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Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Plausible Childhood Revenge Vow to Destroy Prussia

Wlodimir Ledochowski was only 6 years old when Prussia's Bismarck expelled the Jesuit Order from the 2nd Reich, and was only 8 when Prussia's Bismarck had imprisoned Wlodimir Ledochowski's uncle, Mieczysaaw Ledochowski (b. Oct 29, 1822, d. July 22, 1902), the Primate Archbishop of Polish majority Posen/Poznan, a city and province that was then a part of predominantly Protestant, German led, Prussia).

Hence, the man who set forth to lead the Jesuit Order's counter reformation into the 20th Century, may have well do so to be true to perhaps a vow made as a child: to destroy Protestant Prussia, to burn her cities and expel if not kill her inhabitants.

"KU"lturkampf Revenge

In figuring out how to do this, Ledochowski lined up the Jesuit cult's other targeted peoples to be destroyed, through what Father Saint Maximilian Kolbe described as God cleansing Poland.
Something which does not often get mentioned about the effect of the Holocaust and the post-war movement of borders and peoples is that, in effect, Poland went from being one of the most multicultural states in Europe (Poles, Germans, Ukrainians, Jews, Byelorussians, Lithuanians and many other groups) to being one of the most homogenous. This had the effect that an enormous part of what had been the broadly conceived Polish cultural heritage was lost and is only now slowly and partially being recovered with the interest that the new generations show in the Jewish and other cultures that used to be part of the old patchwork.
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After all, according to his premature (reportedly erroneously reported) New York Times obituary of December 10, 1942:
Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, who met Father Ledochowski in 1930, wrote later that "everyone in Rome I was told that Father Ledochowski would rank as one of the two or three greatest heads of the Jesuit Order," an estimate which would group him with such men as Ignatius Loyola, [April 19, 1541 to July 31, 1556] the first [Jesuit] general, Francisco Borgia, [July 2, 1565 to October 1, 1572] the third, and [Claudius] Aquaviva, [Feb 19, 1581 to Jan 31, 1615] the fifth.
Apparantly "greatest" as in most successful at achieving the aims of the Jesuit Order vows.

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