Wednesday, August 17, 2011

D Willinger Message to EJP- Nov 1, 2008


How can anyone other then God dare presume that a MAJORITY of US Blacks are savages (or any other ethnic group)?

Douglas Willinger


This was a message written to Eric Jon Phelps, included in an email thread on November 1, 2008, shortly after Phelps began polluting his generally excellent Vatican Assassins web site with the nonsensical statement "Majority Black Savages"


avles said...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

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avles said...

Interesting, the sequent day I posted another post after the VERGAR-OSLO, but it is not yeat appeared on your blog roll list, meanwhile other blogs appears with thirty or llittle more minute after posting....

avles said...

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Douglas A. Willinger said...

I was on the original UHM looking at my initial meeting with Phelps on the Ledochwoski thread I started (and where I met you) less then 2 hours before the shut down.

From my perspective, that's SOME timing concerning my comming out against EJP's Jesuitical Racism.

avles said...

On Vatican Assassin there's no trace about the disappearing -
Such extreme racism can be used just for the opposite goal, to defame with the accuse of racism just the ones who don't want to mix or etc.
It works like Lega Nord/North League party in Italy, which has the task to ask "separated tube cars for natives and for immigrates", this is then used by the pro-immigration left opposition and Silvio Berlusconi, protector of North League, and owner of a media system in Maghreb which "is aimed to push young Arabs in Europe", appears magically he too a 'racist' and 'anti-immigration'....

Douglas A. Willinger said...

AFAIK no one is calling for legalizing rape.

avles said...

Saturday, August 20, 2011
''This board has been closed for Terms of Service violations''

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I see only one post per page. The last message is of 20 august. The previous one of the previous day, but on the blog roll list appears still the one of 19 august. I too have problem like you.

GodsOutlaw1964 said...

Eric Jon Phelps a wolf in sheeps clothing.