Friday, October 17, 2014

Augustus-Ledochowski-Putin Continuing Roman Empire

Vladimir Putin-
the reincarnation [?] of Wlodimir Ledochowski 'Last of the Great Roman Generals'
and Augustus- founder of the Roman Empire!

Augustus (Latin: Imperator Caesar Divi F. Augustus;[note 1] 23 September 63 BC – 19 August 14 AD) was the founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, ruling from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD.[note 2]

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avles said...

I would suggest to try also the connection of Augustus Pontifex Maximus and today's Pontifex Maximus Francis SJ, along the red thread of the Massacre of the Innocents and of the Teutoburg's Battle (how much Wlodimir Ledochowsky SJ wished to avenge the destruction of the legio XVII, XVIII and XIX, 2000 years after?)