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Tupper Saussy on the 1st ‘Tea Party’

During the night of December 16, 1773, a gang of Indians climbed aboard certain ships in Boston Harbor, ripped open three hundred forty two of the East India Company’s tea chests and threw overboard their contents, valued at $90,000. Well, they looked like Indians, and witnesses thought they were Indians, but the big open secret was that they were Freemasons in disguise. Perhaps the most succinct statement on the subject appears in respected Masonic historian Arthur Edward White’s New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: “The Boston Tea Party was entirely Masonic, carried out by members of the St. John’s Ledge during an adjourned meeting.”

Parliament reacted to the Boston Tea Party in a way calculated to increase dozens of rolling boulders into a devastating landslide. Without seriously inquiring into who was responsible, and wholly disregarding the offer of more than a hundred Boston merchants to make restitution, Parliament rushed in to law a mass of unreasonably punitive legislation – closing the port of Boston to trade, forbidding town meetings without consent of the governor, denying the Massachusetts’s council, providing for the quartering of British and Hessian troops in the colony, and ordering that any officer or soldier of the Crown accused of an act of violence in the performance of his duty should be sent to another colony or to England for what would surely be a sweetheart trial.
This is something to think about with the 2009-2010 ‘Tea Party’.

It exists in the name of respecting the Constitution.

And it names itself after an event, crafted by masons, and named for an agricultural commodity.


Yet what does it say about the criminal mercantilism drug war?

One must ask this, because within the U.S. entities which claim to support the constitution, actually support its subversion when induced to accept some sort of ends justify the means mentality- supposedly okaying this for things that are just soooooooooooo bad….

Thinking About the Tea Party

What does it say about the such things as police raids as this barging into people’s homes placing their lives in danger for the sake of a false ‘morality’ of arresting, prosecuting, fining and/or imprisoning consumer choice (hence debasing the police and the courts), especially when promoting drug abuse in two main ways:

- profitizing un-labeled, adulterated concentrated drugs,
banning Vin Mariani perverting cocaine use to the concentrated forms of the drug;

- doing that for the sake of protecting cigarettes and pharmaceuticals


Where's even a mention of the sociopathic hypocrisy of jurisdictions, particularly that with its routine “the ends justify the means” testilying for such things as suppressing Cannabis, and its concentration of industries in adulterated, misbranded cigarettes- the Commonwealth of Virginia..

Why might that be?

Particularly when the term ‘tea party’ clearly conveys a higher then likely awareness of the general concept of an agricultural commodity.

The crusade against coca – via demonizing the alkaloid cocaine regardless of concentration – came through the U.S.D.A., just after experimenting with coca and other medicinal agricultural commodities in Washington, D.C. to ascertain their potential for commercial production within the U.S., and just after Angelo Francois Mariani was awarded a gold Papal medal by the Vatican as a 'benefactor of humanity' for rendering Vin Mariani to the world.

Vin Mariani 1907 label “our processing completely eliminates it [cocaine]…”

Bad advice IMHO not required by the 1906 U.S. Pure Food and Drug Act that fed the popular misconception then being promoted by the likes of William Randolf Hearst that cocaine was intrinsically dangerous regardless of the dosage.

The U.S.'s last bottle of Vin Mariani?

Sales of cigarettes of Virginia Bright Leaf, which initially jumped in the 1880s with the development of automated mass rolling machines, have three subsequent successive up-turns in use in 1907, 1915 and 1936, respectively following the 1906 Pure Foods and Drugs Act, the 1914 Harrison Narcotics Act, and the 1930s prohibitions of Cannabis (Marijuana, or "Marihuana")

LINK: 1904-2004 USDA

And particularly given the political origins of the criminal mercantilism established in the early 1900s.

LINK- It was criminal mercantilism to Protect Cigarettes

LINK- U.S.D.A. origins of criminal mercantilism against coca

Just what is the ‘Tea Party’ position on criminal mercantilism (the ‘drug war’) suppression of coca, opium and cannabis to protect adulterated/misbranded cigarettes?

LINK- 'Knights' of the New Dark Age'

LINK- Wiley and Criminal Mercantilism Cigarette-Pharmaceutical Alliance

LINK- Anti Christ cocaine prohibition

LINK- USDA’s Harvey Washington Wiley a ‘Knight’ amongst those showing “great prowless" snubs Mariani”

Harvey Washington Wiley

Wiley, was described as a ‘knight’ amongst those "have displayed great prowess on former occasions".

Wiley, was tremendously puffed by Hearst, often with the writer Samuel Adams Hopkins.

Hearst, who was a member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), was later influential in demonizing Cannabis – "Marihuana" – used for market protection and to increase the police state.

Marlboro- where flipping the lid is flipping the capstone

The favored product, exempt from even basic labeling requirements for the ingredients which may include 100s of additives designed for instance to increase the burn rate, hence increasing consumption and sales (house fires and other health detriments).

LINK- Criminal Virginia's Lust For Extra Profits & Contempt for Health

LINK- Reagan - Bush Cover Up of Cigarette Additives - Disclosure a Felony

LINK- Adulterated, Misbranded Cigarettes - Virginia Dope

I see nothing in this site:


Nor have I found anything in this site:


Using the edit-find command I would find neither the word 'drug' nor 'war' anywhere within.

So 'core principles' of 'fiscal responsibility', 'limited government' and 'free markets' somehow sanctions the drug war, and apparently the wasteful murderous wars overseas- all breeding their problems to fight continuously?

That the same drug 'laws' pervail in all of the nations of the world protecting cigarettes, stands as a mute testimony to the reality of a veiled shadow government behind the scenes directing the visible 'leaders' as their puppets, and thus a central point for the introduction of so many bad things.

So may the widespread organizing of the 'Tea Party' movement with its intrinsic and apparently unchallenged contradictions.

LINK- The Jesuit Flag


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