Thursday, April 15, 2010

Masonic FDR Memorial Planned

At the southern tip of NY City's East River former 'Welfare' Island

FDR was a terrible president and a tyrant in the making. He imprisoned Japanese-Americans in camps by executive order, he attempted to pack the Supreme Court with extra judges when they ruled against him, his New Deal destroyed the traditional limits of federal power and prolonged the Great Depression, and he violated a longstanding norm by running for President a third time. The memorial should not be a celebration.

— Chris

In addition to what Chris had to say, I would add that Roosevelt did nothing about the Holocaust until pressured by then Secretary of the Treasury Morganthau. He also did nothing to end the discrimination against blacks in the army and ignored Jesse Owens’ accomplishments at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Not to mention that Roosevelt should have refused American participation in an Olympics taking place in Hitler’s hell.
— Rarin’ Aaron

In addition to what is said in #2 and #17, FDR was crucial in extending WW2 by 2 more years in order to bring the USSR deep into central europe to realize what was the goal of this counter reformation war:

I say dig his body out of the ground and throw it into a trash dump!

— Douglas A. Willinger

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