Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hobby Lobby Dupes of Rome

"Hobby Lobby" recently made the news for their opposition to Obama care regulations mandating workers' insurance that covers morning after pills; it is owned by the Green family, described as conservative Christians.  Asides from the issue of health insurance or its inclusion of contraception which can inexpensively be purchased at any pharmacy asides, they claim to oppose morning after pills out of their opposition to abortion.  Yet they are factually erroneous, the morning after pills are contraceptives - they block fertilization, while the Green family is PRO Rome, recently visiting the Vatican.  Might we be better off considering them to be dupes that fail to see the evils of the Vatican, including its trickery regarding abortion- claiming to oppose it while actually working to make it more widespread and popular.  Considering the sheer reality that there is more sex than instances of necessity for conceiving a child, the Vatican's opposition to contraception amounts to an increased reliance upon abortion with the dynamics of either extreme leading to a lesser concern over the most barbaric forms of abortion available up to the final trimester, particularly with the mass murder of sex selection abortion.

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