Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Haven, CT Virgo Church Cluster?

Upon a recent visit to Yale University, on the southern side of the truncated Route 34 Freeway, to obtain access to a certain rare book, I noted this.

It’s a cluster of three Roman Catholic Church structures. The buildings are, from left to right, the St Martin De Porres Academy, Sacred Heart Church and Sacred Heart School.

Note the relative positioning of these three structure’s three crosses.

Apparently, the concept of a Virgo zodiac via Roman Catholic Church architecture not only manifests within a single structure – as with Washington, D.C.’s St Vincent DePaul Roman Catholic Church at the northeast corner of South Capitol and M Streets – but as well with clusters of such buildings.


avles said...

If you are sure of what you discovered, use photoshop or an craftsmanlike design like mine (WHICH SOMETIMES I CANNOT SEE ON MY BLOG EVEN IF THEY ARE MY PICS!!!)

Here the map - if you don't see it:

Douglas A. Willinger said...

I have to teach myself the software; I only know how to use photoshop for basic picture scanning and resizing and conversion into jpg etc.

For your info, the angles of the Virgo can change depending upon the time of the year.

I got your image and saved it to the hard drive.

sweepstaker said...

nice software