Saturday, December 15, 2012

Something Connecting to Magik and the Earth Mother Figure?

Intersection of Knights Templar - Kaballist Magik - so-called Baphomet figure - and Freemasonry


[androgynous- representing both sexes]

The Templars was an occult order who had fought during the Crusades at the side of the Church. It is during their stay in the Middle East that they’ve secured occult knowledge from eastern mystics and brought it back to Europe. They’ve became great bankers and Cathedral builders (in which they’ve included occult symbolism). They were known to practice the Kaballah, many forms of magic and the black arts. Their conflicting interests with the Catholic church ultimately lead to their persecution and demise.

Conflicting interests - the Papacy versus the Earth Mother Figure - ultimately resulting from the Roman Catholic focus upon Mary.

I'm asking:

Did these Templars get involved in some sort of strange Kabbalist magik?  Perhaps getting over their heads with the idea of using it to place their religious orders under the direct command of the spirit of the Earth Mother Figure?  Without fully understanding the consequences?!

And because she has spriritual flaws unadressed amidst the Roman Catholic mis-conceptionalization of her being absolutely perfect, her spiritual propertiesthen got transmitted throughout the Roman Catholic Church power structure- and thus via its political power, throughout the world.  And because she's a gal with some issues, particularly a potentionally demonic pride, with serious consequences.


From “A Man For Others: Maximilian Kolbe Saint of Auschwitz In the Words of Those Who Knew Him” by Patricia Treece, published by Harper & Row Publishers, 1982 hardcover 1st edition, at page 107
Brother Arnold may be right in thinking that Father Maximilian, in talking about his mystical experience in Japan, was buoying his own spirits. Equally possible is that he was trying to prepare Brother Arnold for those moments – and beyond them – when the distraught young secretary would try to follow his spiritual father into the Gestapo’s car.
Brother Cyprian said Father Maximilian’s “seraphic and ardent” love of God was visible in his conversation and in the conferences he gave the Brothers. Certainly it was this love that permitted him to look at Poland’s tragedy as others could not. In March 1938, before most people thought of a war, he had said to the Brothers:
During the first centuries, the Church was persecuted. The blood of martyrs watered the seeds of Christianity. Later, when the persecutions ceased, one of the Fathers of the Church deplored the lukewarm ness of Christians. He rejoiced when persecutions returned. In the same way, we must rejoice in what will happen, for in the midst of trials our zeal will become more ardent. Besides, are we not in the hands of the Blessed Virgin? Is it not our most ardently desired ideal to give our lives for her? We live only once. We die only once. Therefore, let it be according to her good pleasure. [!!!]

Ultimately, whose going to make more of an impression- whoever is the Pope, or the Most Special Gal Incarnate Revealed?

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