Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charlie Sheen Hegelian Dialectic

'Two and a Half Men' TV show-meltdown star


starts with a rant on the "Alex Jones Show" which includes idiotic style references to the term "Vatican Assassins" to attempt to ridicule the idea of Vatican terrorism

rant includes disparging remarcks against a producer of Sheen's popularized TV show which includes such deemed 'anti-semetic' [sic] anti-Jewish, and is hence fired, thereby promoting the idea that 'the jews run everything'

is followed by subsequent rants in subseqent interviews elsewhere - avoiding any need to mention "Alex Jones", "Vatican Assassins", let alone any coversation leading to what a google search should quickly reveal- the name of the "Vatican Assassins" author Eric Jon Phelps

is followed by Sheen's hyperabsorbed concentrated cocaine- sex parties, with his handelers bringing him together with larger numbers and amongst respectively of young prostitutes and reportedly 5 '8 Balls" (1/8th of an ounce) of the highly refined/concentrated form of the very same drug consumed safely and indirectly by millions of consumers of Coca leaf.

is followed by trash jesuitical yellow journalism, CONvincing the many that the evil is "cocaine" and "drugs" , with never a mention of their highly perverted forms encouraged by drug prohibition- masked by an intellectual deception revealable by replacing the word 'drugs' with 'foods' to demonically confuse-guilt people out while distracting them from the various questionable and poisonous additives to foods, as well as the reality of the 'drug war' as a dispicable con to cause countless lives and misery, for the sake of a lie designed to protect patent medicines, aka pharmaceutical concentrates (pills- instead of far bulkier and safer dilute liquids), and cigarettes- that political alliance represented by the mid 1900s cigarette ads featuring doctors bragging about the 'smoothness', appearing in medical journals. This was done as a form of criminal agrilcultural mercantilism to supress far better-safer-heathier substances, such as products made from Coca Leaf. Particulary notable is the jesuitical worsening of the situation by demonifying psychedelics upon realizing such promoted unhived rather then hived thought- the opposite of say flouride and alcohol, and confusing the reputation of cocaine in ways to popularize the hyperglycemic white power drugs, promoting more hedonistic useage, and distracting from the very real and multiple benifits of the Coca leaf.

Condemning "cocaine" rather than encouraging its use in concentrated forms, is like condemning 'caffeine' or nicotine' by the standard of only knowing them in isolated purified concentrated form- and shreading the U.S. Constitution, common sense, the Bible, and any basic sense of decency for the sake of trash jesuitical yellow journalism for the sake of protecting pharma and cigarettes- via such figures as Vatican tool William Randolf Hearst.

Note the virtual media black out on Bolivia's Evo Morale's campaign towards the righteous cause of re-legalizing the international trade in Coca.

Anyone opposing the Jesuit political hegemony and interested in the matter of the "drug war" should take a look at the fate of the bastard who gave us this continuing counter reformation pharmacratic-tobacco inquisition.

The drug war may well be the great deception written about in the Book of Revelations.


avles said...

"....bringing him together with larger numbers and amongst respectively of young prostitutes ...."

Sexuality is another way of Rome to control the world and linked with "drugs" theme.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Way better for he ruling 'asonic-romish ruling class, then having him reasonably sober, say instead consuming coca tea, see:


and exposing Jesuit Georgetown's criminal mercantilism for cigarettes.

Or have him expond upon a quest for 911 truth (which always stays focused on he mechanics of the demolition of the building instead of the political dynamics of a false flag event to sell out the 4th amendment ect.

No, just have him all toxiced and hornied out, babbling incoherently to not inform but simply waste more peoples' time.

avles said...

Coca-tea is good and I proved it. A person I know coming back from a visit of Machu Picchu etc. had success to carry a (prohibited) quantity of coca-tea in the land of the popes (Italy). It is a very healthy and powerful natural medicine.

avles said...

Probably has been inspired by your blogs, also Massimo Mazzucco, the agent of the pope on the web, which exposes the 911 as a "Zionist-Neocon job" and uses the Marijuana topic for anti-American pro-Roman Catholic invasion spin:

"La vera storia della marijuana" - DVD

"La vera storia della marijuana" - Trailer

avles said...

Massimo mazzucco Italian director living in America of course praise C. SHeen:

Undici settembre: la resa dei conti?

"......September 11: Eleven September: The day of reckoning?
Posted by Editor on 13/9/2009 21:40:00 (4936 reads)

OK Corral pulls air around all'undici September.

The transmission of radio host Alex Jones, Charlie Sheen has publicly challenged the various characters of the American right - Meghan McCain, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly - a public confrontation sull'undici September, the Larry King Show......."

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...
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Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Coca was found useful for getting people off of Tobacco:

No wonder that was such a concern in the U.S.:

Much more in the articles found within:

FMD- March 2008

FMD- August 2008

Do not forget the reletive safeties of Coca versus Tobacco- as that makes 24th Superior General Luis Martin's horrific death (April 18, 1906- note the time line of the anti cocaine campaign starting months after the 2nd time they summoned Angelo Francois Mariani to the Vatican- January 1904) so devine.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

"Government sleeps 1) .... Deaf to the requests of the little enterprises.... "

You have hit a certain nail on its head- secret society fraternal order government working for its own and trying to limit its working for the others as much as they feel they can get away with- including the guilting the more gullible...

Tosco Tedesco said...

02/24'11 (the video reference – let's record this)
Jones: "Oh man, I tell you, Charlie. In the course we tell the inside baseball, it's kind of a sick joke for me, one of my sickest forms of entertainment is people that make stuff up about me – just the pure baloney. And once I was at your house and I was shown any stuff where they were claiming we work for the pope and stuff, and me and Charlie are Vatican assassins ... so that's kind of the roots of that for the media."

08/20'10 Mr. Jones mocks Walt's question on the Knights of Malta to protect and worship Mafiosi Bugliosi "One of the most successful prosecutors in U.S. history [...] This is the mental illness of the American people. We have a very serious person on the air talking about serious issues, not crack garbage. I'm sorry, Mr. Bugliosi ..."

Ibidem "Orwell's Ghost" Eric from Indiana: "George Tenet [chief of staff of the double magic transformation of iconic skyscrapers into active artificial city volcanos in 2001] also graduated from the Jesuit Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service. As did Clinton, Gates, Feith, Rice (mentor was Madeline Albright's father, both were professors), Petraeus, Casey, Durbin, Haig, Prince Turki, Prince Felipe, Arroyo, King of Jordan, the list goes on and on. It's all the Holy Roman Empire, everything falls under its umbrella, including the Zionists who got their wealth from Emperor-Elect Prince William in 1806 when the Emperor was forced to abdicate to Napoleon."