Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pelosi's Jesuitical Limited Hang Out

Pretending that sex scandals are the Jesuits' only scandal- deflecting attention from war criminal Wlodimir Ledochowski and his furthering the Jesuit Order/ancient regime infiltration of the U.S. govt via establishing Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service

Found at Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit

Nancy Pelosi Has Reconsidered Her Position On Jesuit House Chaplain

A spokesman for Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that the House minority leader’s concerns about Father Patrick Conroy, the Jesuit nominee for House chaplain, have been addressed. Pelosi had reconsidered her support for Father Conroy’s nomination after learning that the Oregon Jesuit province, to which the nominee belongs, recently made a record sex-abuse settlement. “Father Conroy has responded to additional questions posed to him,” said spokesman Drew Hammill. “Based on his answers, the leader sees no obstacle to his being named chaplain.” Rep. Peter Fazio of Oregon said that he expected that Father Conroy’s background would be “thoroughly examined” by House members.

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