Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Conversation with anti Jewish Roman Catholic Polish-American

Wlodimir Ledochowski - grandfather of a future German-Slavic Multi-Ethnic State

This exchange typifies Roman Catholic arrogance and hypocrisy, particularly that towards Israel, and the preference for mono- rather than multi-ethnic states fostered by the U.S., which itself is multi-ethnic.


Anonymous said...

it is a very precious dashboard..
after reading this terrible state of the question, one prevails: as Avles said

what is a spiritual war, what is a new Rome or a new papal empire?, political or fiscal hegemony do not explain such pre planned atrocities..there is far more extension in the conclusion than in the premises, if you see what i mean. Thanks.

avles said...

"...Are you saying Israel IS a religious state, eh?....."

And the Vatican, isn't an imperial full STATE? Which wants to grab Jerusalem?

avles said...

".....If the Nazis were so guilty of everything, then why didn't the Jews take Germany over?.....":
maybe Germany was consigned to the Vatican?

avles said...

".... Then I'm assuming you support ISrael giving back the Palestinians its land........":

I never heard that the "immigrate in Poland Jews" pretended to grab Warsaw as their "religious capital", pretending that "the moment of the Jewish resurrection will come only after fighting Polish people":

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

This woman complains about Jews wanting restitution from Poland.

I agree with that insofar as lack of culpability of the Polish state in starting or carrying out WW2.

But I think she refers to Jews wanting their property back which was stolen by the Polish state after the end of WW2- and if I am right she is full of crap.

avles said...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Berlusconi confirms the role of Fascist Italy ["apparently ally - secretely enemy"]