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Steering Poland and Russia to War

About the April 10, 2010 Sacrifice of Katyn II

There’s the story heard by most via “mainstream” news reporting such as the NY Times, CNN, FOX, etc., that it was unintentional, an accident.

And then there is the alternative story that it was a set up, a planned murder of Poland’s government with the plane brought down deliberately.

According to the “mainstream” story of an accident:
- The pilot did not speak Russian, even though they were flying into Russia
- The pilot was intimidated by the Polish President into attempting to land when unsafe, who reportedly did the same thing to another pilot had an incident in Georgia…

And according to the alternative story was a planned murder of Poland’s government:

- the plane was empty of people except the crew

According to a video tape of the crash site there were no bodies, except perhaps a crew, and there are gunshots; days later that video’s creator is murdered.

There’s a mainstream media report that people in Poland, such as this MP, believe that the culprit is Russia.

Internet motivation speculation generally focuses upon the matters of the IMF and the swine flu vaccine, which the killed Polish officials included ---

Also questioned is the practice of placing all of one’s eggs in one basket, was this placing of such a proportion of a government in one plane customary?

And of course whose hand this would transfer the power-

Barry Chamish wrote about this, and presented the example of the 1986 plane crash that killed Samuel Machel, the PM of Mozamibique, shortly after alienating his Russian contacts, and facilitated by a decoy radio beacon to confuse the plane’s operator.

LINK- Avles Beluskes- The Amber Path: Polish Plane Crash Conspiracy- Barry Chamish
But why?

If it were simply about the IMF and pharmaceutical issues regarding the opposition to the swine flu virus, why the selection of the timing with Katyn?

The unmistakable irony of this timing, with these Polish officials on their way to: as a 2nd Katyn, the murder of Polish military captives by the U.S.S.R., which the anniversary of was the ceremony they where flying to.

That is only going to infinitely inflame passions in Poland against Russia.

From an email from Barry Chamish:

KATYN 2. Polish opposition party demands international investigation into plane crash

Publication time: 26 April 2010, 15:05

According to a report from Warsaw of the Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister who is engaged in investigation of the murder of the Polish elite on April 10, 2010 by the international terrorist organization оf FSB Russia,
the failure of the Polish and Russian government to address compelling new evidence suggesting that the plane crash killing President Lech Kaczynski and top military and civilians leaders was engineered is generating growing criticism in Poland, and has forced Prime Minister Donald Tusk onto the defensive.
Tusk said Sunday that he would issue a report on the official investigation into the crash on Wednesday.

Poland's chief prosecutor Andrzej Seremet said earlier this week that Polish prosecutors would postpone revealing the contents of the black boxes.

Compelling new facts and evidence that the plane crash two weeks ago in Smolensk was engineered include the revelation that a device warning the pilot of obstacles was turned off.

Also, it was revealed that agents belonging to the Polish secret service raided the flats and houses of victims three hours after the crash, removing computers and documents.
Opposition MPs in Poland on Friday demanded that an international commission be set up to examine the scientific evidence into the causes of plane crash.
Furthermore, a Polish general called for Defense Minister Bogdan Klich to resign after evidence emerged that Bogdan was not seeking to conduct a proper investigation.
An aviation official scouring the crash site in Russia for crucial scientific evidence was told by Bogdan he did not require an interpreter, and was expected to pay the costs of his investigation out of his own pocket.

Forums and message board of Polish newspapers such as "Gazeta Wyborcza", "Rzeczpospolita" and "Dziennik" indicate that the majority of Polish people, in the meantime, reject the official account of the plane crash due to pilot error.

Access to scientific evidence and expert information on the plane crash has been limited.
The Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin, who took charge of the investigation shortly after the crash in Smolensk, is the only person in Russia allowed to comment, but has so far made no statement.
Similarly, the exclusive right to release information on the crash in Poland is reserved to Tusk.
Authorities have so far failed to provide credible answers to the many unanswered questions that have emerged.

Authorities as well as the controlled mainstream media were quick to blame the crash on pilot error and fog.

In addition, the rumor that Kaczynski had pressured the pilot to land and so caused the crash spread within hours in the mainstream media and was repeated without criticism even in some blogs belonging to the alternative media.

But so many new facts and evidence have emerged contradicting government accounts that officials have been forced to retract statements.
Doubts are also growing about the DNA analysis performed by labs in Russia to identify the victims, following a number of contradictory statements made by authorities.

Even the official account of the time point at which the crash occurred has been called into question.

According to the official version, the Presidential plane crashed in Smolensk military airport at 8.56 am CET or 10.56 Moscow Times.

But a journalist from "Polsat News" reported the crash to his station 10 minute earlier.

Evidence that the crash occurred earlier also comes from a report that the transmission of power from an electricity pylon close to the crash scene, and which was seen to be damaged in photos, was interrupted at 8:41.

The Presidential plane was scheduled to arrive at 8:25 at Smolensk military airport after a flight lasting 62 minutes from Warsaw's Fredrik Chopin Airport.

But investigations do not appear to have even determined the precise time the plane left Warsaw. The Presidential plane is believed to have been delayed by 20 minutes as was another jet carrying 13 journalists, who did not travel with the President as usual.
The failure of the authorities to accurately report basic facts such as the time of the crash and the time the Polish plane left Warsaw is fuelling public unease over the crash which killed key figures including the central bank governor, the top general and the national security chief, and much of the opposition party.

It is not clear how these people were allowed to travel on the same plane given security protocols, or if many were on the plane becuse a journalist at the crash scene reported the marked absence of bodies.
Even the conservative "Polskaweb" website has concluded on the basis of the available facts and evidence that it is highly likely the plane crash killing the Polish elite was engineered", reports from Warsaw the Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister.
Analytical Deparment
KAvkaz Center

Jaroslaw Kaczynski ready to complete mission of his brother

Just as Shimon Peres expressed he was ready to complete the mission of Yitzhak Rabin. The primary bad guy (Putin's man) is Tusk.
Publication time: 26 April 2010, 20:58

Despite facing long odds against a victory, Poland's former prime minister declared Monday his candidacy for president in a special election to replace his twin brother, who was considered to be killed by the Russian FSB in a plane crash earlier this month.

The official, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said he would carry on his brother's work and stand in his place as the candidate for the conservative Law and Justice Party in the June 20 election, according to a statement on the party's Web site. The early election was called after his brother Lech and 95 other people, including dozens of top politicians and generals, were killed in a plane crash in western Russia on April 10.

"The tragically interrupted life of the president of the Republic of Poland, the death of the patriotic Polish elite, mean one thing for us: We must complete their mission," Mr. Kaczynski said in the statement. "We owe it to them and we owe it to our fatherland. While immersed in pain and mourning, bound by the eternal memory of our loss, we are obliged to carry out their will."

Mr. Kaczynski's entry into the race, predicted by members of his party even before the state funeral for his brother and the first lady, Maria Kaczynska, on April 18, sets up an emotional campaign that will be bound up in Poland's worst tragedy since World War II. But opinion surveys show that Mr. Kaczynski will have a difficult time defeating Bronislaw Komorowski, the speaker of the lower house of Parliament and acting president, from the rival Civic Platform party.

It was the latest chapter in the unusual saga of the twin brothers, who in 2006 and 2007 served as president and prime minister at the same time. Their efforts to uncover former Communists and suspected collaborators in government and the news media, and oust them from important positions, led to a deep polarization of politics in Poland. While they were staunch allies of the United States, skepticism toward the European Union often put them at odds with European allies.

Most analysts had predicted that Lech Kaczynski would lose to Mr. Komorowski in the presidential election in the fall. The deadly accident upended all expectations, moving the election forward to June and placing pressure inside the party on Jaroslaw Kaczynski to carry on in his brother's place.

While the crash claimed the lives of politicians from several parties, it was Law and Justice that suffered the most, as lawmakers and top members of the president's staff traveled with him to a ceremony commemorating the massacre of more than 20,000 Polish officers in Katyn forest by Stalin's secret police during World War II.

"Poland is our common, great commitment," Mr. Kaczynski said in the statement, adding that he had the support of the family in making the decision. "It necessitates, among other things, overcoming personal suffering and undertaking the task in spite of personal tragedy."

The deaths of so many prominent Poles prompted an outpouring of public grief that threw into question how voters would react when asked to replace Mr. Kaczynski. It vaulted Mr. Komorowski into the role of acting president, but at a moment when politicking and campaigning were deemed in poor taste.

Yet the Civic Platform government, led by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, hopes that a win for Mr. Komorowski would allow the party to push forward its agenda. Mr. Tusk presided over a Polish economy that continued to grow as the rest of the European Union sank into recession in the wake of the financial crisis.

"I would very much like for this campaign to be based not on emotions, especially bad, negative emotions, but to become a debate on the future of Poland," said Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska, a member of Parliament from Law and Justice who was named Monday as Mr. Kaczynski's campaign manager.

Source: Agencies

Kavkaz Center
But how is this in Russia’s interest? Why further alienate Poland? Its current border with Poland is the furthest west in centuries, as set with the end of WW2.

A Russian massacre of Poles may wet the appetites of some within Russia, much as killings by Afghan insurgents -– what the U.S. celebrated 30 years earlier when the occupier was not the U.S. but rather the U.S.S.R. -- as some conceptualization of payback for the demise of the U.S.S.R. Have they been sold on a secret plan to push the borders even further west, with Lemko to the Ukraine and perhaps Lusatia to Poland?

Regardless of Putin’s involvement or innocence, if the crash was the result of forces within Russia doing another Samuel Machel as a 2nd Katyn, that definitely points the proverbial finger at a higher up directing of all of this as part of a larger agenda. Whether or not that represents the entire political pyramid or rather simply a portion of using it as part of an even larger agenda remains more mysterious and obscure.

Is Russia to be the next Germany- that is the next great power to be set up to loose?

A Katyn II would also led to a natural response, perhaps roughly the scenario already consciously envisioned, as marked by Russia’s war exercises last summer of an uprising of the Polish peoples within western Belarus.

LINK- Russian War Preparation Exercises

That area was part of the interwar – between WW1 and WW2 – Polish 2nd Republic.

- representing the easternmost thrust of Roman Catholic Europe, marking the border with the territories of the Russian Orthodox Church. This religious border, which roughly matched the pre-WW2 border between the U.S.S.R. and 2nd Republic Poland, to this day remains about the same, even as the state borders moved west.

Recall the 1979 book The Third World: August 1985

This version of WW3 culminates in an exchange of nuclear bomb attacks via missile, between the western powers and the U.S.S.R., destroying Birmingham, England, and Minsk, the latter being the Belorussian capital city.

Minsk flag

Minsk Coat of Arms

With Minsk as the location of most of Belorussian intelligentsia, this destruction results in that country’s dissolution by splitting into two, with the eastern part going to Russia, and the western rejoining Poland.

Today’s western Belarus is still significantly Roman Catholic.

This is even though the area had been the home of many Polish people who were evicted by the U.S.S.R. for re-settlement in the historically protestant areas of eastern Germany that were re-assigned to Poland with the Oder-Neisse line at the time Poland had the taking of her eastern territories by the U.S.S.R. confirmed. Of course the area was not entirely Polish, with a Polish majority primarily along the northeastern ‘peninsula’ including the city of Vilno (Wilno), a Belorussian majority elsewhere, with of course many families of mixed DNA – Polish, Belorussian, etc. – who may speak either or both languages, and who could conceivably claim either nationality based upon preference and or the political situation.

Given the realities of mixed DNA and possibilities, it is notable that an uprising of Polish oriented people is what is on the minds of the Russian military and their leaders some 7 decades later.

The current Belarus government has done its share to stir things up; from wikipedia:
Polish minority in Belarus numbers officially about 400,000 (the 1989 Soviet Census and 1999 Belarus Census showed similar numbers, [4]estimates by some non-governmental sources are higher.[1][2]). The aspect of Roman Catholic Belarusians and descendants of the Belarusian nobility identifying themselves as Polish is less and less common as the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus undergoes the process of self-depolonization.[citation needed]
After the Russian minority, Poles certainly form the second largest minority group in Belarus.[5] The majority of Poles live in the Western regions of Belarus (including 294,000 in Hrodna voblast).
The largest Polish organization in Belarus is the Union of Poles in Belarus (Związek Polaków na Białorusi), with over 20,000 members.[2]
As Poland supports the pro-democracy anti-government opposition in Belarus, Polish-Belarusian relations are poor, and representatives of the Polish minority in Belarus often complain about various repressions.[2][6][7] [8]
In 2005, the Lukashenko regime launched a campaign against the Polish ethnic minority. The Belarusian authorities claimed that their pro-Western Polish neighbours are trying to destabilise the regime, and that the Polish minority is a fifth column. In May and June of that year a Polish diplomat was expelled, a Polish-language newspaper was closed and the democratically-elected leadership of a local Polish organisation, the Union of Poles in Belarus (UPB), had their own nominees replaced by those sympathetic to Lukashenko.[9]
The introduction of the Karta Polaka in 2007 enabled many thousands of inhabitants of Belarus to get it by formally declaring their Polish identity to Polish officials. The introduction caused protests from Belarusian officials.
Could the end-game goal be the split of Belarus between Poland and Russia for reversing the post WW2 Curzon line rejoining today’s western Belarus as eastern Poland, restoring the border of the 2nd Republic.

Could this be Brzezinski’s ultimate wet dream?

To image that requires imagining a series of events of war, a pastime of those a century earlier regarding the idea of Poland’s re-birth with WW1’s Germany defeating Russia, before herself being beaten by the powers to the west.

From the wiki biography of General Pilsudski-
At a meeting in Paris in 1914, Piłsudski presciently declared that in the impending war, for Poland to regain independence, Russia must be beaten by the Central Powers (the Austro-Hungarian and German Empires), and the latter powers must in their turn be beaten by France, Britain and the United States.[47][48] By contrast, Roman Dmowski, Piłsudski's rival, believed that the best way to achieve a unified and independent Poland was to support the Triple Entente against the Central Powers.[51]
I also recall reading this in a soft-cover edition of the Maximilian Kolbe book I have highlighted within Continuing Counter Reformation since this post in June 2007, though which I am unable to locate within the hardcover edition that I purchased via the internet in August 2007.

LINK- Wlodimir Ledochowski Great Roman General #6
LINK- Wlodimir Ledochowski’s Orthellian Diplomacy

Such would be a multi-part, plan, or a plan within a plan, much like a Russian doll, with parts sold, and other parts hidden: much as Ledochowski would sell Pope Pius X and Black Pope (Jesuit General) Franz-Wernz on the idea of Germany defeating Russia, though perhaps keep concealed the subsequent stage[s] of Germany then being defeated, and so on, before both Pius X and Franz-Wernz would mysteriously die on the same night of August 19-20, 1914.

So is perhaps something as a plan to split Belarus between Poland and Russia, or perhaps even something more?

Who knows?

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