Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Game Continues

Nearly a decade ago, a set of attacks on September 11, 2001, were officially and MSM credited to the figure and the idea of the threat of Usama/Osama Bin Laden, and Islamic terrorists- all of which would be used to justify a massive increase in U.S. military, in Afghanistan and Iraq, plus a vast expansion of international and domestic surveillence, officially unchecked and hence with a huge potential for abuse, symbolized arguably by the U.S. government's post September 11, 2001 endorsement of 'enhanced interrogation' aka torture as 'waterboarding'

Within the interveening decade, there's been lots of speculation about his situation, with much of it focusing upon his poor health, and that he was likely dead.

Now, we are being treated to the story of the US Navy SEAL raid upon the dwelling of this Usama/Osama Bin Laden, planned in advance from the very top and watched in real time at the White House, the target reportedly killed in a firefight, and his body already dumped at sea and his DNA confirmed by the following day, as reported via the May 2, 2011 John Brennan White House press conference.

What we are hearing on the TV, from such talking heads as FOX's Vatican assett Bill O'Reilly

Expended warrantless wiretapping works.

Enhanced interrogation works.

The military presence in the middle east is working.

Military missions to kill rather then capture -- that is more strictly for revenge and the convenient cover up of info this so results, rather then INTERROGATION and release of information about this war -- become more and more acceptable.

More fear and more acceptablity of such and that which fuels such.

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