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About Juan Carlos' Successor Prince Felipe

born January 30, 1968

excerpt- The third child of Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, Felipe is currently – among his many titles – the Prince of Asturias, and, since his father’s health began to decline, has increasingly taken on a more active role in the monarchy.

Since 1996, he has represented Spain at the swearing-in ceremonies for presidents in Latin America – a historically important role given Spain’s relations with its former colonial holdings – and has taken the place of his father on visits across the Arab world, Australia and Europe, including a high-profile meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin back in 2002.

In 2011, Felipe performed more royal duties than King Juan Carlos did – a total of 253 functions in Spain and abroad. His main role abroad has been to promote economic and cultural matters that are of import to the Spanish government.

Felipe has a broad career in foreign service, having earned a master’s degree in international relations from Georgetown University. He graduated from officer training at Spanish military academies as a helicopter pilot, lieutenant-colonel in the army and air force and frigate commander in the navy.
The crown prince also has taken a more active role in Spain’s military activities than his counterpart in the United Kingdom, Prince Charles. He has chaired meetings of the chiefs of the Spanish armed forces - a role normally performed by the king – since 2010 and regularly participates in military exercises. 

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avles said...

....ten years later (and two years after Smolensk 2010) the father:

"....Putin Bestows Top Russian Honour on Spain's King Juan Carlos....
Putin bestows top Russian honour on Spain's King Juan CarlosRUSSIA SPAINAgencia EFE20120719T000000+0000 Moscow, 19 Jul (EFE).- Spain's King Juan Carlos on Thursday was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation, the highest honor bestowed by that country, and personally presenting the award to him was President Vladimir Putin.
"I'm very proud to join the distinguished group of people who have received this prize ... Russia and Spain are old and great states whose relations sink their roots in history," said Juan Carlos in his acceptance speech.
The monarch, who on Wednesday began an official visit to Russia at the head of a large business delegation, received the award for his humanitarian activity and his role in Spain's post-Franco transition.
"In 1667, the first Russian ambassador in Spain arrived at the port of Cadiz. Russia was, and I am happy to recall it, the first state in authorizing international recognition to the Courts of Cadiz (during the Napoleonic Wars) through t
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