Sunday, April 27, 2014

The 'Consecration' of Russia

Papal plan for a 'Uniate' Russia, with a restored Romanov dynasty that's converted to Roman Catholicism identified through the 1917 Fatima Mary story within about a 100 year time frame

About a Satanic Russian Sunrise to restore that which is symbolized 
by that double-headed eagle of a united eastern and western Roman Empires

Includes a restoration of the Romanov dynasty that is Papist- Mikhail Romanov.

Discussed at Control-Alves-Blogs:

Above image - it is confirmed. Thanks to hints and info brought by Hristo now it can be  affirmed with the most complete reliability that if, and I say "if" only for a formal question of language, the Romanov monarchy will be restored, it will be a Roman Catholic "Romanov" monarchy, of course disguised by an 'Oriental' rite, but of solid Counter Reformation (evil) roots. 

   Therefore to talk about Western and Eastern Roman empire is not void chat. Simply Counter Reformation re-built an Eastern empire at his command to then play the theater of the "reunification" with a lieutenant or better a sort of Jesuitical "Lord Protector" (Putin) of the Geo-politic global interests of the Counter Reformation (of which I believe you are sufficiently informed from my and others' blogs), keeping the throne ready for the coming  Catholic "Romanov", a Jesuits' king.

    Hristo brought to me much information about the triple consecration of Russia to the 'immaculate' Mary/Madonna/Queen of Heaven and now I think it is time to tell which is the true secret behind the Satanic farce of Fatima. But not only. Also what I wrote on April 2011 unfortunately (or not, it could fulfill Revelation) holds. It deals about the Big Enlargement of Roman Catholicism from Ireland to the straits of Bering of which you'll find the old original post reported in the link at the bottom.

This western-eastern dynamics can be seen with the Jesuit selling out of the Polish Commonwealth during the 1600 and 1700s, and the subsequent de-polanization of the Ruthenian areas with the effectively pro-Russia west 'Ukrainian' national identity as a re-branding of the East Polans who had established Kiev BEFORE it was seized in the 880s by a group of Norse calling themselves 'Rus', who subsequently with contacts with pro-Papists in Constantinople established the 3rd pillar of the Roman Empire of what became Muscovite ruled Russia.


Христо Стилиянов said...

The more I think about it the more it makes sense - Russia and the Catholic south against the apostate liberal northern prostestants/the USA. Putin's Russia is becoming a flag-bearer for the traditionalist, conservative(rightwing) ideologies and conservative moralistic lines in the religions.

avles said...

Don't forget it a fiction but what they say at the beginning??? this ----> "...Fiction as a teaching tool has a venerable history harking back to the parables of Our Lord, and even to the prophets of the Old Testament.....".

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I was searching for other but i realized that the Commonwealth is born deeply involved with the spreading of Reformation in Poland and lithuania and decided to gather all the material in a post: