Monday, July 14, 2008

Noah Bunn's Torching Spotlights Jesuitical "Environmentalist" Organizations

Such as "Friends of the Earth"

Noah Bunn was sentenced on Friday 2 May to five years imprisonment for his arson attack on the former Jesuit headquarters in Eglinton Road, Dublin. He has been in custody since April 2007 and, with remission for good behaviour, it is expected that he will serve a further thirty two months in prison. Justice Katherine Delahunt refused him leave to appeal the sentence.
First reports: Press Association, Irish Independent

Noah Bunn (24), of no fixed abode, was charged at Galway District Court on Thursday with arson in connection with the fire which badly damaged the headquarters of the Jesuit Order in Dublin on Good Friday. The English national was remanded to Castlerea Prison and will appear in court in Dublin on Thursday.

An environmentalist who caused more than €3 million worth of damage in an arson attack on the Irish headquarters of the Jesuit Order had his sentencing adjourned today.

Noah Bunn, from Northampton in England, must undergo further psychiatric assessment before a judge will hand down a sentence for the Good Friday blaze.

The 26-year-old, a former clerical employee of the Jesuits and member of environmental group Friends of the Earth, previously pleaded guilty to arson at Eglington Road, Donnybrook, on April 6 last year.

Bunn, who has a law degree from the University of Wales, told Gardai he started the fire because he believed the order were not using their moral authority to alert the world to the dangers of climate change.

Only one person was in the house when the blaze broke out, and he escaped uninjured.

The Provincial of the Jesuit Order in Ireland, Fr. John Dardis SJ, said he was thankful that no-one had been injured by the blaze.

He paid tribute to the work of the fire service, and the Gardaí who attended the scene.

Fr. Dardis said that the main fear now was for extensive files and paperwork that were stored in the basement of the house.

From Avles:
If you believe that they don't use their moral authority to alert the world... It means that you are convinced that they HAVE moral authority.... If you are convinced of this after have served them, it means that you are 1) an agent of them, 2) an idiot. I am convinced about the 2°. In any case stay sure that under the environmental organizations there is the Roman Catholic Inquisition religious war . In Italy (fully RC country) a catalytic exhaust is paid about 300/400 Euro, in Germany (nominally half RC and half Reform) about 150. The litany is: "you are guilty for the destruction of the environment, PAY for your sin and you'll obtain the 'salvation'". Continuing Indulgences - under the alibi of the Environmental Emergencies. How many times you heard the words “to SAVE/SALVATION” linked with the environmental question? A certain Luther 4 centuries ago criticized the matter, but all was clear in those times. Today they made themselves smart.

An often seen word is "sustainability" One such example is this quite recent thread at The UnHived Mind

Speaking of which, one mark of these jesuitical environmentalists is the betrayal of "social justice" -- as its commonly 'understood' -- of failing to calculate the broader picture- IOW working as a distraction.

The much touted -- beat to death -- assumption that we must sacrifice A for B (while ignoring C) serves as a useful distraction. One prominent example regarding transport projects is that we can have rail transit or highways, that the latter must be sacrificed for the former, as some sort of revenge play for the mid 1900s dismantling of the urban found in trolleys, but distracting from the broader question of why the U.S. spends less on infrastructure and more on its various war budgets (and upon wasteful bureaucratic spending). For example, the much touted campaign in N.Y. against the Westway Highway project was a distraction from the general waste of funds and the lack of public bookkeeping of NY's mass transit bureaucracies.

Let's see the full transcript of Noah Bunn's interviews with his psychiatrists as well as a public repository for his writings. Apparantly Bunn had no blog- at least anything that shows up on a Google search now.

I would like to ask him about his consciousnous of the broader spending picture of minimal for infrastructure and maximized for military; I suspect he is not considering his involvement with the Jesuits and Friends of the Earth which always seems to promote this sort of distractive politics.

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avles said...

I remember a natural science teacher. Involved with enviromental issues. Moderate leftist. Last time I saw him, two years ago, I presented him the Jesuits’ question – I just discovered The Unhived Mind, John Phelps and the Vatican Assassins books & site. . At the end of the exposition , they (there were another person), seemed to be a little ‘disturbed’ by what I told ‘em. “…You should talk with a Jesuit our friend…” told me the teacher, and the debate concluded immediately.
Friends of the Earth – or Friends of Council of Trent Canon 32?

avles said...

He was involved with various enviromental organizations, he was not Friends of E. memeber, but - don't remember in which way - in contact with 'em.

avles said...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Friends of the Earth".

avles said...

Interesting that the name of the guy who put fire to the Jesuits' is Noah, another sign of the Lord's rage on the Jesuit Luciferian order?....