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Romish-Masonic Togetherness

From Troy Space:


No surprise either, as both the Scottish Rite Supreme Council 33° of the Gran Loggia d’Italia (GLDI, founded in 1910 after a schism with the Grande Oriente d’Italia) & the Church of the Gesù - the mother church of the Jesuits - are located in Piazza del Gesù! In fact the GLDI is known as the Piazza del Gesù obedience. This body is recognised by the Scottish Rite’s US Southern Jurisdiction (”Mother of the World”) Supreme Council 33° in Washington, DC. The Jesuits control both the Roman Catholic Church & many elements within high-level Freemasonry on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Grande Oriente Italiano obedience (founded 1975, not to be confused with the Grande Oriente d’Italia) is also to be found at Piazza del Gesù, as is the Scottish Rite Supreme Council 33° of the Gran Loggia Nazionale Italiana (founded 1979).
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Catholic World News (CWN)

Italian priest joins Masons

Rome, Feb. 19, 2007 ( - An Italian Paulist priest has become a member of the Masons, joining the group in a ceremony attended by about 40 people at the Masonic headquarters at Piazza del Gesu in Rome.

Father Rosario Francesco Esposito dismissed the Church ban on membership in the Masonic lodge, saying that it is “a thing of the past.”

The move by the 85-year-old Father Esposito is particularly interesting because he, along with Father Giovanni Caprile, SJ [Note: SJ = Society of Jesus = Jesuits - TS], was once commissioned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to study the Church’s teaching on masonry. In 1983 the prefect of the Congregation, then-Cardinal [Note: & SMOM Knight of Malta - TS] Joseph Ratzinger [Note: now Pope Benedict XVI - TS], made a public announcement that the teaching of the Church had not changed, and the ban on Masonic membership remained in place.

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Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute-2

Wlodimir Ledochowski 1866 - 1942

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Les fleurs du Mal - 2


Saturday 28th February 2009, the Slovenian nation was shacked by a news that took her back again, for the 1,001st time, in the past of the bloody civil war occurred during the second world war. Exponents of the Unione degli Istriani, the association of the Italian expellees from Istria, organized a commemorative rally near an alleged site where “innocent Italians”, victims of the “Tito’s ferocious partisans”, should lie. They tried to do a commemorative rally in the same place where, the previous 10th February, a delegation tried to reach the zone but was stopped by the Slovenian police as they hadn’t the regular authorizations to hold a public meeting. The 10th February is the Italian national date to commemorate the “tens of thousands of Italians” victims of the “Tito Communist anti-Italianism”. As among the warmest supporters of those kind of commemorations are just the same today’s supporters of the once Nazi and Fascist 1941 aggression policy to Yugoslavia, it is not rare to see Nazi skinheads with Roman salute ‘honouring’ those alleged victims. But the today’s Vatican policy is dragging that embarrassing presence away, to try an opposite public image policy, involving in those commemorations also the leftist “politically correct” and “anti-Fascist” area. For this reason the strategic choice of the Vatican-Masonic puppet men controlling the higher Italian Republican governmental institutions was to make follow the Holocaust Remembrance day with the Italian Victims of Tito Remembrance day. So, after the official celebration of the Jewish victims of Hitler would have offered to the ‘alternative’ propaganda a golden occasion to spread its dogmas, the sequent and 14 days later commemoration of the ‘Italians victims of Tito’s army’ (= of “Jewish controlled army” as says the right wing of the ‘alternative’ propaganda), would have offered an opportunity to condense all that hate following the precise Hegelian/Jesuit dialectic. With this occult but real architecture the 27th January clash of the Thesis (= “the truth of six millions Jewish victims Holocaust”) against its Antithesis (= “the lie of six millions Jewish victims of the Holocaust”) would have produced, after a lunar/tidal semiclicle of 14 days, the desired Synthesis: “the only truth are the dozens of thousands of Italians (= Roman Catholics) exterminated by the Slavic Communism of Tito (= by the ‘heretics’, hence by the ones who refuses to kneel in front of the Pontifex Maximus and his dogmas as the old Reformer of Istria and Carniola did)”. Please, notice how the number ‘14’ is a product of the numbers of the date 27th January, 2 X 7. A particular I just found many times investigating the Massacre of Ustica and the Low Intenstity Carabineers’ coupe.

After the failure (wanted?) of the 10th February, for the second attempt the Unione degli Istriani asked the usual permission to held a rally to the Slovenian authorities (why they didn’t ask it before? They knew well that they had to fully respect the Slovenian laws). The place is sited near the little town of Lokve/Corgnale, just a pair of kilometres far from the border. The natural hole, where allegedly hundreds of Italians victims of the Slavic Communism should lay, is sited in the locality of Golobivnica. Then, with the regular documents released by the authorities of that state, they went to commemorate the alleged site where victims of a crime against humanity, (so of a crime which never can be invalidated by prescription), are buried, a crime which till our days no judicial authority investigated about or sized the scene. This is a common feature of the questions of the ‘victims’ of the partisan violence. Both in Italy and Slovenia, the rests of bodies of alleged ‘victims’ of the ‘barbaric partisan Communist guerrilla, are found mostly casually instead after the consequence of a regular investigative activity on just known site of burial. For example in Italy, just a pair of kilometres from my home, there’s a national monument, consecrated by the Italian government, claiming the burial, at its feet, of “at least 5,000 Italian victims of Tito’s army”. But those “5,000 Italian victims of Tito’s army” are waiting since more than half an century an Italian prosecutor seizing their mass-grave and investigating on the rests. Why?

For the second attempt to commemorate the alleged buried victims, the Unione degli Istriani was holding regular authorizations. But the underground cave where the victims of Tito should lay is not on the public soil, but in a privately owned field, some metres far from the public road. They didn’t have the permission to walk in the privately owned field to do the commemoration. The same owner, knowing in advance that a delegation of Expellees from Istria was going to commemorate what they consider a mass-grave sited in his estate, provided to put some fences in order to obstacle a possible invasion of his field. But not only the barbed wire was waiting for the delegation, also a ‘raging mob’ of ‘Communists’, with red flags, was ready to approach the ‘Italian Fascists’ in order to stop their rally. And for the 1,001st time the show could go on! The Slovenian police avoided the clash among both factions, but only with big efforts.

The news immediately monopolized the Slovenian media and the Italian local media. For another time the not conventional, dirty, psychological Counter Reformation war raged in the North Adriatic coasts. For another time, the Italian media could paint the ‘still existing barbaric attitude’ of the Slavic people. Also the Slovenian, Vatican controlled media were on the same length of wave of the Italian one. But as the Slovenians can’t present themselves as ‘barbarian’, they used another strategy. And, to tell the truth, also the tuning of the Italian Vatican propaganda was different – respect the ugly and dement style of the past. If we put aside the Italian Slovenian press, which is marginal, the local Masonic daily “Il Piccolo”, gave large echo to the heavy indictment launched, in this occasion, not to the entire Slovenian community, but only to a part of it, a part that seems to monopolize the rest of the ethnic group. The words of that right wing politicians of the bordering city of Trieste, among them the Masonic Camber and the Fascist Menia, who, as a person I trust told me, are “strictly linked with the Jesuits”, smell of coordination with further events that happened the sequent week in Slovenia, events that exploited the commemoration and the tensions arose from. Surely Jesuits are not only friends of the Italian politicians, and the brotherhood they weave like a spider’s net, goes well far beyond the national border and the narrow ideological factions. What happened on the day of the dying sun aka Saturn or Saturn-day or, shortly, Saturday, the day 28th, February (and 28 is the double of 14!), near the small town of Lokve/Corgnale, was linked and coordinated with an event happened again in Slovenia, on the sequent 3th March, Tuesday – or, in numeric (Masonic) notation: 2009-3-3.

And for another time we see involved not only the usual Communist anti-Fascist partisan ‘mob’. A good part of that ‘mob’, the old aged part, is built up by people who experienced the term “Fascist Nationalist oppression” directly on their skin, and so people with a deep a strong motivation to demonstrate, but people who are, through the occult Jesuit-Masonic over-ruling net, exploited far beyond their awareness. And we see involved another opposite group, for which also what I said about the ‘Commnist mob’, partially values: the Novo Ordo Seclorum exploits also the tragedies of the Italian Vertriebenen. But this is a more interesting group, as it is playing an higher profile role than their Commnuist opponent. The Unione degli Istriani engaged in the commemorations of the dead buried in underground holes, is strictly linked with Haider, and, in an strongly allusive way, also to his murder.

I stop for the moment with the chronicle of the recent North Adriatic facts. I have to recall to you some important elements, occult elements, of the true occult liturgy of the Roman Catholic sect which, never forget, is only the old Roman (and Egyptian, Sumerian, etc.) pagan devotion to Lucifer and Satan (Saturn), just only keenly disguised with the superficial, apparent dress of its implacable opponent, the Christendom - From “Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism, by Mad.Arsenal” (a message I posted also in Novo Ordo Seclorum blog) – the first message of the thread:

Jul 31 2007, 04:16 AM


“……It also shows the 3rd degree of Freemasonry, where the initiate will play Hiram Abiff (the sun) who's slain by three ruffians (October, November, December or Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius)

While he's buried, 12 masons go searching for him (the 12 months/zodiacs) and the 3 masons going West find him (January/Pisces, February/Aries, March/Taurus)

They then try to resurrect him 3 times (April/Gemini, May/Cancer, June/Leo).
They try with the two first grips (Gemini and Cancer) but only succeed the 3rd time, raising him from the dead to full upright position with the special grip, the "Lion's Paw" grip. This is of course an allusion to the sun being finally restored to full glory at summer solstice, June 21st, the sun in the sign of Leo the Lion, the strongest sign whith its strenght finally resurrects the sun/Hiram Abiff, role-played by the initiate.

This shows alot about how much they care about the different stages of the sun, the yearly cycle. And the veneretaion of the sun's yearly revival. At winter he's dead. But then at vernal equinox he suddenly begins to show signs of life, he is resurrected from the dead, once again, the eternal life of the sun bringing eternal life to the world. Therefore the allusion to the immortality of the soul of man, as above so below.
The vernal equinox was the most venerated, thats when you could feel the suns revival and nature beginning to spring back to life.
The sun had therefore passed from death to life.……….

The initiate, the king, is playing Osiris, the sun. He's the one lying "dead" on the floor. Obviously what we see is Leo gripping him to raise him to life at summer solstice, with the "Lion's Paw". The lion getting the signal from Isis at left (what would be the Grand Master in Freemasonry's ritual)
Today at summer solstice the sun is in the sign Gemini, but Freemasonry hasnt changed its ancient ritual over the many thousands of years from Egypt to the present.
Actually, Brown shows that Freemasonry is built wholly on the particular Greek Mystery School of Bacchus (IHS) which was of course built on the Egyptian ones, like all the Mystery Schools. The Bacchus mystery school was continued as the Essenes cult, and Bacchus was the sun hero who's almost exactly like Jesus, turns water into wine etc.

What we will notice on the picture is the cross on the initiate playing Osiris. That is the cross that represents Osiris.
This cross is the equinox, "The Great Celestial Cross".


The equinoxes are the points where the sun crosses over equator to the other realm.
Either from death to life, or from life to death.

The equinox thus represents the gateway.
It was also represented in the "Sun gate" or "Sun door", and when you pass thru that door, you go to the "beyond", the realm of the spirits, the "heavens" etc.

That is, the two pillar's most ancient and basic function was to mark respectively summer and winter solstice, to secretly function as a calendar. When they built their suntemples - facing east - they first placed a spot on the floor. This is called the "blazing star" in Freemasonry, and is found in the chequered floor of their temples, a pentagram.
They would stand on the spot, the "blazing star", and at summer solstice the would mark a place for the one pillar/obelisk outside the temple exactly in line with the rising sun, then do the same at exactly winter solstice………

"The Royal Arch of Freemasonry" means the heavenly sphere from vernal to autumnal equinox. That is spring and summer, these seven signs of the zodiac in the part of the year where the sun is alive and brings life, fruit, light and happiness. From Taurus to Scorpio. Or, as the masonic tradition was further evolved a couple of thousands of years after the high epoch of Egypt, the sun had moved via the prescession of equinoxes, one sign. Which is also the astrological positions used today (altho it has moved one sign further the last 2000 years)


And here we have the Pope passing thru what the Vatican call the "Holy Door", to mark the so-called "Holy Year":

-------------------------end of the quote-----------------------

And the arch, the arch of Freemasons, is: a b-r-i-d-g-e, a “ponte” in Italian/Latin language, in other words, is something built by ‘architects’ who realizes the ‘divine’ design ruling the sheople. And the supreme divine emperor of all the architects on earth is the supreme builder of “bridges”/”ponti”, he is – of course! - the Pontifex Maximus. Well, what I am saying is not a novelty, I am only repeating for the 1001st time what many others before me did tell, but what is interesting to note is how they printed the secret truth also in the stone, and also how they are deceiving you about that representation of this truth – here you have some information on saint Just/Justus, taken from the same above thread “Papal keys etc.” too.

My post of Nov 8 2007, 08:05 PM:



This evening (8th November 2007, at the regional TV news of the 7:30 PM, third public channel) it was reported the discovery of the corpse of a person diasappeared in the city of Trieste on the 28th October.

The man was found as drowned person in the waters off the coast of the city. The day passed since the disappearing are exactly 11, . It is interesting to note, that on the 3rd November, every third November, there's the holiday of the city, when its patron is celebrated. The name of it is San Giusto = Saint Just.

Saint Just the martyr patron of Trieste (Wikipedia only Italian page, but reported below the picture in English)


The date of the murder is uncertain: 290 or 303 a.C. He was imprisoned when he disobeyed the order to make sacrifice in honour to pagan gods. After days of torture, the Roman prefect Manazio killed Just drowning him in the waters in front of Trieste. He was tied to weights, but after the death, they were losed and the corpse was found on the beach.... Sounds it familiar?

Probably you'll have noted that the day added to the month are giving....14: in fact 3 + 11 = 14, and this is not strange for a city that consacreted itself to the number 14, the number of the pieces of Osiris chopped by Seth, and the number of days for a single cycle of the Moon tide.
It is of a certain significance to note that the day 3rd November occurs after 6 days after the 28th October, the day of the disappearance of the man foud this evening. Note how the saint Just murder sounds a bit 'Osiris' murder. Three days after the 3rd November you have the sixth November. And the corpse of the disappeared person was found today, in the evening, on the 8th November. How much are you disposed to bet that the coroner will state that the date of the death could be placed probably on the 6th November?


----------------------end of the quote----------------------

…..and my post of Nov 10 2007, 03:01 PM:



Ok, I won the bet. An easy winnings. The coroner stated (article of the local newspaper) that the death is "two or three days before" the day of the discovery cause " the still good state of preservation of the body". So 8 - 3 = 5 and 8 - 2 = 6. The victim was sacrifiied on the Samhein day, the same day when probably the San Justus/Osiris corpse was discovered on the beach, pushed there by the tide....

Pardon, I forgot the comparison.

San Giusto:

Royal Arch:

It is interesting to note the travel made by the sacrificial victim (cell phone detection): first he leaved the suburbia which is near the sea level, then he went up to the highland back (= North East) of the city (the Carso/Karst/Kras highland) in the little town of Opicina, where media stated for more times he was present in a particolar zone of it, a hill with a church on the top near the locality of Monrupino. Then obviously he went down again and definitively to the level zero above the sea, where he was 'casually' found.

Down, Up and then Down again, what recall this movement? Not only the tides, also the sun.


-----------------------end of the quote---------------------------

The victim of a probable Shamain-Vatican-masonic ritual murder described, from the day of the disappearing to the day of the re-appearing, and this respect the sea-level, an arch, exactly like the one of the picture representing the Masonic arch or like the arch of rocky sculpture of ‘holy’, ‘saint’ Justus of Trieste firmly driven in the walls of the “Saint Justus cathedral of Trieste”.

Now it is clear (like the light of Aton I would say) that the true core of the Roman Catholic sect has been represented in a banal, theatrical, ‘cartoon’ way through one of external appendixes of Rome, through an appendix called “Masonry”. It doesn’t matter how much in ‘good faith’ could be the Masons, what interests to Rome is if that such ‘good faith’ works well, aka if it could do the dirty job sparing, at the same time, the ‘respectable’, ‘Christian’ face of the Vatican. Amen.

(Pardon, I wanted to say: Amon).

And now let’s return to the chronicle of the Adriatic Womb of Europe, lets see now our proud Unione degli Istriani, in another context – the sacrificial Saturnalia murder of Joerg Haider, a propitiatory ritual murder for the Gegenreformation Krieg of our days:


1 ) On September 22nd 2008, at 15:44, the sun passed the autumnal point and started to sink in the long wintry darkness.

2 ) After 19 days, on the 11th of October, in a day consecrated to the dying sun, i.e. to Saturn aka Saturday, Joerg Haider dies, he sinks in the darkness of the underworld. Before to ‘vanish’, he makes the ‘last supper’ with the Unione degli Istriani representatives.

3 ) Nearly five long dark wintry months later, meanwhile the sun is approaching the vernal point, the ‘spiritual’ body of Joerg Haider resuscitates, rises again from the darkness, and with his ‘figure’ enlightens the world, assuring with his face the victory to his party. It is the day of the Sun, Sunday the 1st of March. And, as vestals, the representatives of the Unione degli Istriani, just the day before, witnessed the rising of Haider, with the attempt to commemorate/evocate the deads laying in the underground holes of the Karst highlands: it’s the last day of February, the 28th day, again the day of the dying sun aka Saturn, aka Saturday.

4 ) After 20 days, so after a nearly equal interval of time of the previous autumnal point, there’s the vernal point, when the ‘sun’, like Joerg Haider, will rise again to enlighten the world. Precisely at 11:44 of March, the 20th.

So you’ll have immediately understood the sense of this macabre occultist carnival. On the day before the ‘commemoration’ of the deads laying in the dark underground caves of the Karst highlands, so the 27th February, it appeared an interesting article in the Reuters Global News blogs:

Rising from the dead - Haider presides over Austrian regional election


Some 25,000 people attended his funeral, countless books have been written about him, a bridge was named in his honour and now the spectre of Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider is dominating a regional election in Austria.


Ottomeyer, who will publish a book in March about the making of the Haider myth, said the Carinthians have glorified their former governor as benevolent father figure, Robin Hood or even a patron saint.


Sunday the party of Haider increased the votes of a 3%, despite the pessimistic forecasting. Or maybe they know that the death of the Carinthian Osiris would have increased the votes. Claiming the opposite just before the elections, would have psychologically increased the sense of victory in the head of the sheople.

Now lets rewrite again the above succession of events centered on the figure of Haider:

A ) 22nd September, the autumnal point

B ) 19 days of waiting

C ) On 11th October Joerg Haider dies

X ) Nearly five months of dark, wintry permanency in the underworld

C’ ) On 1st March Haider rises again and assure the victory to his party

B’ ) 20 days of waiting

A’ ) 20th March, the vernal point

If you can copy the previous paragraph in a text document file, and reduce then the size of the characters till the point that all the words will lay in a single line, you’ll observe the sequent orders of those events/periods, where you have 7 points ordered in a symmetry: A – B – C – X – C’ – B’ – A’. This structure recalls the famous “Jewish tree” or Menorah - but a Menorah of the Council of Trent.

I chose the ‘X’ not only for the celestial equinoctial cross, but also for the meaning: “nothing, void, dark”, as the wintry season could recall. But are we sure that only the Jewish culture and religion has such a logical organization and structure? Or maybe the “Jewish tree” is only a particular way to represents something in a ‘banal’, ‘theatrical’, choreographed way what is – instead – the conceptual, logical organizational mind of a more occult and powerful power? Are the Jews the ones exploited to represent only a superficial, apparent, ‘naïve’ and folkloric image of the true operational core of the Romanist sect? If I am not wrong, the usual division of a week in seven days is not an exclusive attribute of the Jewry… Sun-day, the day of the Sun, recall us that there’s another 7-points symmetry, opposed and complementary of the one just described above: if you apply the same symmetric order starting instead from the autumnal point, from the vernal point, you have another ‘Jewish’ tree. Is it maybe the other face of the just described wintry symmetry? So the wintry solstice, the point “X”, is the symmetrical opponent of the point “Y’”, the Summer solstice, the apotheosis of the power, and so of the Sun. And the symmetric complementary tree starts with a rising , the rising of the sun towards the Summer solstice, instead of the sinking of the sun towards the wintry underworld grave. The same entire year, could now be represented by the sum of both trees, giving the number 14 as a new, occult, Luciferian organization of the timeline (*).

I linked the number 14 with Osiris as the ancient Greek historian Plutarch did it. They usually say that the myth is a reconstruction also by this Greek historian, but you can re-build the original core in every moment as the astronomical cycles didn’t change to much in the last four-six millenniums: observe – link – done! The fact that Plutarch was right, it is possible to see from the simple astronomical and historical observation, the Moon is a planet characterizing the night, and the Egyptian called the sun also…. ….

Again a quote from the original “Papal keys etc.” post from where comes the above excerpt:

“…….The Egyptians had different names for the sun in its different stages:

“….The sun was called "Atum" at dusk, "Osiris" at night, "Khepri" at dawn and "Re" at noon…..”

……..So at night Osiris is dead, and is laying in the underworld , from where he enlightens, with his pale light, the earth through the Moon. And as Osiris is the dying sun, so the sun that sinks for excellence, the pieces in which he was cutted aka murdered, aka drowned down in the darkness, couldn’t be anything else than the 14 pieces of a Moon phase, the 14 days of a Moon/tidal semi cycle (**) describing his descending path to the underworld. In fact very few matters are indisputable in our world like the one that the only memory of the warm, bright sun of Spring and Summer is given only thanks the ‘compassionable’ intermediation of the Moon, whose surface gives us back always the same bright and warm sunrays, be it a night of the sunny month of June or a night of the dark, cold and sad month of January. (And so there’s another confirmation of the mapping I did between the numerological repetitions in the events, especially the Italian traumatic events, and the same occult theological significance of those events – I was damn right, see the threadLow Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry).)

Resumee: North Adriatic region, the region of the ‘saint’ Vatican scuba divers:

0) Saint Justus of Trieste, the function “0”, and its daughter-images showed on the secularly disguided Counter Reformation screen:

1) Osiris model with the commemoration of Italians exterminated by Tito: they sunk in the dark underground holes, and during the approach of the Spring (=vernal equinox), with celebration of the 10th February, they are ‘evocated’ in order to rise again.

2) The Roman Catholic priest Francesco Giovanni Bonifacio, the Osiris from Istria, disappeared/sunk in the darkness on the 11th September 1946, exactly and only 19 days before the first step of the trial to monsignor “Genocide”, Aloize Stepinac. After many years some witnesses claimed that Bonifacio was kidnapped, brutally murdered and then threw in an underground hole by Tito’s army guards. The body went never recovered. 62 years after the sinking in the darkness he resuscitated, this time exceptionally during Autumn but just seven days before the disappearing/sinking in the darkness of another Osiris, the Charintian Joerg Haider. In fact on the 4th October 2008 (= 10th month and 4th day…) Vatican priest Francis Bonifacio was beatified as necessary step to declare him a saint. The ritual occurred in the cathedral of saint Just, whose walls have the image of the “saint Just”, true Mother of all the local Osiris, surrounded with the Masonic Arch & Pillars. Again the fundamental brick of the seven days appears as a link between the ‘saint’ patron of the Italian Vertriebenen of Istria (priest Francis Bonifacio) and the Austrian saint patron (do you remember the words of the above quoted article?...) of the Vertriebenen of Sudetenland (Joerg Haider).

3) ….Joerg Dean of Carinthia, which raised again from the underworld, together with the Osiris-victims of Tito-Seth, approaching the vernal equinox – 20th March. The “Unione degli Istriani”, whose representatives were participating to the ‘last supper’ of the dying sun of Carinthia, have as founding cause of their association, the expulsion and persecution of the Italians of Istria, a cause which is strictly linked – through the comparison done by propaganda - with the commemoration of the persecuted Jews, the Holocaust Remembrance day in the first month. Then, in the last day of the second month, the “Unione degli Istriani” evoked both Joerg “Osiris” Haider and the population of the dead in the underworld of the Karst highlands. The day after, the first day of the third month, Osiris resuscitated, but it is better to say that the ghost of the sun buried in the underworld has been finally found by the third one of the three comrades, the comrade named “vernal point” (March). Do you remember?…:”… and the 3 masons going West find him (January/Pisces, February/Aries, March/Taurus) ……”.

With him, the comrades of the Unione degli Istriani evoked also the dead of the underworld whose ghosts came back on the surface of our world, to enlighten with their sinister light, the path of the Novo Ordo Seclorum: just only 3 days after the commemoration and the clash on the Karst highlands, a news shocked Slovenia, in an abandoned mine the rests of hundreds of ‘victims of Titoism’ went found. Was it just the result of an occult plan? But about that in the third part of this work.

End of second part.


(*) The Menorah is probably a distortion of the Jewish cult even if it is present in the Torah. Anyway it has only an ornamental function. It was present in the Jerusalem temple before the definitive destruction, and was seized by the Romans. Probably it is returned to its original land, but today it is in Roman Catholic hands. This strongly underlines also the occult pagan Romanist significance of the symbol. Maybe like the Christian cross which, if for the true Luther represented the sufferance of Jesus, for the pagans of the Vatican represents both the male principle (the longer axis/legs of Christ pointing always down, i.e. to the soil/earth aka to the female mother earth) and the four celestial coordinates for the Luciferian worship of the sun – always under ‘Christian’ dresses, of course.

(**) Of course there aren’t exactly exactly fourteen days in a semi cycle. The Moon have a phase of about 29 days. But if you count the days of a Moon phase in a calendar, you’ll see that after the fully shining Moon, there are 14 days before the full dark Moon, to tell it exactly the 14th day the Moon completely get obscured. These are the 14 days/pieces of Osiris sinking in the underworld. Then, after the full black Moon, you have about 15 days of slow rising. Probably it is due also to these 15 days, the fact that this number is linked with female entity Venus/Isis (see Saturnalia section of Unhived Mind). In fact who is giving the ‘sign’ to the lion waiting to awake definitively the sun at the beginning of Summer? She is Isis, aka Venus aka ‘virgin’ Mary, aka etc. aka etc. See the picture above. Not for a quantum mechanical coincidence the day of the ‘assumption’ of Mary aka Isis aka Venus aka etc. in the sky, is the 15th day of the month of August – a special Roman Catholic holyday. The consequent tidal cycle, of about 28 days, so the double of 14 days, is a female concept, as the waters are a female element and so linked with the Moon, Venus, Isis etc. The tidal cycle of the Niles links the Moon with Osiris also via female waters/tide. I encountered many times the sequence ‘14’ and ‘15’: now we can give to it its true occult Saturnalia-Romish significance. You could develop further the matter adding both numbers to gain a complete Moon cycle of 29 days and to continue with both numbers ‘2’ and ‘9’ whose sum is…...



(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Real Time Tracking Pushed Via 'Christian Science Monitor'

Real time mass surveillance as means of alternative road tax for a Romish Masonic government that subverts national security in order to keep the highways far from such key properties as Georgetown and Catholic Universities within Washington, D.C.
A road map to better US roads
Congress should heed a panel that suggests replacing a tax on gas with one on miles driven.

By the Monitor's Editorial Board from the February 27, 2009 editionIt sounds Orwellian, the idea of tracking drivers from space, then taxing them based on miles traveled. But taxing miles instead of gasoline is a more reliable way to pay for America's highways. And it's not the Big Brother intrusion it appears to be.

Gas taxes – at both the federal and state levels – must inevitably go the way of the gas guzzler.

As vehicles become more fuel-efficient, they'll drink less gas, and thus produce less revenue to maintain and improve America's aging roads and mass transit. Add electric cars to the mix, and this revenue stream turns to a trickle.

This is one reason why a bipartisan blue-ribbon panel this week unanimously recommends replacing the federal gas tax with a tax on "vehicle miles traveled" (VMT) by 2020 – and indexing it for inflation. (At 18 cents per gallon, the federal gas tax has gone unchanged since 1993.)

In Europe, the Netherlands will transition to a VMT by 2014 and Denmark by 2016. Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Idaho are looking at a mileage tax.

Behind this trend lies another important realization: Financing for transport infrastructure can no longer depend on indirect fees hidden in the overall cost of a gallon of gas but must rely more on direct user fees, such as tolling and congestion pricing.

Gasoline taxes may have sufficed to build the highways of the 20th century, but they've done little to influence vehicle use of roads. Changing behavior is the key to 21st century transport that must unclog crowded highways and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Taxing miles alerts drivers to the real cost of using roads and can better motivate them to drive less.

But critics are ringing the privacy alarm, and also warning of costs to the poor who must drive.

These fears can evaporate once Americans learn how the VMT works. Oregon tested the idea in 2006 with vehicles outfitted with GPS transponders. When the drivers pulled up to designated gas stations, devices at the pump calculated how much they owed in mileage tax and adjusted their gas bills.

Like a one-way television signal that doesn't communicate back which TV show a person is watching, Oregon used a one-way signal that simply tracked miles, not destinations.

As for burdening the poor, the VMT is a wash compared with a gas tax. People who drive a lot today – whether poor or not – pay more in gas taxes because they buy more gas. The same would hold true for a mileage tax: Drive more, pay more.

As it turns out, 9 out of 10 of the drivers in the Oregon experiment preferred the mileage tax to the gas tax; about 20 percent changed their driving habits.

Last week, the US Department of Transportation secretary spoke favorably of the VMT, but the White House press secretary quickly dismissed the idea – odd for an administration interested in innovation.

Members of Congress, which commissioned the panel in the first place, can drive the VMT idea when they reauthorize the surface transport bill, which expires this year. Well they know the fragility of the federal Highway Trust Fund, which last year neared bankruptcy and needed an $8 billion infusion because the gas tax couldn't keep up with repair and improvement needs.

A VMT is the more reliable and efficient way to pay for transport. Its time has come.

A mileage tax on drivers? Not so fast.

Regarding the Feb. 27 editorial, "A road map to better US roads": The editorial is correct in that the United States is not funding its road infrastructure enough and governments are not transparent about it. These are both simple problems to resolve. Pass funding bills that fund roads adequately from the general budget (state, local, and national) and call it what it is.

However, the idea of a vehicle mileage tax (VMT) is a bad one. The idea that roads should or can be paid for by those who use them suggests that by not driving or driving less you are not benefiting from them. That is completely wrong.

Roads provide access of all kinds – police, fire, and medical services, for example. Furthermore, virtually every item you purchase has traveled over a road at some point.

The simple fact is that one of the fundamentals for our economic success and development as a nation has been our ability to move about freely. This has provided us with greater benefit than we can ever realistically calculate. To believe that roads are of value only to those who choose to use them in a car is a gross underestimation and misunderstanding.

Gary Tatsch
Carrollton, Texas

Creating a VMT would result in rewarding people who purchase gas-guzzling vehicles and punishing those who don't. That will not help reduce consumption. The people who cause greater damage to road surfaces drive heavy, less-efficient vehicles. With a VMT, they wouldn't pay for their share of road damage in taxation. This would shift the burden to the drivers of more efficient vehicles. It would also result in more pollution.

If we really want to have the true costs of cars and the road system covered there is an easy way to do it. Total all the costs of the road system, both federally and locally. These costs would have to include new construction, maintenance, police, and other safety needs. Then divide this number by the number of gallons anticipated to be used. There you have it: the necessary tax per gallon required to fund our needs.

Ralph Durham
Sunnyvale, Calif.

Plausible insight into why such attitudes emanate from the 'Christian Science Monitor':

Making it incredibly easy to eliminate dissidents:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute

From Avles Beluskes new blog:


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Les fleurs du Mal - 1

The conquest of the East – from the ancient Roman Empire to the Vatican ‘humanitarian’ wars, the crusade of the Novo Ordo Seclorum to submit the Eurasian people never ceased for an instant to pour their blood.

Five months ago Jorg Haider died in a mysterious car accident. His last official lunch occured with the representatives of the Unione degli Istriani, the Italian Vertriebenen from the Istria peninsula. Saturday 28th Februray, just the day before the day when in Austria for the first time after the death of Haider his party participated in the regional elections, the bosses of the Unioni degli Istriani commemorated their comrade from Austria on the surrounding highlands of the city of Trieste, but in a special way. But before to see what is happened on the Karst land, let see another piece of the surrounding facts.


Since when the civilizations of the Middle East touched these lands, they were considered ‘land of conquest’, colonies for every power of the Mediterranean sea. Adriatic sea is a channel, the channel that enters the most in the womb of the Central Europe. So its north coasts became in the ancient times the docks for every kind of conquest or trade. Well before the Greeks and the Romans, here the Egyptians were approaching these coasts. And then came the age of the Romans, an age that never ended and continue today. The Roman empire wiped away any kind of physical resistance and started to crunch and recycle for his evil goals any kind of spiritual moral independence of the populations. After the fall of the First version of the pagan Luciferian Roman empire, it succeeded to it the Second Roman empire, another Luciferian empire but more keen than the previous version, as the improved second coming was and is disguised with the same dress of its enemy, the ‘Christian’ dress. Hence started the actually raging Roman Catholic church age.

In the Middle Age its secular arm was the Venetian ‘republic’. An oligarchy of bloodlines submitted to the pope was sucking all the wealth of the colonies and the Istria peninsula and the Balkans were not a different picture. The economic exploitation of Venice, performed through coastal bulwark from where the inner land was considered a land of “degenerated and inferior races”, was more or less anything else than the secular, economic translation of the essence of the Roman Catholic church: keeping the Slavic populations in a slave condition, till the point that both terms were used as mutual synonymous, had the significance to realize the dream of the Vatican Novo Ordo Seclorum, where a divine emperor of Rome would have reigned on a earth reduced in slavery to Rome.

But in the inner regions, where the other Vatican knights, the Hapsburg, were ruling, the situation was not too much different. The Slavic population of Slovenia, and of Croatia, after having lost their ruling bloodlines, fell in the last step among the other ethnical groups of the empire. The condition of ignorance and superstition, a true Roman Catholic barbarism, was reigning among the farmer Slovenian layer of the society, in other words for more than the 90% of the populations. Without even a sort of intermediate layer of the noble families managing the land for the count of the Vatican, the Slavic farmers were submitted to the most direct and brutal Roman Catholic influence, which shaped the psyche and the character of this population with the use of the most stupid Vatican superstition. The founder of the Slovenian Protestant church – Primoz Trubar - was trying to open the eyes to the farmers, in order to drag them away from the satanic ignorance where the church of Rome buried their souls. Supported by a good part of the same German-Austrian aristocracy, brother Primoz Trubar was gaining effective success in his preaches. But to all that Rome was not indifferent. The first step of the Antichrist’s popes was the murdering of all the heretics in the advanced, rich coastal Venetian cities of Istria and Dalmatia. The ‘heretic infection’ coming from North, had to be stopped before it could have reached the Italian coasts. And, maybe the actually worst danger, a possible alliance among the ‘heretic’ Orthodox Christians and the ‘heretic’ Protestants in the Balkans was seen by the Harlot of Rome like a true nightmare. So, the infamous Inquisition tribunal of Venice worked very hard condemning at the stake many ‘heretics’ of the coasts. The Romanist Satanic ‘good’ works dogma was safe! And the Harlot living on the Seven Hills continued to rule and spread her ignorance and evilness through the North Adriatic regions. Along with the centuries Rome continued to rule her despotism in the inner regions of the Adriatic sea – and continued to treat the Slavic populations exactly like the ancient Romans were treating the rebels: with the iron fist and despise (and also creating islands of Slavic ethnic regions supplied with privileges, in order to start dissidence among the same people – see the Slavic Venetian mark ---> "Slavia Veneta"). But the plans of the Vatican for the Slovenians changed suddenly in the half of the XIX century. This century is well known for being the “century of the nationalism”. Slovenia was not excluded by this trend. And for a second time the concept of “Slovenian nation” – the concept today at work, was born. After the first version of the Slovenia nation, the old Protestant Slovenia of Trubar suffocated by the stakes and the persecutions of the church of Rome, the Vatican recycled its Slavic subjects in order to build a sort of Roman Catholic protectorate, governed by officially independent secular political bodies, but strongly under the supervision of the Romanist clergy. The absence of a true secular and not Vatican-linked intellectual Slovenian class was readily filled by intellectual priests and bishops. Poets, artists and authors with the black cloack wrote important pieces of the Slovenian culture. Or protected, supported and engineered the birth of a class of Slovenian intellectuals and artists. Simon Gregorcic born in the alpine valley of the Soca/Isonzo river, joined the church because he was poor. Then the priest Simon wrote many of the most important poetry characterizing – with their rural simplicity and innocence - the culture of today’s Slovenian nation. Another example is the Slovenian hymn. The words come from a poem of the national Slovenian poet, the lay France Prešeren who refused to become priest (desire of the parents). He was helped in the studies by a society of support of student managed by Jesuits trained men (The Jesuits, after they pushed away the Protestants from the capital Lublijana - formal order of archduke Ferdinand - founded their school, substituting so the Protestant gymnasium). The today national Slovenian hymn is composed by some words of the most famous (nationalist) poem of Prešeren, words for which the Roman Catholic priest and musician Stanko Premrl composed a choir, the today’s Slovenian official hymn. Another example lays in the publishing field: the Mohorijeva Druzba (Society of saint Hermagoras of Aquileia) was founded by two lay intellectuals, who where well supported by the in 1999 beatified bishop of Maribor Anton Martin Slomšek; and in 1922 the famous author and Roman Catholic priest Fran Saleški Finžgar. The Vatican had to fight its battle to cancel the old Protestant heritage with the strategy of the “put learning against learning”. The Jesuits understood that they had to fight the Counter Reformation war also on the cultural field.

It sounds ironic that the German and Slavic soldiers of the Austrian army were receiving the sacraments by the same church, which, meanwhile was ‘blessing’ the soldiers of the Hapsburg empire for the war against other monarchies so against a visible, external enemy, the same church was creating an invisible, hidden inner enemy of the same empire, preparing the explosion of the ethnic communities against the common reigning crown. All those priest, belonging to the same religious organization which was blessing the crown of the Hapsburg, were preparing the death of the same crown, increasing the nationalistic sentiments of the Slavic people. Now you can understand better why, after the fall of the Hapsburg and Hohenzollern, the secular servants of Rome created the “Jewish threat”. A shield to hide their responsibility.

This sort of artificial Roman Catholic Slavic protectorate guaranteed by the priests, had to be ‘baptized’ in the first phase with the blood of the fight against the ‘German (and also Italian) foreign oppressor’ (1918 and 1945) and in a second phase with the ‘liberation war’ against the Yugoslavia’s Serb (read: Orthodox) army (1990). The fact that the Croat Tito was heading the Yugoslav army seems to be not worthy of attention for the Vatican propaganda – and neither the fact that the most powerful Communist party of Yugoslavia was the Croat one, being Croatia a Roman Catholic bulwark in the Balkans (and you should reflect on the fact that in the Vatican controlled Italy there was the most powerful Communist party of the once Western Europe). The ‘baptism’ signed the true essence and reason of existence of the Second version of the Slovenian nation, the nowadays Catholic Slovenia, consecrating it as an occult tool of the Vatican crusade to destroy the Orthodox Christians in the Balkans and of the Counter Reformation war against the Northern Europe.

Of course the Slovenian nation of the priests is a tool that can’t work alone for the Counter Reformation and the papal supremacy war in Europe. At the same time when the priests of Rome were creating also the same founding culture of the(ir) Roman Catholic Slovenia, they were creating another nationalistic tool in the west, the Italian nationalism, especially in its most bloody fanatical version, the “Irredentist” nationalism which had the duty to ‘redeem’ the Eastern Italian regions from the presence of the ‘barbaric Slavic blood’.

The Hegelian/Jesuit dialectic works always under the disguise of the clash between two controlled opponents. The English cospirationist, David Icke, notwithstanding he is hiding the importance of the Vatican and the Jesuits in the genesis of the N.W.O., exposes the above dialectic but calls it with the term “problem-reaction-solution”. In this way he focuses the attention more on the psychological effect on the individuals than on the true conspiracy architecture behind the New World Order, an occult design that disappears among an obsessive exaltation of the emotional response of the targeted populations. Probably this is due because David Icke wants to achieve cheaply and shortly only a confused, general, emotional riot of the ‘by-Illuminati oppressed masses’, instead to understand well and deeply the true origin of the dominance. If we abandon for an instant his view and we start to see how the emotional reactions of the different targets have to mutually interact without the awareness of the same subjects, in order to build the secret global trans-national architecture of the Novo Ordo Seclorum – and not simply of the “Illuminati N.W.O.” – we immediately will see that occult Vatican trans-national and ruling architecture.

Italian Roman Catholic Irredentism and Slovenian Roman Catholic nationalism as tools of the Counter Reformation and of the Novo Ordo Seclorum.

So Rome decided that it was arrived the moment when she could finally wipe away her Hapsburg servants which were, yes, obliged knights of the pope, but very obstructing servants. Their secular independent power was shaping a secular independent sphere of interests as well an independent from Rome mind. If you believe that Rome respect her servants, you are totally wrong. Rome, as the condition of the Slavic populations demonstrate, has only a model – the slavery model. Powerful servants are a danger because they can influence the same core of the Harlot in Rome. In practical terms, the biggest threat to Rome was the same Germanization of the North Adriatic coasts. The Austrian crown, being it an independent secular power from Rome, was using the God’s word as justification for the Germanization of the most far provinces of her empire. If a powerful Austria (and a powerful German Holy empire, and etc.) was existing it meant that its existence “…was due to the willing of God”, and the expansion of this secular power on earth, through the “Eindeutschung der Adriatisches Lande”, was therefore the manifestation of the God’s willing. Now you can say what you want about this ‘willing’, you can say that the Germanization of the Europe is for the benefit of the Catholic church, but it is clear that you are only saying a lie. The benefit of Rome is only and exclusively given by every kind of increase of the submission to her of any kind of secular power on Earth, and not the increase in the power of whatever independent state pursued through whatever means, be it the ‘Germanization’ too. Because they can’t exist two Gods, the God blessing the enforcement of the secular German power and the God blessing the enforcement of the Catholic power of Rome. God could be only one, the one blessing the Novo Ordo Seclorum of Rome on every kind of power on earth.

So, after Rome exploited the Germanization of Europe in order to use it like a vector for her diffusion, she exploited the opportunity of the fight against the same Germanization in order to strengthen the same power. The “Alien” movie would have not found a better comparison on earth than the one with the Vatican millennium lasting strategy. But here, on the earth, it doesn’t absolutely need to drag in the picture any kind of extraterrestrial or reptilian or alien civilization.

When the church of Rome encrowned Charles as emperor of the ‘Christendom’, she was knowing well what she was doing. With the help of the Islamic threat (which threatened a landing just on the Lazio’s coasts in the same period of time), she created the same body (the Holy German Roman empire) which would have than in the future hosted the larva of the Vatican. After that ‘holy’ secular body would have created the searched social and religious and political conditions in the European continent for the spread of the Romanism, it would have been killed. At that point, the millions of Vatican larva would have devoured the chariot of the hosting body and would have spread themselves through all the Europe, covering every squared inch of European soil. The dream of the ancient Roman emperor, the definitive conquer and submission to Rome of the entire Continental Europe till the far Baltic coasts, will be fulfilled. What occurred in the North Adriatic regions with the XX century’s incredible changing of the borders and powers is only a down scaled model of the planetary Novo Ordo Seclorum. Precisely what is going to happen now. After the secular hosting body of the Holy German Roman empire was killed with the destruction of both the German empire and the Hapsburg empire (first ‘world’ war), Rome leaved the chariot to the aggressive action of her agents of corruption, the poisoning germs of the National Socialism and of the Bolshevism first, who would have rotten the dead flesh of the once powerful German empire, helping the teeth of the Counter Reformation Romanist larva to finally devour it from the inside.

And at the end of the second Vatican global war, in the 1945, the Romanist larva started to emerge from the rotten chariot of the once powerful German empire. Just look at the head of this boundless army of Romanist eggs: what kind of parties were ruling and were the most powerful, in Europe, especially in Germany, after the end of the second world war? Weren’t they the ‘white’ parties ruled by Roman Catholics? They were the C.D.U.-C.S.U. party in Germany (think to the Adenauer’s battle for the (papal) democracy), and the Democrazia Cristiana party in the Apennine peninsula, headed by the secular servant of the papacy, the Alcide de Gasperi who was born – for a Jesuitical coincidence – in the same city where the infamous council for the destruction of the cursed ‘heretic’ German world was held, the city of Trento. The necessary and that cannot be disregarded element for the success of the rising of the through-Vatican-white-parties controlled democracies, was the “Communist threat”. Father Stalin S.J., after having exterminated the last Orthodox Christian clergy not yet infiltrated and controlled by the Jesuits through their many ‘Eastern/Oriental’ churches submitted to Rome, provided with the vital threatening element the Roman Catholic church, which could then well recycle itself as the ‘defenseless’ target of the ‘evil Communism’. And of course the ‘defense’ of the ‘innocent’ victim of the ‘bloody Communism’ required an army of secular papal servants organized in the white parties which literally suffocated the society. Adenauer and the Gasperi were the secular Vatican coadiutor for the new Roman Catholic social crusade in the afflicted post war European societies. In the North East borders of the Italian post war nation, the Vatican continued to use her controlled Yugoslavia and their ‘barbaric’ populations like a ‘threat’ to (her) ‘Christian’ civilization. This gave the alibi for the creation of a secret military organization of papal Zouaves, the Gladio/Stay behind (N.A.T.O.) organization, which gathered, organized and ruled secretly the most important exponent of the national elite thanks to the ‘Communist/barbarian Slavic’ threat. For this reason the Harlot of the Seven Hills cultivated also the ambitions of power of her Yugoslav marshall. The Stalin’s anathema on Tito (Cominform breach) occurred just little after the condemnation of “monsignor Genocide” – mons. Aloize Stepinac. The trial was echoed in the world as a sort of ‘martyrdom’ of the Roman Catholic church in the ‘atheist’ Yugoslavia. Opportune statements in defence of Jews or Orthodox Christians were spread to hide the fact that the ‘secular’ Ustasha army were and are only the crusaders of the Vatican under another label. As did by the Vatican during the second world war, to save some ‘heretics’ or to talk some words of mercy towards them, was the cheap money with which to buy the false, hypocrite moral veil with which to cover the most incredible Roman Catholic Inquisitorial massacre in Europe since the Middle Age. The ‘damnation’ launched to Tito’s Yugoslavia by the S.J. Red Father Josiph Stalin (for a coincidence, the initial letters of his name are just the same: Josiph Stalin, J. S. or S. J. of the Society of Jesus) was necessary in the staged drama of a Romanist church ‘victim’ of her the same controlled Commnism. As the great part of the communists in the world followed the Stalin’s dogmas and not the Tito’s dogma, all that helped psychologically to paint the Roman Catholic church as ‘victim’ of Tito even in front of the Red, anti-clergy and atheist masses. Meanwhile in front of all the leftists of the world the Bolshevik revolution ‘righteously’ ended the ‘oppression of the people by the Russian (Orthodox) church’, in the Balkans, the marshal of Yugoslavia was presented as a mad dictator who was not a Communist but only a local Social - Fascist bloody leader, a man that, cause his ambition and thirsty of power, was persecuting unoffensive exponent of the clergy who, even if involved with the brutal Fascist oppression, were not deserving such an attention. On 30th September 1946 started the trial to Stepinac. One and half year later, on the exact 34th anniversary of the murder of the Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria (28 June 1914), father J. Stalin ‘excommunicates’ the marshal Tito. Mons. Aloize “Genocide” Stepinac claimed that Tito’s soldiers killed 270 priests: we can believe to the priest of the Antichrist, as Tito was only following the desires of the Stepinac’s masters, the Vatican cardinals and the Jesuits who, with the opportune murder of their priest the most involved in the massacre the ‘heretic’ Serbs, would have wiped away all the inopportune executioner and second level responsible with the black cloack, as too many witnesses survived the massacre and could have framed the responsible priests in a trial. So, from the staged trial presented to the world as a ‘martyrdom’ of a ‘true Christian’, from the elimination of the most dangerous Roman Catholic executioners that could have framed the church of Rome, to the opportune excommunication of Stalin, it is possible to see how all the events of the local history are centred on the Harlot of the Seven Hills and on her desire and goals.



With the support of the Marxist Josiph Broz Tito, the Jesuits could finally harvest the evil fruits born from the hate they spread in the womb of the Europe since the XIX century, when they started to stab the womb of the Hapsburg empire using the ethnic hate. The Luciferian theology of the Jesuits sect was present in the same attribute of the early Italian nationalism of the borders. It was a very different kind of nationalism respect the version of it in the peninsula. The name “Irredentism” means that the ‘Italian soil under the foreign domination’ had to be ‘redeemed’ from the ‘barbaric foreign not Latin blood’. National Socialism ante-litteram (if you want to use a Latin, ‘civil’ word). The redemption from the ‘barbaric Slavic blood’ was the horse troy for the not so hidden redemption from the ‘barbaric German blood’, and the last one was the horse troy for the redemption against the secular and Protestant German world. “Ethnic redemption” as a disguise for the “Counter Reformation redemption”. So, soon after Rome started to create also a Romanist version of the Slovenian nationalism, she started to launch against him her death squads of the Irredentism first and of the Fascist “nationalism of the border” then. I recall to you that the Fascism of the Eastern Italian regions, named “Fascism of the Border”, was very different from the inner Fascism. The “Fascism of the Border” was the true face of the Fascism, and the true birth of it didn’t occur with the 1919 official creation of the “Fasci di Combattimento” in Milano, but with the Stake of the Balkan in Trieste, occurred just on the 106th anniversary of the Carabineers foundation (13th July 1814….13th July 1820…).

Rome evocated with her right naked hand the same Slovenian nationalism, just only in order to have then the alibi to beat and torture him with her left hidden (by the Italian Fascist glove) hand. The ‘good, old’ iron fist of the church on her Balkan domains, an Inquisitorial iron fist enforced by the secular power of Venice, came back with the uniforms of the Mussolini’s squads. But the purpose of this second version of the papal iron fist, was very different from the old Venetian (and partially Hapsburg) age, we’ll see it later. After having destroyed the Hapsburg empire thanks to the Italian and Balkan nationalism which were doing a battle against a common enemy, it remained only the enmity among the Italian and Slavic nationalism. Rome threw more fuel of the just well developed hate among the different ethnic groups at the Eastern borders. After the fall of the German empires, in the North Adriatic regions raged on the Italian nationalism especially under the Fascist uniforms, that had to clean away every Slavic symbol from the newly conquered land. This helped to confuse the minds and consequently to push away from the awareness of the Northern elites the suspects about the true theological puppet-man behind the national rebellions. After the end of the German bloodline crowns, new threats shacked the souls of the people. Among them, the threat of the Slavic barbarian world, a Slavic barbarian world that became, in the Jesuits’ Counter Reformation plan of propaganda, the tool of the ‘Jews’. Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler despised the Balkan’s populations and his sentiments were the same of the old papal governors that in the Middle age were keeping the Slavic populations in a miserable condition of ignorance. His ‘dreams’ to reduce in slavery all the Eastern Slavic world were only the ‘secular’ translation, in order to not let the brains of the masses to understand the true purpose, of the damnation of Rome for the Eastern Orthodox Christian world. The betrayal of Hitler to the cause of general Vlasov is the most bright revelation of the true theological core of the Nazi regime. Inside the Italian borders, well before Mussolini went to the power, and just starting from the day the Italian Savoy authorities putted their feet in the new conquered land, the Jesuit-Masonic net was persecuting the Slavic populations. After the aggression of monarchic Yugoslavia in 1941, the oppression on the Slavic populations of Istria and Carniola increased, till the (searched and wanted) point where a great part of the inhabitants supported or joined the guerrilla against the Fascist and Nazi occupations (“Partisans”). The true goal of the Fascist oppression was the creation of the exact opposite of which one could imagine after having taken knowledge about the Italian nationalist and Fascist violence (and its Jesuitical inspiration, as the true master of Mussolini wasn’t the “bourgoises” – a class of servants of the Vatican built up as “ruling class” – but S.J. monsignor Pietro Tacchi Venturi). The humiliations, the offences, the wounds, the tortures and mass murders of Slovenians were ready to be used for the another step of the Novo Ordo Seclorum: as a plausible justification for the Vatican planned, forced evacuation of the Italians from the Istria peninsula.

This step was previously preceded by many bloody reciprocal revenges which were and are used by the post-war Jesuit-Masonic trans-national intelligence net as the ‘founding fact’ for the propaganda on the “real number of the Italians murdered by Tito’s army”, numbers which are going from 1,500 to 50,000 Italians allegedly murdered by the Tito’s army. In this way the North East Adriatic regions definitively became a chronic ethnic battle field were the ideological shells launched from the Red and the Black trenches in their eternal mutual Hegelian/Jesuit dialectic war, destroyed definitively the cohabitation among the Italian and the Slavic community. Exactly like it happens regularly in Israel, when bombs, murders, Kassam rocket launches punctually destroy any attempt to stop the warfare, so in the North Adriatic regions, the Red and the Black trenches are ready to launch an ideological shell in order to maintain the state of destruction and desolation as regard the connivance. The suspect, the fear, the hate have always to be kept alive with psychological operations which continues also in our days.

End first part.

Les fleurs du Mal - and their Fruits:

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

....and Tito exterminated the extermination camp.

From a post of mine - Aug 10 2008, 08:08 AM - on the Unhived Mind, "Eurasian Jewish Holocaust" (you can see it also in the "Yugoslavia" section of the Willinger's Continuing Counter Reformation blog):


(This is linked mostly with the extermination of the Orthodoxies of Balkans, but anyway is a model of their deceptive strategies involving the other Nazi death camps)

I have under my eyes the example of the (via British services) Vatican agent Marshal Josiph Broz Tito. Remember that Tito, Leon Trotzky, Adolph Hitler (and some others) were frequenting the same streets of Wien (= strong Jesuit centre, not only for Ledochowsky, see the first publising of the novel "Arbeit Macht Frei" in a Wiener Zeitung) and the same Cafè and pubs at about the same period of time....

After the WWII the British generals delivered their Cetnik, Belagarda and Ustasha prisoners jailed in Austrian war prisoner camps to the People's National Army of Tito in Yugoslavia. Tito wiped away the WHOLE contingent of prisoners immediately without trials etc. in the forests of Slovenia. Why?

But simply Tito had the Vatican orders to eliminate the witnesses that could have exposed the Roman Catholic church expecially in the Inquisitorial butchering of the Orthodoxies. Remember that the strongest Communist party of Yugoslavia was the Croat one. And Marshal Josiph Broz Tito was a Croat. Does it sound strange when you link the same Croatia with the most cruel assassinations of the whole WWII perpetraded by Stepinac/Pavelic's Independent State of the Croats? They tell you the cretin lie that after WWII Tito silenced the fresh news of the incredible massacres and so wanted to get the policy of national conciliation. Cretinism. He had a very hard steely fist. Why should he have cared about "not hurting the many national entities" in post war Yugo? But similar lie are spread by the Reds and the leftists in general - especially today. The Reds who supported the Vatican policiy wiping away the once Roman Catholic servant Ustasha butchers when the Inquisitorial assassin work has been fulfilled - and murdering for the second time the same heretics of the Balkans.
Blessed Alojzije (Aloysius) Viktor Cardinal Stepinac (May 8, 1898 – February 10, 1960) was a Croatian Catholic Prelate. He was Archbishop of Zagreb from 1937 to 1960. In 1946, in a verdict that polarised public opinion both in Yugoslavia and beyond, a Belgrade court found him guilty of collaborating with the Ustaše and complicity in allowing the forced conversion of Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison, but after five years was released and confined to his home parish of Krašić. He was appointed a Cardinal in 1952 by Pope Pius XII. In 1998, Pope John Paul II declared him a martyr and beatified him, which again polarised public opinion.
user posted image
Alojzije Stepinac, roman-catholic Archbischop of Zagreb 1937-1960 with Ante Pavelic, leader of the NDH-state

"...16 years of detention..", that is always the half of the 32nd Trento's Council canon and the double of '8' in H-eil H-itler....

Monsignor Stepinac, surnamed "Monsignor Genocide" (as his sodier Friar Miroslav Filipovic was surnamed "Frà Satan") should have been quartered and then burned in public in a square exactly like his satanist soldiers did with the hundreds of thousands of heretic Orthodoxies and exactly how they did in their beloved Inquisitorial Middle Age before and against Luther. Teeth for teeth. Amen. But despite the muderous curricula this dirty hoof of the Anticrhist went treated with the "golden gloves" by the atheist, Marxist, communist Josiph Broz Tito. Why? But because simply monsignor Stepinac was the Superior in Command of the Red Marshall of Yugoslavia Josiph Broz Tito. The masters often order to their slave to play the role of the (fake) masters or (fake) oppressors in order to confuse the cretin masses. Stepinac, as a soldier of Vatican, had to fight the crusade of the Vatican till the end of his bloody life, staging a 'detention' for having 'symphatized/backed' the Ustasha and pushing away suspects in the mind of people. The Romanists had to clean the image after WWII. Disgusting servants as Tito did the job. And the via British SIS (as British services backed just from the late '20 the Slovenian resistance against Mussolini - manipulating thanks the Fascist oppression other Slavic populations) Vatican ruled Marshal of Yugoslavia wiped away all the rests of the Jasenovac camp - immediately after WWII, utilizing the Slovenian militia of the pope (Belagarda) prisoners. This is obvious because the true witnesses of the real Vatican extermination camp Jasenovac would have been buried with the Belagarda prisoners as they were super Roman Catholic and what they saw destroying Jasenovac camp would have never been revealed.

This is not new tactic: first use a killer, then kill him and make disappear the wepon used by him.

(I don't remember the source requiring Slovenian Belagarda destroying for Tito the camp, this doesn't fit with Wikpedia, but anyway the sense of what I am talking doens't change of a micron)
End of the camp
In April 1945, as Partisan units approached the camp, the Ustaše camp supervisors attempted to erase traces of the atrocities by working the death camp at full capacity. On April 22, 600 prisoners revolted; 520 were killed and 80 escaped.[2] Before abandoning the camp shortly after the prisoner revolt, the Ustaše killed the remaining prisoners, blasted and destroyed the buildings, guard-houses, torture rooms, the "Picili Furnace" and the other structures. Upon entering the camp, the partisans found only ruins, soot, smoke, and dead bodies.

During the following months of 1945, the grounds of Jasenovac were thoroughly destroyed by prisoners of war, 200 to 600 Home Guard members captured by the Allied forces.[citation needed] The laborers completed destruction of the camp, leveling the site and dismantling the two-kilometer long, four-meter high wall that surrounded it.

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A knife worn over the hand that was used by the Ustaše militia for the speedy killing of inmates in concentration camps.

So stay sure that they had just prepared during WWII (as they planned the defeat of their Black crusaders) the wombs who then would have given the birth of the various 'oppressed heroes of the ideas' as Irving or Zundel. They want to kill first the ideas but doing this from within.

BRITISH (SMOMs) SERVICES CONTROLLING THE COMMUNIST TITO under the orders of the General Superior:
11. Sir William Deakin D.S.O.

Sir William Deakin died on 22nd January 2005 at the age of 91. He was the man who did most of the early preparatory work of the Military Mission to Yugoslavia that Evelyn Waugh joined in the summer of 1944. It was his advice, and a two-hour conversation with Winston Churchill in Cairo, that led to the British government switching its aid from the royal resistance leader Mihailovic to the Communist partisan Tito. Despite this fact, Waugh had a real affection for Deakin and kept up their friendship after the war.

Frederick William Dampier Deakin was born on 3rd July 1913. He was educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford, where he took a First in Modern History. He was elected a Fellow of Wadham College in 1936 and later Tutor in Modern History, but is now more famous for being Winston Churchill’s historical assistant, helping him in his research for his biography Marlborough: His Life And Times and for A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. In 1941 he transferred to Special Operations Executive. He was at first based in Canada but was later seconded to the Yugoslav section at Cairo, soon to be transferred to Bari in Italy. Here he seems to have imbibed some of the left-wing enthusiasm of the deputy director, James Klugmann, who was later strongly suspected of being a Soviet spy.

In May 1943 Deakin was parachuted into Yugoslavia with another officer to make contact with Tito, the Communist leader. He was to assess Communist strength and create a good relationship before a full military mission was established. He arrived at the very worst time, when these partisans were virtually surrounded by German forces in one of their highly-organised offences. Tito and Deakin had to cross quickly to safety in eastern Bosnia by undertaking a gruelling forced march. During this period Tito and Deakin grew to respect and like one another; they conversed in German which they could both speak well, though Tito had a Viennese accent. Deakin managed to save Tito’s life during a low-level aerial attack though both of them were wounded.

Deakin was so favourably impressed that he became convinced not only that the partisans were providing very much stiffer opposition to the Germans than Mihailovic’s forces but that the latter were in active collaboration with the enemy. When Brigadier Fitzroy Maclean landed to take charge of the mission, Deakin was able to use a vast amount of evidence, most of it supplied by the partisans, to convince him that Britain had to support the left-wing resistance movement. In November 1943 Deakin was lifted out of Yugoslavia to meet his old boss Churchill, and it was then, as he later admitted in his account of these times The Embattled Mountain, that he gave the Prime Minister the impression that the Royalists were near-collaborators and that the Partisans were the main fighting force. Deakin was then rewarded by becoming head of S.O.E. Cairo.

On Tito’s victory, Deakin was reassigned to the Embassy in Belgrade as First Secretary and Chargé d’Affaires but after the war he resigned from the Foreign Office and resumed his old civilian lifestyle at Wadham College and with Churchill, helping him to prepare the early volumes of his History of the Second World War. His scholarly and organisational talent was recognised when he was appointed the first Warden (or head) of St. Antony’s College, Oxford (1949), a post which required him to raise funds and establish many new areas of academic study. He continued with his historical studies, publishing an account of the relationship between Hitler and Mussolini in The Brutal Friendship in 1962 and The Embattled Mountain in 1971, as well as in 1965 The Case of Richard Sorge (co-written with G.R. Storry), an account of the life of a German based in Tokyo who as head of a Red Army spy ring warned the Russians of forthcoming invasion in 1941 before being detected and executed by the Japanese.

After his retirement as Warden in 1968, Deakin decided to live in France with his second wife Livia “Pussy” Nasta, a Rumanian. He continued to visit Tito in Yugoslavia and was a member of the official British delegation at Tito’s funeral in 1980. As the history of Yugoslavia began to be examined minutely by historians and others of varied partisanship, Deakin’s role was treated ever more controversially until for some people he became a villain of the piece. For them he was a highly controversial figure and implicit in the loss of Yugoslavia to the West; Evelyn Waugh was one to take this line though he liked Deakin as a man. Deakin maintained absolute silence, relying on his account of the events and the impartiality of true scholars to give him his due. His friends and some historians attribute to his work and friendship with the Yugoslav leader, Tito’s confidence in severing his links with the Soviet Union after the war and establishing a position of non-alignment.

Waugh does not mention Deakin in the Yugoslavian sections of either his diaries or letters, but does refer to meeting him at Bari. His laconic comment is Hindu legs, ascetic face. In meeting Deakin after the war, he noted that Deakin’s attitudes had changed : Bill Deakin full of guilt about Tito, he stated in his diary for 24th May 1946. He invited the Deakins round to dine and to stay with him at Piers Court. In a letter to Nancy Mitford (8th June 1946) he asked her, Do you know a very nice war hero called Bill Deakin? but her reply does not survive, as far as I know. Later still Waugh wrote to Ann Fleming (7th June 1954), Bill Deakin is a very lovable & complicated man. He can’t decide whether to be proud or ashamed of his collaboration with Tito.

Deakin received several honours, from Soviet Russia, France (Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur), Germany and Yugoslavia as well as his own country. He received the Distinguished Service Order in 1944 for his service in Yugoslavia and was knighted in 1975. He was elected an honorary Fellow of the British Academy in 1980.

Croat Josip Broz "Tito" + British (S.M.O.M.) services agent William Deakin
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Today the cult of the Croat Josip Broz "Tito" is coming back through all former Yugoslavia countries.....
Stepinac, Pavelic, the Ustasha never died, but they continue - disguised in other uniforms - the bloody Inquisitorial Vatican crusade to exterminate the Byzantines (and Jews, and Rom/Sinti gypsies, etc.), look just at what is happening in these days in Georgia/Ossetia. And the Marxists and Reds in general and the Blacks on the other front are continuing to spread lies about the origins of it, always blaming the "Zionists" or the "American Imperialism" for the events cleaning so the blood from the hands of the true responsible, their Vatican masters.

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