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France Being Used to Encircle Germany For Papal-Putin Alliance?

In 1896 Russia's Czar Nicholas II visited France

an observation by Avles Beluskes:

Just in the recent European elections the victory of far right wing Le Pen in France was counter-balanced by the victory of the Italian center-left party, traditional friend of Germany. Now the French nationalism of Le Pen, traditional adversary of the German one, is pushing Maerkel to search alliance with popish Italy.... A geometry of ideological forces to push Berlin in the hands of the Vatican meanwhile the CIA/NSA espionage scandal in Germany before, and Putin's imperialism are encircling and isolating Germany? Sun Tzu war manual suggest to leave always to the enemy an open door of escape,... through which he will fall in the hands of the enemy walking with the proper legs...


avles said...

Yes, in the last elections, in Italy the Movement 5 Star of Beppe Grillo was announced as the true "winner" as pertain Italy. the M5S is a protest-party which threatened to enter in the EU parliament to "beat the fists on the tables"... But - surprise! - the center-left of Jesuit adviced Matteo Renzi won the election, with the DOUBLE of votes respect the M5S.... Now Renzi's Democratic Party is considered the dam in Italy against the flood of the anti-EU but especially ANTI-GERMANY protest, as Beppe Grillo expresses a special hatred against the "fat woman", i.e. Maerkel and for transitive property against Germany, often attacked by him.... But in France the right wing of Le Pen won the EU election, and this is an advance of the CATHOLIC French right wing which is a traditional adversary of Germany (think to 1870 war).... Germany now is courting Matteo Renzi and the German-French axis is in danger... They already are speking of an "Italian-German axis" (like in WWII),... But the most important is the alliance of the Le Pen right wing of France and the Italian North League secessionist party... the first has Joan of Arc as symbol, the Italian North League has as symbol Alberto da Giussano, the alleged commander of the POPISH army which defeated BARBAROSSA at Legnano battle, a milestone in the Middle Age of the struggle for the supremacy between papacy and emperor... Their alliance practically announces the forming in the EU of the old 'good' Ultramontane party of the pope, like the one formed in Germany after the well known events involving card. Ledochowsky.

avles said...

"....According to many Italian political commentators, the magnitude of this victory gives Italy a new relevant role in Europe, especially in the light of Eurosceptic Le Pen's victory in France which UNDERMINES THE FRANCE-GERMANY AXIS which has unquestionably represented the driving force of the EU so far...." - See more at:

Now there's a little of troubles between Renzi and Merkel cause disagreent about the presidency of EU Commission, but it a clear sign the victory of Le Pen:

".....BERLIN (Reuters) - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Tuesday branded the French National Front party fascist and extremist after the anti-immigrant Eurosceptics shocked Europe by coming first in France's European Parliament elections.

The victory of Marine Le Pen's FN was part of wider gains in the European vote by anti-EU parties which left the 28-member European Union licking its wounds. Anti-establishment parties from the left also made inroads......"

What does it mean anti-EU? If you look to former Italian premier Romano Prodi (of former pope's Italian party "Democrazia Cristiana")he said in an interview at tv news to support a coalition of the impoverished countries of South Europe. The common slogan of the impoverished masses is against the "German dictatorship" for the question of the national balance deficit policies, which are destroying the South European economies and creating un-employment - It is clear that this is the Financial Economy of the Counter Reformation. Germany, in exchange of the amnesia of the amputations at East, was anesthetized with the power of ruling the financial policy of the EU members... Now when Poland is under a pro-Putin and pro-Norway government (the aftermath of the Lech Kaczynzki assassination in 2010) Germany is even more isolated at East .... When CIA interfered in the inner institutional life it means that Germany is isolated from Washington.... When Holland, French president, was hit by the scandal,......

.....probably was a just-in-time engineered scandal in order to fire the far right wing of the French Fascism of Le Pen, together with the previous financial scandal involving Sarkozy :

"....LE PEN AS PRESIDENT? France thinks the unthinkable
By Mark John and Nicholas Vinocur
PARIS Thu May 29, 2014 11:00am EDT

I believe that now Germany is starting to wake up but it too late. She was let to prosperous economic growth only in order to forgot the amputation by the SJ Wlodimir Ledochowsky crusade. Now there's no more need of the finanacial anesthesia paid by South Catholic Europe as the Eastern Empire is in motion and ready to share the plunder in Eurasia with the EU ruled by the Confederates, the South Papist countries. There 's no worries why the European Central Bank is under the rule of a Jesuit trained bankster, Mario Draghi.

avles said...

A curious particular about acronyms used by the Vatican (notice the year 2017, and "CCR" acronym:

Христо СтилияновJune 2, 2014 at 8:54 AM

In 2017, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) in Rome, Italy. With this in mind, International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) encourages each Charismatic reality in every nation to journey in a special way towards the Golden Jubilee according to this vision and to prepare from now on for the celebration together in the eternal city! ICCRS has developed a pamphlet entitled "Toward the CCR Golden Jubilee" ("pdf" file – 3.3 MB). It provides a guide to help us prepare for this jubilee.
avlesJune 2, 2014 at 11:38 AM

"......In 2017, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) in Rome, Italy. ........".

Yea like Douglas Willinger's blog - CCR, CONTINUING COUNTER REFORMATION

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