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Avles Beluskes Blogs Blocked - Buried


May 2012
'Avles Beluske'

No independent confirmation whether he really did this, or was kidnapped, or ?
I only know him via the internet and don't have any mutual contacts as far as I know
Perhaps this is due to the time of this year in particular?

In recent weeks the blogs of 'Avles Beluskes' have been blocked.  Here's why, according to the email:

from Douglas Willinger

Jun 7, 2012
What happened with Avles Beluskes?
…You no longer appear on my Facebook, and your blogs are now for invited guests only? What's happening?
Douglas Willinger
South Mall Blogger…

from alice [Avles Beluskes email]
Jun 8, 2012
Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes?
... I definitively buried my blogs as my life has well heavier problems than Vatican NWO, they are accessible for no one and so they will remain. best regards Il 08/06/2012 04:34,
from alice [Avles Beluskes email]

Jun 8, 2012
Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes?
…Are you playing the fool with me? Don't you see the problems? There also problems without solution except death: --------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday, May 27, 2012 "THIRTY SECONDS" [to repair a broken bottle] > Above image...…

from alice [Avles Beluskes email]

Jun 8, 2012
Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes?
…I 'm alone. I justcame home from the bar where I usually go , there there is a student of university which was the only female with whom I had sometimes a little talk. The bar is (irony!) in front of the cultural center named to Srecko Kosovel , the...…
from alice [Avles Beluskes email] Jun 8, 2012
Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes? …http://www.reartikulacija.org/?p=355 Il 08/06/2012 04:34,
from alice [Avles Beluskes email] Jun 9, 2012 Re: What happened with Avles Beluskes? …It is evident that you interest to discard me as I present a disturb even to you. Il 08/06/2012 04:34,
I only saw the first reply; I did not see those others starting with the one saying 'Are you playing the fool with me?'  I only discovered these added and increasingly seemingly irrational messages with a yahoo mail search today.  I can only speculate as to why.

Seems to me if 'Avles' was being overloaded by his blogging, then why not simply make fewer posts, even taking a break from writing, but leave the existing stuff already up. Why hide them?  With this silliness of 'this blog is for invited readers only'.  I interpret that as he is now afraid of something within them.

Even stranger, he starts a new blog "Avles Beluskes Novice", only to entirely take it down after about 5 postings within about two weeks.  Also, he deletes or blocks his account at Facebook.  What's going on behind this?
The Avles Beluskes blogs are/were quite illuminating.
Avles Beluskes Exposed
The Vatican Crusade in the Balkans
The Amber Path
Apparently enemies...
Novo Ordo Seclorum
Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute
The blocking of the Avles Beluskes blogs is discomforting, as they have been excellent platforms for advancing our understanding of the religious reality.  They included stuff I knew little or nothing about, such as military jet accidents as deliberate occult rituals.  Also, lots of masonic virgo stuff regarding different cities, in addition to spotlighting that of the apparantly most important one of the Federal Triangle in Washington D.C. and the center of the universe of the area and where the statute of Benjamin Franklin faces, with "Apparently Enemies" and "Novo Ordo Seclorum"  building upon my "Save the Capital City- Ben Franklin's Mysterious Sunfire".

Avles and I first 'met' upon the boards of the old 'The Un-Hived Mind' five summers ago, when I had started a thread about the 26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order Wlodimir Ledochowski and his 2nd 30 years' War -- WW1 and WW2 -- shortly after starting this blog 'Continuing Counter Reformation' in June 2007.

Wlodimir Ledochowski - 26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order

A central point that I have driven towards, that of this twisted satanic core of a twisted blood thirsty pro religious war Roman Catholic Church (behind for example the coup of August 19-20, 1914) driven by a extremely pro-Mary faction quite prominent within places as Roman Catholic Poland- IOW the concept of the Roman Catholic Church under the spell of a Mary Mother Earth figure twisted as a "Mother of War".


Louise Warfield and Count Vladimir Ledochowski
Sort of ironic that the bride's surname is "WAR FIELD".

It even gets better!


The girl's name Louise \lo(ui)-se\ is pronounced loo-EEZ. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "renowned fighter".

Apparantly, the woman that Maximillian Kolbe refers to must have a name variant of "Mary-Lou"

This of course refers to the militant marianism of the 26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order ,Wlodimir Ledochowski and his 2nd 30 years' War.

Deranged Polish Vision of Holy War

Mary Mystique of War

Anti-Modernism and Militant Marianism

Wlodimir Ledochowski Plausible Childhood Revenge Vow to Destroy Prussia -
remember the French and Alsace-Lorraine http://continuingcounterreformation.blogspot.com/2007/08/wlodimir-vladimir-ledochowskis_22.html

Maximillian Kolbe 'God is Cleansing Poland'

Maximillian Kolbe 'Our War'

Wlodimir Ledochowski Kulturkampf Revenge

The timing of this sort of reaction from 'Avles' upon a time line comes shortly after I start my new 'umbrella' blog - that is a blog encompasing my entire galaxy of blogs, as well as me personally:


And just some of my recent posts there:

Dig within and beyond for some further illumination upon the broader picture.

Do that, and apply Avles' propensity to examine things from various angles numerialmatically, and I say do it with an eye towards the gaps between deathdates and birthdates, and meanings of names.

After all, his now blocked writings included Apparently enemies and Novo Ordo Seclorum, all about that particular intersection within Washington, D.C. at Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street where the Benjamin Franklin statute faces.  That's the spot which the David Ovason book 'The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital- The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C.' likens as the center of the universe in a city between Virginia and Maryland dedicated to the figure of Earth Mother figure of Mary.

Likewise there are my illuminating posts regarding Coca, Vin Mariani and its creator Angelo Francois Mariani- a name that I personally consider ironic and esoteric for reasons already gathered by ECHELON as of April 3/4, 2012.

Is it time now for Avles to be hiding his blogs?

After all it is 2012.

added July 1, 2012
'Wake Up Call' wrote: "It's all in [the] open..."


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, and if you were Avles, how could we check that you don't work for the vatican stasi? Perhaps this tragical trick is a test to make an evalution of Avles' audience..
Best regards

Douglas A. Willinger said...

from Troy:

Dear friends

Blogger & forum poster (at Unhived Mind for around the past five years) Avles Beluskes had some very rare insider information on the Vatican Octopus arms, most notably the Constantinian Order, which is one of two religious-military lay orders of the Pope, the other being the Order of Malta. Unfortunately I do not have any saved webpages from his blogs or Unhived Mind posts - too many things to think about at any given time, it is too easy to let it slip to save these things. If anyone has a folder of his stuff then please pass my way.

The fact that Doug mentions that just after the original Avles Beluskes blogs were taken down a new blog called "Avles Beluskes Novice" appeared raises a few speculations:

Did AB pull his own blogs, perhaps due to a nervous/mental overload/breakdown or threats of violence (I do recall him mentioning strange goings on outside his home a while back) - or was he taken out of the equation (a la Rik Clay?) & had his blogs pulled "for him" & perhaps these new replies to Doug are not in fact from Avles' hand?

Considering the newish blog being called (rather strangely) "Avles Beluskes Novice" did AB actually become a novitiate in some Masonic Order or Papal religious order, say even the Jesuits & choose not to keep his blogs up? (Unlikely I would have thought, but I guess that there is always the possibility. Also: Was that newer blog even by AB at all?).

Did AB discover a whole other dimension to the global conspiracy that fractured his understanding of it up to that point & was it was all too much to integrate?

If the blogs do reappear (unlikely I would think), will they take on a different direction?

Well, may never know I guess, but these things should be considered in this case & in others that are evocative of it.

Hopefully Avles Beluskes is able to come through whatever ordeal he is going through intact mentally, physically & spiritually & as his own man.

- TS

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, i think it would be quite easy for you to have a phone call with AB if you would have be affraid for his life. I wrote him via facebook when it was possible last week and his answer didn't fit with his current style and mood on the blogs.So, what a srange strategy for so precise and aware minds..Thank you for your very genuine informations.vincent, from paris.

Douglas A. Willinger said...


Please do a simple google or other internet search of my name; I use my real name and have a long trail, particularly in exposing Vatican mishavior that no one else does, from Wlodimir Ledochowski's religious war to the interference with the planning of Washington, D.C.



'Avles Beluskes' is a pseudo-name; I have recieved email purportedly from him where he tells me his real name is Eduardo Roncelli.

I DID propose telephone communication, particularly internet video chat, some while ago, and he refused.

avles said...

EdOardo with "o" please, not "u". Roncelli is the forced italianization (fascist decree) of Slovenian "Renčel".

This is a number (the same I used to find a partner on kupid.com, maybe I'll have more lucky with people of my the same sexual gender):

051 473 441 [debitel slovenian operator]

avles said...

The only thing I'm repented is to have involved that poor young woman who doesn't absolutely fit in the picture, and probably I'll destroyed in this way maybe the only human sentimental affective [very thin and not so much exchanged] relation to me remained in this universe, but one you are bad depressed with the death in your head, the borders between your public activity and sentimental personal life are destroyed as by a Tsunami.

Anonymous said...

ok, sorry for parano, i read your blog which is a grat help to undustand all this luciferian propaganda and was very surprised when our deseappeared because i thought your reaserches were in a complementary way with AB.
Thank you very much, your job is light for trouble minds, best regards, vincent

Douglas A. Willinger said...


Please return your blogs to public view.

Douglas A. Willinger
Continuing Counter Reformation
Freedom of Medicine and Diet
South Mall Blogger

avles said...

The problem is not the fact that someone consider me an insider or an agent of this or that, but that he could discover a day that I'm nothing about that.

avles said...

with international prefix:


avles said...


avles said...