Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Fraud of "Anti-Zionism"

"Zionism" is condemned as the villain by those with a striking disregard for like everyone else that lost their homes and was expelled if not outright murdered during the 1930s and 1940s

Consider the pro- "Palestine" movement throughout the openly regressive and the lamentably naive ecumenicists respectively of the realm of Islam, Roman Catholicism and the pseudo 'Lutherans' of Scandinavia.

Pretends that no one else was expelled during the 1940s - perpetuates the myth that the only targeted victims of WW2 were Jewish people- gives a free pass to the Western-Eastern Roman Empire WW2 land grab against Poland/Polish Commonwealth and Eastern Germany.

OVER-GENERALIZES against 'Zionism' WITHOUT distinguishing between types of such.

Says nothing about EXCLUSIONARY Zionism - neurotic negative orthodox jewish neurotics that subvert Israel with their demonic definition of whole classes of peoples as enemies of the state, denying a social-political safety valve for Arabian assimilation as lost Jews in territories as Judea and Samaria.

"Anti-Zionism" by its broad condemnation of ALL Zionists and forms of such, IS anti Jewish by definition as singleing out the Jewish peoples as alone in having no right to their own nationalist state.

All of such is a distraction from the real issue of what undermines Israel of its overly narrow definition of a Jewish national which actually subverts Israel's security via a potential hostile population within an overly narrow EXCLUSIONARY variant Israel.

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