Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Death of a Traitor in the Shadow of Eastern Star?

(in Washington DC WMATA Red Line train wreck next to significant Masonic property recently described here)

According to Troy Space:
Dear friends

Yet another Jesuit-trained agent involved in the orchestration of 9/11.

How many hours did this cretin have the "scrambled" planes stand down & from how many states away did they fly in from? Do the research. Excuses of ineptitude or confusion do not cut it.

Good riddance to this co-conspirator, may his high-level cohorts of 2001 join him soon in Hell. Same for the slimeball U.S. mainstream media who promote these traitorous, treasonous, covert terrorists as heroes.

For a sampling of the others acting under Rome's instructions & involved in the events of that day of false-flage state-sponsored terrorism see:


For a reminder of Rome's agenda of "fighting the infidel in the Orient" see:


The "infidel" in question are primarily the Shia - whose belief in the spirituality of Mohammed's bloodline is a spiritual threat to the Papacy, which can stand no competition. Iraqi is primarily Shia & is the centre of Shiite Islam.

The Arab leaders are pawns of Rome & traitors to their own people, same as the Israeli elites.

For more on Arab leaders deferring to Rome & her agents see:


These "crusades" on the Middle East have been decades in the planning, centuries in waiting. The events of 9/11 were tailor made to kick off the drawn out beginnings of the Third World War, which in combination with the planned economic collapse of the UK & the USA will be the conduit events for the culmination of the bringing about of the New World Order global government under Rome's direction, whether covert or otherwise.

- TS

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D.C. Crash Kills General Who Scrambled Jets on 9/11

AP – Maj. Gen. David F. Wherley Jr., r
etired commanding general of the D.C. National Guard

June 24 (Bloomberg) -- David F. Wherley Jr., the head of the Washington National Guard who scrambled jets over the city during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, was among those killed in the worst commuter train crash in the city’s history, officials said.

Wherley’s wife, Ann, was also among the nine people killed when a train plowed into the rear of a stopped train during rush hour on June 22, Quintin Peterson, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department, said in a telephone interview. Both were 62 and lived in southeast Washington.

Wherley was commander of the 113th Fighter Wing at Andrews Air Force base in Maryland during the September 2001 terrorist attacks and sent up aircraft with orders to protect the White House and the Capitol, according to the 9/11 Commission report.

He commanded the District of Columbia National Guard from 2003 to 2008, the unit said in a statement.

“I had the opportunity to work with him as he commanded the troops here in D.C. and as he sent them off to war,” Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty said at a news conference yesterday. “He was as fine a public servant and as dedicated to the United States of America and everything that is great about this country as anyone I have ever met.”

The operator of the train, Jeanice McMillan, 42, of Springfield, Virginia, was also killed, according to Angela Gates, a spokeswoman for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Others Who Died

The others who died were Mary Doolittle, 59, of northwest Washington; Veronica Dubose, 29, of northwest Washington; Ana Fernandez, 40, of Hyattsville, Maryland; Dennis Hawkins, 64, of southeast Washington; Lavonda King, 23, of northeast Washington and Cameron Williams, 37, whose address wasn’t available, Peterson said.

Wherley established the D.C. National Guard’s Youth Challenge program, according to the guard’s statement. The residential program offers academic instruction, physical training and discipline to young people including high school dropouts, according to its Web site.

“General Wherley was not only the quintessential citizen soldier -- he also made valuable contributions to our community,” said Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat from Louisiana, according to the guard’s statement. Landrieu said the Youth Challenge program “has changed the lives of thousands of at-risk children in D.C. and around the country.”

Wherley flew T-38 training jets and F-105 Thunderchief and F-4 Phantom combat jets during a military career that began in 1969, according to the guard’s statement. It said he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Fordham Jesuit University in New York City in 1969, and a master’s in business administration from the University of Maryland in 1977.

The Wherleys left a son, David, who is a noncommissioned officer in the U.S. Army Golden Knights, a daughter, Betsy, and one grandchild, according to the guard.

To contact the reporters on this story: Ryan Flinn in San Francisco at rflinn@bloomberg.net or Todd Shields in Washington at tshields3@bloomberg.net

The train collision, between two sets of northbound cars occurred just north of New Hampshire Avenue, along the WMATA Red Line B&O Metropolitan Branch RR corridor shown with the unbuilt B&O Route North Central Freeway, adjacent to the Masonic Eastern Star Home which unbuilt PEPCO I-95 would have run through.

The Order of the Eastern Star is linked with significant participants in the strictly anti-freeway movement, with the Committee of 100 on the Federal City, founded by Frederic Delano, nephew to 32nd U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and brother in law to railroad industry attorney Edward Burling, co-founder of the powerhouse, Masonically connected Washington, D.C. law firm Covington & Burling.

Masonic Eastern Star Home
on New Hampshire Avenue
between railroad and Eastern Avenue

Align CenterProposed D.C. I-95
dashed lines indicating connecting segment of
PEPCO power line-B&O route
through Masonic Eastern Star property


avles said...


QUOTE: "....The "infidel" in question are primarily the Shia - whose belief in the spirituality of Mohammed's bloodline is a spiritual threat to the Papacy, which can stand no competition. Iraqi is primarily Shia & is the centre of Shiite Islam....."

(And then? Who cares?)

Once I was of the same opinion (after reading E. J. Phelps). Since the Iranian riot: at the opposite.

Roman Catholicism and Shia are not enemy. Jesuits are not stupid. Shia is another sabre of Rome to forge another army of Masonic Islamic mercenary army of the Vatican. I don't understand all that shyness in front of the Muslims, all that misunderstood attempt to "capture another ally in the war against Rome", shutting the so the mouth in front of the evidence of the reality, meanwhile it is clear who really are the allies and the enemy ....
As regards Jisuitz & Vatican, the most possible aggressivity, but with the Islam world only shyness... Are we in alliance with everything and everyone?


Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Professionals of the Theological Assassination in Action in Iran


avles said...

"....is a spiritual threat to the Papacy, which can stand no competition..."

Do you relly believe that? And the Shia? At the opposite, didn't they stand the existence of another infallible "Imam", the pope of Rome? Do you really believe that the popes and Shia Imams etc. really are believing to be 'infallible'? Really? For what reason should they be NOT in secret agreement? If Stalin and Hitler were agreeing, why not Kathamy & Ratzinger? I would be very glad to know the reason for which in this case, there's "true enimity" among them... really.


Douglas A. Willinger said...

They are all connected ... just think how some government that was not could use the example of the subservience to Rome regarding the aborted US National Capital Planning Commission 'South Capitol Mall... to demonstrate how the Vatican leads the US like a cattle with a ring in its nose.

avles said...

Finally I see the entire post, when I posted the previous comment the part about the general and the train accident was not visible (?). What a coincidence! On 29th June a tanker car broke the axis and killed 18 people in Viareggio....:


The society which owns those tanker cars is an "American" society, and the (allusive) anti-American spin in the Italian (=Vatican) media is just started....

As regard 9-11, and the consequent "War on Terror", I'll buy no more the goods "Vatican-persecutes-Shia-cause-they-are-theologically-similar".
After 9-11, it seems that the Vatican & Jesuits did errors in every of their tactics and strategies.... Today America is cursed but Iran, which should be destroyed firstly on the MORAL plane, thanks to Moqtad etc. and the massacres ("US" supported) of Saddam and the last invasion of Iraq, thanks to the war crimes of 'Israel army'related to Hezbollah etc., is THE real MORAL winner of that war... The true beaten is the America and for every hater of America (&Israel) in the world, Iran and Shia are the heroes...

So, were the Jesuits wrong or maybe.... someone didn't understand (or want not understand) what was really going on?.....

avles said...

The owner of the tanker car is the Austrian society Gatx (from a source of the web) but I clearly heard from the tv news that the society was "American".... Manipulation of the information?

avles said...

Damn... another source says again Gatx is an "American" corporation... that's right:

GATX Corporation
222 West Adams Street
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Tel: 312.621.6200 or 800.428.8161
Fax: 312.621.6648

Investor Relations

Contact the GATX Board

CHICAGO??? I don't add nothing else... and not because Al Capone was living in Chicago....

Maybe there's no "direct" link among the railroad accident of 22 june in N.York and the one of 29 the same month on the other side of Atlantic Ocean... in any case an interesting similarity... keep in mind that the Restoration of Pontifical reign in Italy which implies the discrete grip on the power of Carabineers army, is linked with what happened and happens in America. The heavy involvememnt of US Navy with the freight carrier Saratoga, present in the Neaple gulf from 23rd june to 6th July (Massacre of Ustica or J-Ustica: 27th June). The distance of the impact of the DC9 was about 200 km far away from the US Navy Saratoga... So remember the numerology of the date in which the Carabineers' army became the most important army in the country, a date which is numerologically linked to the 9-11, and many other links.