Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jesuit Tool Michael Scheuer of Georgetown U

Michael Scheuer- A suspiciously anti Israeli agi-prop Jesuit trained Georgetown University professor who previously called for another 911.

Disproportionately condemns Israel for running U.S. foreign policy, while saying nothing about the influence of Rome-Jesuit Order.

Trained by the Jesuits , and at Georgetown University as a lecturer acting the "former" CIA man Michael Scheuer has served as the CIA's anti-Israeli and other propaganda mouthpiece of the American mainstream media for a decade. Scheuer message has always been that the US is fighting Israel's wars, but in reality, the Jesuits controlled by the US government to play in the Middle East conflict to both sides. As I have repeatedly stressed, the aim is to make Jerusalem artificially maintained in the conflict, under the pretext of UN-administered global power center, where Christianity, Judaism and Islam combined into one new world religion of the Vatican reign of the holy places.

You remember also, that the CIA was from the beginning of the Vatican tool to conquer America.
Think of how strong these secret societies [the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei], members of the dedication of the "international defenders of the Church." It is hardly a secret that one of the Catholic elite of the greatest advances in "the defense of the Church" in America was a CIA creation. The CIA's actions are far from limited to international inquiries. It serves as a means through which the American secret society members can secretly "assist" the Holy Mother the Church, whose defenders they work ...
[William J.] Donovan did more for the Church and exploitation than any other American, and he was awarded it the highest honors the Catholic [St. Sylvester's Grand Cross], as any American has received.
-Stephen D. Mumford, American Democracy and the Vatican, 1984

Dr. Scheuer recently concluded a 22-year career with the CIA in which he served in both the Directorate of Intelligence (DI) and the Directorate of Operations (DO). During his tenure at the CIA, Dr. Scheuer held various positions including Senior Adviser for the Usama Bin Laden Department, Chief of the Southwest/Southeast Asia Counternarcotics Operation, and Chief of the Sunni Militant Unit. Dr. Scheuer is the author of Imperial Hubris. Why the West is Losing the War on Terrorism and Through Our Enemies' Eyes: Osama Bin Laden, Radical Islam, and the Future of the United States, as well as numerous journal articles.
"Counternarcotics" = illigitimate tobacco-alcohol market protectionism- human rights violator.

Also see:

I wrote a piece about him in Continuing Counter Reformation in 2009.

To my eye he appears to be of partial Jewish ethnic extraction.  If so, he is what would be called as 'self hating' Jewish person and a traitor, for he is too anti Israel to be credible, going way beyond anything that could be called legitimate criticism of Israel.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Guy Fawkes Masked 'Anonymous Tips Its Papist Hand Against Israel & 'Zionism'

Not a syllable of constructive criticism of Israel, aka against exclusionary Labor Zionism nor any other entity in the Middle East particularly Hamas- Palestine which is vehemently pro drug inquisition

Has Anonymous ever criticized the Papacy?

Cyber activist group Anonymous has released an internet video which threatens Israel with an “electronic Holocaust” on April 7, in a massive cyber attack planned to fall just over a week before Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 16, known in Israel as Yom HaShoah.

The video shows a masked figure in a suit and tie delivering a prepared statement, warning that the group will eradicate Israel from cyberspace “for... crimes in the Palestinian territories”.
“We will erase you from cyberspace in our electronic Holocaust,” says the video’s masked figure.

"As we did many times, we will take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, and Israeli institutions."
 “A message to the youth of Palestine, you are a symbol of freedom, resistance and hope: we are with you and will continue to defend you,” the electronic voiceover adds. “Our message to the foolish Benjamin Netanyahu and all leaders in the Zionist entities, we will continue to electronically attack until the people of Palestine are free.”

Delivered in English and with Arabic subtitles, the video shows Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu sitting with members of his cabinet and military leaders, coupled with images from the Gaza conflict, including ones showing the air strikes on the enclave during the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Operation Protective Edge last summer and Gazans running with injured children.

Previous targets of the hacker group’s operations have been websites of the Israeli prime minister’s office, the IDF, the Bank of Israel and the Embassy of Israel to the United States.

Benjamin T. Decker, senior intelligence analyst at Tel Aviv-based geopolitical risk consultancy The Levantine Group, says that the hacker collective makes the threat every year and, thus, Israel has acclimatised to the cyber threat, with less damage done with every year.

“For the most part, this is posturing. This is actually the fourth year that Anonymous has carried out this Op Israel attack and called on their supporters to erase Israel from the internet,” he says.
“As the years have progressed we have seen that, despite their increasing sophistication in hacking techniques, we have seen less damage against Israeli cyber infrastructures, largely due to Israel’s pioneering of most cyber warfare tactics, both offensive and defensive.”
Last year, during the Gaza conflict, the ‘hacktivist’ group pledged that the #OpSaveGaza campaign against Israel would “expose their terrorist activity to the world”, referring to Israel as ‘Israhell’. 

Anonymous sounds like the same pro Papist nonsense that I exposed here.

Any group purporting to be pro people and pro Gaza should be anti Hamas.

There really ought to be a mass protest of people burning these ridiculous Guy Fawkes masks.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Interview With Petro The Roman

Reveals why so many Popes after 2008 with the resignations of Kolvenbach, Benedict 16 and now Adolpho Nichols... along with Francis S.J.'s prediction that his Papacy shall be short lived...

Pope Francis S.J. is Petro the Roman

Interviewer-  Pope Francis, after 24 months of becoming Pope you have conducted quite a successful PR campaign.  You have had a few photo ops of you washing some people's feet.  You have had a few media spot stories about a handful of Catholic Church officials getting less expensive apartments,  You have shown tolerance by spotlighting homosexuality, quoted as "who am I to judge", as somehow the main human rights issue.  Yet all the while you call for ramping up the pharmaceutic inquisition repression which is what fills the courts and prisons and destroys peoples' lives for non-crimes that you would lie by calling crimes.  And you would deny God's gift of Medical Cannabis, so your Vatican run pharmaceutical corporations can continue to bilk the public upon such quackery as chemotherapy.  You are really some piece of work.

Could you please explain the circumstances behind you becoming Pope?

Pope Francis-  I was selected to be Pope Petro the Roman in early 2013 in order to attempt to place a new face upon the Roman Catholic Church.  A face that people would not look beyond, as a PR project, for I am the PR Pope.

That was quite a scary time, starting with April 2012 when Farnese King Juan Carlos of Spain broke his hip, ultimately getting us to sped up the process.   Catholics in Action came across some interesting telecommunications chatter that really perked their interest.

Remember the day that we selected to announce Benedict's retirement- February 11.  That was the anniversary of Wlodimir Ledochowski becoming the Jesuit General in 1915: the figure who indisputably painted the Roman Catholic Church into a corner that it could not escape if his influence were to ever become widely known- as we could no longer claim that the counter reformation was something that ended in say 1648.

Wlodimir Ledochowski

And mere hours later, the Vatican dome is struck by lightening- twice.

But there is more, as these are unprecedented times for the church.

Do you remember 2008?   That was when the Jesuit General Peter Kolvenbach resigned, which is unusual as the usual custom for such a figure is to die in office, as it is with the Pope.  And Kolvenbach was replaced or rather supplemented with his successor Adolpho Nichols.

Since 2008, Two Black Popes.

And Since 2013, Two Living ex-Popes, one Black and one White:

Interviewer- Yes.

Pope Francis- Now, flash forward to 2013, when Benedict the 16th does the same.

And two living White Popes
Four Popes In Total

So thus, with me as Pope, we now have a grand total of 4 living Popes.  2 Jesuit 'Black' Popes.  And 2 'White' Popes- all living at the same time.  Unprecedented in the history of the Church.  Four living Popes!

Interviewer- OK.  When has that ever happened before?  Popes usually die in office.  We don't have "emeritus" Popes. What could have happened to bring that about?

Pope Francis- Since 2007 the release of damning information about the Church released upon the internet, through that infernal invention of "the Blog".  And from source or sources that we have long had suspicions about.  Its something that we have feared for quite some time, of someone stirring up things with the sort of writings that would never be published in the controlled press, as we have had various people working for us in the past of dubious loyalties: those with a sense of irony and talents to show us the threat that we would ultimately face.

So by 2008 came the decision to begin the process with Kolvenbach's retirement and supplementation with his successor Nichols.

And then as one can gather from Farnese King Juan Carlos breaking his hip, some stuff spilled upon the intranet telecommunications grid that really let the cat out of the bag, in early April 2012.  As came up upon the 1st anniversary of that, enough of us in the Vatican began getting scared.   So we initiated stage two of the process, with Benedict's resignation and replacement or rather supplement- me.  Recall that we announced Benedict's impending resignation on February 11, 2013 - hours before the double lightening strikes upon St Peters later that evening.  And we announced that Benedict's replacement would come by mid April.  Yet we got the whole process sped up with my selection announced a month earlier , in mid March.  THAT is unprecedented in Roman Catholic Church history.

So for a few months things seemed to settle down.  The public was buying our PR Pope campaign hook line and sinker.  And readership of that blog Continuing Counter Reformation plummeted some 40-50%, showing the masses that they could now relax as the Vatican now had some supposedly 'reformist' Pope.

But then some sh*t began stirring up.  Something involving what scared the crap out of Juan Carlos back in April 2012 that made him regret his bullying of Washington, D.C officials to approve his 'I am King of the World' stadium imposing the Farnese family narrow street vision upon the vista emanating southwards from the Capitol building known publicly as that of the U.S. but by us as that of the Roman Catholic Church of North America.  Something involving a sharp rise in fear in latter October, early November 2013 incredibly marked by the sudden upturn of the FURY of that hurricane in the Philippines which had been simply predicted as a regular storm suddenly and massively flaring up into the biggest storm yet in recorded history.

Interviewer-  You mean Hurricane Haiyan.

Pope Francis- Oh yes, HERicane Hailyan.

Mother Nature Blew Her Lid!

And we have that painting in the ceiling of the U.S. Capitol with That Girl holding a sword.

And then, things got even more weird.

Vladimir Putin begins to fervently contact me.  It appears that he had some strange dreams, waking up in the middle of the night bathed in cold sweat, with a recollection now of his previous life as another 'Vladimir'.  One who had been upon a religious mission with "deranged visions of a divine Polish mission, ... [for a] ... Roman Catholic crusade against schismatics in eastern and southeastern Europe."  Of course there are many Polish people that would have absolutely nothing to do with that, even amongst Roman Catholics as many were insufficiently Roman, hence the need for the 20th century continuing inquisition to murder then via the Romish forces of the 3rd Reich.  But there's always a subset of Romish types in any national group, as there were within Polish peoples, namely that who Putin was beginning to recollect his previous life as: Wlodimir Ledochowski himself!

Interviewer-  Previous life?  I thought that the Roman Catholic Church did not recognize re-incarnation.

Pope Francis- Please. There's a difference between what we tell the public and what we acknowledge ourselves.  We are masters at deceiving the public.  We suppressed the doctrine of reincarnation going back to the Council of Nicaea.  We took books out of the bible.  And we infiltrated everything, getting Christians and Protestants to blatantly misread the Bible, such as Hebrews 27 which states "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" - never-mind that a man or person is the sum of a body and a spirit.  Yes, a man-person dies once.  He/she is not resurrected in body with spirit as was Jesus.  Rather the spirit goes on to a next life.  The ancient Jews knew that. the modern day Jews like the modern day Christians are babylonian influenced more than they dare imagine.

Just look at Vladimir Putin and Wlodimir Ledochowski.  Both born October 7.  Putin born in 1952, exactly 14 years before the 100th anniversary of Ledochowski's 1866 birth.  Look into their eyes.  And recall what former U.S. Defense Secretary William Gates wrote about Putin- looking into the eyes of a stone cold killer.

Putin takes this as being a part of some great prophecy, of serving our lord then and now for advancing our church.

Interviewer- Our church?

Pope Francis-  The great schism is really a charade.  Both Rome and Moscow are its twin pillars.

The great wars that we orchestrated were all about suppressing dissent from the Church.  Do you thin that the reversal of Roman Catholic demographics in Eastern Poland starting right after the supposed end of the counter reformation in 1648 were about the 'righteous' Eastern Orthodox Church 'liberating' the 'ukrainian' borderlands from the Polish 'overlords?   We sold out united Poland.  Poland had some loyal to Rome leaders.  But ultimately, Poland was way too tolerant of religious heretics.    While France brown-nosed Rome with its St. Bartholomew Day's Massacre, those infernal Polish szlachta explicitly rejected that.  They thumbed their nose at us, with that Warsaw Confederation of 1573. Then they rejected our plan for Poland to merge with Russia.  And they even objected to our 1596 creation, the Unite Church.  Though we had some loyal leaders, the infernal Szlacta showed us that the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth ultimately could not serve as a sufficiently effective tool to expand Romish power eastwards.  So first we subverted it.

We engineered the Khmelnytsky rebellion.

We crafted the 'urkainian' borderlands people identity - after all 'ukrainiain' means borderlands in Russian -- as an evolution of the Kieven Rus identity so as to suppress the people there's original identity as the Eastern Poles.

And more then a century later we outright sacrificed it, via our Jesuit tools established in Russia and Prussia to partition it off the map.

And then when Poland emerged towards the end of that Great War (WW1) under the leadership of that too independent for our liking Joseph Pilsudski, and his alliance with East Polan leader Symon Petliura, we subverted that every which way we could.

We had reliably Papal loyal regiments from the Poznan area subvert the Pilsudski-Petlura drive to Kiev.

And we backed our puppet, the aptly named 'Roman' Dmowski and his reliably loyal Papist National Democrats, who subverted Pilsudski every which way they could.

We did it all to placate Moscow, which we shall ultimately take in its entirety.

What do you think that double headed eagle is really all about?

So, Putin is all excited about continuing his mission, and insists upon meeting with Pope Francis.

He already had an inkling of what was going on.  For instance back in 2008 he offers to split Ukraine with Poland.  But they refuse to take the bait.

And so it would appear, others.  There were some in the Vatican that liked the idea of a revived Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth.  Not of course one independent of Rome, but rather a puppet creation, for the sake of a Romish agenda of a Unite Church combining Roman and Muscovite tendencies.  And then there was this massive growth in groups on Facebook in latter 2013 promoting some form or another of such, including that of a group sponsored by the Polish government calling for Byelorussia to re-join Poland.  As if something happened in late summer 2013 spurring all of this.

So Putin gets more energized.

He wants to know what Rome wants him to do.

So in November 2013, Putin visits the Vatican and has a 35 minute private conversation with me.

He was particularly concerned with the sudden emergence of the 'maiden' political movement in Ukraine with its massive protests against the Russian clientèle regime in Kiev.  He is likewise intrigued by the juxtaposition of stories about German Chancellor Angela Merkel - who was by then speaking out publicly in favor of the protests in Kiev -- being spied upon by the U.S. NSA tapping her cell phone, along with those of various powerful families with Spain.  He said that he felt like he was being set up.

I assure him not to worry, that we have a plan.

And that, in the event of a regime change in Kiev, that he should have Russia seize the Crimea, and perhaps portions of eastern Ukraine.  But I warn him that going so far to seize the entire southern portion of the country to link up with that Russian outpost of the Trans Dniester Republic might provoke too much of a response as that would cut of Ukraine from the Black Sea.   Russia has its well established since the days of the Czar Sevastopol navel station in western Crimea, with that peninsula perhaps the most Russian loyal part of Ukraine, which only received it as a gift from a drunken Khrushchev in 1954.  So, seizing Crimea would be relatively safe, and would provide a goal of at least taking the western shore of the Azov Sea.

The following February, regime change comes to Kiev- Ukraine is now officially pro West.  And Putin's Russia seizes the Crimea peninsula, stamping its attachment to Russia with a referendum, and starts a war or reconquest localized in the easternmost provinces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, we in Rome begin doing what we have to do in order to continue the process.

Interviewer- What was that?

Pope Francis- We have the current Jesuit General  Adolpho Nichols announce in May 2014 that he shall resign effective in 2016, with the Jesuit Convocation #36 where they choose Nichol's successor.

Meanwhile, the previous Jesuit General Peter Kolvenbach remains alive.

So that shall make a total of Three living Black Popes, and two living White Popes, equaling Five in total.
The Two Current Popes - Nichols and Francis

Interviewer-  So what's the relevance of that?

Pope Francis- Well it involves the process.

Interviewer- What process?

Pope Francis- What we have to do for victory.

Interviewer- For victory of what?

Pope Francis- For the victory of the Church of course. And for our lord.

Interviewer- Well, what is this process?

Pope Francis- Well, the process specifically is the ritual.  You do understand that our church consists of many elaborate rituals including the taking of he holy eucharist: all of which are rituals of ancient magic passed down from millennium ago straight from Babylonian Church customs.

Interviewer- Babylonian church customs

Pope Francis-  Yes, have you not noticed for instance our weird head garb?  It dates from well before 330 AD, before Roman Catholicism adapted the veneer of Christianity.  All of this ties into the uncertainty of whether I shall either resign from the papacy or die in office.

Interviewer- You are considering resigning?

Pope Francis- Oh yes. Because the ritual will require either 5 or 6 of us Popes.  Therefore that is why I myself do not believe that I will be Pope after 2016 or 2017.  Either I shall resign or die in office.

Interviewer- Why the uncertainty?  Either you will resign or die in office but why don't you yet now which?

Pope Francis-  Well I have to travel to the US.  I will be speaking before the U.S. Congress.  And I will be visiting your city of Philadelphia, city of brotherly love for world family day.  I have some things that I have to do there.  We shall see how things go this year and then I shall know if the number is Five or Six?

Interviewer- Five or Six, for what?

Pope Francis- Well it is because of the ritual that we shall soon undertake- namely that we are not yet sure if it requires five or six living Popes.

Peter Kovenbach; Adolpho Nichols; Nichol's successor; Benedict 16; and myself.  That equals 5.

Plus 1 - my successor - equals 6.  And right now we are at Four, until the 2016 Jesuit Convocation #36 selects Nichol's successor, bringing us to Five.

The open question being shall the ritual require 5 or 6 living Popes.

Interviewer- What ritual?

The ultimate satanic black mass, which comes in two versions.  One with Five.  The other with Six.

Interviewer- Satanic?!

Yeah, satanic.  Have not you figured it out yet?  The Roman Catholic Church IS satanic.  Our rituals are satanic black magic, particularly the so called 'taking of the holy communion' where we eat Jesus.  Think about it- why are we so bent upon the crucifix displaying a dead jesus- sort of like 'worshiping' a dead deer displayed upon the hood of one's automobile.

Interviewer- what is this ritual?

Pope Francis- Well it involves this.  We gather together, the 5 or 6 of use.  We assemble in the outline of either a pentagram or a hexagram.  And I would rather end the description there as it's too disgusting to repeat in mixed company.  Suffice to say it's rather vulgar and disgusting, and as you may guess involves perverted forms of sex.  Why do you think that we talk about homosexuality so much?   Why do we have such an emphasis in the name of compassion, even though its the drug war rather than sodomy statutes that clog the courts and fill the prisons.  We are so full of sh*t with our pretense over human rights as a massive distraction from the massive economic exploitation of the general public.  But it is what we have to do to placate our lord Lucifer.

Interviewer- Lucifer?

Pope Francis- Lucifer!

Who has appeared in so much of our art, and who made his mark in politics, and happens to be bi-sexual.

Come on now, we all know that Jesus as not a blond.

After all, why do you think that we do so much in Latin?