Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go Roman! (at about 1:04)

Dennis Miller on the FOX NEWS O'Reilly Factor- About Obama - June 22, 2011
"You know, if your fight war, you got to go Roman; and [Obama's] been much more Roman then I would expect."

Listen- 0.21-1.22

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There’s two things with Barack Obama, you got 2 different sides.

Now, talking-wise, let’s face facts.

When he’s speechifying; he blows more smoke then a basilica announcing the new pope

But the proof’s in the pudding

And this guy has been a veritable killing machine compared to what I expected

And he’s brought out the inner George Patton on the left and they are all bloodthirsty too.

So I am happy he’s done what he’s done

He killed Bin Laden

He's going across state lines

He’s doing surges.

You know I am pretty happy.

Drones killing our enemies from up above.

You know, if your fight war, you got to go Roman; and he’s been much more Roman then I would expect.

When he’s talking like this though, I know he got to appease those morons, like the code pink chicks, he has to keep then on the reservation to get re-elected, so I really don’t judge him by what he talks about, because I know that drill.

I judge him by what he does; he’s a killing machine


avles said...

This is why I write "above image", "abovve video" etc., because as happens in the case of this message, often the pic or the video vanished leaving a blank space and pushing the reader to abandon the page....

Douglas A. Willinger said...


I have had other people tell me that about the text and pictures- all they see is an empty page except maybe the top orange title bar.

I have since added a direct video url, plus what Miller said, transcribed.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Was any of the text viewable?

When you saw it, it was so captioned atop:

Dennis Miller on the O'Reilly Factor- About Obama - June 22, 2011

And below:

Listen- 0.21-1.22

avles said...

Was any of the text viewable?

Really.... dont remember about a text!

I remember only those two lines you mention....

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Correct. I had not yet added the transcript of what Dennis Miller said on the video; the post only had the two lines; the first without the latter addition of "FOX NEWS"

avles said...

"Correct. I posted the text the next day, after your 1st comment here. "

I received notification for the above comment allegedly of yours, but I don't see it here

In any case there was the video the one lacking, you see a blank space, you don't understand the sense of the message and then change page.....

avles said...

Before the start of the true video, I see a commercial. Swiffer or similar, to catch dust. You see a grey man inside keyboards. Then, from above it came 'salvation', a giant YELLOW swiffer. The keyboard is WHITE. What kind of flag it recalls? And the young sexy woman. YELLOW T shirt and BLUE jeans. Which flag has such colours.

avles said...

Only "Roman"?

Or also "EuRo-man"?