Thursday, March 8, 2012

NOT My Picture

Profile Picture Replaced with this

Since replaced.

I interpret this is either a death threat or a threat to silence me.


avles said...

As regard the folder with the erased content, it could have been also a mistake of mine (50-50%) but as regard the pillow with three sleeps, I'm at 100% sure:

This happened cause that???:

[sorry, the link I wanted to put doesn't open, guess why... NATO Romish masonic cyberwar?]

avles said...

Ok, now they let it open:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Does Third Public Channel take the defences of Pedophilia?

avles said...

Whay happened? I awoke at night cause the noise of a threecycle with motor (Italian Piaggio “Apecar” very much used in India, Thailand, etc.) stopping and switching off the motor in front of my home. Nothing strange, maybe youngs. Then I went to the WC to let some waters to go away. When I was approaching, in the obscurity the WC room, I heard the Apecar again switching on the engine and to go away. That put me in a suspicion, as such vehicles can be used to pick up a man after he did a sort of “special operation” and to carry him away from the operative scene without to create further suspicion (such vehicles doesn't pertain to the popular immaginary of the mob as regard intelligence, etc.). Well, I came back on my bed and when I put the hand under the pillow I found the surprise. Probably they actek BEFORE I was awoken by the noise of the arrival of that Apecar.... I heard about criminal with circus-ability, I let the fenster opened during summer, for such a Romish intelligence criminal it was a joke to enter in my home.... [and then whoever with whom you talk smile at you, saying you suffer of a mental illness, or you walk meanwhile you are sleeping,... so the message to me is arrived, but no one would believe me!!! - I investigated, especially the daughter of my sister, who was a child at that age, I suspected a joke by her, but after she leaved our home, after I moved the pillow, all was normal!!!]

avles said...

Censoring also artistic creations??!!! Are we arrived at such point???!!

Monday, March 12, 2012