Monday, March 29, 2010

Angela Merkel

Germany's 'Lutheran' Chancellor

According to Craig Oxley of The Un-Hived Mind:

Angela Merkel is fully controlled by the Praetoriani Guard World Headquarters, the Curia Generaliza based in sovereign Borgo Santo Spirito and its front known as the Vatican. Merkel is fully subordinate to the Society of Jesus's assistant known as Adam Zak S.J. Merkel is directly controlled from the home of the Society of Jesus created Order of Illuminati known as Bavaria by the Society of Jesus Provincial, Stefan Dartmann S.J. [PHOTO BELOW] Interesting to note how he also controls both Denmark and Sweden. The later played an important role in the Reformation with its King known as Gustavus Adolphus who fought hard against the Society of Jesus's, Superior General, Mutius Vitelleschi back in the early seventeenth century.

We must never forget what the Society of Jesus, Superior General, Wlodimir Ledóchowski had done to Reformation Germany since 1915.

Angela Merkel is an asset of the Knights of Malta controlled Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst. The same organisation totally tied to the Central Intelligence Agency thanks to the Knights of Malta and their Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency back in 1945. All funded of course by wealth stolen from Torah believing Judiacs in accordance with the worship of Satan and not of the Biblical texts. Another example of Knight of Malta involvement with the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst is of course Heinz Kissinger and George H.W Bush. -Craig Oxley

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