Monday, January 12, 2009

Wlodimir Ledochowski Luciferian

According to Nick of German heritage:

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Brother Eric,
That was a great closing monologue. I need to see that Documentary Hitler, Stalin,& the West. I feel ashamed as a German that the Pope used the White Protestant Prussians to commit those barberous activities in Poland, under their Jesuit Nazi leaders which wanted to destroy them in turn. What Frank forgot to mention is how Black Pope Ledochowski was formally the Head Provincial of Galicia from 1902-1906. That pentagram makes up the heart of Galicia, so in my opinion this is ultimate proof that the Jesuit Order are Luciferian Sorcerers behind the New Age movements!

This whole diabolical plan was hatched either at Vatican Council I or in early 1900's at the latest. Not to say Ledochowski was the Jesuit assistant to Germany from 1906-1915 before he was named Superior General. I'm sure in Germany he groomed Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels in the Blavatsky masonic Nordic mysticism that later influenced Hitler and Himmler.

This pattern reminds me of how Kolvenbach was the Middle East Provincial when Saddam's Pan- Arab Pro- Vatican Sunni Fascist movement took power.

Later to be rewarded for his good work by being named the Black Pope. Ledochowski also helped found the Collegium Russicum in Rome where the Order created it's Pan Germanism philosophy of the "Drag nach Osten" the drive east for Lebensraum which was a cover for a new Crusade headed by Himmeler's reveived Tetounic Knight's the SS! I am also convinced he mastermined the Fatima hoax using demonic inspired holographic technology to back up the Vaticans claims for Russia. Didn't that demon tell Lucia that
"Russia needs to be consecrated to her immaculate heart".
You mean Russia needs to be a dominion of the Pope!

Lord Bless,

Did you know that Ledochowski's one known relative Igor Ledochowski is a Austrian hypnotist, practicing sorcery like his Demon of an Uncle. Reminds me of the master Jesuit hypnotist/sorcerer Rasputin trained by Stalin's Jesuit master Hermogan

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