Friday, September 21, 2012

Avles Beluskes Starts '6 Years Avles Beluskes'

A re-publishing of the original 'Avles Beluskes Exposed' blog, first published in 2006 in the Italian language!/2012/09/lombra-del-woolworth-building-sulla.html


...Cause the well known and healthy facts which let to emerge the underground reality CONTROLLING the "alternative information"

I decided to open a blog/site I inaugurated with these few and poor lines.)

(Published: Tuesday, 19thSeptember 2006 – hour 21.00)
In this way I concluded my first post in the blog I created six years ago. That "six" came from a famous statement of Massimo Mazzucco who, in that Summer 2006, was counting the still necessary years needed to make explode the case "9-11 inside job".
The (half) truth behind 9-11 doesn't need to be publicly revealed [it will be only an official confirmation, not revelation], as it is already matter of general knowledge in the world. Rather, that engagement to be fixed after six years was just referring to the events we are living today, to the probable and very near collapse of the Western world leaded by "Zionism" and "Americanism", and the rising on the planet of a new block, I named the World Democratic coalition of the world, based on the alliance between the Roman Catholicism and Islam, plus the atheist China. (Russia to be considered as religiously and therefore politically absorbed inside the Roman Catholic world empire).
Many things I changed from those days. For example, I don't believe anymore Jesus Christ was Tammuz, but simply the figure of Jesus Christ has purposely been confused with the one of Tammuz. Christian revelation, present before Jesus Christ in embryo with the prophet's announcements, was attacked by Satan with a pagan worship, anticipating the birth of Jesus and starting to pollute His sufferance in advance.
But basically the rest remained in-alterated. Vatican and Jesuit order as the true mastermind of the New World Order, and the“Jewish plot” is only an alibi, by them created, to extend their oppression to all the world.

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