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Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Counter Reformation Customerly Overlooked

Typical Denial of the Holocausts

In April 1993, only a few days after being dismissed as a teacher, I made the acquaintance of German- born engineer Gerhard Foerster who at that time was 73 years old. Foerster, who made his living in Wuerenlos near Zurich, had ben a revisionist for many years. His father, a Silesian, had perished during the brutal expulsion of about 12 million Germans from the eastern German territories annexed by Poland after World War Two, and Foerster was deeply hurt by the fact that nobody seemed to care about the terrible tragedy of his nation while the media made a big fuss about the spurious Jewish holocaust. Every day. As Foerster was unable to write a historical book himself ˆ he was a highly gifted engineer, not a writer-, and as I already had a good grasp of the subject, he urged me to write a book about the eyewitness reports upon which the Aushwitz gas chamber story is exclusively based. (As I will explain later, there is no material or documentary evidence for the existence of even one singe homicidal gas chamber in any German concentration camp, and the official holocaust version totally relies on eyewitness accounts).

So typical. Encouraging old Silesians to deny the holocaust of the Jewish peoples has them unwittingly denying the holocaust of Prussia (East Prusia, Dantsic, Pomerania and Silesia) of the admitted counter reformation aim of the 20th century's greatest criminal, Wlodimir Ledochowski.

Such utterings, just somehow always avoid a direct comparison of situations as the India-Pakistan split, the westward shift of Poland, and the Israel-Palestine conflict, in favor of selective comparisons/omissions that always divert attention from the continuing counter reformation.

Hi Douglas,

Of course this whole H-topic is forbidden to talk about in public here in Germany. We have a law punishing people who voice any doubts about the details of the holocaust or the holocaust itself. This very often leads the people to the – in my eyes very wrong – conclusion that there must be something fishy about the holocaust. So it’s no wonder that it was a Roman-Catholic priest, Viktor Knirsch, who made this quote – often cited in right-wing circles, but sadly by conspiracy researchers too – that basically says that the truth must be able stand on it’s own legs, only the lie has to be protected (by a law). Viktor Knirsch was the pastor of the German holocaust denier Gerd Honsik by the way, who made another most remarkable statement, that the revisionist movement, which denies the genocid of millions of the Jews, is carried in large part BY CATHOLICS. My personal conclusion is that this law together with the open injustice in Palestine done by the controlled government of Israel together with the bold demands of Israel, the ADL or the German „Zentralrat der Juden” (Central council of the Jews), the daily indoctrination, the constant rubbing under our noses and the big media show trials for people like Ernst Zündel (who are NOT killed, like real truth sayers) only serve this very purpose: To make the people believe there was no holocaust at all, to finally let them turn away in disgust! And probably to prepare the ground for another holocaust, another inquisition. We all know who has a motive for this strategy. Most people don’t see this player on the field at all, the Vatican, so they come to the wrong conclusions. It’s a very clever and diabolic scheme, as most people are not able to conceive it. I cannot make a final judgement about certain details of the holocaust, and I have the feeling some things like turning people into soap and lamp shades were exaggerated by Vatican-inspired intention, so people later will dismiss the whole topic. But sometimes I think it might have been even WORSE, because things like burning heretics, especially alive, is totally in line with old church policy. I once read reports about people being burnt alive during the holocaust, see links below (*). The Greek word holocaust itself, which only seemed to appear in Catholic versions of the Bible, and made it into the Hebrew works as well (see documentary „Roman Empire Rules Today”, DVD #2) might point to this old Church policy.

Yes, I agree, the awareness of these other holocausts should be raised instead of attacking the one of the Jews. The one in Eastern Germany, the ones in Russia, the bombing of Protestant cities and especially the one in Croatia, so people begin to see it wasn’t about the Jewish people alone, but about orthodox and protestant too (among others), with a certain aim like in Croatia, and with that bigger picture before their eyes they begin to ask who could have a motive – standard crime investigation procedure – of killing exactly those groups of people. Only talking about the Jews all the time leads the people to very deceptive conclusions, like „the Zionists” ( which most people regard as a Jewish operation of course ) where behind the holocaust. Which has some little truth to it, but we all know it’s very far from the full truth.

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Does truth really require censorship laws?

I think not.

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