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Jesuitical-Medievalist Government Within Washington, D.C.

Neglects planning and design of major public transport system -- the grade separated highway system of U.S. Nation's Capital City, Washington, D.C. -- with deficient design and numerous truncations from controversies decades earlier, even chocking and removing routes, while ignoring roadway design engineering advances in the decades since, even despite the post 911 calls for additional security of additional evacuation routes.

Yet its post 911 "PATRIOT Act" is big on establishing massive warrantless domestic surveillance without regard to its potential abuse to subvert the 1st Amendment guarantee of free speech via politically motivated searches that are otherwise illegal under the 4th Amendment.

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Jesuit Order run Georgetown University, which gave us the Georgetown Law Center
and its numerous efforts against a continuous inside-the-Beltway highway system
regardless of the environmental issues
asides from keeping the highways far away from Georgetown and Catholic Universities,
for the 'PATRIOT' Act,
against a South Capitol Mall,
for the Nationals Stadium blocking the South Capitol Mall,
freedom of diet and medicine,
for the general distraction that we simply can't afford that much public infrastructure
minimizing questioning of the bloated prison-military budgets.


avles said...

There's not strange that in Italy the highway system is controlled through a trustful ROman Catholic family, the (coming from ultra RC Veneto region) family BENETTON (never see their shops all around the world with pics of mixed races boys and girls?...).
...they control: "Through Edizione Holding, a financial holding company, they control a number of other businesses including 30% of Atlantia S.p.A., an operator of nearly two-thirds of Italy's motorways, 67% of Autogrill, a chain of roadside restaurants, and investments in the hotel industry including the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal in Venice, Italy."..

It is important to control Hotels and Grills. A part their medievalist highways systems (In the Pontifical reign of the Apenine peninsula you pay the Autobahn as i nthe Middle age the crossing of a pass another section is like to pass the Charlie point in Berlin in the alte gute Zeiten...), controlling hotels etc. means to SPY important businnes there carried out. As the Illy coffe family with their coffe houses all around the world (see Jesuits' secret instructions).
So Benetton are the secular tool to push for the Melting Pot Racial Jesuit was, for the Medievalist conception in private transport, and for the control of media as they togehter with Italia Telecom corporation are owners (they = their master) of LA 7 private channel(surprise! Telecom Italia two years before the minicrusade of '99 was paying bribes to the Serbian elite as it collaborated with Telecom Serbia... Ok, here you have how they controlled Serbia well before to bomb it...) .

Take in mind that our friend Benetton purchased immense estates in Argentina... Wow! like our friend Bush in Paraguay!.... Ops! Wait a moment! Do they smelled the next incoming bloodbath in the Boraeal emisphere, and their Black master granted them a safety home in the South ROmkan Catholic bulwark???.....

(Your blogs are 'instigating' the undersigned to apply the same lense on the European affairs, but the litany is always the same: for now time lacks!)

avles said...

I forgot to note: you can pass the many Chalie points of the Italian Highway system also using a radio device with which you pay the tax for the highway in real time... Oh yeah! This is the dream of the Jesuits, the New Medievalism enforced with the modern science!

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Since 911, the US highway system has had cameras installed to read license plates to track the general public, and there has been a significant amount of reconstruction of the truck weigh stations with overhead readers.

Anonymity of freedom of movement has been lost to a government obsessed with tracking the general public, in the name of "security" and of the criminal mercantilism of the pharmacratic inquisition (the war on certain drugs).

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Check it out, those Jesuit assholes must be pissed; from

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Re: Georgetown's Campus: What If...
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Dec 23, 2011, 1:43pm, DFW HOYA wrote:

Below is a photo of the planned Three Sisters Bridge which would have deposited cars near the bottom of what the Canal Road entrance. (Yes, that is the Georgetown campus, circa 1963.) 0.jpg

The best account of the battle over the Three Sisters Bridge and other plans to build a series of freeways through the middle of DC that I've come across is in Zachary Schrag's The Great Society Subway, his history of the creation of the Metro. Although this particular episode didn't make it into the exhibit, I would highly recommend Unbuilt Washington at the National Building Museum, which showcases many alternate plans for buildings, monuments, and the city itself.

On a more humorous note, the Washington transportation planning community is 'blessed' with the frequent presence of one Douglas Willinger, noted highway planner/crackpot freeway-fetishist. One of his primary conspiracy theories highlights the nefarious role of the Catholics and Jesuits in scuttling the freeway free-for-all: ...

Yes, ad hominen ignoring that every thing I have there said is true- so 'good'!

Note that this article which this jesuit links is from 2008, yet note my latest regarding the mischievousness with the freeway planning around the time of and in the wake of JFK's assassination.

Are we to assume that all of this was necessarily simply coincidental?

avles said...

<<..... and notes a conspiracy because the capital city is adjacent to Virginia and Maryland......>>

"Foto di Trieste.Storia / Album / Foto profilo /
fabio severo"

This is former military hospital built by Hapsburg crown army, behind it there's the international youth center Villa Ara of Jesuit order. Villa Ara was built by one of those Jews belonging to the Jewish elite of Trieste. In WWII it became the residence of SS commander of Special operation zone for N. adriatic regions. Villa Ara is linked with underground tunnels with the military hospital and with the Kleine Berlin, an underground net of shelters under and near the justice court. 200 meters far away Villa Ara the jesuit church of Trieste. Probably there's something in the underground of the same Georgetown jesuit univ. and the rest of civil administrative buildings of Washington DC, like the model of Trieste....

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Many of the anti freeway legal battles include the assistance of the Georgetown Law Center (Law School).

Are we to suppose that is not a Jesuit entity because of a few clowns on a Georgetown University related BB upset with an array of facts politically inconvenient?

"Rusky Hoya" cites the historian Zachary Schrag, as do I: