Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pope Francis SJ & Putin June 10, 2015

The Pope is steadily climbing into power as the world' global peacemaker. This is frightening, for many are unaware what the Papacy' next modus operandi. Only by reading The 13th and 17th chapter of Revelation will you understand her true goals.



Христо Стилиянов said...

Naturally, the pope's peace efforts will come to a grinding halt when putin invades the baltics or western ukraine or does something equally dumb. But don't you know that is part of "our lady's peace plan". . . .

Francis has been mounting grave sins against the "spirit" of the catholic church, being too lukewarm and compromising with Russia. He has also denigrated the highly respected Medjugorje apparitions, with the vatican yet to pass the sentence on their validity.

avles said...

Just give a look at the faces of Putin and D. Tusk (today high rank in EU institutions) the day of KATYN II, 10 April 2010:

"Above: Russian PM Putin with Polish PM Tusk at the crash scene on April 10, 2010."


avles said...

"Elsewhere, we read: “The fact that it was above the Katyn graves that Putin pulled a contract out of his pocket, and shoved it in the Donald Tusk’s face, is seen by various high-ranking officials in the Polish security organizations, as "insulting and mocking".""