Sunday, August 22, 2010

Concerning the MYTH of MAJORITY Black Savages

  1. TheForeigner1983 says:
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    From a statistical stand point concerning poverty and crime amongst blacks/whites are neck and neck. In the sense that the minority in both groups commit crime and are in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Which means the majority of blacks and whites don’t commit crimes and are above the poverty level. Just from a statistical stand point Eric John Phelps’s view on the majority of blacks being savages and the minority of blacks being safe blacks is proven to be erroneous. But taking Eric John Phelps’s view into account and incorporating it into the U.S. Census Bureau’s numbers concerning crime/ poverty the inevitable reality is that if the majority of blacks are savages then the majority of whites are inevitably savages as well since the minority of blacks and whites in the U.S. are in poverty and commit crimes.

    Since the view of the majority of whites are savages if the majority of blacks are savages in the U.S. is not the view Eric John Phelps is promoting it can only be reasoned that he is picking and choosing what he wants to see even if it’s the truth flipped upside down.

    Eric John Phelps is not doing anything different the than mass of alternative media promulgators/main stream media by promoting a lie as truth or refusing to take seriously alternative evidence into account differing from his view point. Alex Jones does this concerning the evil of the masonic order/ Jesuits and the spiritual side of the beast. Eric John Phelps just does this concerning race.

    Phelps’s misstep in perception proves to us all that walking in the truth and just knowing the truth are two totally different things and just knowing the truth is not sufficient alone.

    We can all agree Eric’s knowledge on this Jesuit conspiracy which controls the ultimate levels of white collar crime is extensive. His boldness in speaking on his Christian faith and wanting to create a Christian nation is admirable.
    His great zeal is ultimately misdirected and clouded.

    The reason for his misdirection is no different from the majority of us born in the Western hemisphere especially if you’re born in the matrix of the United States. We’ve all been trained by the societies we live in to be racist in some form. Eric John Phelps is no different he’s only human. He’s no less susceptible to the seeds of racial separation planted by the colonial elites before the inception of this country than any of us.

    Eric John Phelps has been mind raped by the idea of the supremacy of whiteness. Whites in the Western hemisphere are no less a victim to the institution of whiteness than blacks,asians,hispanics,indians,and anyone of any other race born in the Western hemisphere. For whites it just takes a different form in the idea of the supremacy of whiteness. Eric John Phelps’s version of the supremacy of whiteness is White -only Christian Nationalism.

    Like most whites in America Eric John Phelps has been institutionally mind raped into believing the divinity of the White race just like the Japanese and Germans during WWII. Except instead of promulgating a Communist religion he promulgates an anti-Christianity so it is easier to digest for his intended audience instead of being totally written off as a quack.

    Again, Eric John Phelps is a victim of the same cultural view he ascribes to himself. Over 500 years of institutionalized white supremacy encoded the very society white people live in. For him to witness the destruction of the very ideology that has been the premise of his societal existence as a white man in the Western hemisphere is beyond devastating. So in order for the ideology to survive he believes whites must separate in order to remember and foster the glories of whiteness.

    On the international stage the glories of whiteness is becoming a relic of the past. Spiritually and financially the white peoples and their institutions are rotting from the inside out. The whole world knows and only waits for the day the ideology of whiteness is broken and destroyed completely.

    Until the destruction of the institutional and financially supported ideology of whiteness is completely destroyed externally and internally Eric John Phelps and others like him whether white, black, asian, hispanic, etc. will constantly use scape goat tactics to diverge us into fighting over little issues of racism and other minute issues instead of focusing on the bigger pictures.

    John Phelps’s comically racist views on savage / civil blacks is not a major problem but it is extremely disappointing and it does give lots of fuel to those who want to discredit the rising era of the alternative media.

    Since he is a brother in Christ we should pray for him

  2. rjtengkano says:
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    Very thourough and relentless studies you’ve done, Eric. I can tell you’ve put in years of observations and i commend your solemn dedication for us readers so we can see behind the smoke screen of government(s) what satan is deceitfully planning for our demise.

    Your proposed idea of separating races onto their respective nations and origins is not a bad idea as God did intend races to be living separately under different charters and laws so respect and tolerance can be maintained hence the love, not hate for thy neighbor can be experienced. Instead now we’re forcedfully mingled together where majority rules and minority oppressed.

    but i must say your proposed idea of separation by race and state seccession is impossible unless you take people power onto the streets, and even when your’e successful it’s still pointless.

    Why? It’s funny you mention that you strongly believe in the bible and its prophecy that an absolute power of worldwide NWO is bound to take place. It NEEDS to take place to complete the sealing process before the end of the world. And satan will make their power stretched to the ends of the world to get you wherever you are. And when the good are separated from the bad, then Jesus shall come to take His bride to heaven with Him.

    The mark of the beast must be issued… It’s the SUNDAY observance forced onto people. When presented it will be made really hard to resist even for the God’s truest people, because it’s beautifully crafted as if the humanity requires the false “sabbath” to be observed. “it’s for the sake of world peace” B.S! that’s the ultimate test of faith when we know God’s people’s identity is the SEVENTH DAY SABBATH, establishing the binding love between men and their Creator.

    Everyone should experience it during the Antichrist’s “15 minutes of fame” or 42 months before he’ll get destroyed in the end.

    The tribulations will have to take place and God’s people must go through it. The final test, the final battle, the final seal of God must determine whether or not each person is saved or perished.

    We are however asked to prepare ourselves best for the battle: Live humbly, leaving worldly desires and practice self-denial in the effort to have God-like character. Get out of the big cities.. in the case of americans: Get out of your country! Everyone should try to make your living in modest mountains living off the lands and be free of the grid, you’ll have better chance of staying under the radar longer.

    But nonetheless, our physical preparation can never match the greatness of the battle satan will present in his last powerful yet subtle ambush to the humanity!

    God bless

  3. kkeithnr says:
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    I am a Christian, and a black man. I purchased Vatican Assassins when it first came out, when it and it was still in a spiral binder. I have been keeping up with his info over the years.

    However I will say that his stance on race hurts his ministry in my estimation, (especially in the eyes of black people–as well as many white people, not to mention other races) Many people will be and have been turned off to the great truths that he brings forth in relation to the Papacy do to what appears to be a latent or blatant form of racism in some of the positions that he takes on race.

    The Scriptures are clear; in Christ there is no Jew nor Gentile, nor male or female. So to take such a position as you take on race actually places you and your ministry outside of Christ. Eric.

    Do I believe the papacy, via the Jesuits primarily, are for the race mixing for there own nefarious purposes? No doubt…however they were also on the side of the racist in the south during the Civil War.

    Eric you should realize that the way that you talk, and the positions that you take on race, in the eyes of many black people, (especially those of us that grew up in the south) are no different from those whom we KNOW to be racists. The positions that you take and the words that you say in regard to race, any black person growing up in the south(and I am sure in many other places) recognize immediately as being a carbon copy of the positions taken by those by whom we’ve experienced the sting of racism and prejudice.

    In many ways it turns many people who might otherwise listen to you away because you come off as a white racists.

    Perhaps not having lived in this country as a black person, especially in the south, and having to encounter the demon of racism you do not completely understand how purely racists your position on race is in the eyes of many black people.

    Not only that. I walk away with the overall impression from reading your writings on race that you feel that black people in general are somewhat inferior to white people…. notice I did not say that is what you believe, but rather that is the impression that I walk away with personally from reading your writings.

    You have read quite a bit of history, but it seems that you have read comparatively very little black history. Black people have built and headed up some of the greatest civilizations in history. However racists white historians(not all are racists) glorified the white race and its accomplishments while in most cases not even mentioning anything of significance accomplished by the black race. Your writings even tend in this direction in some areas.

    Having been raised in south Georgia the only thing of significance that I was taught about black people is that they were slaves, the underground railroad…yada, yada, yada…never even heard of Malcom X until I went off into the Marine Corps… All of the heroes in history that we were taught about were white…period….nothing taught to establish self-worth and honor in black people…and you wonder why the inner cities are the way that they are…much of it (although not all) is the psychological effect of racism and prejudice for hundreds of years…intended and unintended consequences!

    You said in this article…” But I attack with all my might the “Majority Savage Blacks” who have ruined every major American city with their high crimes and misdemeanors. These MSBs kill at least 10 Whites a day and rape 100 White women every day in this country. Should I not be incensed about this behavior?”

    The “Majority Savage Blacks” have ruined every major American city with their high crimes and misdemeanors? Really? How can that be?

    First off white people have great majority of all the wealth and all of the power in this country. They own the companies that make the guns, that make the cigarettes, the dice and cards, they are behind the music companies that fund the rappers to spew filth to continue the psychological warfare to degrade the morals in the black community, they own the companies that produce the alcohol…should I go on?

    The CIA brings or oversees the importation of loads of drugs into this many black CIA directors have there been? How many blacks own the huge media companies that broadcast filth and non-sense around the U.S. and the world? How many blacks own the huge liquor companies?

    Yes there are many blacks that engage in ignorant and even foolish behavior, but you must remember while the white race in this country was advancing they were(not all) by the force of law denying blacks educational opportunities, equal protection under the law etc. Such was the hatred and racism that it was just in the 1960′s that it was necessary to pass a civil rights law.

    How is it that a nation of people(not all whites) can claim to be so advanced and yet be so savage as for it to become necessary to pass a law to treat all human beings in a civil fashion? And this a “Christian” nation!

    I wonder if you would talk the same talk…and those who justify your position, if the shoe was on the other foot. If you lived in a nation where historically all of the leaders in business and government were black.

    What if you and your ancestors had lived in a country where historically all of the senators, congressman, judges, mayors, head of both local and federal institutions were all black. ..where the black people made laws to keep you from learning to read, keep you from voting etc….all in a plan to prevent you from ever being able to ascend to positions to be able to change your status and the status of your offspring in life.

    Hmmm..there would be no Vatican Assassins because you wouldn’t be able to read or write. And even if you learned, you being a white man, would not be able to get it published because all of the publishers are black people who have a vested interest in keeping you in your place…remember under there constitution you are not counted as a full man.

    Let’s go further….Now you look around and realize much of the massive wealth that the black people now have was passed down to their offspring from the amazing profits made off the backs of the white slaves. If only you could have benefited from the labor of your ancestors instead of the black people benefiting from it.

    Yet many of the same black people and there philosophical offspring, people who carried out an orchestrated campaign to ensure that you never attain success, now declare that you are a savage…while all along enjoying, to a great degree, the fruit of the labor of your ancestors!

    Eric…until such time as you become converted on the issue of race you are leaving the wrong impression upon the minds of the people with regard to the character of Christ. You are doing a similar work to that of Rome namely- misrepresenting the character of God.

  4. Geus says:
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    Whether one can bear the words of Bro Eric or not, the truth is, that the Jesuits are race mixing the people, and Roman Catholics and Muslims are mulatto’s. Also being a mulatto is not wrong, the identity of a mulatto is important as a diplomat between the races.

    Another way to understand this is important, is if you know the work of Ken Bearchief and Kevin Annett. The way the Roman Catholics are killing out the Native Americans is, that the racially pure are the primary target victim for extirpation. Maybe you see the light, when you see how the EU Parliament in Strasbourg is build as the tower of Babel.

    But I think Black people should not think they are less as Caucasian people. The reason the White race is advanced, is because of the climate and shape of Europe, where it is full of sea and so cold in winter, that an advanced house is needed. Africa is almost round shaped, not many seas, and warm enough to survive in the winter without blankets. It looks to me, that Black people have no excuse calling themselves less intelligent, once there are found in the same climate. And be grateful we would bring you to America, because just have a look at a map of Europe, in order to understand, that ships are needed every where there, and in Africa there are no ships needed, thus bringing the black man to America was only possible by using ships from a seafaring race.

  5. lmorley says:
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    The issue of separating whites from blacks are not Christian. If you can’t accept living with another human being that looks different then you are wasting your time claiming you believe in God.

    First of all the issue is prejudice and it got amplified during the colonial era to treat blacks as inferior. Each white person can stop doing that and then you would see the global difference it makes.

    If you can’t get along with Blacks then hell will be there to take care of you. Sorry to say that but that will be the only solution for those who insist.

  6. mrsbrandyc says:
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    P.S Im more offeneded by the huge picture of a black lady on the page…..Really? i think they get the point that I’m black and we dont all look alike. (LOL)

  7. mrsbrandyc says:
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    interesting point of views here. Vlad, I really dont even consider race at all, its usually someone on the outside looking in that always pulls the race card..whether its for separation or profiling or whatever. i have been fortunate in my workplace to not have to deal with the examples you spoke of, however, I can understand what you are saying. My coworkers are great people, but mostly i’m fielding a lot of questions about black people and what we are really like. There is a misconception that “we all stick together” and “we all know each other”. I dont think like that. Quite frankly, I dont want to move from where I am. THEY SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE THEY BROUGHT US OVER HERE….ITS TOO LATE NOW!!!!!

  8. Vlad says:
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    Mrs Brandy,

    Where and when did Eric ever say that he does not love any race other than white? Separation has nothing to do with hate, on the contrary.

    Let us look at the simple example here:

    Many of us have heard of injustices or illusions of injustices in the workplace which involves any race for whatever reason. How many times have you heard from someone whether it be in a direct conversation or by overhearing the ones next to you, complaints dealing with what might have been an unfair firing, hiring, advantage or disadvantage at a workplace? We all heard that or maybe even had an experience ourselves.

    People say “My friend was fired because he is black probably, I don’t know what else to think.”


    “I do not believe that that person deserved spot over the other one they interviewed a day before, but I think because he/she is a minority they got an advantage.”

    Now I can go on and on with examples from both sides, I believe you get my drift.

    Now what about a person being fired for a very, very good reason, whether it be an inadequate job experience, bad character, or poor work habit. No problems there right? But yet you will hear a person say that “I was fired for being a certain race, I’m telling you, this is the reason.” Here is the example of the illusory injustice.

    Let us think how we can solve this one problem, not a minor one either, as it led and will lead in the future to more uncomfortable situations for both sides and more and more hatred.

    What if lets say we are in an African country, all black country, and people get fired and hired, without anyone having thoughts of racism or hatred or bigotry, etc. You see what I am trying to say?

    Or let us take China for example, everybody is Chinese, they will fire you for a bad work attitude, you will go home and you won’t think that they fired you because you are not Chinese.

    But what if we bring Arabs, Japanese and Whites to China in millions, they will try to settle there and when one day they will face with examples I mentioned above, what would be the first thing that would come to their mind? You guessed it, “I was fired or not given a job because I am not Chinese!!!”

    That is one example of why we should be thinking of living in separate countries. I will repeat again, this idea does not stem from hatred, on the contrary, it stems from love for your brother and sister of another race.

  9. KERRY says:
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    there is an old saying, if you can be offended you will be. eric is a very logical man of God who has great insight and knowledge to share. he is intitled to his opinion. lets not hear rejection when we hear what he has to say but take it weigh it with scripture. i love yeshua with all my babylonian pagan infested heart, im full of all this fleshy repulsive world i need to crucify everyday. we all need to walk where God has called us to walk. time is way too short to bicker and fight within the body of christ. i have found eric to be very balanced he is full of insight. its a touchy situation because we all carry our own wounds and hurts and pain. eric keep going keep doing what God has placed in your heart. your not for everybody because you are very black n white. pls pardon the pun. i have very good friends of colur i love them my world is a better place because of them. but i get totally what you are saying to eric. we all need to live transparent lives. eric keep strong in the word, you are the biggest breath of fresh air the church the world needs a few more courageous men like you.

  10. rationalman says:
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    Talking about anywhere u see drug prohibition…..
    I can also say…..anywhere u see a high degree of Religion…you will see….a high degree of War, murder, corruption, crime, deceit, rape, disease, poverty, backwardness, Mysticism, Occultism, Religion, destruction, hopelessness hunger, starvation, plague, and most of all DEATH………

  11. rationalman says:
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    Well….the people were probably acting Savage like…..because they’ve been kept down for so long….and dealing drugs was and is the only way for a lot of black people to make money….but even so…in a perfect world….all drugs would be legal…because making them illegal only makes the situation worse….the Drug War on peoples wants, desires and cravings is a perversion of Logic…people are going to use, acquire, make, produce, grow, invent…enjoy, medicate, sell, buy, trade, abuse, and what ever else a human can do with a drug…..humans are going to be using drugs….one way or another……and I say that the only way to use and handle drugs… by Being, Rational, Positive and Creative about it….but really people should be ‘that way’ all the time regardless if they r on drugs or not…..
    Anywhere u see drug prohibition…you are going to see people act savagely…Drug Prohibition is a Savage thing to Do….it’s illogical….irrational and counter productive……its Savage….anything that is Irrational is Savage…….

  12. mrsbrandyc says:
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    Thanks for proving my point. If any thing is “knee jerk” it is this essay that you have posted in your rebuttal of my email to you. “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:34-35 NKJV) No where in this scripture or anywhere else in the good book does it say to love “only the neighbors that look like you” .
    After the great flood, Noah, his wife and his sons and daughters in law were not separated but simply told by God to go therefore and multiply, They did not all go to the same place but they were by no means biblically commanded to be separate.

    I could go on and on about how WRONG all of this is, but I think that you have done more than enough to prove my point. Simply sending a few free books or dvds out, claiming to like and/or “defend” a few of us “good blacks” every once in awhile does not redeem nor endorse your message. If anyone should apologize, it should be you to JESUS for defaming his name and his word-
    Romans 16: v 17-18

    Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which you have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

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