Saturday, December 20, 2014

NY Mayor DeBlasi- Passing the Buck & Helping Target The Low Men on the Political Totem Pole

De Blasio and Sharpton

In one of his first speeches as mayor-elect, Bill de Blasio on Saturday did what any liberal politician in the city would do before taking office — he trucked up to Harlem to kiss Al Sharpton’s ring.

“Every year Reverend Sharpton is becoming stronger as a leader, is reaching farther as a leader,” de Blasio fawned at Sharpton’s National Action Network meeting. “You never have to wonder if he will remember where he came from, and he’ll be the first one up to stand up for justice. I gotta tell you guys, he’s a blessing for all of us. Let’s thank Reverend Sharpton.”

Blames the low men on the totem pole playing the race card

Ignores poor police training and poor laws via poor leadership and people who likewise give a free pass to the ruling parties by throwing their votes away upon the very political parties responsible for such poor leadership.

It was Democrat Party New York City Mayor Bloomberg that pushed the crackdown on single cigarette salesmen, and it was Bloomberg and or De Blasio, also a Democrat that called for such police intensification- never-mind any lack cost effectiveness.

It is NYC that reelected Governor Cuomo last month to a second term with some 78%+ of the vote.

It is the protesters who either resort to outright crime as in Ferguson, or generalized protests with far greater legitimacy who nonetheless miss the mark by not protesting at the true bastions of government oppression, namely the courthouses and legislatures, let along police stations and police academies which train the police, nor the despicable police unions that apparently never met a statute they did not like, marked by their lobbying, such as this, in favor of such oppressions as the cigarette/ petrochemical medical quackery protectionist drug prohibitionist 'laws'.   A number of protesters that I saw marching in the street in Times Square Manhattan in late November 2014 were carrying signs proclaiming revolutionary socialism- suggestive of some jesuitical ultra left organizing.

It is the undeserved enthronement of race baiters as Al Sharpton who seize upon relatively poor quality if not outright fraud cases.  Recall that Sharpton made his name during the late 1980s with the infamous Twana Brawely case.

Meanwhile countless legitimate cases of police brutality indeed outright murder get way less attention, particularly those involving the papacy's drug war- an issue that Sharpton seems to not want to deal with despite its culpability in targeting so many people.

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