Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Revenge of the Jesuits?

From Prussia, to Iraq, to ...

The concept of a terrible revenge should be something to think about with the Ba'ath party of Iraq expelled the Jesuits in 1969, prior to U.S. foreign policies costing 100,000s of Iraqi lives with promoting the 1980-1988 Iraqi-Iranian War, the 1991 Persian Gulf War, and the 2003 U.S. military invasion and subsequent (4 years and counting) occupation.

After all, just look at the obviously Jesuit-controlled Masonic logo of the U.S. Information Awareness Office, that was the “response” to the events of September 11, 2001 that was already planned and in place.

Note where upon the world that the “eye” and its light rays are focused.

And note that this blog's posting has now started to encounter a technical problem:

"Your request could not be processed. Please try again."

Is this just a coincidence, or was that a warning after the last few hours of blogging, with the !st amendment truly endangered, as I recently found out.