Sunday, August 10, 2008

College Frats as Satanic Romish-Masonry?

Research upon the prestigious well- connected Washington, D.C. law firm
Covington & Burling
-- to wit its founder, former U.S. Congressman J.H. Covington, chief justice of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and law professor at Jesuit Georgetown University -- led me to his fraternity and its interesting symbolism:

Symbol appears to be a cross between Masonic Orders of Shriners and the Eastern Star

Follow the red dot from Italy to Virginia:

Kappa Sigma Official Site


that's an amazing find, I hope that Eric gets to see that one too. Man, all those frat movies that they made for idiots to go see in the 80's that made a mockery of the whole thing are the perfect cover for these psycho-fraternities.

The upside-down pentagram is unbelievable in its shamelessness - just like priests & ministers doing the horned hand (disguised as Texas Longhorns sign) at Lady Bird's funeral. As for that Rome to America red spot: says it all really. ...

Covington & Burling- a true nexus of power, involved with so much in government policy domestically and internationally, including:

Parkland subversion:
Washington, D.C. was to get a South Capitol Mall, the cancellation of which would ultimately save a sole building: St Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church. Covington & Burling would serve as the law firm for Major League Baseball's insistence upon the new Nationals Ballpark Stadium's location directly in the proposed South Capitol Mall's path 2 blocks south of the church, in concert with Jesuit affiliated Mark Touhey of the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission. Subversion of the South Capitol Mall occurred in concert with the "Committee of 100" which was founded by brother in law of Covington & Burling co-founder Ed Burling: Frederic A. Delano (uncle of 32nd U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt).

Transport network subversion:
stopping the DC highways- particularly the vital northern radial -- the B&O Route North Central Freeway -- that would have gone next to Catholic University of America.
(Georgetown and Covington & Burling are old allies)
(look at the end of that one!)
(see how highway planning is undermined when the highway would go next to Catholic University)

added: October 23, 2009

(paid doctrinaire anti-freeway group ECTC to riot to disrupt public hearings on proposed highways alongsde major Roman Catholic Church properties)

Food and Drug Policy:
Publish Post
(yes- C&B also involved with drug policy- with lawyer assigned to advise Drug Policy Foundation involved with GMO plant made pharmaceuticals)
And all located at the intersection described by David Ovason in his book The Secret Architecture Of Our Nation's Capital- The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C., as the spiritual center of the universe, having something to do with the She Goddess of the stuff that grows, born on the winter solste (dec 22-23).
(added- August 9, 2009)

Secret Societies:
They Are Not Just at Yale- They Are Running a University Nea

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Covington's Kappa Sigma Linked to Rome


JamesOSagl said...

As a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity I am glad to see that our Order is this interesting to non-members. Although the symbols you have represented do bear some resemblance, I am afraid that your theory is not quite right...

Cloud Tiger said...

What, James?

KS's symbols are actually even MORE blatantly Satanic?

That KS is really MORE EVIL than we say?

Wow! You must be peeved we are not giving you Biggest Brotherhood heavyweights more credit. Maybe if you would show us the "real" symbols we could properly be awed by your "No.1" superiority.

Oh... I forgot. They are secret to us profane. We are not worthy.
I guess we'll have to take your word for it then, eh?