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'Virgin of the World' Black Rite Mystery

--- “The Trismegistic treatise ‘The Virgin of the World’ from Egypt refers to ‘the Black Rite’, connected with the ‘black’ Osiris, as the highest degree of secret initiation possible in the ancient Egyptian religion – it is the ultimate secret of the mysteries of Isis. This treatise says Hermes came to earth to teach men civilization and then again ‘mounted to the stars’, going back to his home and leaving behind the mystery religion of Egypt with its celestial secrets which were some day to be decoded.” 5


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The Real Meaning of the Masonic image of "Lady and The Broken Column"

Then from this blog and from the Cutting Edge Forum, we bring our research to a completely disinterested explains the typical Masonic imageria associated with the third degree of Masonry, the degree of "Master Mason (Constructor)" called " Lady and the Broken Column ".

The Mason Albert Gallatin Mackey, eminence in respect Official Masonic history, says explain the meaning of this picture:

 Source: Mackey Encyclopedia of Freemasonry
  •   "Among the Hebrews, columns or pillars, used metaphorically to signify princes or nobles, like the pillars of a state. Therefore (in Psalm XI, 3), the step of reading in our translation," If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do? "is, in the original," when columns are demolished ", ie when the staunch supporters of what is right and good to have perished.
  • So the passage from Isaiah (xix, 10), read: "She (Egypt) its columns are broken down", ie, the nobles of his state. 
    In Masonry, the broken column is, as you know Master Masons, the emblem of the fall of one of the main pillars of the Order. Using the column or columns as a memorial erected on the tomb was a very ancient custom, and was a significant symbol of the character and spirit of the person buried. Está acreditado que Jeremy L. It is undisputed that Jeremy L. Cross that first introduced the broken column in ceremonies, but this can not be true. "
But as we have said, this is the official explanation. Are we to believe in it or do some research of your own?  Let's see ...
In the myth of Osiris and Isis, Osiris was killed by Set for having been deceived, having been placed in a coffin made ​​to fit exactly Osiris. September then the coffin with the dead Osiris was thrown into the Nile The coffin was carried by the Nile to the sea and to the city of Byblos, in Syria. ran aground and was a sacred tree took root and grew rapidly around the coffin, bearing the coffin

Pharaoh Seti I giving an offering to Isis Djed pillar, Abydos, Dynasty XIX, New Kingdom.
This is the true meaning of Masonic image of "Lady and The Broken Column"!  It is a mere copy of this story in the myth of Isis and Osiris! Notice the similarities:
  •  Both stories involve a broken column
  •  Both stories implicate a "Virgin" or "Mother Goddess"
  •  In both cases there is an anointing of the Broken Column with Mirra and oil.
  •  Saturn (which is an evolution and is associated with Osiris) appears behind the Masonic virgin.
THIS IS WHAT I MEAN! Of course let's not forget how this myth Babylonian DJED column really is! Veamos... Let's see ... a dead god, given up, which is the basis of a very high building (the column ... which is both one of its symbols), and then found and brought back to life by her and by her son ... Hmm, it sounds like the story of Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz in the Tower of Babel!

They are the same!  They are the same story of Isis / Osiris / Horus and Semiramis / Nimrod / Tammuz!

Note also that a Mason # 33 of Mackey suggests ... and twisted and taken out of context and mocks the Scriptures to do it!  Very typical of Satanists, Christians always try to pass each other, both are Catholic, as Masons.
May this humble research be helpful for you, brothers.
In Yahweh, through Christ,
Brother Maximilian.
This to me looks like the two pillers representing 'the Two' - the Divine Couple - of which the Earth Godess Figure represents the female - and that she is being reprimanded from Above for killing the male - and her needed rehabilitation requires a ritual of a sequence of events.  

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hi sir,in Exodus Egypt looks like hell, from which the "elect" is extracted if he remembers God's name and salute ritual during passover night. We could say Egypt-Mitzraïm is the devil's kingdom,a huge demonic solar metaphor of this world which isn't Joshua's one.Would you say, if i have undustood your different indications, Lilith should be the spiritual wife of humanity as soon as Joshua has saved her? Or perhaps, i am wrong. Thank you.