held for massacre of Serbs
Guardian, 29 March 2001

"America has started secret negotiations with the Kosovo Liberation Army about supplying it with specialist weapons to attack Serb ground forces in Kosovo...The strategy...has echoes of earlier covert operations by Washington to supply arms to the Contras or the Bosnian Muslims... the State Department, which last year was willing to accept descriptions of the KLA as terrorist criminals but now appears to view it as an organisation it can do business with."
US opens secret talks on arming KLA
Daily Telegraph, 12 April 1999

War Crimes In Yugoslavia - US And UK Face Embarrassment At The Hague - 11 July 2004

"During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s, the US funded large numbers of jihadists through Pakistan's secret intelligence service, the ISI. Later the US wanted to raise another jihadi corps, again using proxies, to help Bosnian Muslims fight to weaken the Serb government's hold on Yugoslavia. Those they turned to included Pakistanis in Britain.

According to a recent report by the Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation, a contingent was also sent by the Pakistani government, then led by Benazir Bhutto, at the request of the Clinton administration. This contingent was formed from the Harkat-ul- Ansar (HUA) terrorist group and trained by the ISI. The report estimates that about 200 Pakistani Muslims living in the UK went to Pakistan, trained in HUA camps and joined the HUA's contingent in Bosnia. Most significantly, this was 'with the full knowledge and complicity of the British and American intelligence agencies'.

As the 2002 Dutch government report on Bosnia makes clear, the US provided a green light to groups on the state department list of terrorist organisations, including the Lebanese-based Hizbullah, to operate in Bosnia - an episode that calls into question the credibility of the subsequent 'war on terror'.

For nearly a decade the US helped Islamist insurgents linked to Chechnya, Iran and Saudi Arabia destabilise the former Yugoslavia. The insurgents were also allowed to move further east to Kosovo. By the end of the fighting in Bosnia there were tens of thousands of Islamist insurgents in Bosnia Croatia and Kosovo; many then moved west to Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Less well known is evidence of the British government's relationship with a wider Islamist terrorist network. During an interview on Fox TV this summer, the former US federal prosecutor John Loftus reported that British intelligence had used the al-Muhajiroun group in London to recruit Islamist militants with British passports for the war against the Serbs in Kosovo. Since July Scotland Yard has been interested in an alleged member of al-Muhajiroun, Haroon Rashid Aswat, who some sources have suggested could have been behind the London bombings.

According to Loftus, Aswat was detained in Pakistan after leaving Britain, but was released after 24 hours. He was subsequently returned to Britain from Zambia, but has been detained solely for extradition to the US, not for questioning about the London bombings. Loftus claimed that Aswat is a British-backed double agent, pursued by the police but protected by MI6......

......Whether the hunt for those behind the London bombers can prevail against these powerful political forces remains to be seen. Indeed it may depend on whether Scotland Yard, in its attempts to uncover the truth, can prevail over MI6, which is trying to cover its tracks and in practice has every opportunity to operate beyond the law under the cover of national security."
Michael Meacher, Former Blair Minister
Britain now faces its own blowback

Guardian, 10 September 2005

NATO Bombings Lead To Ethnic Cleansing
Of Serbs, Jews, And Other Non-Albanians From Kosovo
And Flooding Of Europe With Albanian Drug Traffic

"On April 8 [1999] the Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany [PDS], an opponent of the war, issued a report describing an alleged CIA covert operation named 'Operation Roots' aimed at sowing ethnic divisions in Yugoslavia to encourage its breakup. .... The report also asserts that the KLA was founded by the CIA with funding was funneled through drug-smuggling operations in Europe."
Fun Facts About Our New Allies
The Progressive Review, Washington, 22 June 1999

"Jiri Dienstbier, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights for former Yugoslavia, has officially accused the disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army of ethnically cleansing Kosovo and working for the creation of Greater Albania, reported Zëri on page six. 'What the KLA is doing in Kosovo has nothing to do with retaliation for what Serb authorities did. It is about the realization of a plan of ethnic cleansing, for destabilization of the entire region and creation of a Great Albania,' said Dienstbier in a press briefing in Geneva.... In the report that he delivered to the UN Commission for Human Rights Wednesday, Dienstbier said that KFOR and UNMIK had reached none of their objectives in Kosovo. 'The only existing administration is the KLA which leads in different ways. One of those is the transfer of KLA fighters to the Kosovo Protection Corps under the auspices of UNMIK, and the other is to turn Kosovo into a European base for heroin,' said Dienstbier, adding that five tons of heroin per month go through Kosovo heading for Western Europe. He also said that there were no functioning courts and an insufficient number of international police officers, but that all KLA members who applied for the KPC were given uniforms automatically. According to Dienstbier, NATO SACEUR General Wesley Clark blames the UN for the situation in Kosovo, while the UN is saying that there would be a completely different situation in Kosovo if NATO hadn't officially recognized the KLA. The UN Special Rapporteur also said that it would be a big mistake if Kosovo would become independent, adding that already it is ethnically cleansed. Dienstbier warned the West not to support Hashim Thaçi and his associates, saying that in Kosovo there were enough normal and clever people who are against extremist solutions. According to Dienstbier, the only way to solve the Kosovo problem is to respect the UN Security Council resolution 1244. He also accused NATO of bombing innocent people and destroying industry, which was not producing weapons."
United Nations Interim Administration in Kosovo
Division of Public Information, Local Media Monitoring, 31 March 2000

"A more revealing report was released April 8 by Jurgen Reents, press spokes person for the Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany. The PDS received almost as many votes as the Green Party, which is part of Germany's ruling coalition. The PDS has actively opposed the NATO war on Yugoslavia. Reents said the report came from someone who holds a 'strictly confidential and high position in the offices of the German government.' The report came through a Catholic priest who has kept the individual's identity secret but has verified the person's authenticity. The report asserts that top NATO, U.S., British and German officials are 'utterly lying in public concerning almost all the facts in regard to the Balkan War.' ...The report says that the German government knows NATO consciously created the refugee crisis. For example, the report says, NATO has targeted and destroyed nearly every fresh-water facility in Kosovo. It also asserts that there are KLA units in Kosovo--one is entirely U.S. mercenaries, the other German mercenaries--who report to the military commands of those countries. Perhaps most revealing is the report's description of a CIA covert operation cynically named 'Operation Roots.' It is aimed at sowing ethnic divisions in Yugoslavia to encourage its breakup. The report says that this operation has been going on 'since the beginning of Clinton's presidency.' It is a joint operation with the German secret service, which has also sought to destabilize Yugoslavia. .. The report asserts that the KLA was founded by the CIA. And the funding was funneled through drug-smuggling operations in Europe. The authenticity of this report cannot be independently verified at this time. But much of it is consistent with what is already known. It helps to expose the real forces behind the war on Yugoslavia and shows who are the true aggressors."
Who's The KLA? - German document reveals secret CIA role
Workers World Service, 29 April 1999

"Most Americans could not do the political calculus to equate Afghan warlords and Sicilian mafia with the heroin in their cities. But when the CIA used the same covert tactics, with similar compromises, to fight the Contra war in Central America, simple proximity sparked controversy and forced a succession of investigations - first by the press, then Congress, and, ultimately, the agency's own inspector general. After decades of denial, the CIA's investigation would document, in surprising detail, the dynamics of its cold war alliances with drug lords... The end of the cold war did not erase the bitter legacy of the CIA's Afghan adventure, nor did it end the agency's alliances with drug lords..... During the 1990s, Afghanistan's soaring opium harvest knitted Centra Asia, Russia, and Europe into a vast illicit market of arms, drugs, and money laundering... Across these vast distances with poor communications, ad hoc alliances within and among ethnic diasporas provided critical criminal linkages [including] Kosovars scattered from Geneva to Macedonia... In 1990, Swiss Federal Police launched Operation Benjamin, which uncovered an arms-heroin traffic with Kosovo and, eight years later, reported that Albanians dominated heroin distribution in all cantons. A Kosovar diaspora based in Skopje, Pristina, and Tirana smuggled heroin across the Adriatic Sea. In Western Europe, Albanian exiles used drug profits to ship Czech and Swiss arms back to Kosovo for the separatist guerrillas of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). In 1997-98, these Kosovar drug syndicates armed the KLA for a revolt against Belgrade's army... Even after the 1999 Kumanovo agreement settled the Kosovo conflict, the UN administration of the province, preoccupied with mediating ethnic conflict, allowed a thriving heroin traffic along this northern route from Turkey. The former commanders of the KLA, both local clans and aspiring national leaders, continued to dominate the transit traffic through the Balkans, battling Serbian police for control of strategic smuggling corridors. The most militant of these local commanders, Muhamed Xhemajli, had reportedly been a major drug dealer in Switzerland before joining the KLA in 1998. In May 2001, Italian peacekeepers in KFOR seized a truck-load of heavy weapons, including 52 rocket launchers and five SAM-7 ground-to-air missiles, near the Kosovo border believed destined for Albanian guerrillas inside southern Serbia. According to Croatina police sources, Albanian syndicates had probably bartered heroin for these arms from Croatian criminals, many of them former army officers."
The Politics of Heroin - CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade
Alfred W. McCoy, Lawrence Hill Books, 2003

"During the Kosovo operation Croatia also cooperated successfully as a partner of NATO and the USA. The US is reluctant to give any of its intelligence reports - that has been our experience so far. As for whether it will give any documents now, it is up to the Hague tribunal and the USA."
Former Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mate Granic
Former Croatian minister confirms CIA's involvement in 1995 military operation
HRT1 TV, Zagreb, in Serbo-Croat 1730 gmt 20 Aug 01 [Translation]

"Four years after it was 'liberated' by a NATO bombing campaign, Kosovo has deteriorated into a hotbed of organized crime, anti-Serb violence and al-Qaeda sympathizers, say security officials and Balkan experts. Though nominally still under UN control, the southern province of Serbia is today dominated by a triumvirate of Albanian paramilitaries, mafiosi and terrorists. They control a host of smuggling operations and are implementing what many observers call their own brutal ethnic cleansing of minority groups, such as Serbs, Roma and Jews. In recent weeks, UN officials ordered the construction of a fortified concrete barrier around the UN compound on the outskirts of the provincial capital Pristina. This is to protect against terrorist strikes by Muslim extremists who have set up bases of operation in what has become a largely outlaw province. Minority Serbs, who were supposed to have been guaranteed protection by the international community after the 78-day NATO bombing campaign ended in the spring of 1999, have abandoned the province en masse. The last straw for many was the recent round of attacks by ethnic Albanian paramilitaries bent on gaining independence through violence. Attacks on Serbs in Kosovo, a province of two million people, have risen sharply. According to statistics collected by the UN criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at The Hague, 1,192 Serbs have been killed, 1,303 kidnapped and 1,305 wounded in Kosovo this year. In June, 1999, just after the NATO bombing, 547 Serbs were killed and 932 were kidnapped.... Serbs, who now make up 5% of the population of Kosovo, down from 10% before the NATO campaign, are the main targets of the paramilitary groups. Last week, Harri Holkeri, the province's UN leader, suspended two generals and 10 other officers, all members of an ethnic Albanian offshoot of the Kosovo Liberation Army, an insurgent group that emerged in the late 1980s to fight Serb security forces.Mr. Holkeri made his decision -- the strongest UN response to violence in the province so far -- after a UN inquiry into the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC). Although the civilian defence organization is supposed to help local residents, over the past four years, its mostly ethnic Albanian military officials have been involved in violent confrontations with Serbs.The inquiry found last April's bomb attack on a Kosovo railway was the work of the KPC... Moreover, Kosovo has turned into one of Europe's biggest hubs for drug trafficking and terrorism.Al-Qaeda has set up bases in the province, which has become an important centre for heroin, cigarette, gasoline and people smuggling. The Albanian mafia and paramilitary groups, which security officials say are closely tied to al-Qaeda militants in the region, also oversee smuggling. More than 80% of Western Europe's heroin comes through Kosovo, where several drug laboratories have been set up, Interpol officials say."
Crime, terror flourish in 'liberated' Kosovo
National Post, Canada, 10 December 2003

"Each day brings new reports of atrocities against Serbs... The rebels are governing the way Al Capone ran Chicago. Not just Serbs, but Albanian shopkeepers are looted.... Baton Haxhui, the editor of an Albanian newspaper, charges, 'Each day it is becoming more dangerous to think and speak independently'.... Terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden running around with AK-47s and anti-tank weapons is bad enough. Worse, Thaci's boys aren't just killers and kleptos, but mafioso who are neck-deep in the drug trade.... More than 40 percent of the heroin reaching Western Europe moves through the province, which sits astride the major distribution route from Turkey to the West.... Belgrade had contained the problem. But under KLA management, Kosovo has become a drug lord's paradise.... Is it for this that we rained death and devastation on Yugoslavia for 11 weeks -- not for democracy or human rights or to end ethnic cleansing, but so Kosovo could be cleansed of non-Albanians and turned into a narcotics superstore under the benevolent direction of Hashim (aka, 'Snake') Thaci?"
Serbs suffer under western eyes
Jewish World Review Aug. 2, 1999 /20 Av 5759

".... I think what Nato did by bombing Serbia actually precipitated the exodus of the Kosovo Albanians into Macedonia and Montenegro. I think the bombing did cause the ethnic cleansing. I’m not sticking up for the Serbs because I think they behaved badly and extremely stupidly by removing the autonomy of Kosovo, given them by Tito, in the first place. But I think what we did made things very much worse and what we are now faced with is a sort of ethnic cleansing in reverse. The Serbs are now being cleared out."
Interview with Lord Carrington, Former British Foreign Secretary
Saga Magazine, September 1999

"As President Clinton prepares to visit to Kosovo, it is common to see and hear things here that don't fit with the tidy fictions proffered by NATO and White House officials....'The whole thing is a very bad joke,' explains a candid intelligence officer with the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). ..Although NATO and UNMIK have been careful to avoid any public insinuation that the KLA may be prevaricating and holding back a significant stockpile of weapons, a spokesman for NATO estimates that peacekeepers confiscate about 100 illegal weapons, explosives and magazines of ammunition each day...Yet 'anyone who thinks that the violence will end once the last Serb has been driven out of Kosovo is living an illusion,' recently warned Veton Surroi, publisher of the main Albanian-language newspaper in Kosovo, Koha Ditore. 'The violence will simply be redirected against other Albanians.' Already, the senior officials of the KLA, who signed the disarmament agreement with NATO, have carried out assassinations, arrests and purges within their own ranks and of potential rivals. One campaign, in which as many as six KLA commanders were murdered, was reportedly directed by the KLA's top man, Hashim Thaci, and two of his lieutenants, Azem Syla and Xhavit Haliti....It still lurks everywhere in Kosovo. Ethnic Albanians complain that KLA henchmen regularly demand that shopkeepers pay 'liberation taxes' to finance the KLA's continued, and often illicit, activities. Even more worrisome, according to a soon-to-be-released report by the International Crisis Group, there are as many killings right now in Kosovo as there were before NATO intervened, when Yugoslav authorities were trying to smash the KLA....[the] goal of creating a multi-ethnic society in Kosovo is being undermined by the KLA in a multitude of ways, especially with the ethnic cleansing of not only Serbs but Gorans, Romas, Jews, Croats and even Albanians who are not strenuous enough in their intolerance of non-Albanians..."
The Real Kosovo
The Washington Times, 23 November 1999

"I mean Kosovo is just one of the points of destabilization of Yugoslavia... I want people to know the truth about what happened here.... The United States, for its own geopolitical reasons, deliberately encouraged the secessionist tendency among Albanians, used them against the Yugoslav government in order to destabilize the Balkans.... One book has a great hold over Kosovo Albanians. It's called the 'Canon of Leke Dukagjiniis'. It's a 15th century text that spells out codes of behavior. It goes into great detail on how to carry out blood feuds, when and whom it is proper to kill. It lays out the proper methods to use when killing, rules and regulations and so on. And this Canon is alive among Albanians today, especially since the fall of communism. This is an intensely tradition-oriented culture. Blood feud is a constant threat for Albanians.... By methodically killing those who refused to support them, the KLA was striking a deep fear among Albanians: the refusal of one Clan member to obey could lead to revenge against his entire clan. And now the KLA had NATO bombers to enforce blood feud. ... [the KLA] knew their own people, their fears, their traditions. They knew that if they could prove they were deadly, the clan leaders would fall in line. Now they live in a society dominated by gangsters. None of this would have happened were it not for years of effort by the United States."
Cedomir Prlincevic, President of the Jewish Community in Pristina, and Chief Archivist of Kosovo
Interview with 'Emperors Clothes', 3 December 2000

".... former Ottawa policeman Derek Chappell and his partner, Barry Fletcher, an ex-New Orleans cop, told me about their frustration [in 2003] in trying to control the ongoing inter-ethnic violence in this war-ravaged Balkan province [Kosovo].... Since NATO forces first entered Kosovo and Serbian security forces withdrew in June 1999, the majority of the terror attacks have been committed by Albanian extremists against Serbs and other ethnic minorities. The result has been the expulsion of nearly 240,000 non-Albanians from Kosovo.... In accordance with the 1999 peace agreement, the KLA was to be demilitarized and converted into a humanitarian assistance organization known as the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC). The wartime leader of the KLA, General Agim Ceku, remains employed under UN direction as the head of the 'new' KPC. Of course, the KLA never did turn in its arsenal of heavy weapons and, under the guidance of Ceku, has remained a military formation numbering 2,000 regular forces and 3,000 reservists.... Despite public denials, the UN police are also aware of the fact that Ceku's KPC are directly involved with the acts of terrorism being conducted throughout the region.... When asked why the UN, to date, has not removed Ceku from his post and sent him to The Hague for his previous war crimes, the American police officer just shrugs and says 'politics.' This double standard no doubt will not sit well with Canadian soldiers who witnessed the atrocities committed by Ceku."
Extremist on UN's payroll
Halifax Herald (Canada), 2 June 2003

".... the political war for Kosovo's future has only just started. And in the meantime, absolutely nobody here is getting any happier. The worst of it is, we don't know who to blame any more."
Kosovan Albanian student
Guardian, 29 May 2003

"Western pro-intervention forces are growing increasingly frustrated with The Hague, which they consider to be a weak tribunal. Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte's failure to win a total victory over Slobodan Milosevic -- the inquisition's big prize -- remains a sore spot.... UNMIK and Western governments are trying to avoid a perceived failure in Kosovo. The widely criticized mission has overlooked the elimination of non-Albanian minorities by vengeful militias, the destruction of priceless cultural relics (for example, over 110 Serbian Orthodox churches), and the explosive increase in the drug, weapon and cigarette business, as well as in human trafficking and prostitution.... Macedonia's civil war of 2001 was sustained and led by Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) veterans in Kosovo. Kosovo-based extremists from the Albanian National Army (ANA) have committed several deadly attacks this year, and have explicitly announced their desire to cleanse northern and western Macedonia of its 'Slav colonizers,' as they call Macedonians. In the end, while granting Kosovo independence might cause future regional upheaval and mafia rule in an economically unviable territory, the West views this as the least dangerous outcome. This is not the result of some grand and sagacious strategy. Rather, UNMIK is primarily looking out for its own safety. While Serbian and Macedonian concerns can be and have been ignored safely, the Albanians are different. Only the unexpected can be expected from them. Their long memories and long history of militancy are clearly intimidating the Western interim government. Appeasing them is thus essential for the safety of the current local administration -- but also for those Western leaders who believed that the NATO bombing campaign was a wise enterprise."
The Return of The Hague Tribunal and the West's Dilemma in Kosovo
The Power and Interest News Report, 1 November 2003

"Though Gen. Clark is right to say the Albanians of Kosovo were liberated from Serb oppression, he says nothing about the Kosovo Serbs, 180,000 of whom had to run for their lives as the Albanians took their revenge. Far from ending ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, Gen. Clark's war only set off another round. The result has been to establish a new, ethnically cleansed, fiercely nationalistic mini-state in the Balkans -- and a pretty unpleasant one at that. Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, and a NATO garrison of more than 12,000 troops, Kosovo today is still a poor, dangerous, unstable place. The remaining Serbs live in fear. Last summer, in a sign of the times, someone opened up with a machine gun on a group of Serb boys swimming in a stream, killing two and wounding four."
General Clark's Kosovo is a mess
Globe and Mail, 2 January 2004

"Kosovo continued its plunge into chaos yesterday as organised gangs of armed ethnic Albanians attacked Serb houses and churches across the province. Nato scrambled to deploy up to 1,000 additional troops to boost the 17,000-strong Nato-led Kfor peacekeeping force in an attempt to clamp down on renewed ethnic violence. Serbian Orthodox churches were burnt down in Kosovska Mitrovica and Vucitrn, while the UN police headquarters in the town of Prizren was also attacked. Smoke billowed from Serb houses set ablaze in the mixed town of Kosovo Polje, and burnt-out cars littered the streets of Pristina. UN troops and police came under sustained gunfire as they attempted to rescue beseiged Serbs. At least 22 people have been killed, and more than 500 injured in the worst outbreak of fighting since the Nato air-strikes in spring and summer 1999. All the deaths came in gunbattles, riots and street fighting on Wednesday.... Speaking from Pristina, Derek Chappell, a UN police spokesman, said: 'We have seen many acts of violence in the last four years. We have not seen a co-ordinated action, with this level of violence, when thousands of people from all regions of Kosovo attack Serbs, Serb property and Serb symbols such as churches, all on the same day. The targets are very specific.' Mr Chappell said: 'It is difficult to think that all this is spontaneous, although there is no evidence to link these events to any organisation.' The violence triggered fears that Kosovo could once again descend into war, possibly dragging in Serbia and destabilising the whole of the southern Balkans."
Ethnic killings send Kosovo towards war
London Times, 19 March 2004

"Nato's bombing campaign of 1999 has been held up as a successful humanitarian intervention. But the renewed unrest raises more awkward questions about the value of military force as a response to conflicts and crises".
Kosovo riots renew old debates
BBC Online, 19 March 2004

"A UN court in Kosovo has sentenced twelve ethnic Albanians to up to 30 years imprisonment for a revenge murder of five-member [Albaninan] family in 2001 in one of the biggest trials in the province since the end of 1998-99 war. After 115 sessions and interrogation of some 50 witnesses during a 17-month long trial, a three-member UN panel in the district court in the eastern town Gnjilane sentenced the group to a total of 185 years imprisonment for the murder of ethnic Albanian Hamez Hajra, his wife and their three children.... The murder, believed to be a revenge against the victim -- allegedly considered as a collaborator with the Serb regime of former strongman Slobodan Milosevic -- shocked the province in 2001. The non-governmental group, the Humanitarian Law Center -- which monitors the trials in Kosovo -- has said it had evidence that Hajra had been supposed to testify in an unidentified war crimes case a day after he and his family were murdered brutally. However, this was not officially confirmed."
Kosovo court sentences 12 ethnic Albanians to 30-year imprisonment for revenge murder
AFP, 7 April 2005

US Backed Islamic Terrorism
In The Balkans

US Backed Islamic Terrorism in the Balkans
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American Sponsored Islamic Jihad In Yugoslavia
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Post 9/11 - Some Habits Die Hard
"The Pentagon is considering a massive covert action program to overthrow Iran's ruling ayatollahs... The proposal, sources say, includes using all available points of pressure on the Iranian regime, including backing armed Iranian dissidents and employing the services of the Mujahedeen e Khalq, a group currently branded as terrorist by the United States.... The State Department argument was that MEK is on the terrorist list and any failure to disarm it would be an act of hypocrisy..."
Pentagon Eyes Massive Covert Attack On Iran
ABC News, 29 May 2003

"The People’s Mujahidin is seen by Washington as a possible instrument for 'regime change' in Tehran....The Marxist movement, which initially supported the Islamic revolution and then broke with the fundamentalist regime, was formally designated last year as 'terrorist' by the State Department and the EU but it is known to have links with the CIA and other US agencies."
France rounds up US-linked Iranian exiles
London Times, 16 June 2003

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