Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EJP Jesuitical Racism Sidebar Link Deactivated

In 5 years of blogging, I've never seen this happen- a Blogger side-bar link de-activated "Eric Jon Phelps Jesuitical Racism"

This intermittent error started occurring yesterday.


avles said...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Lady of war" today: also "Lady of censorship"


avles said...

Vatican Assassin site doesn't show any sign about the event!
And now some questions: the 'venetians', count Vivaldi, etc.,

I remember strange silence, meanwhile no protestant church was founded in Venice, at the opposite was founded the protestant church of Slovenia, but NO words about that!

Strangely this Italian link is sited just on the other side of Adriatic sea respect where I live!


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

It was the ONLY sidebar link so affected. I did NOT do that, and do not even know how to do that.

Now it appears normal.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

". . . Here's the probable cause/excuse [Douglas Willinger's exposition of EJP contradictions]: "

QUITE Plausible, given the common issue -- racism as the excuse to delete entire far larger libraries having nothing to do with racism - and the timeline:

Tuesday, August 16- I respond negatively to Eric Jon Phelp's racism in an email.

Wednesday, August 17- I post "Against EJP's Jesuitical Racism" in CCR, consisting of the email response of Maxi.

Friday, August 19- I go to the original Unhived Mind, specifically the initial Wlodimir Ledochowski thread started in the summer of 2007, and photograph the initial comments between EJP and myself, and I also look at a thread about EJP's position on race.

Within two hours, that UHM 1, along with UHM 2 and 3 are blocked.

Sunday, August 21- I post "EJP's Jesuitical Subversion of Protestantism and Prussia"

avles said...

And where are NOW all the readers and users of that forum? How many of them were Jesuits/Masons/intelligence???

A forum like that, a rare forum against Jesuitism etc., disappears and it disappears also any kind of echoes about that????

avles said...

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avles said...

Interesting, in the long list of links to my ABE posts, I went in one of my old messages, ......


.....related to rip Italian president Francesco Cossiga, where he admits that Italy ''collaborated with Palestinian terrorism'', an interview censored by the Italian media. Maybe because the Romish Catho-Islamic steel pact now is going to be fully realized? Isn't that continue ''anti-racist'' hysteria in Italy a prosecution of that pro-Palestinian policy? Look how the question 'immigration' is now linked with the "israeli racism" and how Turkey now is preparing war against Israel the same. Turkey is playing the fool with Syria, helping Assad in the inner purge? Italy proposed a delay for the oil embargo to Syria, delayed to middle November. Did they calculated the right time for war, a war maybe against Israel with NATO keeping no-fly zones over Middle East? We'll see.... Just now TUM has ben 'censored' (or maybe the right term is 'switched off'?) and TUM was SUPPORTER of IRAN. And of that idiot form of racism,..... The hour "X" is here,...

avles said...

Anyway, don't know who built the below list, it lacks an important message of mine as we are dealing with the keyword "racism", in order to understand GAZA and for the benefit of whom the 'Jewish racism'.....:

Saturday, August 06, 2011
Gaza is the today's WDG version of the Spain 1936/37 training war


(this message as the other has been previously saved on my disk, in order to avoid Jesuitical disappearing along the web....).