Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jesuit Tool Michael Scheuer of Georgetown U

Michael Scheuer- A suspiciously anti Israeli agi-prop Jesuit trained Georgetown University professor who previously called for another 911.

Disproportionately condemns Israel for running U.S. foreign policy, while saying nothing about the influence of Rome-Jesuit Order.

Trained by the Jesuits , and at Georgetown University as a lecturer acting the "former" CIA man Michael Scheuer has served as the CIA's anti-Israeli and other propaganda mouthpiece of the American mainstream media for a decade. Scheuer message has always been that the US is fighting Israel's wars, but in reality, the Jesuits controlled by the US government to play in the Middle East conflict to both sides. As I have repeatedly stressed, the aim is to make Jerusalem artificially maintained in the conflict, under the pretext of UN-administered global power center, where Christianity, Judaism and Islam combined into one new world religion of the Vatican reign of the holy places.

You remember also, that the CIA was from the beginning of the Vatican tool to conquer America.
Think of how strong these secret societies [the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei], members of the dedication of the "international defenders of the Church." It is hardly a secret that one of the Catholic elite of the greatest advances in "the defense of the Church" in America was a CIA creation. The CIA's actions are far from limited to international inquiries. It serves as a means through which the American secret society members can secretly "assist" the Holy Mother the Church, whose defenders they work ...
[William J.] Donovan did more for the Church and exploitation than any other American, and he was awarded it the highest honors the Catholic [St. Sylvester's Grand Cross], as any American has received.
-Stephen D. Mumford, American Democracy and the Vatican, 1984

Dr. Scheuer recently concluded a 22-year career with the CIA in which he served in both the Directorate of Intelligence (DI) and the Directorate of Operations (DO). During his tenure at the CIA, Dr. Scheuer held various positions including Senior Adviser for the Usama Bin Laden Department, Chief of the Southwest/Southeast Asia Counternarcotics Operation, and Chief of the Sunni Militant Unit. Dr. Scheuer is the author of Imperial Hubris. Why the West is Losing the War on Terrorism and Through Our Enemies' Eyes: Osama Bin Laden, Radical Islam, and the Future of the United States, as well as numerous journal articles.
"Counternarcotics" = illigitimate tobacco-alcohol market protectionism- human rights violator.

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I wrote a piece about him in Continuing Counter Reformation in 2009.

To my eye he appears to be of partial Jewish ethnic extraction.  If so, he is what would be called as 'self hating' Jewish person and a traitor, for he is too anti Israel to be credible, going way beyond anything that could be called legitimate criticism of Israel.

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