Monday, January 9, 2012

Papist Mormon Glenn Beck

Is awfully defensive of U.S. Presidential candidate Opus Dei Rick Santorum

Is Rick Santorum’s religion the only thing that the mainstream media attack dogs can find to focus on? After all, George Stephanopoulos questions at the latest debate would lead viewers to believe that Santorum, a Catholic, would ban contraception if he became President! With elected officials all but holding a match to the Constitution – how is THIS the question they felt Rick Santorum needed to answer? Next thing you know they’ll be asking him if his loyalties are to The Pope over the country. Glenn got an ABC News official on the phone to explain the ridiculous questions!
One only needs to look at such things as the planning of Washington, D.C., let alone the horrific wars of religion through such Vatican tools as 1993-2001 U.S. President Bill Clinton, to see that Glenn Beck behaves like a childish fraternity brother who well understands that one must lie to get ahead in such a political system.

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